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hello everybody princess and the bear here 
we’re back with another local eats video  
black-owned restaurant and vegan very gluten-free 
yes friendly and i’ve been craving ethiopian food  
so uh we’re going to meet the open food you guys 
have seen opium food before so we’re excited to  
find a place in orlando that we can do that yes so 
we’re gonna head inside and uh roll up some bread  
you should have a magical time you heard the girl
quick little trip to nile ethiopian 
now we have all these goodies to unwrap  
yes all the unboxings so where we start i guess we 
got trucks yes so we couldn’t get ethiopian food  
and not get ethiopian beer so we 
got three different kinds of beer
all the meat all the disgusting bear
meats this is my sides to my platter  
watts and collard greens and split 
peas and lentils this is the appetizers
so it’s an appetizer sampler
more more bread princess loves it 
so she’s not gonna fight over it
and lastly is the veggie dish it looks just 
like bear sides now normally and when we’re  
not in the middle of a pan uh we’re not in the 
middle of a

padme amadala you’d normally have  
like a gigantic plate with like the bread on 
top and then like the the different fictions  
like on the bread and you eat it with your hands 
but this is take out so rolls will have to do
you know us drinks first
our little aluminum falcon bottle opener and 
it actually feels like aluminum probably should  
be a lot heavier princess which one should we 
do first um let’s start with the small bottle  
small bottle it is we have the 
squiggly line sword meta beer  
pride of ethiopia drink responsibly 
21 plus 21 plus we drink responsibly
what about bending this poor thing sample cups 
your hand model would you like to pour sure
just a small um sample amount so we can 
claim uh the beer that we like the best
taking your guesses you know which one the  
princess is gonna like i have 
no idea what i’m gonna like
cheers cheers
got some body to it a little heavier not too 
heavy again it’s heavy but not bud light light  
it’s like the perfect balance of heavy and light 
it’s definitely a lager it’s a very good beer
i would give that three and a 
half out of five claws i could uh  
definitely throw back a few of 
these this one seems chuggable
this is probably blasphemous to the epcot 
stands but let’s get rid of morocco and  
have ethiopia instead i would definitely be all 
in for that or just add this to the africa stand  
africa needs something let’s not talk 
about the african it still hurts my heart  
time for the second beer we have 
st george beer premium lager  
4.7 a little bit weaker than the first one 
since 1922 it’s a little ethiopian like  
silhouette of the country on top oh and 
it’s fizzing everywhere uh-oh make it a mess
typical boy fashion save us 
from the fizz oh no i’m spilling  
all over me i’m sorry oh 
goodness i spilled on both of us  
it happens you open a couple beers you’re 
gonna make a little bit of mess it’s true
maybe it’s just the beer 
because it’s like still dripping
probably just because it fits over the top
all right
oh this is way more lovely i think this reminds 
me of like a half of ice and it’s very bready
it’s it’s a lot more bright to me i think like 
that i feel like that’s the winning beer so  
far maybe ethiopian beer is our new thing give 
that one four out of five o’clock i think this  
is a regular by far premium absolutely you’ve 
earned your premium name i’ll give you that
here we have our last beer the 
dark beer adonis tef beer amber ale  
medius beer company mecus yes sounds 
dangerously close to negan 5.4  
this is the strongest of them no and even though 
it this one says an ethiopian beer as well it is  
brewed and bottled in virginia oh okay okay i 
like that the logo of the lion with the crown  
on it that’s pretty cool looking yeah it’s 
got like a whole story on the back this one’s  
kind of routef it’s an ancient grain grown in 
ethiopia and aretha routinely used to make injera  
that’s a lot it’s a whole story like 
legitimate nice it’s supposed to  
represent africa’s culture which is what we’re 
doing this month tell us in the comments section  
if you’d like us to post a photo of that 
story in our community tab or something
what is he doing on here well he 
looks to be bailing some sort of grain  
i guess that would make sense since it’s a uh
the darker of the three 
well we did want a dark beer
we’re putting the prince’s debt perception to the 
test i don’t know if i’m doing a very good job
i’m sure the community loves it i love it cheers
oh it’s like coffee-ish coffee-ish 
chocolaty-ish it’s more like a dessert dark beer  
interesting not my jam so much because i’m not a 
big dark beer person but i could get down on this
i’m gonna give this a three out of five claws it’s 
not my favorite i like it but it’s not my favorite  
i agree i think that the order should be one two 
three and i actually for a change 100 agree with  
everything boom boom boom but this is tasty and 
we have more well we have more beer but i mean  
there’s more for this drink we are going to drink 
this beer while we try food yes off for that time  
for the appetizers that’s first step the princess 
got an appetizer plate sampler sampler for this
so sambusas
they have lentils green peppers 
and onions in them i think
if you’re going to fill something make 
sure it’s full this is definitely that  
back full of flavor filling from edge’s edge 
it’s a bit dry on the inside i was trying to  
be a little bit more moist but the flavor is 
there it’s a three out of five cloves for me  
i i agree with you on the moistness i do 
taste moistness i think you just gotta  
do a couple more bites and then you can really 
like dig into it it’s delicious i love lentils  
and these lentils are cooked to perfection 
they’re not overcooked which is really easy to do  
we we uh definitely do a lot of lentils in this 
house here we have recipe for um green lentil  
dough and we have a recipe for lentil hummus on 
our channel because we just love lentil that much
next we have azifa i believe i said it correctly 
azifa looks like more lentils lentils onions green  
peppers lemon juice and mixed in an ethiopian 
mustard yeah i mean mustard but for so normally  
i said with ethiopian food you eat it with bread 
as your utensils you don’t really use like a fork  
you can obviously have forks but traditionally you 
just scoop with the bread pop in your mouth just  
like you use it as like a little little pita yeah 
little tortilla ethiopian style if it’s one thing  
the world seem to agree on is that you get bread 
and you put things in it that’s right i think
yes that mustard is fire it’s a nice little 
kick it’s like a dijon style mushroom so it just  
fires up by the nostrils yeah the flavor is punchy  
very good i give that a solid four out of five 
glass i like that it’s my favorite so far i 100  
agree with that it’s definitely tasty so this 
is tomato fit fit it has tomatoes green peppers  
onions oil and lemon dressing look we believe 
we have this last cemetery restaurant looks a  
little bit different but i’m still excited for 
it i can’t wait until this padme armadale is  
over so we can go and sit in an actual eating 
rope restaurant and like just enjoy ourselves  
this one had a really cool like little vibe 
with the hot chicken it was fun it looks fun
there’s a persian salad that is almost identical 
to this this is giving me vibes of home i don’t  
normally like green peppers but i’m 100 okay with 
this the lemon juice is like what makes that for  
sure i agree three out of five claws this whole 
sampler plate if you’ve never had ethiopian food  
start here very much start here absolutely agree 
this will get your palate ready for what’s to come  
the good stuff are you ready for the 
good stuff i’m ready for the good stuff  
it’s time for your main the veggie vegetarian 
platter which is actually vegan and then my  
sides which are the same things at least i don’t 
have to share my food with you this time this time  
so we have our collards with onions we have the  
cabbage with garlic and onions we have red lentils 
with garlic and onions and then yellow split peas  
and then the red lentils and then yellow split 
peas so it looks delicious it smells delicious  
smells amazing it smells like morocco soon to 
be ethiopia should smell not gonna happen all  
right i am putting it in the universe i’m gonna 
make that happen get rid of the africa outpost  
make that grease get rid of morocco make 
ethiopia back to this it’s all the same  
content it works where would you like to start 
uh let’s start with the collards oh right
right in here i wonder if this is where 
soul food love of coloring comes from maybe
oh wow all that a little tang to it a little 
spice just good in the mouth the bread mmm i’m  
not usually one for collard greens but these are 
cooked to perfection yes this might get you more  
on collard greens i agree i might actually 
want them more often it’s a four out of five  
claws that’s just slightly less better than 
grandma used to make whoa cabbage next cabbages
i got carrot with my cabbage pink
it’s such a far cry from like traditional 
like cabbages like usually very vinegary  
and then it’s a lot more savory this is 
something i don’t like this i would love  
to learn how to cook cabbage like this i would 
use that on a regular by far i give that three  
and a half out of five cloves not as good as the 
collards but still pretty good the lentils next
these ones right yes okay all right let me roll 
some more of the bread here trust me if you order  
ethiopian food get extra bread get extra bread you 
will thank us later all right time for red lentils
oh yes nice deep earthy it’s almost like a 
red little paste it’s seasoned to perfection  
it’s like if red lentils were m 
m’s like you melt in your mouth  
solid four out of five claws for me but definitely 
got some like garam masala or something in there  
that’s giving it like a nice like earthy somewhat 
curry taste but not it’s so good this is better  
than any like red lentil soup that you could 
get anywhere so far like this is better than  
the elephant food we had in north florida agreed 
100 as for these split peas it’s the last one yes
bear doesn’t like peas so i’m curious 
to know how much he likes this think
oh my gosh let’s split pea mashed potatoes 
almost like match split peas tell me it tastes  
like cabbage like it has that cabbage like is it 
smoky fiery yeah smokey so good but in a very good  
way i could easily just eat this for green that’d 
be fun i don’t even i’m not even curious yet how  
my meat tastes because the sides are so good and 
if you’re plant-based this is your main and this  
is this is excellent this is so good if you’ve 
never eaten eaten easy open food and you go back  
and watch our first video you see how surprised we 
were we definitely think if your plant-based it’s  
something you should try or if you’re gluten-free 
it’s absolutely gluten-free friendly yes
so i got the chef’s platter we have four meats in 
the chef’s special we have the chicken door wat  
the beef ali cha the dory cha and the beef 
tibs and of course if i’m mispronouncing the  
butchness if i have any if we have any ethiopian 
princess and bear fans in the community ball means  
correct us but this looks absolutely amazing 
i think i’m going to work my way back around  
starting with the beef tips i’m going to roll you 
some bread you have these beef tips extra lean  
beef cubes marinated in green peppers onions i see 
some tomato in here the onions look trans super  
translucent i’m gonna try to avoid some of that 
get some of this juice here at the bottom oh it  
feels nice and roasted a little bit of everything 
i’m even going to give the peppers a chance
a little bit of um to it pick up three 
that’s in the very front of the mouth
i’d say it reminds me of beef kebabs honestly 
nice heavy flavor smoky a little bit kick  
that three out of five claws so this beef 
ali cha braise it’s a turmeric in here why  
because it will stain your fingers but it looks 
absolutely beautiful a nice big help in there
if it was to compare to anything 
or compare it to like a pot roast  
sort of consistency like just falls apart in your 
mouth we had slavery slow cooked sort of feeling  
three and a half out of five claws so 
we have the chicken alley chaw here  
with more turmeric braised looks like 
it’s shredded it’s full of the spice
it’s about far my favorite i give that four and 
a half out of five claws it looks like it’s in  
like grease that’s literally just the seasonings 
that it’s cooked in and it’s just like sitting  
in there continually soaking it up it’s like 
when you pinch it the bread gets all of it  
you’re just gonna super dose in your mouth love 
ethiopian food so i got it mixed up so this is the  
chicken dora what and then this is the beef olive 
chocolate beef olive child’s last one we have left  
also with a ton of house spices my fingers 
are going to be red probably for days  
but it’s worth it this is probably my least 
favorite of the bunch but still packed flavor  
i give that a three out of five claws my favorite 
is probably gonna go with the beef tips honestly i  
like the way that tastes everything on here is 
good the beef tips are definitely my favorite  
i would say like again if you don’t know 
what you want getting this is like a  
sort of taste everything is the way to 
go definitely gets the bare stamp of
approval well that’s been our second 
go at ethiopian food our first here  
in good old orlando uh i definitely like 
love ethiopian food and we will continue  
to try fish any other ethiopian places that 
you think are better than nile and so far  
this is our favorite uh we definitely want to 
hear from you guys if there’s any other black  
owned restaurants you can see us support for all 
the black history month by all means or even after  
black history month let us know because we will 
definitely absolutely hit the notification bell  
if you want to see other videos like this and we 
have new videos five days a week monday tuesday  
wednesday thursday saturday we will see you soon 
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