Norsemen Season 3 What to EXPECT? || REVIEW || Netflix || 2020

this map will create a lot of problems
for many people
for several seasons
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season 3 so without wasting time
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next in line please norsemen are that of
a gritty and merciless period drama that
sends its vikings on blood thrusty wars
raiding pillaging and raping across the
land to bring back
loots and slaves season 3 is a prequel
after which season 1 and 2 follows
yalvarg and yarpune
are about to engage in a war that will
kill thousands of men
over just one remarks of going bald
looks to me like you’re getting a bit
thin up top
vargan beyond are one’s besties as they
called themselves
but on one gathering when beyond mocked
since he is thinning off the top the
letter set his entire house on fire
burning to death not only by his entire
but also his own wife rydum while in
chieftain olav arranged the marriage of
his younger brother auram
with nomad froya this is a marriage to
be doomed as we see in season 1 and 2
but the setup is elaborate and
historically chaotic
aurora’s bachelor party for instance is
a mess waiting to happen
he walks around the village looking for
a best man but he is the most despised
person around
so much so that one literally stabs
himself in the thigh to escape being
related to him
metaphorical jokes are littered through
the seasons on one instance
ola predicted his own death right in the
manner of his death
in other words warn him of the trouble
of map with cause
for seasons to come this map will create
a lot of problems for many people
for several seasons
and that was my favorite one norseman
season 3 set up president in a perfectly
tying loose ends
and believing into backstories that shed
light on the action through the previous
vikings have never been seams in the
avatar like this there is blood and gore
no doubt but that is hardly the
highlight of the period comedy
we do have one complaint one of the
leading most important character
throughout the first two seasons
rufus barely gets any screen time he is
present only
for the few last minute in the finale
and although his performance in these
is top notch we would have loved to get
more of rufus his humor in comic timing
was really important to the preceding
and not having him in this particular
season is saddening
these men are worthy of my performance
but not quite yet that said however it
doesn’t take away any credit from the
rest of the character
as each delivers a satisfying arc
true to themselves norseman is never a
the show brings with it an amazing
reward value that get better with every
you can finish season 3 and immediately
get on re-watching one
tying all the thread perfectly this make
norseman a delight to indulge in
since it does not adhere to conventional
comedy format
it proves to be the breath of fresh air
with an assembled cast that delivers
splendid incomparable performances if
you are looking for satisfying comedy
with hilarious dysfunctional characters
you found it
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