Nottingham Forest v. West Ham United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/14/2022 | NBC Sports

window, just swallowed Johnson and McKenna over three plays. He worked for his last season to the promotion. Expect Far East to play out from the back, the back, three, working the ball across lines, trying to get into Midfield into likes of Jesse, lingard who was on loan at West Ham in 2021. The likes of our knee and Johnson. I’ve got a bit patient in movement, so we just dropped to the bench and when he is come in and expect him to make a little a few more runs in behind the West come back line. We

know all about West Saint from their trousers. Tribulations last season, both in the Premier League and in Europe, expect anything different from them today. Well, I expect a better level of performance. They played the, the reigning champions last week in got dismantled the plane. Now, for multi-team expect them to have more control over the football rice into checking expecting to have some control and Antonio and bowling particularly good at setting the triggers and going to pressure the ball. And if Nottingham Forest want to play out the back I think David Moyes West Ham who believe

they can make the ball in transition, create one or two goals going opportunities. This is the first top-flight beating of these 12s since 1999

last time they met in the top, tier that, however, to manager, Frank Lampard was would have westerns goalscorers. His side. One bike circles to one of the old Boleyn ground first test for the forest offense. It is Chris. Well, the roof of the net. There’s a good hit. It’s a very good head and he’s looking at the sky Cresswell. As if to say, oh, I was fractions away, then I just didn’t

get the dip when I needed it most, but otherwise, that was very well, executed attack from Nottingham flooded at this time by Williams, Laurel to mangala it’s a good delivery was nearly an own goal by things from going Jared, Bowen is obviously got back and stayed back and because they couldn’t clear it and knew something was coming back in and yeah, he does get his head to Zuma stands firm this time. But another mistake from what is It’s just nickel Williams. Great delivery, occasion and a one-year. He’s getting closer and closer Nottingham Forest banging on

the door for the opening quarter. Yeah, I mean, this is speculative from Mika Williams but once he does deliver, it is very, very good because it’s giving the center forward every chance of getting something on. It sounds appealing Antonio and handled it. This is been robbed. Nearly nearly ricocheted in. Well, it was Thomas. So check arriving. I’m not sure how much he knew about it. He almost deflected it in for the opening goal. Yeah, I’m in a keeper. I think does very, very well to start with Henderson to get a good strong hand on it.

Johnson’s clearance isn’t good. Lingard is tantalizing again and of a one-unit keeps getting in these positions, surely. And some stage one of these cancers is going to fall for him. I love this technique and Rama Rao Creswell. Patient Bill do better and went for it. Tonio reacted and it nearly fell for pulling better from where Sam. That was but if you watch McKenna is the ball Finds Its way to the far. Post Antonio just holds him off. They’re having a little tussle Antonia just sticks, the armor and safe to say you’re not getting near this

and he couldn’t, he just kept them at Bay. Once the deflection ran into his path. He’s actually trying to find the far corner and I’ll pick out a teammate and that would have been Jarred own just over four minutes. Its normal time to go to the break. This would be a wonderful time to score. Or Brandon Johnson, nikol Johnson is actually trying to find the far Corner. He’s trying to score but credit to Williams because he took a chance you just he gambled and he got away from this man, too easy. That shouldn’t have been

happening. Well done, Fabian ski because his big chest got there in the end. Very brave for the Polish. Goalkeeper is McKenna Away by four Nails. Accurately. Good first. Touch for been drama. Are the nutmeg. I do Brian. He’s got rice to his right. Just had to check his wrong, jack arise, which kick some of the momentum and Rama Switched Off. And they’ll be punished, you’ve got to play the whistle. Nottingham Forest thought they were going to get a free kick here. The home side stopped but there was no whistle from referee, Robert Jones and Tony

will say that the defender was just in his natural path. And he ran into him forest for lawfully, obviously, feel that he was shuffling the defender out of the way, the checking for a possible foul. We might see even more from Nottingham Forest. Top floor. Celebration 23 years in the waiting. Nottingham Forest celebrate a Premier League goal for the first time this millennium A new hero the city ground there’s an element of Good Fortune about this because once this work by Nottingham Forest to find its way to Jesse lingard it’s a missive from him and

then it seems to come off Johnson and just kind of run into the path of a warning. Yeah there’s a little little touch from from Johnson and I’m not sure one in who knows a lot about It but he won’t care. And I think for his work ride alone and for the problems he’s caused West Ham, he probably deserves that element of Good. Fortune to come off his knee on a day. Like today, there are no points for artistic Merit, the ball in the back of the net. And it doesn’t matter how it got there.

Just for dowels, that’s a very important block by Niko Williams Because been Rama who is here, would have had a clean in on goal, this time, he’s got Worrell to beat West Ham, hoping to come straight out of the box of the start of the second half. So check Cross first still wobbling. Well, referee didn’t Flinch his watch, which is the goal line. Technology did not vibrate. That suggests the ball here. Did not cross the line, almost the perfect start to the second half for West Ham. Well, it wasn’t once it came back to. So,

check again, I’m thinking we’ll find the corner and he didn’t quite, but I must admit Henderson’s reaction from. So Tex header is excellent because he’s up quickly. It was an 89th minute winner that day. And Johnson will just a little lazy and then trying to deal with this. And it’s just a case of was Johnson on site or has he just lent into an offside position? Brandon Johnson, I got 19 goals last season but this one will not count offside. It remains No, for now. One mill remains a slender advantage. Could the accounts a could

say Fabian ski looking for a home debut. Go. Yeah, well, I mean, he just out leaps everybody here, particularly so check and that normally doesn’t happen. Crash. Well, leaves it for been robbed, the referee looked at the watch but again, no vibration. Brenda Johnson, nickel Williams loses out to, for dolls, William stays down. This is Ben Rama around Joe Worrell such a big Forest her Clinging On of the back. Makenna Makenna was the one who got in the way of quite. So check could buy now have a hat trick. It’s becoming a tantalizing battle Wester

beginning to throw the kitchen sink into their Endeavors. It hits the arm, but is it in a natural position? And then as he tries to get himself in position, does he know that it’s extended? I think it’s a sneaky arm, you know. Penalty a chance for rest to get back in. Referee has got the yellow card out already. Scott McKenna books for the handle last time, besides men in a league game, West have scored two penalties, Declan rice steps up, its not even Forest day, this is becoming fairytale stuff no matter what. They cannot score.

This is probably his best of the day. These Reddit, he’s done his homework and he’s gotten there, but I must say Declan rice, didn’t have it anywhere near the corner and he’s giving Henderson a chance. Players used up a lot of their Nine Lives. Already. Nottingham Forest. This is Williams. Free kick. Oh, it fell for Nia County and he just couldn’t get his feet to the right decision. He wasn’t expecting it to make the journey and it ended up hitting the okati because he still running here, and he doesn’t get a proper chance to swing

his leg at it. This is where the tension begins to creep in. Now, what has been such an enjoyable day for not For his fans, he will feel a bit more fraught down by supers cleared up the line Sensational defending from Nico Williams then I think he’s had a wonderful afternoon as well and he realized as soon as the ball went over his head, the first thing was get gold side, get near the line and what an important decision. Last chance for Lester.

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