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– In front of me, I have the Ogee makeup. We’re gonna do a full review, and this first one is the Ogee Crystal Contour Collection. It went viral on TikTok. This is the only reason why I know of, or have heard of this brand, Ogee. It’s all over my social medias. I’m really curious what this has to offer. It’s really given me MERIT and Westman Atelier had a very bougie baby. I kind of, this is where I’m seeing this brand going. So think of this little Crystal Contour Collection, think of it being like the no

makeup makeup look. So in here you have a contour stick. You have a blush and a highlight. You can also purchase each product separately, but this set right now is 138 US dollars. So you’re saving 20%. I want to do half of the face with primer. So we’re gonna do Hourglass Vanish, the Airbrush Primer. And I’m gonna go only half of the face. Left, primer. Right, no primer. Starting with my contour or bronzer first. Doing it like this. I’ve been really carving my cheekbones like that. And when I swatched these, the sticks, they’re pretty sheer.

The first two ingredients are olive fruit oil and Jojaba seed oil. So very emollient, very easy to blend. That’s what I’m going to assume. And that’s why I’m thinking for longevity, it’s

probably not going to be there if you have very oily or combo to oily skin, like combination skin. Let’s blend it out. Gonna use my Makeup by Mario, my F1 brush, and I’m gonna use the small side first to blend out my contour for my cheeks. And I’m only using the lightest touch with my brush. I’m not digging and going really heavy, or really

intense with the blending. The before, the after. I thought I was gonna see shimmer on my cheeks, but it’s actually really subtle. There’s already a little bit of resistance on the primer side. It’s gripping to my skin where I placed it. Now I’m moving onto the hydro-organics Sculpted Complexion Stick. This is their Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer in a stick. Like I said, I got two shades. I’m gonna use the lighter shade for under the eyes. And I think this was the lightest shade that they had to offer, which is birch 0.5 N. I’m gonna take

a small detail brush and just go in like so. And just gently build this up wherever I need to conceal, or brighten. And this is Jones Road Detail Brush. It’s a pretty good light shade for concealer, but it is, it’s sheer, so. I’m gonna sit here for a little bit to build up the coverage. I’m not gonna go heavy or really high coverage, just because this is a no makeup makeup look. All right, so now I’m going in with Linden 1.75 neutral. We’re just gonna place it where I would want foundation. And I had a

really hard time picking shades online, just because my undertone is a very cool tone, but also neutral. So this is what I’m missing. I’m missing a cool neutral undertone. I’m gonna go with Makeup by Mario, I think this is the Surreal Dual-Ended Foundation brush. I’m just gonna take the bigger side and start working this in. On the no primer side, you can see how easy it’s starting to blend, because the formula is emollient. So yeah, I could see fingers being a great choice for this. But I like my brushes, because I have a lot more

control. The colors are not phenomenal. And that’s what I noticed right away, was their color, like their shade range, is very minimal. And yeah, the coverage is sheer to light. I’m sure you can build it up, but you’re not going to get like a medium coverage. This is a sheer to light, again, no makeup makeup look. Let’s go on the primer side. I’m a little worried about this side right here, just because I already see texture. Yeah, it’s patchy. I’m gonna see if I can add a little bit more coverage in certain areas. I’m just

gonna take this smaller side and stamp it in. Okay, so the finish is a lot more natural to like a soft matte, like a natural velvety finish, in comparison to a natural glowy finish, at least on my skin right now. Primer side, there’s still a little bit of a glow, but it’s like a soft velvety satin finish, and then on the right side, without the primer, it’s a natural, like a soft natural finish. It’s not extremely glowy, even up close. I was telling Andre, when I was blending this foundation, or the complexion stick in, especially

these creme products, I really like to take my time and help melt everything together, so I really take my time blending the foundation in. But I was finding that if you take too much time, you start to lose the pigment, especially on the primer side, which is fascinating. The non-primer side looks really good up close. From far away, it’s not as patchy, but I’m still seeing a little bit of the patchiness, so I think it’s because the color, it’s not exactly matching my skin tone. You can see a little bit of discrepancies here and there,

where it’s patchy versus not patchy. But it’s definitely patchier on the primer side. So I find that if you’re gonna use a primer like I did, kind of like a blurring, smoothing primer, it’s not the best for this type of a makeup, or at least really warm up your complexion, like go in with your fingertips, and then go in with the brush later to add more coverage in those specific areas where you need it. So let’s move onto blush. And this is in shade Rose Quartz. Again, it’s part of the Crystal Contour Collection. I’m not

going to swipe it onto my cheeks directly from the stick. I’m just gonna go on the back of my hand to help warm up this product, and then just use a brush, or you can just go in with your fingers to work this blush in. And I’m using my Rare Beauty Soft Pinch blush brush. Oh see, this actually has a pretty good punch. Honestly, was not thinking this was gonna be as pigmented, this blush. Okay, well that’s good. That’s packing a nice punch, and it’s leaving a really nice finish behind on both sides. I like

that. So I’m gonna go back in with the foundation brush and soften this right here. And then for highlight, this is in shade Opal. And this one, when I was swatching it, it has like a silver, a lot of silver in here. Almost blue, like silver blue reflex. It’s really pretty. I’m going to work it into, like on the back of my hand, and take my finger, and that’s how I’m going to apply this. Instead of swiping onto my cheekbones, or to my face. I don’t want to go too heavy with this highlight. And let’s

move on to the Full Bloom Sculpted Lipstick set. I wanna swatch all of them on my lips. Let’s go with this first color, and this one is Lulu. Mm. I’m not liking how it’s swatching. It’s swatching very dry. Okay, personally, I wouldn’t wear this lip color on its own. I would pair it with a deeper lip liner. It feels good when you’re moving your lips together, but when you look at it, it’s not a full pigment, it’s not a full coverage type of a lipstick, and I had to go quite a bit over. It’s not

like a one swipe where you’re getting that instant pigment payoff. It’s not. It’s actually pretty patchy. Next shade is Amnesia. It’s a blackberry mauve. Okay, this has a little bit better pigment than the first one. This color, it’s a lot more pigmented, but it’s not like a one swipe and you’re good to go. You kinda have to build it up. But it feels really nice on the lips. All right, let’s take off this color, and let’s do the last one. Last but not least, Juliet, which is a dusty blush shade. Okay, so on my skin

tone, this last shade, Juliet. I like it better swatched on the back of my hand than it is on my lips. So I’m going to add a little bit of Lulu to the center of my lips. Okay, lipstick is drying down, and it’s providing that velvety finish, which is what I was looking for. And so far, it feels pretty good. And we’re gonna do a wear test, just to see how all of this wears, but as of right now, I think this is providing a very natural, no makeup makeup complexion. You have very natural colors,

subtle colors, and you can build up to your desired pigment. And I’ll see you guys in a little bit for the first update. We’re four hours in, and this is what we’re looking like. Pretty glowy on the forehead, and I’m feeling that extra oil. Primer, I think it’s looking a little bit better. It’s not as glowy as the right side. I feel like you can see my reflection in that. I’m gonna just gently take toilet paper, and just pat, just to combat some of those extra oils that my skin is producing. That’s a little bit

better. Can’t really see my reflection as much. You can see the lips. I accidentally peeled my lip a little too much, and it started bleeding. But there’s a little bit of that lipstick leftover around the edge. And we had dinner, like early dinner, and there’s a little bit of lipstick on my chin. Thinking I’m gonna reapply the lipstick just to see if my lips are gonna feel better, but they look dry right now. It feels very glowy, and it looks glowy around my T-zone. I still see the blush. Ooh, it’s actually moved. The foundation actually

is moving on the primer side. It’s actually moving on both sides, the complexion stick. I don’t know how I feel about this, you guys. This might be the type of makeup where you literally just do errands, or go have a lunch or brunch, and then you take your makeup off. I don’t know. But as of right now, it’s not performing as well as I thought it would. Even on the primer side. Last and final update. We are over 12 hours. And this is what we’re looking like. Very, very glowy, very dewy, and very oily. Like,

I’m feeling, my face is feeling tight and very oily at the same time. Looks like a lot of the makeup has kind of just disappeared on both sides. I’m looking very patchy, very uneven, with the coverage. Lipstick, I reapplied once. Andre was looking at my makeup, and after the first check-in that I did with you guys, and I said I’m gonna reapply my lipstick. He looks at me and goes, wow. The lipstick is lasting really good. He did not reapply it, so I thought that was funny. But this is what the lips look like, and

they feel very dry. Not the biggest fan of the lipstick, and I’m not the biggest fan of the Complexion Stick. Just as a whole, I was let down with the longevity, and how this Ogee makeup wore throughout the day. But I’m gonna end it here. Thank you for watching and spending time with me, and I’ll see you in the next video very soon. Bye.

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