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Hello everyone, Welcome to Movie Time.
Today, religion has become a big business
Today we are going to discuss about a movie..
..which exposes the realities behind this business.
Yes we are talking about the 2012 Hindi movie ‘Oh My God’
Let’s go to the details.
The film features Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar in the lead roles
Paresh Rawal is the hero of this film
Akshay Kumar has played the supporting character or an extended cameo kind of character.
Let’s look at the plot of the movie.
When we say plot, we are only talking about what this movie is trying to discuss
There are no spoilers.
Paresh Rawal is a business man.
He owns a shop of Hindu idols and antiques
But he doesn’t believe in god
On the other side, his wife is a staunch believer in God
He always makes fun of religious activities around.
He is also good at doing his business..
..by taking advantage of religious beliefs of the common people.
One day, in an earthquake, his entire shop collapses.
Nothing happened to the shops nearby.
Everyone says this was because he did not have faith in God.
He ignores it

all and goes to the insurance office to claim the insurance amount.
Insurance officers say that floods and earthquakes are done by God.
They are considered as ‘Act of God’.
As per the agreement, there is No Coverage for ‘Act of God’
He goes to court and files a case.
His demand is that God should give him compensation.
The filed case is against the insurance company, ..
..various religious institutions, like churches, temples and mosques…
..and various religious heads.
The reason for this is..
..these religious institutions collect a good amount of money from the people to please the God.
So if something bad happens, they should give the compensation.
His plan is pretty simple.
Either prove that this is ‘Act Of God’ and get the compensation from religious institutions..
..or prove that this is not the ‘Act Of God’ and get the compensation from the insurance company.
This is where the movie starts telling its story from..
We are not saying anything further about the story
Just watch the movie and find it out..
Now let’s look at the positives and negatives of this film.
Honestly, I haven’t seen any significant negatives in this movie.
Coming to the positives;
The first positive is the script of the film
Every scene has delivered exactly what it was meant to say.
There are no unnecessary dialogues or scenes.
The second positive of this film is the performance of the actors.
I don’t think Bollywood has exploited the acting skills of Paresh Rawal.
But in this movie, we can see one of his great and cool performance
Now coming to Akshay Kumar, most of his movies are either action or comedy.
But this movie has shown us a different Akshay Kumar.
His performance was very calm and fresh , I’d say
Now let’s see how user reviews of the movie are
We collected the review from almost 300 people who watched this movie
What we are going to read here are the 3 selected reviews.
John from Bangalore: Had to watch this film to understand that Akshay Kumar can act well.
Paresh Rawal’s perfromance is onel level above.
So John is very impressed with the performance of the actors.
Swaroop from Kannur: It’s a must watch film for everyone.
Especially those who are blind followers of religion.
Swaroop has the exact valid point. All blind religious followers should watch this film.
Arun from Kollam: A good movie like this happens very rarely
Try not to miss this good film.
So, Arun also recommends this film to everyone
So, these are the 3 selected reviews about this movie
Now let us see how the user rating of this movie is
We collected the rating from almost 700 people who watched this movie
That is, their rating on a scale of one to ten.
Of those, 44 percent said it is a good or excellent movie,
for 43 percent, it is average
and 13 percent voted this movie as bad or below average
From the ratings and the reviews collected, ..
..Movie Time gives this movie a rating 3.7 out of 5
3.7/ 5
This is all we have about the movie “Oh My God”
This movie is available on amazon prime. The link is given in the description
Once you see this movie, please let us know if you agree with the reviews and ratings we had in our discussion.
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We will discuss another movie, in next video or next episode.
Until then, bye.

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