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Fresh from the Showcase here at 
SwissWatchExpo. What is the biggest  
baddest watch we got in the whole store? Well, 
it might be this one, so let’s check it out.
Another very busy holiday season here 
at SwissWatchExpo has just wrapped up,  
but that has not stopped us from getting a 
really remarkable and interesting pieces in  
one of these is perhaps the biggest, baddest dive 
watch. I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’ll let you argue  
if got a more rugged one in the comments. However, 
I think you’re gonna have a hard time beating this  
beautiful looking Omega Seamaster PloProf 
edition. Now some of you Omega fans and dive watch  
aficionados at large should be 
pretty familiar with this. This is  
Omega’s professional diving watch the most rugged, 
the most capable and the most rigorously tested in  
the entire line. And Omega probably has a wider 
variety of dive watches between the Seamaster  
and the Planet Ocean line and all the heritage 
models and what not. I would venture to say,  
Omega might make more different kinds 
of dive watches than any other brand.
And none of them can do the things 
that this watch right here can do.  
You’ll notice is the whole shape. This is not 
really meant to be a fashion forward

although you could definitely make a statement 
by wearing this. I don’t speak to very many  
professional divers, but that is definitely who 
this watch was originally designed for. The word  
PloProf is actually a French colloquial term, 
which means professional diver or scuba diver.  
I think so they’re basically coming right out 
here in saying if this is if you’re diving is  
a life or death situation and also how you make 
your, you know, money and what your career is,  
then this is a watch that you need to 
consider. Or if you’re just someone who  
appreciates dive watches that can do anything 
you might possibly conceive of making it do.
This is one as well. The first thing you’ll notice 
is the case design. It’s very unusual, not round.  
I would definitely classify this as an abstract 
shaped, but it’s not meant to be artistic in any  
way. This is meant to be a practical tool watch 
here, particularly you’ll notice this watch is not  
very easy to wind and set. In fact, it is sealed. 
All dive watches are sealed. This one is sealed  
on top of sealed on top of sealed. No water is 
getting in this thing. If you operate it correctly  
you’ll notice there that the crown does 
have a very, very sort of squared off shape  
crown protector here. And this is something 
that’s gonna look a lot tougher and denser  
than a crown protector on any other type of 
watch sort of reminiscent of like Luminor,  
but you could tell the whole shape here is just 
way, way off from what they would be doing.
So you actually do unscrew the crown which 
does have to be unscrewed for quite a while,  
but that makes sense when you consider this thing 
is rated to go way, way, way under the surface  
12,000 meters. So I’m no watchmaker by trade, 
but I can only imagine that you really, really  
have to screw this down really, really, really 
tight to make sure that this thing is actually  
water resistant to that depth. And as such, you 
will be turning this thing for quite a while,  
before you get it to the winding and setting 
position. I found that out the hard way earlier.  
Another thing about the functionality of this 
watch is the bezel while is a by rotating be,  
which might make lead you to think, well, wouldn’t 
that be dangerous for a professional diver?  
Not necessarily because it comes with 
this little blocking mechanism over here  
on the right side of the case at 10 o’clock 
you’ll notice this thing is absolutely rigid.
Does not move a millimeter in any 
direction, but if you press this down,  
which is something a diver could do with one you 
know, if they had one of their hands available,  
they can turn this bezel both ways, which 
again, this is for a professional diver,  
presumably going to the types of deaths 
where it is quite literally life or death  
situation. So you can leave absolutely nothing 
to chance. And as such, this is definitely the  
most secure bezel on any dive watch I’ve ever 
seen. And for good reason, now, cosmetically,  
as you can imagine, most watch electors are 
not actual professional divers, although  
high to any exceptions who might be watching out 
there. But this is again, if you like really big,  
really rugged sport watches, this is such a 
unique statement that you can make, even if  
you are not going to be taking this all the way 
to 12,000 or sorry, 1,200 meters under the ocean.
It does have a very bright white motif, which I 
think would be pretty practical for looking at it  
under the water. But it also is great if you’re 
looking for a real attention grabbing watch,  
and let’s be honest, if you’re wearing a dive 
watch, that is 55 by 48 millimeters in diameter,  
you’re looking to make a statement and this is one 
that can do it. This is a completely unborn watch  
with its full strap here. This is a beautiful 
looking white unborn Omega brand factory strap,  
very durable, the mesh bracelets they claim 
as being shark proof. I do not believe they  
offer the same guarantees for the for the 
rubber strap, but no matter what you should  
not test this theory, just avoid sharks at all 
opportunities. But it has a very rugged looking  
brushed steel clasp here, which again, looks 
just as rugged as the rest of the watch.
And you do have plenty of room to 
play with here because of course,  
what is the point of this watch if it’s not going 
to be fit to fit over a wetsuit as you should  
be doing, if you’re going that far beneath 
the ocean this is again fully sealed. No no  
no exhibition case back really I’m sure the 
movement is beautiful, but let’s be honest. You  
don’t want to leave anything to chance. This thing 
is going all the way to the bottom of the ocean.  
And even if you don’t, it’s gonna go anywhere. 
You might take it because let’s be honest. This  
is a big watch. And if you’re gonna wear this, 
you’re probably gonna make the rules wherever it  
is that you’re going. This is not gonna be for 
everybody. But of course, it’s just one of the  
I popping pieces that we’ve gotten since the 
holiday season just wrapped up. So if you’ve got  
a bit of money left over to spend on something 
fashionable, I wouldn’t know anything about that  
after my holiday shopping, but if you do, then you 
need to give us a call right now and let us get  
this. Or one of the other fascinating watches we 
have on your wrist right now at

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