Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph Watch 304. Review | SwissWatchExpo

Hi, this is Angel at SwissWatchExpo. And today 
we’re taking a look at this gorgeous Speedmaster  
MoonWatch. One of my favorite timepieces 
absolutely out of any. So I’m a sucker, of course,  
for the Co-Axial Escapement. If you’ve seen me 
on this channel before, you know, I’m always a  
fan of that. I absolutely love the location of 
the date wheel with the red crescent there. The  
sapphire crystal is gonna have an anti-reflective 
coating on both the inside and the outside,  
which is a nice touch. This is one of my favorite 
bracelets that are out there with the satin and  
polished touches in between. 9904 movement and 
gorgeous exhibition caseback. Take a look at that.  
Absolutely stunning. I know you’re gonna love this 
one. And then, of course, the moonphase at the 6.

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