On Mars – Playthrough & Review

hi everyone my name is Monique kind of E
and today we have reached the end of the
Lacerta series with on Mars
this one right here ah it’s gonna
journey yeah it has been yeah this one’s
gonna be exciting long time coming I
think this game yeah this one again the
artwork is done by Ino tool they’ve
worked again do you that would be a
wonderful wonderful you know tool the
game is published by Eagle Griffin games
and it plays one to four players that’s
right this online there’s a solo mode
now that’s for usual we are going to
give a general overview of how to play
the game and we are going to jump into
the playthrough in the review so if you
already know how to play the game and
you just want to jump straight into the
other parts I’m gonna include the time
steps down below but before we get
started if you guys can do us a big
favor and turn on your klingon subtitles
we can go ahead and make any corrections
to any errors that we might make now
we’re gonna try our best not a lot of
rules but oh my gosh
we’re gonna try the glass is that going
on for this one that’s how many rows
that that’s the first thing going
glasses yeah yeah and if you enjoy this
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that we are going to dig in okay so this
is us speaking from the future just an
FYI the teach is actually really long we
pretty much too taught the whole game so
if you already know how to play or you
just don’t like listening to really long
speeches then skip to the playthrough
now if you direct your attention to the
center of the table we have the surface
of Mars it’s a beaut it’s a beaut in all
of its orangie or mg yellowish glow
right some Browns there’s a lot of stuff
going on here we’re gonna try our best
to help you make sense of it all but
first the theme so in this game this
game is set in the far future so this is
nowhere near right now I don’t think so
now I don’t think we’re seeing this and
I left we’re not seeing this right yeah
definitely not but what’s going on here
is we play as chief astronauts of our
own companies I guess you could say and
we are trying to develop things in Mars
to make it self-sustaining for human
life we’re gonna be doing this by
building buildings upgrading these
buildings to make them more advanced and
more efficient
we’re going to be making her on space
shuttles mining resources putting out
more colonists etc until it is nice and
and fully self-sustaining and then
whoever has the most points at the end
of game wins right so let’s go over some
of the different components before we
dive into some of the rules I’m knocking
over pieces so first of all there are
six different types of buildings that
we’re making just so you have an idea as
to what we’re actually building on the
surface of Mars these are five of those
buildings they are mines power
generators because you need power water
extractors we have greenhouses and
oxygen condensers that’s what those are
and as you can see we already have one
of each type on the board we each also
have our own types of shelters and they
are color-coded depending on player
color and these are where our people
live right because we need to have
housing Mars is a very much so a circle
of life in this game yes there is a
continuous circle which we will get into
the board is also separated into two
sides so we have the orbital side that
which is all over here which basically
represents the space station everything
that we’re going to need from the space
station in order to do things here which
is the colony side and this is where we
actually do stuff on the surface of Mars
where we build stuff and upgrade
buildings etc the middle if you haven’t
noticed is is the actual colony where
we’re building these buildings and
deploying our bots and our Rovers too
and this section down here is called the
LSS and that basically stands for our
life support system so out of all of the
six different types of buildings that we
can build in this game four of them are
considered life-sustaining they’re
critical essential we need them to
survive and they are these four the
power water plan house and the oxygen
and so what this does is it keeps track
of how many of these types of buildings
we already have on the board so as you
can see we already have one of each type
that’s why they’re all down here in the
one section it also tells us what our
colony wants so the demand and now this
piece up here is telling us what our
what the demands of the colony are right
now our goal is to get to two buildings
of each type each
right now we’re only at one so that’s
basically how to read this section here
up here we have the turn order track and
there are eight spaces it’s one through
four up here and then five through eight
over here half of the spaces correspond
to this side of the board and the other
half correspond to this side of the
board and they’re numbered because
during gameplay we’re going to execute
them in order from lowest number to
those are fireworks by the way just FYI
in front of us we also have our own
player boards and our player boards hold
pretty much everything except for cards
so they they hold our remaining four
shelters that we need to build our
colonists as well as our resources over
here they hold all our tech tiles in the
middle all of the ships that we have
waiting for us to build to put in our
depot as well as our crystals aka
Marcin ‘m marcenia Mars unum it’s that’s
what I call them crystals that is so the
way the game works is the very first
thing that’s gonna happen is you’re
going to choose turn order and like I
was mentioning earlier depending on
where you place your turn order marker
which are these two is where you’re
going to be taking actions and the turn
order that you’re going to take them in
if I put my player a piece over here I’m
gonna take my action on this side and
the beam places over here take these
actions on the surface of Mars
each round consists of two phases
there’s the colonization phase and then
the shuttle phase the first half is a
colonization phase and that’s where
pretty much all the action is gonna
happen the shuttle phase is basically
going to have to deal with this this
cute little shuttle here that’s going to
be going back and forth between the
different sides of the board and
depending on where you are as a player
you can actually hitch a ride on the
shuttle to go to the opposite side and
vice versa so let’s start with the
colonization phase because that’s where
all the action is going to happen and so
what happens during this phase is each
player is going to take one turn and on
your turn you take one action and
potentially one executive action that’s
it just like in a lot of his of other
games executive actions can be taken
before or after your main action but
we’ll talk about the executive actions
later let’s start with the main act
and we’re going to start with the
orbital side of the board which is the
space station so each side of the board
has five different actions and all the
action spots are these circles right
here as you can see including one last
one over here and same thing over here
the circles and so the way that you read
the action spots first of all is if
there is a rectangle next to the action
spot with these kind of these like red
colonists symbols are really tiny these
spots require you to place a colonist
it’s like placing a worker right it’s
place them there and you take the action
the other spots that don’t have that
rectangle you do not need to put a
worker down you’d simply just say I am
taking this action you take the action
and that’s it so back to these spots if
I were to take a spot that requires a
colonist and there are already calling
this in the spot you have to pay in a
standard game you have to pay depending
on how many player colors are already
present in the spots and when we say
standard game a three or four player
game yes so in this example I have one
there’s one other player color in this
but before I place my colonists there so
I have to pay either one colonists or
one crystal and these are the crystals
if you choose to pay a colonist what
that means any time you need to code
code spend a colonist to either take an
action or boost an action which you’ll
hear about later you are going to take
them from the living quarters which is
this area here basically the area where
you can actually go and utilize these
workers and you’re going to move them
into the working area which is here
you’re basically exhausting a worker now
any any workers in the working area
cannot be used until you get them back
which we’ll explain later so say I were
to place my worker in this spot I have
to pay either crystal or a worker
because navin’s color is there I would
just exhaust that worker and then now I
can take that action so that is how all
of these spots with the rectangles work
including this spot over here which
we’ll talk about during the colony side
basically any of the action spots that
have this red upper half that have that
red colonist that’s how those work now
if you’ll also notice some of these
action spots in the lower half
this sort of like infinity symbol and
they’ll show either a teal colonists or
they’ll show a crystal and so any spot
that has those means that you can boost
that action by spending workers or by
spending crystals so in other words if I
were to take this action I can spend an
additional colonists make them exhausted
and take that action again you can take
that action again for every worker that
you spend that’s what boost double
actions are okay let’s talk about the
actions we’re going to start with the
orbit side first we’re gonna make our
way from top to bottom so starting with
this action up here this action is
probably the least utilized and what it
is is it’s basically I need to get to
this side of the board so I’m going to
spend this action to just move to this
side of the board I don’t actually get
to take any actions outside of that ends
your turn that ends your turn yep this
is I feel like there might need some
strategic purposes to that action but in
in the games that we’ve played so far
nobody’s really used it’s like an escape
pod – yeah that’s a good escape pod to
get back yeah tomorrow as the game
progresses the time it takes for the
shuttle to go back and forth will
elongate so it may be possible where you
need that that actually yes after that
we have this spot here and this symbol
pertains to this action and this is
acquiring blueprints so blueprints are
these cards on this side of the board
there are six of them to start the game
as the game progresses we’re going to
have more of them come out but basically
what they allow you to do is they allow
you to upgrade the buildings that are
already on the board they make these
buildings more efficient by unlocking
executive actions for you to do and they
help the colony become more
self-sustaining by giving you resources
basically every time you move from
colony sites orbital side so we’re going
to talk about the specifics of the
blueprints when we talk about upgrading
buildings blueprints by the way are
great because they will give you points
at the end of the game but if you do not
end up building this building they’re
gonna lose you points so that is
something in this game that you can kind
of see in different areas that that you
we haven’t really seen in other games
the risk of losing points for not
completing things the next spot is the
spot here and this area is acquiring
tech tiles so anytime we see this symbol
this pertains to
tiles which are these tech tiles allow
us to do certain actions better they’re
just a more efficient way of doing
certain things when we go to building
buildings later on you’re going to need
tech tiles in order to expand certain
colonies which we’ll talk about but in
general they just make things better so
when you go here you must pay for the
tactile depending on which row it’s on
so these two at the very bottom don’t
cost anything the ones in the middle row
cost one battery which is this resource
and the one that the top row costs a
battery and a resource of your choice
and so when you take a textile and
you’re basically just going to take it
literally from the board and you’re
going to put it on your player board in
the very leftmost column because tuck
tiles are going to start in the leftmost
column and they’re gonna slowly move
their way up as you upgrade them when
you place the tactile on your board
you’re going to gain the benefit as
shown on a space that’s printed on it
that’s printed on it so for example this
spot will get me a crystal because
that’s that is the game’s universal
symbol for crystal this spot is gonna
get me a resource from the warehouse
which we’ll talk about soon but you go
ahead and place that there and then you
get the the benefit anyway it’s probably
a lot more than you need to know but
those are tech tiles the next spot over
here is where you can go to upgrade the
tech tiles these tiles are gonna move
over to the right slowly over the course
of the game and this is one of the spots
that allow you to do so so taking this
action allows you to either upgrade one
tech tile twice or to different textiles
once you would literally just move them
although the big rule for the tech tiles
is it can only move to an adjacent space
so if my textile were up here I wouldn’t
be able to move it down there it would
have to follow an adjacent path and you
have to spend the resources indicator
that’s at the top of the column where
you’re going to move it to if I were to
upgrade this textile twice I would need
to treat each upgrade as an individual
upgrade spending each resource and
gaining each benefit and at the end of
the game these tiles are going to be
worth points so it’s like one two three
four five and then nine points for this
very last space that is where that where
that tile is at the very end of the game
that’s how many points you get yes and
then this last spot is pretty simple
this is the warehouse and this is where
you can get additional
sources so you would literally just say
I’m taking this action doesn’t require a
worker and I would take one of the
resources available these resources do
not refill until later now anytime you
need to take resources in this game it’s
typically from the general supply unless
it’s coming from this symbol anytime you
see this like three cubes every box yeah
three blocks that means you need to take
them from the warehouse so you’ll see
that symbol here you might see that
symbol in other areas like here you’ll
see them up here and that’s from the
warehouse the only resource that you
cannot get from the warehouse are these
minerals because minerals are treated as
wild you have to mine for these the
other rule about resources is you can
only hold as many resources in your
player board as you have shelters plus
one so again these are shelters they’re
the the building tiles that correspond
to your player color that house your
people at the start of the game you only
have one each so at the start of the
game it can only hold up to two
resources per type and there’s a really
teeny tiny symbol at the top here and
then I’ll remind you of that shelter
plus one is your capacity per resource
and that is pretty much all of the
different action spots in the orbit
orbit yes okay so moving on to the
colony side same thing there are five
different actions here and we are going
to start at the top so this top action
over here this symbol means building a
building onto the board this is how you
get these tiles onto the board and so
the way that building a building works I
think this is a good a time as any to
talk about the cycle yes right there is
a sort of like a life cycle in this game
so this is the tray that holds all of
our buildings and at the bottom of each
building type it shows you what is
needed to build the building so it’s
it’s all pretty thematics very thematic
yes and you can also see it on your
player board there’s an arrow in between
the different resources to tell you what
you need in order to build what so the
way that the life cycle makes sense here
is is fairly simple and straightforward
you need people to work in the mines to
collect minerals those minerals are then
turned into batteries or power that
power is then used to extract water from
ice that water is then you
is to grow plants in the greenhouse in
the greenhouse then Nets you oxygen in
the oxygen condensers and so everything
is the precursor of the next one and it
doesn’t show on this tray but oxygen is
used to build shelters because humans
need to breathe oxygen to breathe so
that’s where they can stay if you have
more oxygen more people can breathe it
and shelters give you space for more
colonists which now brings us back to
the minerals so it’s just this this
total lifecycle of stuff that you have
to consider when building buildings ah
so for this action we will go into the
specific details during gameplay but in
general the rule is in order to build a
building you have a but you start the
game with one bot on the board so
basically all of the spaces surrounding
the bot including the space that it’s on
are the areas that you’re allowed to
build on right so it’s range that’s its
range you must build adjacent to one of
your BOTS in addition you have two main
building rules that you have to obey
when building buildings onto the board
and so the first option is you can build
what’s called a complex and so a complex
is a grouping of buildings of the same
type so right now I just built a complex
that are two greenhouses large in order
to do this you need to have the tech
tile for them somebody somebody at the
table has to have the tech tile for it
and so this is where the technology
comes into play so if we if you notice
over here there is a tech tile for each
type of building and so right now I have
I’m holding the greenhouse tech tile if
the beam or I had picked up this tactile
previously and it’s now on our board
this allows me to enlarge a complex that
already has one tile so in this example
I would be able to enlarge this to a two
tile complex because I have this tile
here plus one if I wanted to make this
even bigger by building maybe down here
I wouldn’t be allowed to because this
tactile is still at the plus one it
would need to be upgraded by whoever
owns it – at least the plus two the
colony does not have the technology at
the time to incarcerated
exactly and so the reason why I
mentioned that it’s either you or your
opponent who has to have the tactile is
because say Naveen had the greenhouse
tech tile and it is at the +2 marker
which is perfect for me because there
are two tiles in this complex already
and say I want to make it bigger I want
to make it into a three tile complex and
I want to build this tile right here
which is a legal placement I would say
hey Naveen I’m using your tech tile this
is not optional for him I’m allowed to
use it but he gets a benefit his benefit
is that he gets a an oxygen resource
from the supply my place and he places
it there at the end of my turn he is
allowed to either keep this just as a
resource in his supply or he can use it
to upgrade the tech tile that I used
correct that’s how that works across the
board for any anytime you use any of
these tech tiles after building the
building you’re gonna get resources
depending on how big the complex is so
in this example I would get three plants
to go into my supply as long as you can
hold that I would just describe the
excess and that’s pretty much it after
you’ve built these buildings they don’t
belong to you so if I were to build this
this complex or you know increase the
size of the complex it doesn’t actually
belong to me it belongs to the whole
College right
hence the sharing of Technology things
like that so I will I will not I won’t
reap the benefits of these of these
buildings any for any further now the
second option because remember we
mentioned there are two options is if
neither of us have this tech tile and we
still want to build this greenhouse we
can the rule that you must obey is that
you can only build a solitary building
as long as it is exactly two hexes away
from one that already exists on the
board exactly so in this example I would
be allowed to build this greenhouse
without a tech tile right here because
it is adjacent to my bot and it is
exactly two hexes away from this one and
so it would not build it would not
create a complex at all these are just
two solitary green house buildings and
building the solitary building does get
you one resource of that type now
regardless of the option you choose when
building a building it is going to
influence the LSS track so every time a
building is built you are going to
increase that type on the track and so
of course this is only of these four
types if you build a mine which is the
mineral then it doesn’t it doesn’t go up
or if you build a shelf there same thing
doesn’t happen just these four types and
so the very first person to build a
building of a specific type say I built
this greenhouse it will go up by one and
I will get two points
in this game they’re called opportunity
points and this is the universal symbol
it’s kind of like a spiral planet in
addition if by building your building
you actually increase the marker to
where the colony demand marker is you’re
going to score additional points you’re
going to score the points for whatever
the tile is at the top of its column and
these change I’m game to game it’s very
good and so in this example this says
you get points equal to your highest
level of tech tile so ever your highest
tech talia’s you’re gonna score whatever
points are at the bottom that’s just the
example for this tile but these are all
different and also you’re going to gain
one of the four benefits that are shown
here and so they’re stuff like I getting
a crystal getting a mineral taking one
of your calling this off the board
moving here but but that is only if the
marker was below the calling demand
level before you built the building and
in doing so you increased it to that
demand level because in this game you
can still build another building and go
beyond the current demand that is still
legal you can’t do that yes and if you
did that you would not gain any of these
benefits you would just be building a
building you’re overachieving
and so once all four of these markers
reach the colony demand tile or a marker
and this marker is going to move up and
things will happen
so the blueprints are going to get
exchanged out the resources are going to
get refilled tuck tiles will get
refilled in a three and four player game
and the shuttle is going to start taking
longer to move across the board it’s
gonna start going onto these two and
three spots which we’ll talk about more
during the shuttle phase the last thing
about the LS s section is this area down
here and so the way that this works is
there is one spot per player color in
each of these five different types of
buildings the very first time you expand
a complex and what I mean by that is by
a building that increases the size of a
complex like that I just built that then
I would put my cube out underneath that
type of building and so the first two
times this demand marker moves up you’re
going to score points at the bottom here
depending on how many cubes you have out
on this area the numbers go one two four
seven and if you have all five eleven
points yeah and there’s a fifth one here
for the minerals even though there’s no
a marker that’s gonna increase for the
for the mines you still get to put out a
cube here if it’s the first time you’re
expanding on a complex this these points
you’ll also get at the very end of the
game it’s one of the squonk Egeria it is
so that was a lot to do with building
buildings oh yeah but we are going to
continue that was kind of a doozy but
we’re going to continue to the next type
of action which is this one right here
and this is upgrading buildings and so
this is where the blueprints come into
so the blueprints look like this like we
like we saw earlier in this section and
so the way that the blueprints work is
they allow you to upgrade one of the
tiles on the board so it’s the same
thing as building a building in the
sense that your robot has to be next to
the space where you want to build this
building the robot is the construction
crew exactly so since we’ve been using
the green houses I’m just going to use
that as an example every time you build
an advanced building it’s gonna cost you
one mineral so that is one of the main
purposes of minerals not only are they
used as a wild resource but they are
also needed specifically for building
upgrades so literally all you do is you
spend the mineral and then you put your
advanced building on top of that tile
and now what it’s gonna do for you is
not only does it produce you resources
whenever you move from the colony side
to the orbit side it’s going to give you
access to an executive action and this
this is a specific executive action that
is only for you kind of and that’s
pretty much all there is to building
advanced buildings before we continue I
think this would be a good time to talk
about executive actions because that’s
what the blueprints pertain to so in
this game all of your executive actions
are laid out for you on the left hand
you’re bored and so executive actions
cost crystals that is one of the main
reasons why you collect crystals you can
only spend crystals that are in your
Depot which is this section here and at
the beginning of the game you only have
space for three of them whenever you
collect crystals during the game they’re
actually gonna go to this like darkened
Inlet at the very bottom here because
you cannot use crystals the same turn
that you get that these crystals at the
bottom will go into your Depot at the
start of your next turn and so the way
that that the executive actions work is
at the beginning of the game these are
the only three that are available to you
as soon as you start building these
ships which we’ll talk about in a second
it starts unlocking other types of
executive actions and we’ll talk about
the specific types when we play the game
but at the start of the game the only
ones that you can use are these three
and they are moving your but what we’ll
talk about the significance in a second
gaining a resource from the warehouse
and the very bottom one which is using
the executive action listed on your
blueprint so all of the blueprints have
this circle that has a symbol this is
the executive action that you are
allowed to do on your turn by spending
two crystals and so that is the
significance of these and we’ll talk
about the specific executive actions as
we play the game so that’s why Hobby
blueprints is really good because it
gives you it expands your menu of things
that you can do on your turn
moving on to the next action spot here
it’s acquiring scientists or earth
contracts and so this section here
pertains to that side of the table and
as you can see there are six different
scientists available over here and those
are the only scientists that you’re
going to find in the game they don’t
they don’t refresh the way that this
spot works is there is one spot for each
player that’s why they are color-coded
they you can only go there once so if I
were to take this this action I would
put one of my one of my colonists in the
purple action spot and now I can no
longer take this action until this
colonist comes off the board which we
haven’t discussed yet so after I pay my
dues I can take one of the scientists
over there at a cost and so the costs
are listed below two scientists so and
these are also kind of following that
life cycle that we mentioned earlier so
for example in order to take this
scientist that deals with power I have
to turn in two minerals etc following
the whole the whole life whatever the
precursor is that’s what you need two
minerals but two items of yes including
the scientists and that’s in charge of
the mines I must spend two colonists but
when I spend them I don’t actually lose
them I just exhaust them like we
mentioned earlier what scientists do
scientists are very important in this
game if you can utilize them well you’ll
be in good shape
so say I went to hire this green house
I spend my to water and I would take the
scientist and it would come to me this
person would would be working with my
colony with my company for the rest of
the game
and so what scientists do is as an
executive action I can move my
scientists to a blueprint of the same
type of building so in this example it’s
a green house scientist it’s a
biochemist sorry I’m moving the
biochemist to my bio market good at the
same time and now as long as the
scientist is here I take this action for
free as an executive action so that can
be very powerful as you can see I’m
looking kind of creates energy
yeah and that scientists can just sit
there it’s not like once she uses the
action it has to get moved off it can
just yeah so the scientists stay on
these advanced of building blueprints
until you move them off so with that
being said if say this hydroponic farm
belonged to Naveen because he picked up
this blueprint and he built the building
on my turn I can move my scientist to
his blueprint and now use his executive
action for free that is the only way to
use an opponent’s blueprint as an
executive action by having the scientist
in addition to that though now that
there’s a scientist in my blueprint on
my building I also get to use that so if
it was Monique’s scientist and she left
that scientist hanging out with me I get
the benefit of that without having to
pay the crystals and so at the end of
the game the scientists are interesting
because they are also going to score you
points but they’re gonna score you
points for the having advanced buildings
on the board for a different type so for
example the biochemist for having the
scientist I’m gonna score three points
for every advanced building that’s built
on these oxygen
condensers and it doesn’t matter who
built the advanced building it’s it’s
irrelevant of ownership after you claim
a scientist like I was mentioning
earlier these are the only scientists
available in the entire game so there is
going to be a void basically a big open
spot left there and so what you do is at
the end of your turn you’re going to
choose one of these earth contracts and
these are just contracts that people can
try to fulfill for points so this spot
right here allows you to move your
robotic thingies
your butts and your Rover so there are
two main types of wheeled beings and
they are your robots and your Rover you
have four of these robots at your
dispense ones already on the board to
start the game in there three are off
the board yes three you can build and
the significance of these BOTS we
already know right these bots allow you
to build buildings around around the
planet the Rovers are kind of like your
scavengers they’re the vehicles that go
around picking up items for you and it’s
something exploring the the terrain by
taking this action you are allowed to
move your butt up to two hexes and your
Rover up to two hexes as well
bots are their robots so they destroy
things in their path if I were to move
this robot to this hex here it’ll
destroy this crystal they’re also these
research tiles on the board as well as
these discovery tiles that are going to
go out onto the board as the game
progresses if the but traverses over any
of these jets it destroys them takes
them out of the game now Rovers are what
you want to use if you want to pick
these things up so say this but wasn’t
here and I were to take this action to
move my Rover two spaces I can go one
two and pick up this crystal any
crystals that the rover passes through
along the way to wherever it needs to go
gets picked up and you take it into your
bottom spot here to use for next turn if
ever your Rover finishes its movement on
either a research to tile or a discovery
tile then you get to do the thing that
it says on the tile you
and your movement on the tile yes and
we’ll discuss what all of them do drink
game play and now the last action is
this exit spot right here and this has
to do with building these ships the
significance of building ships is
first of all in order to build a ship
you have to spend a plant and a water
because it’s it’s pretty much like you
are supplying the resources to bring
more people to Mars to your colony you
can only build ships equal to whatever
the colony level is so at the start of
the game our colony level is gonna be at
one you can only build one ship until
the colony level gets to level two then
you can build an additional one but the
benefit of building a ship is it gets
you either two more colonists to bring
onto your board or one colonists and one
bot which you’ll place out in the board
immediately so that is a good way of
getting more people to your arsenal
so ships not only get you extra people
but they also unlock these executive
actions so when you build a ship you can
actually choose which one you want to
build in order to unlock that specific
action and these ships will also get you
three points per ship at the end of the
game and the last main benefit of having
these ships has to do with the shuttle
phase which we’re going to discuss now
now that all of these actions have been
yes after we finished the colonization
phase which is basically each player
taking one turn each then we’re going to
go into the shuttle phase and so the way
that that works is our cute little
shuttle here is gonna start the game at
either this one spot here or this one
spot depending on where the last player
chooses to put it and so if it is on the
red space it is going to move across the
board to the opposite side of the board
it will move it will move as long as it
is here when we get to the shuttle phase
it is going to move across and at the
beginning of the game it’s going to move
across to the next one spot if our
colony is at level two if we’ve built it
up built it up enough to be at level two
then it’s actually going to move to the
two spot so it kind of along gates the
amount of time it’s been
on each side of the board if it’s here
and it’s gonna move that way all players
that are on this side of the board must
now decide if they want to hitch a free
ride with the shuttle to go across the
way to that side of the board that is
the main way for players to move back
and forth between the boards and if he
decides to move then he follows these
steps in between and they’re basically
produce goods for all of your advanced
buildings get all of your colonists back
that are on the side of the board that
you’re moving to so think of it this way
if you are going to the side of the
board you are picking up colonists that
you left behind so that is really
important to remember yes when you move
to the other side of the board all the
colonists that you had just place are
gonna stay there yeah you leave people
behind and you come to pick people up
yes that’s the way to think about it
exactly so he would pick up all the
colonists that he left on that side of
the board and all of the colonists that
were in his exhausted working space gets
returned to him as well and now the
colones that are eager in you’re
exhausted working space they get
returned to you every time you move back
and forth now we mentioned earlier that
depending on where we are in the LSS
sometimes the shuttle is going to move
to the two spot or even the three spot
which means at the end of this shuttle
phase it’s not going to move to the one
it’s gonna move to the next available
spot meaning it’s gonna stay on this
side of the board for longer so if for
example in the beam is here and he’s
like oh my gosh this shuttle is gonna
take another two turns to go back to
that side of the board I need to go if
he doesn’t want to use this spot you can
spend one of your private shuttles that
you had already built in your hangar you
spend it you wouldn’t get the three
points for it but you would be able to
use it to privately private shuttle your
way 2,000 side of the board right and so
we are almost to the end here the last
couple things that you want to discuss
is we also each have these private goal
cards the big takeaway here is the goal
cards show you like something that you
want to do and if you’re able to fulfill
it then on your turn you gain the
benefit of either at the top or the
bottom part of the right hand
the big takeaway here is that you have
three of these cards you’re only allowed
to fulfill one of them the other two
cards you can turn in as crystals so for
taking executive actions or whatever you
need to do the other option is maybe you
don’t want to fulfill any of them then
you can use all three of them as
crystals but that is how they work the
last thing is how does the game end so
if you notice these three cards here are
mission cards these are the last things
that we haven’t really talked about
basically how they work is anytime you
take whatever is showing on the card you
gain that many crystals and the
right-hand side here just tells you
where to put its cube for the tracker in
a 2 3 or 4 player game so in this
example we are playing a two-player game
so we’re gonna put this Cube on the 4
space of its tracker and so this card
anytime a player takes a scientist
that’s what this symbol means they get
two crystals and then this tracker will
go down and so the purpose of the
tracker is as soon as the tracker gets
to the zero then this mission cube is
going to disk decrease by one the cube
will also decrease as we go up on the
LSS what happens here is as soon as this
mission cube gets to zero you trigger
the game end and so you finish out the
round and then you take one more round
water one more turn basically skipping
the shuttle phase at the end of that
turn and then you go into final scoring
and it is all outlined here and you just
go in order you get points depending on
however many cubes you have down here
you get three points per spaceship that
you’ve built that still is in your
hangar if you used it to take a little
private shuttle across the way then you
don’t get points for it once you get
points for the colonists in your living
quarters and so having colonists in
these shelter spaces is gonna get you
more points so if I have colonists all
the way up to here then I get 10 points
15 points 21 points you don’t add them
all together it’s just the highest
shelter that you’ve occupied with people
is what you get points for then you get
points for your tuck tiles and that’s
just whatever points are at the bottom
of the column in which they exist mm-hmm
you get points for your blueprints and
that’s just the three points or I think
the higher level blueprint
worth more points yeah you get points
for your scientists depending on how
many of the advanced buildings they’re
looking for have been built and lastly
you gain or lose points the depending on
the earth contracts that you’ve picked
up that is the entire game that’s it
that was a lot of information yes I hope
that you’re not sitting confused but if
you are we are going to play the game so
we’re gonna talk through all of our
moves and we’re gonna just take you
through it the difference is in a
two-player game are that these tech
tiles do not ever get refilled we also
only use the first two rows of the
warehouse and when we are paying the
cost of putting out our workers here
it’s not dependent on how many player
colors are present it’s dependent on
literally how many pieces are there so
if I am here and the beam is there and I
want to take that action I have to spend
two of any combination of workers or
crystals because there are two pieces
that are already there when I go to
place my piece on here now we’re going
to do some cleanup and we are going to
begin up okay so we are all reset up for
a two-player game and we are going to
see who goes first
this is nerve-wracking because this will
decide the game determines everything I
love your rosette boface I’m ready ready
Monique has the power or do I have a
card then you know what you do so ok I’m
going first goes first which actually
means that I’m going to place my turn
order marker first I’m not actually
gonna take the first one of the game
necessarily so I’m going to decide which
of these eight spots to go to and take
the benefit immediately so I think I
will put my astronaut here and this spot
allows me to take one of the blueprints
so I am going to take one of these and I
think I’m gonna take the casino okay and
so what the casino allows me to do is as
an executive action it allowed me to
take two crystals later on once I built
it I’m gonna put it right there I’m
gonna place my advanced building marker
on top to show that I need to build it
and I gained this benefit which is one
crystal unique it’s gonna go into this
little section there yes
and now Naveen just decided where he’s
gonna go alright so I have the option of
you and going to this planet side or go
to orbit I think I’m gonna go to orbit
ah nice goodbye and I think I’m gonna
take this action right over here and
this action is I get to spend either a
water or a green plant resource and I
will get a new colonists to come and
work for me so I will take that and I’m
gonna spend the water resource it’s
gonna go out of the game and I bring a
nice now because I am the player with
the turn order marker on the furthest
right I get to decide where the shuttle
is going to start either on the
colonists side or the orbital side and I
think I’m going to have the shuttle
start here with me so that’s that and
now we begin the game would intervene
because he is for this left so yes so I
will take this action right over here
which is gaining tech uh and so you know
mess around with this area so now taking
this action I don’t have to place a call
on this out here that’s one of those
spaces there so I’m gonna take this Tech
right here which is being able to build
an oxygen condenser yes I’m gonna put it
over this bar right here but before I do
that I must pay for it it costs battery
power so I’m gonna go ahead and pay the
battery that goes out and then as the
benefit by covering this up I get to
take any resource I want from the
warehouse over here and I will just take
battery back is gonna go there and this
is part of the missions that we’re
trying to accomplish throughout the
course of this game so I took a tech so
this is gonna go from a seven to a six
and I get this little benefit right here
which is gaining a crystal and this
crystal is gonna come to my storage area
right down here and I can’t use it right
now but in the future it will eventually
be usable and so now I have the option
of boosting this action by spending a
colonist I will go ahead and do so I can
only really do this once because my
capacity is only having to tech on the
far left here so I will spend my one
colonists it should take a second Tech
and I’m gonna take this one right here
which is battery being able to upgrade
the battery tech and it costs battery to
do so so goodbye
that goes out and then again because I
have done this I get a crystal for
covering this spot up and of course we
get to move this down from 7 to 6 10 out
of 5 I get another crystal which is
gonna go here now my capacity is only 3
but I will just hold it here so that
when I refill I toss one out okay and I
cannot take an executive action because
I do not have a crystals there you go
well that was a lot of action yeah okay
so now it’s my turn I’m gonna start my
turn by taking this crystal into my
Depot so that now I can use it and I am
going to first take my executive action
so I’m gonna spend these two crystals to
take this executive action right here
what it allows me to take a resource
from the warehouse
would you like I’m going to take an
oxygen so the oxygen goes into my
storage unit and now I’m going to take
my my main action means which is going
to be hiring a scientist place my
colonists over there and I’m going to
hire the the only one this dough can
engineer this one right here yes this
makes sense because you have that kind
of building thank you so you can just
test it out I had to spend two oxygen to
hire the system and systems engineers so
now the scientist with me is with me and
so I took my executive action I think my
main action and I must end my turn by
now fulfilling the void or refilling the
void that my scientist left behind
please with an earth contract okay I’m
gonna put out this contract this is a
contract that requires somebody to have
an advanced building on a mine complex
of at least four minimum size and if
they’re able to do that they get 12
points if not it’s minus 6 points yes
that goes on the bottom half there and
it’s now gonna cost a crystal to take
that right earth contract and so because
I hired a scientist I get two crystals
for our building is one ticker on this
mission there you go thank you that goes
out there and now my turn is I’m gonna
lay down my astronaut
and so now that the colonization phase
is over this shuttle attitude goes
across the way and now I must decide if
I am going to head over there and I
think I will yeah I’m gonna head over
there let’s go oh yes so first I go here
and this spot allows me to produce
resources and all of my advanced
buildings and mind and I don’t have any
so I move on and that will allow me to
take colonists from this side of the
board I’m picking them up or the
colonists that have in my working space
which is zero okay so now I choose a
spot here to take and I believe I will
take a tactile so which tactile do I
want to take I’m gonna take this tactile
this is the rover the textile that
allows you to move your Rover additional
spaces when taking this action so I’m
gonna place this at the topmost spot
here which is gonna get me a resource
from the warehouse and I think I will
take I will refill well I’m gonna refill
the oxygen that I had spent earlier and
because I took a tech tile that is gonna
be fulfilling another piece of that
mission and I get a crystal that goes
there and that’s it
so now Naveen stands up okay and we
begin and you this is round 2 okay no
and all that provide one shot so I go
first now because I’m the leftmost
player and I’m going to take this action
which allows me to acquire blueprints so
well actually first thing on my turn is
I’m going to retrieve all of my crystals
here furnace ok I am going to first take
the gym and so the gym is another blue
shelter type blueprints and the
executive action allows me to build an
additional shelter on the board so I
place my advanced building on top of the
blueprint and I gain a crystal before
taking that blueprint you do go down
here yeah thank you
and then I can’t this is a boost able
action so I can spend an additional
colonists in order
to take one more blueprint which is
probably a good idea
let’s do it I’m gonna spend an
additional colonists to take another
blueprint let’s go take this one the
automated production and so this
executive action space allows me to
produce resources on the advance
buildings that I’ll have out on the
board eventually so I’m gonna put that
I put an advanced building on top and I
get a battery for taking this one thank
you and for my executive action I better
spent on these crystals or else they’re
going to go away or that one’s gonna be
wasted so I’m gonna spend two of them –
hmm well I can only spend two of them to
either take a resource from the
or move my but I’m going to take a
resource from the warehouse I’m gonna
take one of these plants there you go
that’s it
my turn is finished I went to lay my
astronaut down and now back to you
Naveen okay so it’s my turn so all my
crystals are gonna come up and because I
do have one extra it’s gonna go out I
will I’m gonna take my executive action
first I’m gonna spend two crystals to
take something from the warehouse so
those go out and I will take a water
just so I can have a little more
diversity here Thanks and then now my
main action I cannot take tech because I
maxed out here on the far left I could
go here just get more resources or I can
go get some blueprints or I can advance
my tech so now that’s kind of the
question okay I think I’m gonna go ahead
and get some blueprints let’s go ahead
and do that so because monique is here
not only do I have to play one colonists
into this spot here but I have to pay
either an additional colonists to move
into this spot right here or I can pay a
crystal I think it’s better to have the
crystals and I minim go ahead and move
this colonists right on over so I get to
take a blueprint and I’m gonna take this
blueprint right over here nice and so
what this blueprint does is it gets me a
oxygen right away so that goes to me
right there and then what this will
allow me to do is as an executive action
in the future
I could take a tech the house so that’s
the oxygen tank oxygen tank and then I’m
gonna keep my stuff just a little over
here try to get everything on camera and
I’m gonna put one of my little buildings
on it saying that I can’t use that yet
and then now I have the option just like
Monique did of spending one of these
little guys and I’m gonna go ahead and
do that to take one more and I think I
will I think I’m gonna take this one
right over here and this is the bio
market and it’s very similar I’m gonna
go ahead and put this out over here put
a building on top of it it gets me a
plant resource which comes from the
supply not from the warehouse that goes
on top there and I am out of colonists
so I cannot lose this action anymore it
is over way down all right so so now the
shuttle is going to move again and so
starting with me I must decide if I’m
going to move and I believe my job here
is done
the time being so I’m going I’m going so
first place is here first up is there
I’m discovering a tile so I must place
this discovery tile out on the board it
has to be three exactly three hexes away
from where my rover is so neither have I
Rovers are physically on the board but
at the start of the game it’s as if they
are here at the starting mine in the
very center so I must place the three
hexes away and what this is gonna allow
whoever lands on it with their Rover to
do is build one of these water
extractors so I’m going to put it so I’m
gonna put it right here
which is one two three spaces away from
that middle area here and I’m gonna
continue and this spot allows me to take
my calmness back from this side of the
board which is just this one and from my
working area so now I have two colonists
back in the living area space and then
we refill these discovery tiles and I’m
gonna choose my turn order spot and I
believe I will go I’m gonna take a spot
right there and it allows me to take a
resource from the warehouse so I’m going
to take a water because it’s the only
other thing I can
all right Naveen are you coming with are
you staying
hmm maybe I should go oh okay you get
out of here all right it’s the same kind
of thing we’re gonna I’m gonna take this
one right over here and I also will put
three away from my Rover so we’re gonna
go one two three I’ll just put it right
over there and then now I will go here I
collect all my guys back and they’re
gonna come ahead of retirement and put a
new all right oh it’s a bouncing and
then now I get to choose there’s only
one blueprint left oh do you want it yes
not really
okay it’s you’re me yeah or I can go in
front of you and then have pic that
would be kind of nice to have pic yeah
because I should yeah cuz I can always
get it by coming back unless I get it
first unless I go here okay I’m gonna go
here right in front of you just so I can
go first okay okay all right so the
round begins and you with you yep it
does so I think I am going to build I
think building is a good idea so I am
going to take this action here which is
build so I put a call on it out there it
cost me nothing cuz it’s it’s empty
right now and I’m gonna build a battery
I do have the tech to add to the complex
that is the battery and since I have out
of batteries it’d be a good time to do
so batteries cost minerals okay so I’m
gonna go ahead and spend that right
there and we get to put out the battery
and replace it I’m gonna put it right
over here okay so this gets placed with
a backside face up because it’s gonna
show us where we’re going to put
crystals on the empty hexes ones that
are shown perfect let’s get this gets
flipped over and Naveen gets two
so that’s a way to get resources also so
I got two batteries so a couple
different things are gonna happen now
that I’ve built a complex I get to put
out my cube in that type which is
battery so I get to put my cube right
over there in addition to that I have
moved up the this cube right here
because we’ve met some of the demand for
what our colony is looking for I get two
points because I cover up that space so
we cut off the top of the scoreboard
just to make room so I just moved my
score up two notches right there and
we’ll call it out as it goes in addition
to that because I did meet this demand
here I get to score this LSS scoring
token and what this shows is for every
colonist that I have in my working area
I get points so I’m gonna get an
additional two points so I get two more
points so that’s gonna take me to four
so now the score is four nothing I’m not
bragging and back in addition to that I
get one of these LS s bonuses so I have
the option of taking a person back or I
can take one of these actions I’m gonna
take a mineral I think that sounds yeah
so it’s a crystal a mineral take a
colonist off the board or move his robot
to spaces I’ll take a mineral that
sounds good okay and that ends my turn
so this guy’s gonna lay down okay okay
so I what I’m gonna do okay I am
actually okay so is that my turn by
taking this crystal into my Depot I’m
going to take my main action which is
gonna be to take another scientist so I
am going to actually hire the video
chemist here to take yeah he’s like the
or he or she is like the oxygen
especially oh she and so this is gonna
go I get this started
and this is this person’s gonna come
over here with my systems engineer and
so the thing that’s nice about the
geochemist is at the end of the game I’m
gonna get three points for every
advanced building on the shelters and so
that’s that and because I hired a
scientist I met this mission requirement
so I get two crystals and
one two crystal thank you and so I might
as well take an executive action so I’m
gonna spend these two crystals to take
another resource from the warehouse and
that’s going to be the plant diversity
yeah diversity that’s it so I lay my
astronaut down and the shuttle goes back
to orbit Naveen are you going to orbit I
am NOT gonna go too high you’re stood
Hey I’m also gonna stay you did you that
right did okay okay your turn
yeah so let’s go ahead and actually
before in the beam takes his turn I
forgot to refill the boy oh yeah yeah
I’m in a place this one over there so
this is the exact basically the same
thing with the configuration it’s just
that you have to have an advanced
building on a complex of shelters that
are four or bigger that looks like
something you’re working towards we have
options yeah you do we you’re a group of
scientists and I very good okay I’m
gonna go ahead and build again so I’m
gonna go over here and because we’re in
a two-player I do have to pay for this
one that’s here even though it’s my own
and I have the choice of either paying a
crystal or a worker I’m gonna go ahead
and pay the worker move that worker over
into this little area here and I am
going to build I’m going to build a
shelter ah
so shelters cost oxygen that’s what you
see over here and I’m gonna build a
shelter right over here in this little
spot put that right there and that’s
gonna cost me one oxygen and then I gain
two crystals because that’s what they
produce yeah so I get two crystals
they’re gonna go into this little
section here I unfortunately cannot do
an executive action at this time but it
is no nice turn Thanks and no Naveen has
this like an extra space here that holds
two more colonists so he can hold that
total of six in his living quarters and
also my capacity to hold resources has
just been up to buy one handful
that’s nice it’ll be the best part okay
so I’m gonna stop my turn by acquiring
these crystals into my Depot I only have
one colonists left here my lonely lonely
colonists so what I’m gonna do actually
is I’m gonna move the rover okay
and so it actually allows me to move my
butt and my rover but I’m going to
forego the bot movement and just move it
over so the rover piece starts here in
the very center of the board and
typically you can move them two spaces
each but because I have this rover
tectile I can move an additional space
with my rover and I’m gonna go one two
three it’s going to land on this
discovery tile I have now discovered
this action and this allows me to build
a water a water building so now because
neither of us have the water tectile I
wouldn’t actually be able to expand upon
this complex I would have to create a
solitary water water building elsewhere
it has to be exactly two hexes away from
here but still adjacent to my butt so
I’m going to put the site and I stopped
to pay for everything so the water
building costs a battery so here’s my
battery because of the life cycle we’re
mentioning earlier and I’m gonna build
it here okay so I’m gonna place that
right there it is exactly two hexes away
from this water tile and stace into my
blood so I put a crystal right there
this gets flipped over and I’m supposed
to take a water but unfortunately I
cannot carry an additional water because
I’m already master pasady but I do get
to increase this marker because I am
building another water building
unfortunately I don’t get to put my cube
out because I’m not enlarging a complex
but I do get to increase this and
because I did that I get the two points
for being the first to do it okay and I
get to score two points for each
discovery tile that I have at the time
discovered one I discovered one so it’s
another two points okay so we’re both
tied at four each now and I get to take
one of these four benefits and I think
I’m actually going to take a crystal
okay crystal for Mo’Nique thank you so
that’s my crystal
and I’m going to forego an executive
action as well okay so the shuttle comes
back to our side of the planet and we
both stand up against it up and it’s
navin’s turned out okay so now I have no
worker so I have to find spots or cheapy
but before I do that I go ahead and get
my two crystals and back so I will and
hmm this is interesting so I’m gonna go
ahead and take an executive action I’m
gonna spend two crystals to take this
last battery right here now my capacity
is now three so I can hold these three
nice so I’ll do that and then my actions
the only actions that don’t require
workers here in this area are build a
rocket ship or move the rover so I think
I am going to build a rocket ship and
that requires a plant and a water
resource one of each that’s shown right
over here and I get to build one of
these so I’m gonna decide which one but
I also get a benefit of either two
colonists or a colonist and another bot
I think right now at this time I’m gonna
take two colonists okay so these two
colonists they come back to me ready to
work no rest they’re well rested ready
to go
ah and then now I get to decide which
particular rocket ship I want to use or
take so I will take I think you know I’m
gonna think I’m gonna take this one
right here this is gonna allow me to do
these upgraded buildings and put them
out there without actually having to
take the action that does cost three
crystals when I do do that but we’ll see
we’ll see you know I’m gonna lay these
down just so you can see them a little
bit better there you go how cute these
pieces are so it’s would be a shame not
to see them yeah including these I just
lay them all down so then when we’re
done with our turn we stand up is that
what we’re doing okay so it’s mighty
tough of that okay so to start my turn
I’m gonna gain this crystal into my
Depot and then I’m actually going to
build a rocket
I’m gonna do pretty much the same move
the Naveen dead I’m building the same
rocketship the one that allows me to
spend three crystals to do an upgrade
that’s a blueprint but oh okay
no no wrong sorry okay the other one I’m
gonna witness build this rocket ship the
one that allows me to do the upgrade so
to spend a water and a plant and in
return I’m going to gain two colonists
I’m choosing the colonists over the bot
and as my executive action I am actually
gonna spend these three crystals to do
the upgrade so I’m gonna upgrade my
shelter which is this one and I’m going
to use my casino and I’m going to oh and
in order to do the upgrade actually so
it’s taking this action and I still have
to pay the costs and the cost to upgrade
a blueprint is a mineral it’s have to
spend my mineral I place my advanced
building on the shelter because it is a
shelter type blueprint and I only have
one shelter outhouse to go here and in
doing so it actually displaces my butt
because you can only have one wooden
piece per hex slash tile so I have to
move this elsewhere and I think I’m
going to just place it right there
that’s it it has to move adjacent to
wherever it was on oh yeah lay me down
lay me down okay and I think that’s it
right yeah because they’re given me did
my main action it did my executive
none of those missions were triggered
and I spent everything okay so now this
is now I can use this building it’s
gonna school me three points at the end
game so I’m gonna wait out and then the
shuttle is going back to orbit Naveen
are you going oh boy I do I go yeah
let’s get out of here
I think well hmm money’s gonna do some
damage but yeah I’ll take off let’s get
out of there so I’m gonna go ahead and I
would produce on any buildings that I
have advanced buildings on which I don’t
have any okay at this point I get all my
people back so the people that I’m
coming to it’s gonna be this person
right here picking him up this guy’s
gonna come back to me over here and then
now and oh and this person also you
worker works so hard but now they’re
well-rested this and now I get to choose
a spot so this spot is technically
useless for me because I am jammed up
over here I could get another worker but
I have not too sure if that’s the right
time and so I will go ahead and take
this one over here we’ll just get a
resource and I’ll take a resource that
is a and I am actually going to stay
yeah I’m staying at the colony good okay
so nothing happens with you then so for
me I think it’s time to upgrade some
tech oh I think we need to get moving on
that so I’m gonna take this action over
here so what it does I died cost me a
colonist I’m gonna place one right over
here and I get to upgrade a tech twice
paying the costs for it so I’m gonna
upgrade I’m gonna upgrade the battery
over here this is gonna cost me any wild
so I’m gonna go ahead and pay a battery
to do so and then I will upgrade I’m
gonna upgrade this one over here which
is my shelter I’m gonna move it up into
this area right here and that’s gonna
cover up the mineral so that gets me a
mineral right away and in order to do
that though I did have to pay the oxygen
and also sorry started my turn I’m
supposed to get my crystal into this
area here I don’t think I’ll be using it
no executive actions uh man I mean the
only executive action that makes sense
has moved the bot okay I’m not gonna
take an executive action that that’s
that’s gonna in my try right there all
right and I’m not gonna boost this
action here just so expensive before I
take my turn this doesn’t change
anything but we have to do it
I took a discovery tile on my last turn
oh yeah and it is supposed to move this
mission down so I get a crystal yes
these are hard to remember and so that’s
what these are actually for these
markers are placed alongside the action
that is supposed to be corresponds with
it for some reason or brain that just
doesn’t register but it’s a lot to keep
track of it is so now it’s my turn and I
get a crystal back just really gonna do
anything for me and for my executive
action I’m going to move my
– my casinos allowing me to take this
executive action for free which is to
take to Crystal’s thank you I feel like
that’s the only way that this casino is
worth it if you have this scientist
because or else have to spend do you
have to have I think yeah or somebody
else has to have the scientists in that
camp it yes as you know the scientist
has to have been hired at some point
this executive action first main action
my main action your means my means I’m
gonna build okay it’s gonna be very
expensive because I have to place my
worker here to build then I have to
actually spend my last two workers I
gotta go I have to exhaust them because
Vivian’s two pieces are there which is
fine and I’m going to build a shelter it
is time to build a shelter and it has to
be adjacent to my bot and I do have
everybody starts with their own shelter
tectile which allows them to increase
the size of their shelter complex so I’m
gonna do that and put it right here oh
you know waste of crystal I’ll just take
it out from now okay I get two crystals
because I built my my own shelter
complex right there and I believe that’s
it you did it executive you didn’t mean
that’s it
okay shuttle is coming back to planets
Mars do I go yeah let’s go we gotta go
cuz I’m coming with ya so I’m gonna go
ahead and I will go and take this tile
right here and put it so it’s it’s three
away from my Rover my Rover is
technically in this spot underground and
I’m gonna go one two three and I’ll put
it all the way out over here and then
the next thing I will do is get all my
workers back so these two guys come back
and because I built it a shelter I have
space to house this colonists and now I
choose where I want to go here you know
what I am going to
flip this over put this over here and I
will do I want to move the bottle
Monique is that a good idea that’s good
no what you think you know that last
blueprint I don’t know what to do with
that blueprint over there okay well you
have no workers so I will I will take
the blueprint let’s go ahead I’m gonna
take that I’m gonna take this blueprint
the last one that we have until we
refresh blueprints later on in the game
I will get a green house resource for
taking it and I put a building tile on
it or chipped on it and then now I need
to build those okay so it starts with me
and I’m gonna start my turn with bye
sorry taking these crystals moving them
into my Depot okay I am going to on my
turn I’m going to move my trip my rubber
I have to that’s my only option it’s the
only thing yeah so you cannot build a
rocket ship because you do not have a
plant and everything else costs a worker
and you have no workers right right so
I’m gonna move my but first I’m sitting
with my I bought over one space there
and then I remove my Rover and I can
move my Rover up to three spaces yes
so I’m gonna go one two three okay so
this is going to give me a research
thing so research style
yes research so and so what the research
tile allows me to do is it allows me to
do basically this up this tech upgrade
action spot but I don’t have to pay any
resources which is great for me and I
don’t have that many resources left so
I’m just gonna double upgrade my Rover
tectile and it’s going to put gifts at
this spot which gives me a mineral
much-needed mineral so I take the
mineral and now I’m going to do my
executive action which allows me to
upgrade the building so I’m spending
three crystals I really needed to which
building do I want to upgrade
that is the question so I think I’m
gonna upgrade my automated production
okay blueprint so this goes on the
battery yeah
and so what this is gonna allow me to do
is it’s gonna allow me to produce
resources as an executive action okay so
is my turn very good and I’m gonna go
ahead and build so I’m going to take
this top action here on Mars because
Monique is there it’s gonna cost me an
extra worker working hard hey he just
kind of left well you don’t know what
he’s doing behind the scenes
hardly worth okay sue I am gonna go
ahead and build and I’m actually gonna
build I’m gonna build this type two
oxygen condenser right where Monique’s
bought it so I’m gonna displace Monique
out of here so it’s gonna cost me a
plant resource yes and that’s gonna sit
right here
now all Hex’s are taken so we don’t
worry about the crystals this is gonna
displace Monique and now Monique must
move it’s up to her somewhere adjacent
so where would you like to go money
because I did that I get to oxygen by
the way where do I want to go so your
focal point is here you cannot go here
and here because I’m here you could
crush this for that very reason or you
can just go back to the mind from which
you came Wow hey I mean you moved in and
you built that those did you think all
right I am gonna go I’m gonna move on
top of my yeah shelter no there’s a
little bit more action that has to
happen so because I have the tech to do
this this is why this was even legal I
am adding to a complex so this
particular type of resource is going to
come on out and hang out over here this
is gonna move this up I score two points
because I’m the one that moved it up and
so now the score is four to six all this
in only 46 I know all that and so now we
look at the top here and now this one is
kind of interesting in this game so this
is you get points for every advanced
building or meeple that you have on a
mind type of building nobody’s not
nobody has any because there was
literally no blueprints to do it so
somebody had to bite the bullet and do
this I have the technology I did it so I
always I get a cube out there but I do
get this little benefit over here and
this is an interesting thing now this
becomes interesting so I can take a
worker back from anywhere or I can take
a mineral which is super valuable in
this game it’s a wild resource and
nobody has any way to produce it because
it’s landlocked here so I might take
that yeah let’s do it
I’m gonna take a mineral let’s do it
okay and I do have the capacity to house
three of them did I ever spend my
mineral for upgrading my building
yeah I was almost cheating there okay so
that is my turn my executive actions are
absolutely useless as of right now okay
yeah so that’s a shame I just anyway the
shuttle moves do you delete it I’m
you gotta go I gotta go so my advanced
buildings produce so I get a battery in
a crystalline school so crystal first
battery second for no reason
thank you and now I’m going to get my
call in this back so I’m thinking this
person up picking her back up and then
I’m bringing these two because they are
now fully rested and ready to start the
day sounds good in the space station and
so for my space here uh why don’t you
been doing over here you gotta go
you got to go sometimes you can come
back sometimes you know sometimes all
right I’m gonna take a tech tile hmm so
I think I’m going to purchase I’m gonna
purchase this one mmm the plant and it’s
gonna cost me a battery
another resource of choice nice so let’s
do this oxygen sure cute and then I’m
gonna place this out
it’s kind of same difference because of
what’s in the warehouse but one place
set up here like it so you get a
resource of your choice from the
warehouse the only resource that you can
see is the crystalline crystal did you
get this crystal before or after should
that be pushed up for you no no I
haven’t signed it my turn yet okay this
is all in the in the shuttle phase and
so because I took a tech tile this goes
down to two three oh and that’s where
you got the Chris I get another case oh
no I took a crystal from from my
building yes okay now it’s all making
alright are you going to move oh no
you’re staying no no no wow I must stay
alright this is gonna be a big waste of
a turn sometimes you gotta go to come
alright so to stop my turn I’m gonna
gain these crystals and I’m pretty much
not really gonna do much for them
my main action I guess is just gonna be
to take another tech tile okay which I
can taste a little up top or take one of
the free ones I’m gonna take this one
okay very good
so I take this tectile and I’m gonna
place it here on this spot and that gets
me a crystal does get your crystal yes
and because I took a tectile this goes
down perfect can I get another crystal
yeah and I think I should spend these
I’m gonna spend two of them I’m just
gonna do it okay
so here’s two crystals and I’m gonna
spend it to take an executive action oh
I could do this you could produce
produce yes I’m going to move my butt
okay I’m gonna move it one two okay and
that’s it very good okay okay my turn so
I’m gonna take my executive action at
first I’m gonna spend my two crystals to
move my bot so much what Monique did and
I’m gonna move it one two okay
which is what
okay well I’m gonna go I’m actually
juicing a little different I’ll go one
two I’ll put it right there I’ll lay it
down right on that chip or on the tile
and then I’m gonna take my main action
which is going to be building so I’m
going to build right over here yes I
will build right over there okay okay
and so this is gonna cost me one for
myself and one for Mo’Nique I’ll do it
so that goes out there and what I’m
gonna be building is a because Monique
has the tech here I’m going to be using
her tech to build this complex right
over here so that costs water which I
don’t have I’m going to use a mineral as
my wild resource to do so and Monique
because I’m using her technology gets
oxygen put it here and I have to decide
at the end of the turn what I’m gonna do
with it I can either keep it or I can
use it to upgrade the tech the tech that
I used okay yes and so now this one’s
gonna come out and I get to choose where
I want to place it I’m actually gonna
place it out here I’m gonna wing it out
just a little bit
I’ll put it there and there was no
crystals on the back side of it so now
we’re gonna do some of this stuff so
because I added to or created a complex
my cube is gonna come out over here and
then this is gonna now go up because
it’s the last one in need so I’m gonna
get two points so we go from six to
eight and then now we are gonna score
this tile here and the way this is red
is your most advanced technology you
look at how many points you get right
here it shows three points so I’m gonna
get three points for that technology
okay so eight is gonna go to 11 so the
score now is 11 to four we have just
satisfied the needs or two tiles per but
before that Nadine has to take this oh
yeah that’s totally right I will take
you know what since I spent a mineral
I’m gonna keep doing the thing that I
did last time I’m gonna take
since they are very difficult to come by
in this game so we are going to resolve
the LSS demand icon but before I forget
I just want to say – I’m going to end up
spending this to upgrade ok Rio Grande I
have – it’s a free upgrade for the tech
tile that he used yes I couldn’t upgrade
anything else doing that and if that
tectile was landlocked because there was
things blocking it you can’t do it ok so
now we have met the demand of the LSS
we’re going to I apologize I also get
two green resources for building that
right there okay go ahead money piercing
all right so now that we have met the
demand of the LSS this is gonna get
bumped up and we’re going to have
scoring so Naveen is the only person who
has cubes down here you’re gonna get
four points for that yes
so the point the point spread is
increasing here so it’s fifteen fourteen
right now it’s fifteen four four seven
four okay and so what happens is now
when the the rocket ship moves it’s
going to move to the shuttle a spot –
yes it’s gonna take longer now yes to go
back and forth and in addition we are
going to put out more of these twelve of
them yeah 12 more of these
blueprints so I’m just gonna do the
game’s gonna change quite a bit here so
in this warehouse also gets refilled
right now so I’m gonna go ahead and do
that while she’s doing that yes three
four five six and mmm we’re gonna have
to get a little bit creative here so I’m
gonna have to put six of them up here I
know it’s kind of difficult to see and
I’m just pulling from the top actually
we can slide this down yeah so now we
have all these blueprints at our
disposal and now the last six that she
just put out are the more advanced
blueprints they are worth more points
some of these are advanced as well so
when we say advanced
like this one it requires a level of
colony a complex of at least three
buildings buildings wide yeah this
warehouse got refilled that’s nice
typically in a higher higher player
accounts you would also refill the tech
tiles but in two players those never get
refilled yeah so that’s it is it
and no I mean you’re done with your turn
right yeah that was everything I believe
okay so the shuttle is going to move
across and it’s gonna go to the number
two spot yes and now I am going to
decide if I’m gonna stay or if I’m gonna
go do you send I’m probably probably
gonna go yeah I’m going sounds good so I
put one of these up so I’m gonna put
this out this tile allows me to take two
resources from the warehouse I have to
put it three spaces away from my Rover
so I just go one two three make sense
and then I am going to continue moving
it so I get to take my colonists back so
yeah this one new tip comes out there we
go there you go and now I get to choose
my spot
I need resources so I’m gonna take you
and make sense resource from the
warehouse what would you like and I
think I’m going to take I’m gonna take
an oxygen okay sounds good and then it’s
your turn
yes because I’m here I stay I just stand
up okay so to start my turn I am going
to take these crystals into my Depot
here and I think I’m going to build a
building build a building okay so it’s
going to cost me so I put that worker
and calling us there lay them down sure
and so I have to spend two either two
workers or two crystals or a combination
of both
to take this action I’m gonna spend two
crystals to do it okay what you doing to
take this action could have to spend the
one yep thank you for person so I spent
two crystals to do it and I am going to
build a plant increase this plant
complex even more nice so I’m going to
spend a water in order to do this and
this is legal because I my technology is
now up to level the two you’re adding
two to thanks to me yeah
place that they’re okay and then I we
put a crystal and you get three plants
now you have three plants for doing so
and this is actually the first time that
I have put out I have increased the size
of a complex for the greenhouses thank
so I’m going to put my cube out here and
it’s gonna bump this marker up mhm I’m
gonna score points for my most advanced
textile which is this a three points a
point for money and then I’m gonna take
a mineral that’s my benefit that’s
needed mineral and then I am going to
spend two crystals to executive to do my
executive action which is this one
reduce which lets me produce I actually
get a crystal battle but because of this
and I get a battery okay you have
capacity for all this stuff yes very
good okay so I have one worker left so
it’s time to do something important I
think I’m just gonna get this over with
now I’m gonna go get myself a scientist
I’m the one out here I am gonna get a
scientist I’m gonna get this guy cuz
this guy seems the most important to me
right now now it does cost two water to
hire the scientist I don’t have any
water but I do have two minerals so I’m
gonna go ahead and spend my two mineral
and I get this scientist which comes to
me and I get two crystals because that’s
part of the mission yeah doing that
that’s gonna go into this section here
and I believe that is it I can’t do
executive actions quite yet alright so
you lay down the shuttle moves once
these forward if we wanted to we could
spend our private shuttle to go to the
side do you want to do that uh no well I
actually I should have made the decision
first and I’m not gonna do that and you
don’t do it either no forgiveness Becca
okay so we begin in you and just so you
know things are getting very intense in
this area of the world over here I’m
freaking nervous
how do you agree yeah
Oh spend any of my brainpower answering
that question okay so we both have
decided not to move it’s my turn again
it’s your turn I’m coming to I’m gonna
get this crystal back into my depo I can
spend it and so for my main action I am
going to I’m gonna build a building okay
so I kick out in the beam because this
is all full so you kick out the person
with the most players there so you take
them but they don’t actually go back to
his living spaces I know they’ve been
exhausted they’ve been work so now I
place my colonists here and I stuff to
spend one colonist for the one that I
already had or a crystal or a crystal
but I’m gonna spend a colonist and I’m
going to build a battery using your tech
tile a battery using my tech tile you
have the battery uh-huh textile so I’m
gonna build a I think it’s a power power
something so you get a an oxygen because
I’m using a tech demo and I have to
spend a mineral to build this okay so
it’s been mineral I’m gonna place this
it has to be adjacent to my butt and I’m
going to be expanding this complex so
I’m gonna put it right there okay and
none of the crystals go out because
there is something these are not empty
hexes basically so that part is dunzo I
get to take three batteries but I really
only get to take one one capacity two
batteries here but hey you get to put a
cube out can you add a complex yes is
the first time I added to a complex in
the battery zones that’s nice and then
this goes up and I get points for one
point per colonists in my living get two
points basis I get two points and I’m
gonna take a mineral for that you might
as well get it back bonus and for my
executive action I’m going to use my
casino is so nice that was a nice
opening turn to crystals yeah for you I
mean it was nice but I also didn’t
really do much on the board so that
makes up for it was a universal egg
executive actions
which is nice okay so the score right
now is 15 to 9 since you guys can’t see
and I have no workers so I can not even
build a rocket ship because I have no
water and this is too valuable to spend
for water so I think I am gonna have to
move the rover well these guys come to
me right here alright and the rover boy
I’m gonna move the rover so my Rover is
technically underground here so it’s
coming out it’s like it’s gonna go one
two it’s gonna run over this crystal
here and come to me and it goes into
this bottom section here I get to move
my bot as well two spaces and this is
that this is a tough one now I’m going
to just not move the bot actually okay I
will not move the bot and then the
executive action will not be performed
as well so that shuttle goes I’m staying
are you leaving I gotta go you going we
gotta go so produce the deuce I produce
nothing because I’m not good at building
out colonists this person comes back and
all these people come back so we can
start anew and then choose your spot
yeah so I’m going to take oh but before
you do did you take the do hire a
scientist a long time ago I did oh my
gosh long time ago you guys are probably
been screaming it hasn’t affected
anything in the gameplay no but it could
have led us in a direction yeah so shame
on me yeah that’s right I did that what
did they do that like twice I did that
twice where is that one that I know I’m
gonna want to do aha it’s gonna be this
one so that’s that so this one is have
your own advanced building on a complex
of lush green of 4 or greater you’re
saying I should take it yeah you should
thinking about it maybe okay I’m gonna
take I’ll take the resource but I will
take the tech spot actually ah the
textbook you all switcheroo okay so I
take a tech so I can take any one of
these three this is free I only have one
spot for one more left you know I’m
gonna take the water one okay take this
water one right here and I will place it
in the only spot which is right here so
I’m gonna cover this up and get a
crystal to go here and then because I
tech tech it’s one of the missions
that’s gonna go there another crystal is
gonna go here I don’t have the space for
it but I’ll just keep it here and knock
it off when it’s time to do thing which
is now so I say goodbye to that crystal
my crystals come back into me and now
let’s go ahead and what’s up with this
oh yes so when Monique utilized my
benefit when she built this right here I
have the option of keeping the resource
or advancing for free I will advance for
free and it’s gonna be this technology
so this one’s gonna move up right over
there now this allows me to move my pot
but honestly I was never gonna move my
body anyway so we’ll just leave it like
that as if it never happened
okay so I’m gonna go ahead and take this
action over here which is getting
resources okay so the base one is I’m
gonna take water and then I will improve
upon that so I’ll take another my take a
battery okay I’m gonna spend a lot of
people here I’m gonna take another water
um let’s just load up so how many was
that not three that’s three things so
water want to waters I took in a battery
okay you know I’m gonna take oxygen
let’s do it let’s do it I might as well
just take stuff oh I can take a gym
crystal I don’t take a crystal actually
yes that’s it for me yeah that was that
was it dad that’s it yes I’m done and my
executive action I will take an
executive action
here I’m gonna take this one right here
which is I get to do an upgrade of a
building it cost three crystals okay and
now the only two that I can do are
around this spot here and I’m gonna go
ahead and build I will build this one
right over here and I’ll place it over
here so the monkey is off my back
one of these is built it does cost me a
mineral to do so yes and that is there
and now my scientist can go visit this
place very good yeah that’s it so that
is my turn I’m gonna go and lay down
take a nap and okay so that’s me
yep first thing I’m gonna do is get my
crystals good and then I am actually
going to build a ship okay so it cost me
a plant and I am gonna spend this
mineral if they don’t have a water so
I know it’s valuable but I need so I’m
building this ship and it’s gonna get me
one I’m actually gonna to up for a but
and a colonist but it because I have
this so you get to : about it’s gonna
get me an additional colonists dependent
so if this textile were up here it would
get me two additional colonists etc cuz
it’s here when it is no colonists to
colonists one buck so it’s two colonists
and one but and the but is supposed to
go on an available empty shelter and so
this is the only one there and for my
executive action I’m going to spend
these three crystals the blueprints to
taste a blueprint yes ma’am and I’m
gonna take this one eco-resort
so the eco-resort is going to allow me
to the executive action it is it allows
me to pull a colonist off the board so
and this is an advanced one so it’s
gonna score 5 points instead of 3 and so
I’m gonna place that there that’s gonna
getting difficult to see put my advanced
building on it and I get a plant uh-huh
fancy you want a plant
you get a plant thank you and I believe
that’s it
I believe that is my turn
nice so the shuttle is gonna go to the
one spot and are you gonna spend I’d
spend a rocket ship Oh this rocket ships
going bye-bye it’s gonna cost me three
points but it’s got to go it goes out of
the game
bye-bye bye-bye I don’t have its benefit
anymore but I do still have the
executive action that it was so that
means I get to leave orbit early mm-hmm
and then I get to position myself where
I’d like and I’m gonna go ahead and
position myself right here right you
have to do the whole to do I will
eventually do that so I’m gonna go ahead
and have to do one of these two things
here so I’m gonna I will take this one
over here and my Rover is there so we’ll
go one two three just tuck it over there
we’ll get a new tile out just gonna be
that one and then I am gonna get all my
guys back so this guy’s gonna come back
and then so all those guys and then I’m
gonna select to go here I want to go in
front of Monique
all right and I am staying so okay so my
action is I want to get a contract here
so I want to go there did it force your
totally force man but let’s do it so I’m
doing that I’m gonna take this contract
the one that I put out there and this is
the one where if you have an advanced
building on a on a complex of four
grader you’ll get 12 points if I’m
unsuccessful I get minus six so this is
a priority at this point in the game and
I do have an executive action however
which is this one over here Oh which I
could use the scientist and just build
it and be done with it
question is do I want to do that it will
cost me water I believe and then I will
not get the resources but it will be
nice just to be over it and done with it
so I’m gonna do it it cost me a crystal
by the way to do all this so I have to
pay the crystal that’s so I don’t cheat
I will be I will be doing this executive
action okay so I’m gonna place that
right over there I’m gonna build this
one and I’m gonna put it right over here
it’s gonna crush this crystal that was
here we now have a complex of four so
this contract is satisfied because I
have an advanced building in a complex
of before that was great
she forced my hand but it yeah it had to
be done are you gonna be you have to
read about that I do yeah so I’m shaking
okay so let’s see and there is no
executive action that is my exact
erection so as I’m les this affects you
let me know you can just go okay so I’m
gonna put this contract out this earth
contract Wow
it is have and put four minerals on that
so I think that’s just a lot of minerals
that’s probably gonna be a dead space
based off of what’s going on here the
way the mineral the mine got circled all
right done
yeah okay so that was big I am going to
go to this spot as well nice it’s in
cost you so it’s gonna cost me a worker
I know they might work it out and then I
am going to actually hire another
scientist nice I’m gonna hire the Hydra
hydrologist so this cost me two
batteries so here’s my two batteries and
it’s going to give you points at the end
of the game for advanced buildings on
plants I want to go to so good okay and
then because I took a scientist this is
actually gonna go down and we have
completed one mission
so this mission cube is your dad we’re
running out of time to complete things
that we need to do yeah fYI right here
so that’s over I get to crystals for
doing that though she does and then for
my executive action I’m just gonna do
this one and get another two choices yes
you can take more executive actions very
good and that that was amazing
and my talking a good way to I just
cancel me right there okay so the
shuttle moves return back alright
you going to spend oh no you can’t I am
staying yeah it actually goes to oh it
does go to – you’re right
me first huh back to you I’m gonna build
it’s gonna be very expensive but I’m
gonna do this one guy goes there two
guys are gonna have to come over here
okay because there’s two of Monique over
there and so I’m gonna build a water
facility we need some water on this
planet survive so I figured I should do
it so I have the tech to create a water
complex which will get me that last cube
here which is kind of important for me
so oh wait before we continue we keep
forgetting this it’s just like for some
reason like out of sight out of mind I
need to fill the void can you please
pass me this it’s something good for me
if you don’t mind what a place this one
out there oh nice a good one that’s not
good that’s not good okay so this is the
same as those configuration ones but for
the batteries yeah that makes sense okay
so yeah same same thing I’m gonna do
here it’s gonna cost me a battery to
build a water facility so this one is
gonna come on over here and because I
have the tech tile to do so I’m gonna
crush this mineral
goodbye mineral okay and I just know
there’s nothing okay
so get to water yes I get to waters
which I can only hold one it’s not bad I
guess and then this whole thing is gonna
happen so I get to put my cube out into
this little spot here that’s nice right
it’s gonna score points so that’s gonna
move up no points for that
I have nope I have none of those
Discovery tiles so they get nothing but
I get to do that and I will take this
whole precious mineral nice into my
possession here no yeah and no executive
oh well oh I will not be building
another planet sure oh yeah I’m gonna
confirm it that I’m not gonna so this
one is on this yes I’m trying to like
space saving technology here
okay Emily you down thank you
so to start my turn I’m gonna claim
these crystals and I am going to I’m
actually going to spend take my
executive action first I’m going to
spend three of my crystals to take a
blueprint so there’s that and I’m going
to longer take my gosh I’m gonna take
the the metal deposit the metal deposit
so this is a mine blueprint it’s going
to the executive action is to build a
mine out onto the board but I take it
and I’m gonna put my advanced building
on it and I get a mineral yeah that’s
great doing so I think you might be a
little off board so go ahead just scoot
it up and I’ll just put it here for you
and I think that might be it because no
no that was my executive action I didn’t
take the main action I am going to pass
this oh I’m going to upgrade I’m gonna
build my advanced building that’s why
you got it I got it you got it first so
I’m going to actually upgrade that
building so I’m spending a mineral to
put the advanced building out onto the
only mine on the board you totally saw
something I was we’re to my button it’s
legal so now I have access to this
that’s good you much needed minerals
yeah so I need to clean up here that’s a
good problem that’s the problem when you
have all those cards they’re just gonna
do something like this here and oh I’ve
heard about these gold tiles yeah yeah
I’m looking at mine and maybe one day
I’ll get these okay so that ends my turn
okay so now we go into the last one of
the Mars colonization phases so it’s my
turn again and I’ll just stand as both
that oh are you going I don’t have a
rock yeah I do
dude I’m staying no okay so here we go
so I will okay I’m gonna move my rover
and I bought so let’s move the rover
first I’m gonna good I’m gonna use your
technology today so I’m gonna go one two
three four and end up right over here
so I take this crystal and then in
addition to that I will move my bot I’m
gonna go one two three right over here
and it’s just gonna hang out and I have
to suspend a crystal in order to go that
extra distance so I get to do this right
here so I get to finish this off so I
take this and just like Monique did
earlier in the game I get to advance any
two tech tiles forward for free or I can
advance the same one twice so I will go
ahead and advance this one up one and
then the next thing I will do is advance
this one there one and that’s it I will
not be using an executive action so it
is your turn my turn yeah sorry guys I
was totally goofing here it when I went
from here I went one two three this is
what I meant to do I apologize you use
my Rover so because they being used my
Rover I was supposed to get a oxygen
which I’m going to whose turned in
perfect time move over here give me some
yeah wish I didn’t have to use it but
I’m glad to use it okay so now it’s back
to me yeah it’s getting really intense
here I’m going to spend this action I
don’t know it’s the right thing to do
but I feel like the beans uh pushing my
hand here am i I think so I’m gonna
build so I get these two to go back into
my working area and I’m going to build I
have to discard a crystal because I’m
there because in the beans there with
one worker one colonists and I’m
actually going to spend a plant to build
that oxygen technology okay so Naveen
I’m using the beans technology to do
this yeah I’m gonna just move into this
slot right here and take this this
benefit instead of keeping the resource
just excellent sure I’m gonna put it
and it gets slipped around and I
actually get one oxygen to do oxygen to
yeah the complex yes and this is the
first time that I’m increasing the size
of complex so I’m going to put this cube
out here which moves this up I scored
two points per advanced building or
calling us out of minds I get two points
for that so the score is 1511 now I have
15 she has 11 I’m gonna get the bonus
and I think I’m actually gonna pull a
colonist off the board so that’s what
that fourth option is that we haven’t
been doing so that’s that and so this is
going to prevent it check the status of
this but I think I have to finish my
turn first
so I’m going to actually spend I’m going
to spend these two as crystals my two of
my private gold cards I’m spending as
crystals okay to produce okay to produce
so you get crystal mineral and battery
yes thank you
yep that’s it that’s the end of my turn
and now the LSS is going to update we
have now reached level three in the Mars
so this moves over we are getting close
to the oh no way
I believe all level one cards blueprints
are discarded they’re out of the game
now okay so I’m ditching all of the
level 1 blueprints it’s looking like
these two that’s it everything else is
and everything else stays because these
are all the level threes and we’re gonna
put out the last six so these are now
all of the blueprints available we are
nearing the end of the game if that gets
pushed one more time then that’ll be the
end of the game so it’s like really
imperative that we do what we need to do
now okay so let’s go ahead and refill so
we got a crystal here and while Naveen
is refilling this is the last time
before the end of the game that we are
going to score for down here
so intervene has four cubes I have three
so that means I get four points and you
can get 722 and I go to 15 so right now
the scores is 15 Monique 22 naveen okay
nice all right so the choice is mine do
I want to head on down or don’t head on
down I’m gonna stay you’re staying I’m
excuse me well now the shuttle is
actually moving to the three so it’s
gonna be there even longer okay I’m
moving grooving I am I am moving goodbye
bye so Purdue produce battery give the
housing yeah battery mineral now and
last time you did that whole thing the
whole shebang and then I get my cornice
people go back okay okay and then I’m
actually going to go to this one another
human yep I was spending a worker to get
another colonist and now it’s my turn so
you’re gonna end it I’m going to take
these do crystals into my area I’m gonna
do my main action first okay which is
gonna be the upgrade these doctor tech
tiles thanks so I’m definitely spending
an oxygen to move this here okay and yes
just gives me a mineral and then I’m
going to spend a battery to move that
one there sure so that doesn’t get me
anything and then I’m gonna spend
another worker to do to boost this
action to be able to to upgrade to tuck
tiles again and so no matter what oxygen
has to get spent I’m going to spend the
oxygen along with a battery to upgrade
this Rover to this spot here so this
spot allows me to
do an upgrade and I can spend workers to
boost that upgrade
okay so just upgrading or sorry just
moving this textile here allows me one
upgrade and so I’m gonna use it to
upgrade my shelter place and so it has
to be here yeah I’m just wondering where
I’m gonna put this plot I guess I’ll
just move it off to that spot and I have
to spend a mineral to do that and then
I’m going to spend an oxygen and a
crystal this time to move it to its
final spot oh it’s rust Oh actually
before I do that I boosted I’m going to
boost it I mean cuz I’m allowed to boost
it to do another upgrade oh I see yeah
do the second upgrade and so I’m
upgrading this I’m gonna put it here and
spending a mineral for it and then I
just paid the oxygen and crystal to you
to move this to this spot right here I
trust at all so that was the main action
and I could take an executive action but
there’s more all right that’s it I’m not
gonna take an executive action so back
to you we’re resting I see okay so I am
going to go ahead and I think I will
upgrade I’m going to do my executive
action first which is this one right
here mm-hmm
and what I’m gonna do with that is I get
this crystal here and now I’m gonna
spend I’m gonna spend these two cards to
represent crystals plus the one crystal
I have and that gives me this ability to
upgrade I’m gonna go ahead and upgrade
this here and I’ll just put it right
over here and I’m gonna move my bot off
so let’s go ahead and put that bot well
I feel all upgrade here so that way I
have some flexibility and obviously that
bought there that means that is off my
back okay and then that call me this and
because I did do that I successfully
completed this private goal which is
have an advanced building on to advanced
buildings on three I know I said I have
an advanced building on a complex of
in two different areas one two so I have
the ability to either do it again which
I’m not legally placed or I can do a
double upgrade on my tech I’m gonna go
ahead and do a double upgrade on my tech
I believe and I will go ahead it’s for
free you don’t have to spend the
resources don’t spend the resources to
do it so I will go good choice I will go
one two one two just like that
okay and that’s done it’s all finished
moved up that’s my turn
nice all right so the shuttle moves down
one and I’m actually going to spend one
of my private shuttles to move off see
you it’s time to go so we’re gonna go
here and I have to put one of these out
I’m gonna put this one out three spaces
away from my Rover and go one two three
I’ll just do that
and then I get my people back so I’m
gonna take these – oh no I lose a person
inefficient in efficiencies I believe
that happened and then I’m going to
actually take a blueprint blueprint I’m
gonna take this one this is the command
it’s another shelter blueprints involve
a bounce building there and I get a
crystal because that yeah thank you just
the one and that’s it so it is your turn
again so now this happened here
right there right I think so yeah okay
so what I’m gonna do for my action is I
am actually gonna build I’m gonna build
right here cost me my last one girl and
I’m gonna build a shelter with this
oxygen that I have here and so it’s
shelter source is gonna come over here
so I’m creating a new shelter that’s a
space away two spaces away from this one
right here that gives me a crystal and
opens up more space for me that’s it all
okay so for my turn I’m gonna take this
in and then I’m going to oh we’re
supposed to refill this a long time
I don’t know if it affected you I’m
going on my turn I’m going to take this
action which allows me to move my my
Rover and my butt so I’m going to move
my bot first I’m gonna move just this
one here and then I’m going to now move
my Rover to go Monique because my
tectile is all the way up here I can
move my Rover actually eight spaces
because it’s six plus two yep so I’m
gonna move it one two three four five
six seven eight all right and this is
going to allow me to this is a a
discovery tile that allows me to build a
a battery building so I’m going to do so
I have to spend this mineral to do it
and I’m going to use naveen’s
tactile his battery tactile to do it so
you get a good knock you can oxygen no
is it if I don’t remember this is it the
oxygen represents the entire move
forward or only part of the move you
know yeah okay so I’m going to build
this mmm you’re so pretty here Wow yep
putting it there and I get four battery
which I can only hold two more and I’ve
already increased the complex of this
once before so I don’t get to put a cue
belt but this does move on and I get
this benefit it’s 1.4 colonists in my
living space that’s six points
so that’s 221 oh boy and then I get this
benefit which I’m gonna take a mineral
sure yeah so the score right now is 22
to 21 and that was my main action and
now for my not my executive action I am
going to do this for free so this
blueprint I love it I’m able to do this
for free because I have a scientist that
allows me to do it so I’m moving it to
the gym and this allows me to build a
shelter so I am going to so I guess I
have to spend this mineral to do it
and I am going to build this shelter
here so this is going to increase the
size of my complex which I can do
because my my shelter tuck tiles at the
plus two you get three crystals and I
get three crystals I’m actually gonna
bump this here I got three crystals for
doing so and now because I have three
shelters I complete my private gold card
notes and so that requires me to have
three shelters and I can either take two
people or I can upgrade a tectile twice
so I think I am going to upgrade a
textile twice I’m gonna move this over
one two which allows me to take
blueprints so putting that tectile there
this gets discarded and I can take
blueprints and I can discard it’s a
bootable action I can discard colonists
to take more blueprints so I still have
this one that I’m working on I have to
be kind of careful about what I take I’m
gonna take this blueprint this is the
trade market and it is a green plant
blueprint and I get a plan for doing it
we’re taking it I’m not gonna boost the
action I’m just taking one because I
think the game is ending very shortly so
that’s it that’s it done yeah all that
just yep okay well we advances are gonna
be moving your with your shuttle are you
no no we’re staying okay okay so I get
my crystal oh and when Monique did that
whole thing with this I am gonna spend
it actually to boost this up because
when she built that on turn like one of
all those eight things that she did so
that booster said that allows me to
actually get a blueprint so do I get a
blueprint okay so I will take a
blueprint I’m gonna take this one right
over here and that’s gonna get me more
oxygen so I’ll put this on right here
oxygen for doing that
and so now it’s my official turn
starting now so I am going to oh yeah
because you took the blueprint for for
when you use my yeah my thing yeah
who is your heart racing yeah okay so
I’m gonna go ahead and since I’ve no
workers I’m gonna move the rover I’m
gonna move the rover and I’m gonna go
one two three four five six I’m gonna
end up here I’m gonna take this crystal
and I’m using Monique’s benefits so I
think I still give her the oxygen but
she cannot advance any further so your
plot just gonna take it as is yeah and
then I get to move my bot as well so do
I want to with the bot yeah let’s move
the bot I’ll move this bot right on over
here just one notch away and I won’t use
a crystal to do so and I am gonna go
ahead and do this movement stuff so I’m
gonna move this chip in that’s gonna
allow me to do an upgrade and then I
will just move this one out of it so
that gives me one upgrade I cannot boost
it even though I’m allowed to because I
have no workers so what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna upgrade that newly acquired
building that I just got which was I’m
sharing the blueprint that I just got
and that’s gonna go out here right next
to my bot ladies all down and then
because it’s a complex level of three I
was successful in doing this so this is
gonna go out now and five points I’ll
take it what is the when you move your
bot you can run over all these different
alright that’s everything that’s
everything okay I’m gonna lay myself
down alright so my turn I’m going to
take all these crystals and for my main
action I think I’m just gonna go ahead
and do it I’m going to take that earth
contract so I’m spending a worker
because Nubians there or actually don’t
would spend a worker are so many
crystals you do have to spend a crystal
to buy it so let’s just get that taken
it’s been a worker okay and yes I’m
going to spend a crystal to purchase the
earth contract and it’s this one because
this one is already fulfilled it is a
battery complex of four within my
advanced building on it so this goes to
me this is a total mess but it’ll make
sense at the end of the game messes yes
we’ve discussed yeah so that’s my main
action and are you gonna reset this
thing yes put a new country oh yeah good
thank you let’s do this one let’s do one
that’s definitely not happening yeah
water okay water was not happening this
game so that was my main action for my
executive action I I’m just gonna
produce okay what do you get you get a
lot of stuff to crystals yeah a Merrill
to crystals I know you get a battery at
least I’m mineral a Qadri in a plant I
can’t take the battery oh yeah I can you
have a max capacity of before I have
three shelters okay oh it’s the number
of shelters not the tech yeah okay
alright that’s it
okay you are actually back to the
shuttle shuttle come here and maybe even
stands up I’m staying
my turn so I got some diamonds crystals
here and let’s go ahead and we are going
to we’re gonna Rover move here so I’m
gonna go I’m going to do this action
here so we’re gonna go one two
well I’m here I should go one two yes
one two okay and then now I’m gonna move
for this Rover it’s gonna go one two eat
up this crystal three four five six
seven oh my gosh go here this is not
good no so that’s gonna go there and
then I get this crystal to come to me we
need to end the game and so now I’m
gonna go ahead and advance this
oh so I can put my last little house out
here and then I can still take an
executive action which will be yes I’m
gonna take the executive action where
where the scientist is and I’m gonna
build Oh to spend a crystal by the way
because I was I was here not here
that was supposed to be a crystal for
that extra movement of this bot okay I
apologize so then I am going to spend
the executive action of building another
plant because I’m gonna use your
technology to do so and so we’re gonna
build it with it costs water to build it
water goes out this is gonna come on
over and then I’ll put it right over
here to add to the complex so I’m
already here this is gonna go up I’m
gonna score the highest tech I have the
highest tech is 9.31 so now 31 to 21 man
I had to do it and it was just taking so
that is my turn right there okay so oh
and I know I get to movement points by
the way so that was one this is two
right there when I take one of these
shits okay yeah oh and I use your tech 4
to move that Rover super fast so there
you go oh thank you
okay oh this game is end I am scared
that Naveen is just gonna amass as
Canada Naveen is gonna continue to rack
up points here so sorry this should be
at 3 it should not be at one oh yeah
yeah yeah okay I’m gonna take these
crystals so this one gets wasted I’m
going – I’m taking my executive action
so I’m spending two crystals to produce
I know that sounds like a super waste so
you get it good – crystal back oh yeah
you’re two kisses back but I really just
need and I’m producing right taking this
action to do that I really just need
this mineral so I’m not read that
capacity and you get a green I think
yeah I’m going to take my main action
which is moving my
I bought and my Rover so I am going to
move my bot first two spaces I’m gonna
go one two and then I want to move my
Rover was over one sorry sorry exist and
this allows me to upgrade to buildings
place so I’m going to just do my last
two upgrades upgrade this here it’s just
too good by spending a mineral and then
upgrade this on this plant here by
spending my second mineral that is the
end of my turn boy so well here we go we
go down this on the shuttle
are you leaving I’m sky I’m not leaving
because I don’t have a rocket ship to
leave definitely staying so it’s my turn
let’s go ahead and build a rocket ship
so I can try oh this is gonna come up
here like that so I’m gonna build a
rocket ship that’s gonna cost me 101
it’s gonna go out and then I’ll just
take let’s take this that looks nice and
then for my executive action I could
spend these two to take that last tech
to definitely trigger the end game and I
think it’s time to do this do it yeah it
has to be done I’ll give you a point so
okay I’m gonna spend two on this tack
right here that’s gonna get me this tech
which it doesn’t cost me anything and I
will put it crystals are kind of nice
yeah as well just get well no I know I’m
gonna put it over here and I’m gonna
take this water and then with my rocket
ship I’m taking two people which are
gonna be useful in taking actions next
time alright so Naveen is so you took
the last time I did so I took the last
leg this is gonna go down I get another
crystal because I did that and then so
now this our mission marker goes down
here at the end of this colonization
phase it’s gonna trigger the end game
and then we’re gonna have one last turn
trip so this is I have two more turns
and the beam has one last right so the
penultimate turned into that if an
ultimate no turn ah ah so much work you
got a lot of cards game today I’m
feeling pretty good about you oh you
feel good I’m you oh yeah that’s really
nice I mean
I saw you laying down here I know how do
I get a ton of points like ASAP so I am
going to move I’m gonna move my rover
yeah oh sorry when I when I did this I
was supposed to get an LS s bonus did
you do that just now I did remember when
I built this plant for here I totally
did I am gonna take this guy out of
there that was a that was a reason why
did that nice and this guy comes back to
me to be used yeah that could’ve been
bad what you’re doing there in the beam
what could you be getting okay so for my
main action I’m going to move the rover
and my butt
well no I’m gonna leave the bots I am
gonna move my rover so I’m gonna go one
two three four five six seven taking
this tile and this allows me to build a
the oxygen so I have to spend a plant to
do so which is fine you good and so this
is gonna go here I’m spending and I’m
using your text how many of these have
you taken in the game
oh is this is this why this game has
dragged no was my fourth one okay so we
started hi how many have you taken zero
so you should have had we should be like
totally like right here okay that’s my
luck that just means I didn’t think
those four it reminds me we have a ton
of crystals all throughout the game so I
think you would you might say I get
these two crystals sure okay so I took
that and I build as long as it didn’t
like mess with the timing of the game it
only helped me technically okay so I
built I get to build the oxygen with
this building here you think technology
is your technology oxygen that crystals
go here bumps my butt off so crystals
good yeah I got you and then I get two
oxygen we’re gonna can only hold two
more mm-hmm so two oxygen please –
awesome and then I thank you I move up
the LSS marker and I’m gonna get two
points because I have one advanced
building on a mine
it’s not as sweet as naveen’s but and
then I get my Alice s bonus which will
also be take my person back and my bot
was here so I didn’t mean to move it
there I meant to live it here for my
executive action I’m gonna move my Rover
and I’m gonna go one two three so this
is gonna allow me wait I already have a
because you can only have one of each
letter I have a B and D after yeah I get
to take this and it allows me to upgrade
a tactile twice or two textiles once for
free so now I will upgrade this it gives
me a mineral mineral thank you and I’m
just created again yeah maybe now you
can build it there you go and that is
the this is okay so now it’s the shuttle
thing is but the endgame has been
triggered this is our last turn and the
shuttle phase will not happen at the end
of this turn and that’ll be the end of
the game oh my gosh all right so what
are you gonna do okay I’m gonna go here
I’m gonna take this action right here
and I am gonna get that scientists just
gonna look cooler to have some time just
in my possession nice this cost to
people to buy them so they go there I
get a scientist over here and then for
the fun of it I’m gonna go ahead and use
it on Monique’s executive acting here
because I don’t have an executive action
and we’re gonna build a mine yeah no I
never mind for you yes whatever it’s
okay it’s three points to do this for
three points to build another rocket
ship I’ll just take the three points
okay looking cool there was some
scientists and then you’re gonna replace
that yeah let’s just put I’m gonna do so
it’s my turn
ir guys are laying down but it’s been a
game our brains our game spaghetti there
we go
okay so I’m gonna take my turn and I for
my executive action I’m going to build
that shelter yeah but I wanted to build
last time using this blue
print so it’s free because they’re my
scientists there I have to spend an
oxygen to do it and then I’m going to
put this out right here so destroys a
crystal I get therefore crystals it
doesn’t matter the crystals are I have
so many crystals here and then I’m going
to take my main action which is I’m just
gonna spend a person I guess to take
thank you to take this earth card which
is for the shelter of four and within
advanced building on it and that’s it
that is my turn that is the end of the
game it’s open it’s over oh my gosh
Monique so much goodness so many cards
over there that you know yeah yes cards
that’s that’s good let’s see what
happens now
are you ready put it in an eight-point
lead going into all those cards are you
ready no let’s do it
are you ready to score we’re doing it we
just spent hours and hours playing this
game we’re gonna score yes I apologize
if we made mistakes
so first scoring parameter is these
cubes we all we both know I have three
or three cubes up there you get four
points eight four points one two three
four naveen get seven points so one two
three four five six seven so right now
it’s twenty seven to thirty eight now
next one is we get points for our ships
that are still in our hangar three for
me at three points each and we both have
one ship each such as three points one
two three one two three this is really
yeah spread is still the same now we get
points for actually all of our all of
our workers that are on the same side of
the board that we are on come back to us
and all the workers that were exhausted
get re-energized just to participate in
this and then you get points equal to
your highest filled baking shelter not
fill just you have to have at least one
person in there yes your house occupied
by shelter so I have 10 points cuz I’m
up to this and I have six Sena bean goes
to 51 and I go to 36
Davina’s that’s quite a lead right now
and then we get points for our tech
tiles and so all you wanna go first
sure so I have 3 plus 10 this is 13 plus
9 that’s uh yeah 22 plus 51 73 3 and I
have these 4 so this one’s 2 points
this one’s four points that’s 6 this is
5 6 11 plus 9 when is 20 so my 36 goes
to 56 where is it there right yeah now
we’re going to score points for all of
the blueprints that we have successfully
built I did build all of them but not as
many as you did here as well so do you
want to go first would you want me go
first I got 14 points on that so we’re
gonna go 787 okay I’m going to collect
my blueprints so I have three and you
know that they’re different values yep
yep okay 3 6 9 12 and then 5 and 15 so
12 plus 15 27 27 plus 56 83 okay so 83
oh it’s 83 to 87 right it’s getting
close next one the penultimate is going
condition yeah are the scientists so do
you have a scientist I do have two
scientists I have the geologist who
wants batteries to be successful and yes
the geologist scores 3 points for every
advanced building on the batteries so we
have 1 3 and then I have the green guy
who wants wind to be successful or
oxygen to be successful so I get another
six points so there are two advanced
buildings on this decision so you get
six points
yep I have three scientists yeah so my
this one my system engineer wants scores
three points for each advanced building
on a mine so it’s only one so three
points for that okay my hydrologist
scores three points for each advanced
on the plat spaces well 1/2 3/4 of 12
points and again these are this is
irrespective now you’ve taken the lead
98 to 96 and this is irrespective of
ownership and then my last scientist is
the geochemist and it scores three
points per advanced building on shelters
so three of them do you have so three
three events buildings realtor so nine
points so right now it’s 107 to 96
Monique has taken the lead okay and then
the last scoring condition are contracts
yeah I fulfilled only one for 12 points
and I think you got two for 24 I have
two yes two contracts so you’re one okay
so you get an extra 24 so that’s gonna
go and that is all the points so the
final score is Monique 131 to me 108
that was a really intense game oh boy
that was intense but that’s it yeah
that’s it we have colonized Mars will
you join us and living on are there are
no mines we can completely shut out you
know shut up yeah the base resource that
the planet actually has we only had one
building of it well GG thank you good
okay we just finished our two-player
playthrough of on Mars and it was a
doozy I we apologize if this video is
like super long I hope the timestamps
health but it is a long game there’s a
lot of thinking going on this one this
is the biggest blizzard uh yet yeah I
would say so
yeah I don’t I mean if you if you felt
like the sodas were already like so
brain-scrambling this one yeah there’s a
lot of synergy that that has to be
taking place and then there’s a lot of
things doesn’t take account for yeah I
mean the thing that’s cool is it’s not
it’s not harder to learn
then his other ones yes it’s like action
selection all the actions are just later
laid on the board and it’s very uh you
know systematic and you go to haves it’s
it’s simple in that regard but in
figuring out how to do well wow this is
like maximum interweaving constant
changing of the game state you have to
like leave yourself open to be able to
adapt to what other players do and give
yourself as many options as possible as
many menu items in your arsenal to be
able to take these different actions in
order for you to do well like this is
the ultimate synergistic lizard uh yeah
totally and the theme with it is also
amazing yeah let’s start with that what
how so and I mean I mean I like space
seems I did to you so we’re the kind of
people who will watch like documentaries
at night about the universe yes yeah so
I like space team stuff I think it’s
amazing you know the life cycle of
so the matically what you’re doing is
you’ve arrived on the planet and now
there’s minerals here so you’re gonna
use those minerals to make the batteries
that are gonna generate the water to
then get the the plants going for the
oxygen and then when you have more
oxygen more people could come and then
it keeps going and going yeah and so I
think that’s really really cool so
that’s like the theme tied with the
mechanics again
he did it again where he just puts it
all together and I think it’s a
fantastic package of a game I mean the
first time I heard that the theme was
about Mars and colonizing Mars I thought
that’s cool like I really you know you
hear you hear about terraforming Mars
that you came out first and that idea
that concept that that game was just
like mind blowing there’s a Mars games a
core Vitelli sorta you know the kind of
games that he makes you know the kind of
mechanics that he’s going to utilize in
his games so the idea of like oh you’re
moving back and forth between you know
the orbit and the colony you have to
time that well with the shuttle like
what’s gonna happen here yeah I remember
I first heard that I was like he’s doing
a game where there’s two halves of the
board and the shuttles on one side of
I was like man that’s gonna be crazy
yeah with Rovers you heard about the
Rovers moving around so we honestly I
well I honestly didn’t know what to
expect in terms of how it was going to
feel to play this game but wow knocked
me out of the park yeah I think to be
honest or to be fair the first time I
played this game I was like wow I don’t
you know like coming after lisboa this
boy has such a high benchmark that you
just have to you know in order for you
to follow up something like that the
game like that masterpiece is tough so
when I played this I was like I don’t
know I don’t know if I like him more
than this boy I don’t know if it is even
if it’s better than his other designs
it’s really difficult to figure out but
the moment that we played it again and
read through the rules this time because
the first time we played it somebody had
taught us and you know it’s always a
different experience but after reading
the rules and like sitting down and
really figuring out how this game is
yes you had your first taste of it yes
and the first time you play this game I
mean unless it just really clicks with
you it’s gonna be culture shock like is
definitely a game that the more
experienced player is gonna do better oh
yeah I don’t recommend you forming an
opinion based off of the first play of
this game because what I was alluding to
is after that first play I I wasn’t sure
about it and then once it actually
clicked we wanted to play every day like
yeah you gonna play it yeah because it
was it was just so it just became this
like puzzle that was so difficult for me
to figure out that I wanted to play it
over and over and over again to see if I
can try to get better and better at the
game yeah and the game is extremely
competitive also Malik and I I don’t
know if they came through on that the
filming but we were extremely
competitive in this particular one
because we wanted to do a good job we
wanted to you know the amount of anxiety
naveen had going into this I cannot be
her Hey
that way days leading up to this fellow
if you’re going down he would we would
be eating we’re eating lunch and he’s
like so you already know your strategy
he told a gameplay you already thought
about it and I’m like how can I think
about it if we don’t even see the cards
I need strategy get an awesome blueprint
and find a way to get your blueprint
made as soon as possible so you can get
executive actions that is the strategy
by the way but we’ll talk about that in
a second let’s talk about player count
because it is a big difference okay
first of all replayability superhot is
there it’s it’s like the blueprints
sometimes you don’t see all the
blueprints because depending on how much
you build up the colony sometimes you’re
you’re you’re yeah level doesn’t go up
high enough for you to see all the
blueprints so that changes a lot yeah
well you will pretty much always see all
the level one once but you may not see
the second half of level twos yes yeah
every single game of this that we played
has felt super different this is the
first time that I didn’t try to build a
bunch of mines early because getting
those minerals whenever you move it’s
not so so useful and that was dictated
because there were no blueprint cards
that to start us to start you off saying
okay now let’s go build mines right and
then we ended up cutting off the mine so
totally different fields that was very
different yeah
just know that highly replayable this
game in terms of player count so this
this game plays solo we can’t I mean we
can’t speak on the solo mode but we can
speak on the two and three player mode
you know you haven’t played it for
honestly I don’t know if I would play
this at four it is so long it’s just
unless you’re okay you’re just okay with
playing a longer game then play it for
yeah but how did you feel
I like him I both I think I liked it
best at the reading I think I do like it
best a three I like having that other
person doing things yeah I like the fact
that the tech tiles there’s two sets of
tech tiles that come out in in this game
only one set comes out so that’s either
you have it or I have it and we can
synergize off each other just like in
higher player accounts you can also
synergize off of that there’s a little
bit more there’s more
building after building building in
competition so yeah it’s like almost
like everyone keeps each other in check
a little bit more yeah and it’s a lot
easier to react so things that your
opponent’s are doing you know three
player game yeah so in this game like I
took two green blueprints early and then
you’re like well I’m gonna get that
scientists set scores off of it and it’s
just like you or me yeah so like in a
three-player game it’s a little bit more
diffuse yes yes it’s let two-player
games are so intense they’re so
competitive like movie moves mentioning
at the beginning they’re just so
competitive because you are bouncing off
of each other you are scoring points for
your opponent and like I don’t you know
you don’t want to score points for me
and vice-versa yeah so I think like in
this game like I was doing most of the
building the framework building but you
were collecting those blueprints and be
like great I’m gonna lay down these big
buildings on top and get more points and
I was like good it’s so it’s so
brilliant in that way that you build
buildings but they don’t belong to you
you know right in other games it’s like
well I built it it’s mine but in this in
this game well you built it you know I
can real work on it you got credit for
laying the framework but I’m gonna get
extra credit for doing the final problem
yeah but yes two-player game highly
competitive it’s still really good at –
oh yeah yeah I would play this any day a
– it’s just so intense and otherwise the
mechanics right so this game is very
different from the other Lacerta games
in my opinion there’s so much to think
about in this game I mean we say that
with every lasorda but like seriously in
this game there’s so much to think about
in terms of strategy it’s that circle of
life thing that’s going on and and the
scientists are like all the precursors
going go one way and then the scientists
that score go once that yeah board and
so he’s referring to when you get a
scientist you score points for the
advanced buildings of a different type
right not of the type of the scientist
that you got led up to you exactly so
you’re constantly having to think about
that for me what I struggle with is like
managing my resource
like I’m gonna spend this to do that
which is gonna give me this but I need
to do that and then by the end of that
like thinking cycle oh my gosh I was one
resource short and now I can’t do what
actually but I think that’s secret to
this game is you know the secret to this
game I don’t know this week you tell me
the secret is synergizing the scientists
or the blueprints like you really just
need to this in my opinion is vittala
Surdas first engine builder if if you go
on vgg it doesn’t say engine builder as
one of the mechanics but it for me it
totally is because you are getting these
blueprints in order to increase your
menu of actions that you can do so it’s
like I can go and build a building from
that action space but what if I’m in
orbit or what if there are a ton of
workers there it’s gonna be so expensive
or so difficult to do that action is so
inefficient so if I have it if I have a
blueprint that allows me to take that as
an executive action and all I have to do
is have crystals or better yet have a
scientist to do it for free I can do it
every turn though right yep so it’s
definitely one of those things where you
can do things to make future turns
easier for you that’s that’s what I mean
by engine building totally yeah but how
cool is this game like the that all the
mechanics are just so interesting to me
like the the shuttle like figuring out
timing as to when it’s is good to move
on the shuttle and blast away and
sometimes you’re forced to move because
maybe I don’t have any workers there was
one turn that I literally moved did a
terrible action and then spent a ship to
move back and I literally just did that
because I didn’t have any more workers
so this game forces you to make like
really tough decisions I think there’s
always gonna be that moment in this game
where you’re like I’m just gonna take
the trip because I have to the else’s
track and building the colony tiles on
the board I struggle with like timing as
to when is a good time for me to build a
certain type of colony who has the
tectile am I gonna get benefits for it
oh my goodness is it going to increase
the life-support system because that’s
not always a good thing it’ll it’ll
speed up the time of the game
it’ll that was kind of my strategy
shredder to manipulate the LSS track but
that gives me so much anxiety seeing
that move the problem with it was it
refreshes things that you’re playing the
blueprint if you’re playing the
blueprint game and you need resources
and I’m like okay six points here it
just refreshes everything gets you a
whole brand-new menu of items so I sure
probably held back and try to do some
other things to get some points but
that’s the game and I really enjoyed the
player interaction in this game like
finding the symbiotic relationships like
especially in like a three-player game
you can just say okay well I’m gonna
take that you have that well we are
going to leech off of each other with
our scientists right and just cut this
third person up right well you wouldn’t
do that on purpose but it ends up
happening you building shelters making
room for more colonist you’re exhausting
your colonists the managing or calling
us as a resource is tough yeah there’s
the first game that we played that I
actually lost the colonists was I didn’t
have space oh yeah yeah you know it’s
the house that yeah managing your
crystals also really interesting like
you had a crystal machine how did she
get your crystals going there money I
always had crystals there was times
where I’d look died without Michelle and
then figuring out when to move your
Rovers is awesome like just all the
mechanics synergizing together is just
so so good about this game downsides are
could be really lost yeah at the time
you know difficult to play sometimes
very frustrating like there are some
maitake or not attack II there’s some
reactionary moves they can do especially
in a two-player game that will just make
your opponent mad and you want to avoid
doing that to make it mad but the time
that I took all the all the tiles from
the warehouse okay we played a game
where navin’s opening move was just to
deplete the whole warehouse I was
successful in and I was like okay fine I
I took all of the blueprints and Naveen
thought that he was just doing so well
because he I can’t get any more
resources on the White House but then he
didn’t have any blueprints to get so we
also had another game where we
discovered that you can build an
advanced building
on a mine that an opponent built and
make them really mad by doing that so be
careful there so yes it could be a very
frustrating game you can get cut off you
can get blocked from different hexes
that you thought were gonna be open
that’s that’s a tough part that’s a
tough part yeah that’s true yeah we I I
purposely blocked off my shelter I did
because I didn’t want you to take the
shelter I know and and I felt like maybe
it would limit the amount of resources
that you could hold I saw the whole
thing and also you can see I do believe
that there is potentially a runaway
leader like once you see somebody just
like halfway through the game and they
have all these blueprints that you can
no longer get right and they have a
scientist and they’re just kind of going
at their own strategy that’s kind of
that’s a thing but if you can find the
synergy of all the mechanics form
symbiotic symbiotic relationships score
those points then you’ll do well overall
it’s another great one yeah that’s good
yeah that’s all this game is a pretty
good thing it’s pretty good hahaha this
game is amazing I every time I play it I
just love it more and more I think it’s
just like incredible you thought of this
yeah person came up with this somebody’s
brain along with all those other titles
that we just played I know how he does
it but honestly this is the perfect end
to the Lacerta series why we haven’t
decided yet where it kind of lines up
with the rest of the other games that we
played we will figure that out and
provide a video for you next week yeah I
think we’re gonna rank them individually
so she’ll have her ranking away yes and
we will have superlatives and it’ll be a
good time but otherwise amazing game
that was on Mars well thank you guys so
much for watching and sticking through
with us throughout the entire Vittal
series if this was the first video you
saw there’ll be links everywhere you can
find our other videos and if you like to
see more videos like this please
consider subscribing thank you it’s so

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