OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 Unboxing & Review – BEST Budget Neckband Under ₹2000 ??

Hello Everyone this is anuj from Gadget Gig.
Today we have with us the newly launched neckband
from oneplus and it’s the Bullets Wireless
And in this video we will do the unboxing
and show you its features.
So starting with the unboxing experience in
the front we have the model name and here
we have the picture of the neckband.
And here at the back we have the MRP which
is Rs. 2299 but right now they are available
for just Rs. 1999.
The neckband is available in two colours and
the one we have here is the beam black variant.
Now let’s open the box and show you the content.
So here on the top we have the nicely packed
neckband itself.
We will look at it in a moment.
Let’s see what else we have in the box.
So in the box we have this mini box and here
it says charge for 10 minutes and enjoy for
20 hours.
So these neckbands support quick charge.
Inside this box we get the safety instruction,
user guide which has the info about the features
of this neckband and then we get the red cable
club invitation card and after that we have

the type c charging cable and the two pairs
of extra ear tips of large and small size.
So that’s all we have in the box now let’s
look at the neckband closely.
Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z2 is the latest
budget neckband from oneplus.
Even though they are priced under rs. 2000,
you get very good build quality and the design
is the same which we have seen in the previous
bullets wireless neckbands.
So build quality wise I am really happy with
this neckband.
We get the in-ear style earbuds and you get
the magnet at each end.
The magnet is quite strong which will keep
the earbuds at place when you are not using
And also when you detach the earbuds the neckband
turns on and it auto connects to the last
paired device and similarly they turns off
when you attach the earbuds.
In terms of the overview, the cable to the
earbuds from the neckband has this soft texture
and I find the quality of this cable very
Now about the neckband on the left module
we have the controls and here we have the
middle function button, volume up and down
and then on the top we have the type c charging
You have the led light and also the mic on
the left module.
On the right side we have just the oneplus
Talking about the battery, we get the 220
mAh battery in this neckband which can last
upto 30 hours provided you use them at 50%
But guys as mentioned earlier you get the
fast charge support which can charge them
In terms of technical details you get the
bluetooth 5.0, and the driver size is 12.4
mm and also guys you get the ip55 sweat and
water resistant rating in this neckband.
Now let’s pair them with our phone and we
will tell you how they perform.
So for pairing you can just detach the earbuds
and they will appear on your bluetooth device
list and for oneplus devices you get the fast
pairing and here you just need to tap on connect.
So they are paired and talking about the codec
you get the AAC hd codec support in this neckband.
Now before we talk about the performance let
me show you the controls.
So Single pressing the middle button will
pause and play music.
And then we have the volume control.
Double pressing the middle button will take
you to the next song and triple pressing the
button will take you the previous song.
Long pressing the middle button will call
google assistant or siri.
Now about the performance, so guys during
our testing the first thing we noticed is
that the output is bass heavy.
And as advertised by oneplus you get a boomy
and punchy bass in this neckband.
And guys due to the heavy bass we noticed
that the vocals were getting muffled up.
The treble is also very good so basically
you get a heavy bass and high treble output
which some people prefer while listening to
We have also tested this neckband for watching
movies but due to the heavy bass the dialogues
sometimes were not that clear.
But again if you prefer punchy and heavy bass
you will be surprised with the output of this
In terms of comfort, They are quite comfortable
and the neckband feels light weight on your
neck and with the right size ear tip you can
use them for long hours.
We have also tested this neckband while gaming
and as we were using the oneplus phone we
were able to get low latency and during our
testing we found the latency is around 100ms
which is again very good.
And lastly about the mic performance, so you
get the AI noise cancellation in the mic and
during our testing we found the mic performance
decent for voice and video calls.
So Overall the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2
are the budget neckband which offers good
design and build quality.
Performance wise they are good specially if
you prefer high bass output.
So for music lovers you will find the output
of this neckband very good.
The battery backup is also good and the fast
charge is also an advantage.
And also if you are using this neckband with
the oneplus phone you can also enjoy the low
latency while gaming and also the fast pairing.
So to sum it up , if you are in the market
for a budget neckband under 2000 rupees and
prefer boomy bass then we highly recommend
you to check out this newly launched neckband
from oneplus.
And as usual if you like them and want to
buy one then do check the buy link in the
description below.
So that’s it guys this was the unboxing
and Review of the Oneplus Bullets Wireless
Z2 Neckband.
Let us know if you like it and also do tell
us if you have any queries or questions about
this Neckband in the comments section below.
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Once again this is anuj signing off and i
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