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hi larry keene here
with a review of onyx
this review of onyx
is all about a new
product that will help you
create traffic bring you
commissions and
sales and commissions
within minutes so
if you go right below this video and
click the bonus crate
you will come to the larry keen bonus
okay and what we have for you today
is this onyx thing
that is supposed to get you traffic from
youtube supposed to bring it in a hurry
and bring lots of it it
is a new
scheme of things and
if you come and buy it from one of these
red bars
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is a email that looks like this you hit
access here and you’ll get your bonuses
just that
easy okay
so you might want to know what is this
onyx product well let’s take a look
at what it briefly is
here we have the dashboard for onyx
it is all about
youtube videos and getting
traffic from youtube videos uh they want
you to join up with their facebook group
here’s your dashboard uh you purchase
products now i
had all kinds of issues i would hit
these things and then they would say
things like
you’ve clicked on a non-functional link
and so i don’t like doing it this way
i’m going to let you see the
video put out by the vendor just so you
get a good idea
of what this is because me going through
here hitting dead links in this review
is not doing anybody any good so
here we go
hey this is art flair from team black
belt and welcome to this
onyx demo now onyx is a eight in one
app that will allow you to successfully
extract free traffic from youtube so
i’m going to break down all of the
modules but in a nutshell what you have
to know about
onyx is that it first of all does all
the research for you then it creates
videos for you and then it allows you to
extract free traffic from youtube by
using the live video feature so we will
break it down
let’s jump into this onyx demo so as you
can see we are here on the dashboard we
have total searches total video created
total youtube analysis and total
sentiment analysis so as you can see
this is a super powerful youtube
traffic app now first of all let’s click
on image video creator and let’s click
on custom
video so what onyx does is it creates
videos from images and music and or
audio files so this means that you can
create videos without having to record
your face
even recording your voice it’s super
easy any beginner can do it and as you
can see all we have to do is add our
title right here so let’s just
add test as a title then select the
images we want to add so let me just add
some random images right here
we can also do pixar bay images search
so you don’t even need the images
because you can use
free stock images right here we just
enter the keyword
let’s click on show results and now we
can just add any of these
images so obviously these will be niche
related so whatever
keyword you will put in these are the
kind of images that you will
actually get so uh i think we are done
so let’s click
on done okay
and then we can select audio for video
so this can be music this can be
a voiceover whatever we want to add so
let me just add some music right here
and as you can see if we would add a
voiceover we can actually
generate the voiceover in a number of
different languages so let me just keep
it on english right now let’s click on
create a video and the video should be
ready in a matter of
minutes so the amazing thing is that
again there’s no recording there’s no
doing voiceovers you can create video
after video after video literally in a
matter of minutes this means that you
can actually
upload video after video and get traffic
in a matter of minutes and you can do
this over and over and over again so as
you can see custom video success our
video is rendering right now so it
should be ready in about a minute or two
now as you can see these videos are
already created so
after the video is done all we have to
do is click right here it will open this
up and right now we can
download this video and upload it to
youtube now going back to onyx
even before creating a video we can
click on video analysis
here as you can see we will just enter a
and onyx will give us all this threads
we will need in order to create our own
video so what i always recommend is just
open up an already successful video and
onyx already
finds all the videos that are super
successful in our niche
and then i would just create a similar
video use a similar title description
and the tags so this is what you can do
with onyx as you can see we have all the
stats right here so when it was
published views likes dislikes ratings
duration channel channel views etc so we
have all the analysis
right here now another amazing feature
is the product
sentiment analysis so this is amazing
when you want to
uh find the right product to promote and
see if it’s trending or not so let’s
enter a keyword and as you can see we’re
going to be given
all of these tests so strength 69
passion reach and all of this is
uh given to us by onyx
from twitter from youtube and from
reddit so
free huge websites and as you can see we
have all the
related keywords as well top hashtags
and sentiment as well which means that
all the research that we need to do can
be done from within onyx now another
amazing feature of onyx is the
image creator so this could be a
standalone software on its own but we
decided to include it
because obviously you will need images
create your videos or you can just use
these images for anything else so
let’s click on create new as you can see
we can put in a custom
width and height so this can be for a
youtube thumbnail or any other image so
let’s click on create as you can see
we can add a bunch of different things
so we have all of these filters
and we have shapes so we can add this we
can change the color we can change the
we have all of these different stickers
obviously we can add these as well so we
have all of the doodles
we have different stars we have a bunch
of different
things right here so we can add a bunch
of different things move this around
obviously we can add
text we can add a drawing and then we
can just save it and use in our video
error again we can use these images
anywhere else going back to onyx you can
find products to promote from within the
software as well so we have the
clickbank modules you can see all we
have to do is click either on top
products which will bring top selling
clickbank products
and we can also do clickbank search and
as you can see all we have to do is
enter a keyword
click go and we will be presented with
all the
top products that we can promote so as
you can see the cool thing is that we
can actually
pull up youtube stats product popularity
sales page preview and we can click on
promote to get our
affiliate link and we can also use all
the filters to find the right product so
we have this
set up for clickbank and also jvzoo so
we have again
jvzoo top sellers jvzoo marketplace
search so again just entering a keyword
and we are presented with a bunch of
products we can promote and again we
youtube stats product property affiliate
details and sales page preview and the
same for
warrior plus and actually for warrior
plus we have the daily feed which
are products that are released today and
yesterday we have the date and
everything else
we have top sellers so these are
obviously top selling products and then
we also have
the marketplace search and we can do the
marketplace search with wso
only by vendor or we can pick how many
results we want to see
now after you will do all the research
after your video is created
all you have to do is click right here
on youtube
event and create an event so this will
create a youtube live event for us which
means that
the video that you’re going to be adding
will be instantly ranking on top spots
youtube because youtube loves live
video and you don’t have to log into
youtube you don’t have to
install any rendering software
everything is done from within onyx okay
so let’s add our title
let’s add the description and the tags
let’s click on next and then as you can
see we have
schedule settings so we would have to
add the channel right here i don’t have
a channel added to this onyx account
right now but
this is what you would do we have the
category the time
and also the time zone we will click on
next and then do the video configuration
as the last
step and again all we have to do is just
click on
schedule the video will go live on
youtube and this is how we are getting
all that traffic and again this is a
much much easier
way to actually make a youtube live
because normally you would have to
install a couple of additional software
a rendering software another software
that allows you to go live on youtube
now with onyx you don’t have to do
anything else a part of what i just
showed you so again and the last thing i
wanted to show you is the gallery so
all the videos and all the images you’ve
created will be available right here so
we have the image gallery
these can be used for thumbnails or for
other purpose like adding these images
to videos etc and then we have the video
gallery so these are all the videos that
created going back to the dashboard here
so as you can see onyx is a super
powerful tool that will allow you to
extract free traffic from
youtube no recording videos no editing
optimizing you don’t even have to log
into youtube everything is done from
within the software and because of the
live event feature you will get traffic
instantly no matter
the keyword you’re going after or the
niche you are in
guys we are super excited i hope you see
how powerful onyx
is and good luck with it so
that is how onyx
works you got to see a full
demonstration and this is the sales page
when you hit that red bar on my bonus
you come here you click
get access make your purchase
and then we’ll send you your bonuses
you can see this is a very lengthy sales
so you can hit that red button and read
anytime you like what we need to
show you now is a little bit about onyx
in terms of back here on my bonus page
you get there just click that link below
this video
that says bonus crate bring you here
you can see the quick
version of key features and benefits of
onyx and you get to see
the sales funnel which is rather
extensive as you can see from this
you got six
one-time offers after the front end
the basic front end price is 17
you get all of my bonuses just for that
uh you see the beauty of my bonus
features compared to seventeen dollars
and you’re also getting
the front end that does everything i
showed you
just now on that demonstration for 17
now as you can see these four red ones
all say d yes
for one time offers one through four
you have down cells that are
pretty significant so
pay attention and you will see
how you can save a little money and get
some good uh advancements on your
so one time offer
or upsell number one is
onyx advance which takes it to the next
level you get
unlimited uh video creation
you can take video length
over 400 words uh
record your own audio at bookmarks
it’s just a better version it’s an
onyx which does have a downsell to 47.
upsell number two is the onyx expert
will help you create
will help you scale your video business
and branding
along with done for you campaigns
and that one is a
upsell of 47 and with a down sale of 37.
and they’re gonna look at this one now
they’re gonna send
you bi-weekly email alerts
for what’s hot done for you
onyx is a done-for-you pack to get you
uh immediately they have everything done
for you
campaign cpa offers email
engagements squeeze pages music
images everything forty seven dollars
down sell for twenty seven
looks like a real bargain what do you
and then the reseller that’s another one
they’re going to give you six products
you get onyx and five others
197 is not bad but 67
is really better 11
and 10 for uh
six top selling items
you get to keep 100 of the money that’s
a good bargain
and number five is is training
so you see you run out of the down cells
on four and so five and six
sec five is training
and number six is
case studies which is basically
more training and showing you how it’s
done how you can make more money
okay so that is the onyx
and if you have any questions put them
in write in the
comment section right below this video
i’ll get back to you
soon as i can i’ll find you an answer
okay so that’s onyx
it is a bargain at 17
and plus the additional part of the
is the bonuses that are provided
if you purchase from one of these red

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