oraimo FreePods 3 TWS Earbuds Unboxing and Review – Best TWS Earbuds Under $30!

Dear Oraimo, how do you always produce sophisticated
tech gadgets that’s so amazing and yet still
The new oraimo freepods 3 true wireless stereo
earbuds is the latest budget king because
it has the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connection
with low latency, intuitive touch controls,
long-lasting battery life with fast charging,
premium build quality, ergonomic design with
comfort and secure fit, clear voice calls
with ENC, IPX5 water, sweat, dust resistant
and finally an amazing sound experience with
incredibly powerful bass.
All this and much more features for a price
tag of just #16500 or $30.
Nice job oraimo…
A moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging
and One of the ways of knowing you are getting
an original device is when the manufacturer
puts a lot of effort in the packaging and
unboxing experience.
Opening the magnetic top cover, you are greeted
with the ‘hear the difference’ slogan
which implies that oraimo in partnership with
tubaba has put some work into the tuning of
the earbuds sound.
This unboxing style is quite interesting…
Opening the shiny transparent cover to the
right unveils the freepods 3 and from first
impressions, the flat design and oval shape
is similar to what is offered by more expensive

/> Moving further underneath the pyramid layer,
you get the extra rubber ear-tips of different
sizes for comfort and that shaking bass effect.
It also has a USB type C cable which is exciting
to see thanks to its durability and convenience.
Finally, the user manual is loaded with detailed
user information in multiple languages.
That’s all we have in this gorgeous-looking
Unlike the previous Freepods 2 case, the Freepods
3 case has a mixture of matte and glossy finishes
which looks and feels premium.
It’s more of a matte finish which helps to
reduce Fingerprint smudges and gives a firmer
grip while holding it.
This design language is also present in the
earbuds and although the glossy side was done
to allow for smoother in-ear adjustments but
I wished it had a 100% complete matte finishing
to help produce a firmer grip in the ears.
You could use the rubber eartips for better
grip in the ears.
I like how the earbuds feel solid in the hands
which is a good sign of durability.
The flat style oval shape design of the case
of the earbuds is pocket-friendly.
The case with the earbuds is also lightweight
which makes it comfortable to carry anywhere.
I like the 2 baba edition with tubaba’s
automated voice, his signature and the golden
color accent.
It’s so nice that oraimo is giving us this
build and design at a lower price tag.
Note that the magnets that hold the earbuds
in the case don’t feel strong but it still
does the job as it doesn’t fall out when
joggled upside down with small force.
Pairing is amazingly fast thanks to the new
Bluetooth 5.2 connection.
As soon as you open the case, it instantly
pairs with your smartphone.
Inserting the earbuds and closing the case
turns off the earbuds.
Also, it automatically turns off the earbuds
if no pairing is established after 3mins to
save battery life.
The Bluetooth range varies between 5 to 10m
depending on the number of solid surface obstructions.
Overall, the connectivity strength is average.
The oraimo freepods 3 has a larger 13mm dynamic
sound driver which is mostly found in more
expensive earbuds and thanks to tubaba’s
professional tuning, it delivers a breath-taking
and richer sounding experience just as it
was meant to be heard.
The stereo sound is so balanced and clear
that it doesn’t hurt your ears even at the
loudest volume.
You may sometimes get carried away with the
amazing surround sound experience.
Great job oraimo…
One thing you will love about the freepods
3 is the incredibly powerful Bass surround
effects thanks to the larger 13mm dynamic
sound driver.
I really appreciate the studio-like sound
separation which is surprisingly good at this
price range.
I am able to pick out different levels of
sounds from different instruments and voices
in a piece of music without stress.
Although, you still hear some distortions
at higher frequencies on max volume which
is expected but it’s a lot better than most
earbuds I have tested at this price range.
Nice job oraimo.
Another advantage of having the latest Bluetooth
5.2 support is the presence of a very low
latency when watching videos and this is good
considering the fact that it doesn’t have
Qualcomm aptx codecs.
Nice job oraimo.
But they are not gaming earbuds and so you
will experience a noticeable latency delay
when playing games…
I love the option to switch from awareness
mode to bass mode and vise versa because sometimes
I want to be aware of my environment for security
reasons and I appreciate having the choice
to switch back to the rubber eartips whenever
I want that extra surround bass.
Also the smallest eartips could still be bigger
for someone with smaller ear sizes and so
it’s great to have the flexibility of switching.
One of the advantages of buying the freepods
3 earbuds apart from it’s portability, comfort
fit and lightweight is it’s touch controls
and it’s has good touch response.
During music playback, you can double tap
on either earbuds to pause or play a track.
Press and hold the right earbud for skipping
to next track while press and hold the left
earbud for skipping to previous track.
You can also triple tap either earbuds to
activate voice assistant and it works fine.
There is no volume control.
Also, the chances for accidental touches when
adjusting the earbuds in your ears is minimized
thanks to the absence of a single tap touch
Nice observation oraimo…
The battery life in the freepods 3 is really
great thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.2 lower
battery consumption.
Depending on the volume level, it lasted on
a single charge between 7 to 8hrs with continuous
bass-heavy music playback which is amazing
for this price range.
The case can recharge the earbuds for a little
more than 3 charge cycles which means you
get up to 33 hrs total battery life with both
earbuds and case which is plenty enough.
So you are looking at up to 11 days or more
than a week usage with 3 to 4 hours of random
playtime daily.
The charging indicator in the case lights
up whenever you open or close it and it’s
a good addition to help keep track of the
case battery status.
Unfortunately, there is no charging indicator
for the earbuds but I did my test and discovered
it takes less than 1hr to fully recharge the
earbuds while it takes about 2hrs to fully
recharge the dead case with the dead earbuds
inside and this is done through the 5W USB
Type C port which brings durability, reliability
and convenience.
This is the fastest charging speed that I
have experienced in this price range.
This is a big improvement from the freepods
2 and you will definitely love the long lasting
battery experience.
Another major selling point of the Oraimo
freepods 3 is the Environmental Noise Cancelling
Mode with four microphones beamforming technology
for clearer voice calls.
You tap twice to answer or end a call while
press and hold for 2secs to reject a call.
Here is my call ENC test…
The Freepods 3 earbuds are IPX5 water, sweat
and dust resistant but can’t go deep in water
because it is not waterproof.
In conclusion, the oraimo freepods 3 are good
true wireless stereo earbuds with lots of
outstanding functions for just #16500 naira
or $30 and you can get either the white, black
or tubaba edition colors at the oraimo website
through the link in the description below.
Let me know what you think about the oraimo
freepods 3 in the comment section below.
Make sure you always check and confirm the
authentication of your oraimo products because
there are fakes in the market.
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Thanks so much for watching, remain humble
and stay safe, bye.

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