Oscars 2024: More red carpet fashion reviews

We had to talk about the Oscars fashion with our expert Steve Kimball from us. Weekly’s Fashion Police joining us. You look amazing. Oh, thank you. Thank you. That suit, that pink Gucci suit. Fabulous. Loved it Gucci. Yes, of course. Ok, Steve, the women. They really killed it on the carpet as well. I loved it so much. The glam. Yes. Fabulous. Right. Let’s start with Zendaya. She’s trending this morning. Ok. The number one rule of any red carpet is if you don’t want Zendaya to show up and outshine 95% of the other people that don’t invite

Zendaya, she looked absolutely gorgeous. This antique silk rose column gown by Armani looks so effortless. It’s just so old Hollywood glamour. I love her hair, the soft wave, the curl. She is flawless. She can do no wrong. I mean, she’s really like that in everything, just like you said, I love her. Look at that gold Oscar statue. I think they ought to put her on that little, you know, she needs to be the new Oscar. Let’s, let’s shake it up a little bit. She’s fabulous. Let’s talk about a couple that got it right. Oh my

gosh. Let’s talk about Gabriel Union and to Wayne. Wait, look how fabulous. Say look, this is like power. It couple. They brought the heat to the red carpet. His tuxedo is

by Versace. And now look at her gown by Carolina Herrera. This was shown on the runway and also it’s in the stores as two separate dresses that is a strapless mini and that is a column skirt. It was Gabrielle Union’s idea, not Carolina Herrera’s idea to put them together. And I think it looks fabulous. It’s absolutely wonderful. And it really plays into the theme that

women were really going with last night. That tailored structured look. Yes. And she has an amazing Tiffany necklace on, but not of course last night, but hers was fabulous. That was gorgeous. Showed up too. All right. Sometimes people don’t always, always nail it. Ok. I know. And we kind of like that. What’s the word? I mean, you’re just like, let’s talk. Look at this. Look at this. Why, why, why can we act like we never saw this? Kano is the designer and Erica Alexander is too beautiful and too talented for this. That it would have

been a look at the white gown. It would have been fabulous. That looks like an Amazon order tool skirt. No, but here’s the good news, here’s the good news Easter’s coming up and I know a parade float that, that will look fabulous on it will look fabulous on, she, she is. I’m just like, why, why did that happen to her? She’s beautiful. The Amazon order. My right. But it’ll look good on Easter Float. It’ll look good on Easter Float. Mario. You know, sometimes, sometimes you gotta prime something, you know, last minute. I, I don’t know,


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