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the whole interview of Brandon Marshall with Aaron Rodgers, I was looking for any clue as to whether or not he has warmed up to the idea of actually changing teams and playing for the Jets. Look, he’s in the same spot. He was in a year ago. Chris, he’s in the plane. The parachutes on the helmet is strapped into place. The goggles are in position he standing at the opening last year. He did not jump. This year, will he jump? And for a guy who seems to be very accustomed to Habit and familiarity. He always wants

his guys around. Why does he want those guys around because they’re familiar, it’s comfortable, it’s normal. There’s going to be a lot of abnormal if he goes from Green Bay to New York and that’s basically where we are right now, right? We are waiting for Aaron Rodgers, to decide what he wants to do. There were conflicting reports over the weekend as to Or not, there’s a framework for a trade in place. Do you really think the Packers would let the Jets talk to Aaron Rodgers? The Packer didn’t have an idea what the Jets were going

to give and if they might think it was going to be. So exactly. Do you really think that’s going

to be the holdup here Aaron Rodgers going to say? Yeah, I want to play for the Jets and then the Packers in the Jets, get into some impasse to keep it from happening. Baloney look, the MARC Murphy comments for the weekend. We’re going to play him in a second, but good Lord, it is clear. Now, the Packers are done, the Packers are moving on and they’re only risky. At this point is that they’re so blatant about

it. The Rogers stays just to create chaos. That’s the only reason he would stay at this point because they don’t want him. So the question is, will they will they have to deal with the possibility of Rogers? Staying simply for Spite and I’d like to think that he realizes after being locked in a dark closet for two days. Life’s too damn short to do anything for spite. Yeah, this is different than last year. All right, I mean last year he was coming off the MVP. He was the Man, Green Bay was too scared to I

think even like I don’t know if they really want to live life without Aaron Rodgers. At that point Denver, there was some things. Hey, yeah. It’s a first time head coach. Okay. It’s a team that yeah. Wasn’t very good. How good can they possibly be? What’s the potential of that team? So, there’s some things there that, I think if you’re an Aaron Rodgers and you’re in the plane with, you know, the parachute all buckled in and everything is ready to go. Where you do? I don’t know if I want to Jump, the Jets one’s a

little different things have changed completely. Like you’re saying here, I mean, one the Packers have made it clear that they’d like to move on that, that that’s, that’s over right. To the other thing here is, you know, the Jets he got to it’s different than what we saw from Denver as compared to last year. When he, when he was flirting with both teams there. The Jets. He saw it, they’re good. They’re really good. He got to see it in first, you know, in first person when he got the pie them to, and they Move the

ball on the Jets defense at all. So he knows that this team is ready and you know, it’s not a first-time head coach and it’s a guy that’s the offensive coordinator. That’s his buddy and I know he was in Denver last year but he was the first time head coach at this. This time it’s truly an offensive coordinator. That’s just going to be with him hands on all the time. So I think there’s more positives for Rogers to jump out of the plane and go to the Jets one here, then there was last year with

the with the Denver Broncos, but But yeah, you’ve said in Mike, I mean the shocking thing is the Green Bay has made us stand here. They delicately without being a jerk have said, they’d like to move on and that him coming back is not the top option and that’s shocking to hear because it’s been a long time since we’ve heard that with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, but it seems like it’s almost retirement or jets at this point. Well the approach seemed to have been yeah Packers sit back and kind of like just stay quiet.

Yeah. Right. Let’s see how this plays out. You know, kind of like kind of like the this is the best thing I can come up with in the moment kind of like the scientists have the experiment. It’s like it’s the clock’s ticking or you waiting for the rocket to launch. You just kind of sit and you don’t want to jinx anything. You don’t want to say anything, you just sit back. We’re just gonna sit back and let this play out. Then comes Mark Murphy the Packers CEO who got too close to a microphone on Friday

and said some of the stuff that maybe could get Aaron Rodgers, sufficiently pissed off that. He decides to say, I’m not leaving. Here’s Murphy from Friday. We did give him permission but I really can’t get into the details and just we’re really hopeful that we can reach a resolution that works, not only for Aaron but for us. Is there a scenario where Aaron is still the starting quarterback of the Packers Season. Yeah, I mean unless if things don’t work out the way we would want them. Yeah, we was obviously a great player and, you know,

four-time MVP and but you know, I think it’s, you know, trying to find, you know, what he wants and what we want. And hopefully we can find a win-win situation. So the scenario by which he’d return is the starter would be if things don’t work out the way we want them. Good morn. Hey, Welcome back Aaron. Give give that, give that man, a pack of crackers, and chew em all up Mark, please. We are just about to pull this off and you’re going to screw everything up by making Aaron Rodgers. Sufficiently pissed off that. He

just says you owe me 60 million dollars. Here, I am deal with me in a separate interview. Mark Murphy was speaking of Aaron Rodgers in the past tense, not that he has, you know, gone to the great beyond but that he’s no longer a packer bread, had a great career. Aaron had a great career, he’ll be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He’ll be in our Hall of Fame, will bring him back and retire. His number you don’t, say will bring him back and retire his number. If he’s still there, he’s gone as far

as the Packers are concerned. This guy is gone. The moment they authorized the Jets to talk to him. He’s gone folks because it was two years ago, the 49ers called and said, hey could you really interested in trading for Aaron Rodgers and they laughed and hung up the phone and Green Bay how far we’ve come in two years. Chris They authorized the Jets to talk to him. The moment they did. That is the moment, he’s gone. Everything else is just details. Yeah. Everything. Yes. And it’s some definitely, some passive aggressive, you know, statements there for

sure. That would be no piss me off of. I’m Aaron Rodgers. Sorry London right? But yeah, okay. Yeah they don’t. Ya should I do apologize after some of the stuff we said last time and then you know two years ago Jordan love they knew he wasn’t ready. So they weren’t going to get rid of Aaron Rodgers and they feel like he’s He’s ready. Now they do and you know to your prior point with the conversation and allowing him to talk to the Jets and you know there’s conversation out there that you know is there parameters

in the deal in place? Of course there is I mean of course this is I don’t think this is going to be that hard to figure out when it’s all said and done. I mean you know if you listen to what we’re saying here it’s it’s a trade that both teams want to make happen, right? And one team is looking to totally move on and get 60 million dollar. Off the books and started start a new quarterback and a new era and the other teams just gone please. We need any quarterback. You know, that’s had

some success in football because we feel like we’re ready. So I it’s a me it’s just all about Rogers and right now where his mind is at. And yeah, he can’t love what he’s hearing from Green Bay. I have a hard time of this point picture and I’m going back there, you know, no matter what with kind of what’s being said, and thrown out there, I do. I think it looks Honestly, a little weird if he went back to the the Green Bay Packers football team right now, to where. Yeah, like I said, a second

ago, I kind of feel like it’s Jets or he’s not going to play anymore. And Mike. I just wonder whether there’s any other option out there. No, no, I think you’re right. I think, I think it’s jets are retire. I don’t think he wants to put himself through being with the team that doesn’t want him. Now, I don’t rule out him trying to underscore the fact that they’re the bad guys here, not him. I just don’t think he cares about that anymore. I think a couple of years ago he would have been far more interested

in allocating blame. He’s taken that he’ll turn. He’s embraced it. He, he seems to enjoy it. I don’t think he cares, like, he used to what people think. I don’t know. I still think he cares but not as much as he used to care and I don’t see him wanting to drag the Packers into the mud but I just can’t help but wonder whether or not there is some other potential team out there that whether or not this hesitation is him truly deliberating whether he wants to play for the Jets or waiting to see if

someone else enters the mix or maybe there’s One else that’s already in the mix that we don’t know about. I can’t rule that out either. The first time that secret stuff happened, that everybody keeps secret and we don’t know about it rich. I was on with Rich Eisen on Friday and he made a pretty strong case for the Raiders to get into this thing, you know, know and it’s a davontea Adams is the most obvious wrinkled. But, you know, we talked to McDaniels at the scouting combine. Tom Brady has basically ruined him on other quarterbacks,

he didn’t come out and say it that way, but that was the gist of it, that was the gist of our question and Aaron Rodgers is closed. Thing right now to the goat you’re going to have. Yeah so yeah it may not be the most natural relationship given the way that Josh McDaniels like to coach a team and the way Aaron Rodgers likes to be coached but you adjust your style if you get the closest thing to Tom, Brady, so and and if there’s like an NFC team, you want to play for in the Packers

are saying we’re not going to trade you an NFC team. I think Rogers has the ammunition now to make the kind of power play. That would force them to do it because they want to get rid of him against the Jets, think. Doesn’t work out. I just wonder, is there some other team he wants to try to force his way to that’s in the NFC that the Packers don’t want to trade him too because I feel like what happened on Friday made. It much harder for the Packers to cross their arms and say we’re not

trading you to an NFC team. Yeah, I would agree with that. I feel like they kind of, you know, went a little far down that road, you know, even before Friday to a degree, you know, just with some of the cryptic message that was out there. But I mean The options are limited. That’s the thing that I think is, you know, kind of crazy as we’re seeing here some of these teams that mean we get back into the teams that, you know, we’re talking about with Lamar Atlanta. Seems like they’re okay with where they’re at

right now, right. The washing of commanders are a team. Okay, we look at, I don’t know. They sit in the weeds or and Aaron Rodgers, Lamar. I don’t picture it happening with the Raiders, but the Raiders are one of those teams Mike that we can go back to the, you know, first pick of the draft conversation if they wanted to. A draft, a quarterback there a little bit of no-man’s-land right now where it stands. As far as, you know, maybe one of the top two pocket, passers in the draft, so they know. But I don’t

see that being a long-term answer for them or necessarily McDaniels and Rogers, meshing. So it’s I’m with you. I haven’t heard anything to think that there’s other teams out there. I feel like we would have heard it by now, if there was some flirting going on, I’m just hoping we hear an answer from Rogers about this whole thing here in the next. Twenty-four hours or so. Well well and look, one of the other problems here. His assessment of what is timely? I think is different from everyone else’s. I think it was something. He should have

let everyone know before the week of the scouting. Combine when deals kind of unofficially begin to get done. I think that he needs to let everyone know by noon Eastern today because that’s the moment that free-agent deals start to get unofficially done. Done. Although there are a lot more closer to official than they were, or a lot, a lot more close to official than they were during the week of the scouting combine. You’ve got Packers players who are going to become free agents, who may be heading to New York sauce. Gardner. The Jets quarterback said

one night. Last week, there will be package deals and I suspect it’s going to be Randall Cobb and Robert onion, marcedes, Lewis maybe Allen Lazard Lazard. Reportedly waiting to see what Rogers is going to do before he makes a decision and there’s Several teams hot for Lazard and if he wants to maybe partner up with Aaron Rodgers. Again with the Jets he needs to know what’s going on by noon. So I really do think and this is his way to upstage the start of free agency. Aaron you really want to make a splash, make it

known this morning, what you’re going to do, make it known that, you’re going to the Jets, if that’s what you’re going to do. Because then everybody else knows where they stand and everyone else can act accordingly. But you know, I just I don’t Know, whether he likes this. I this is the last time he’s ever really going to be the center of the NFL’s attention, right? Maybe you’re right. This and enjoy it for all it’s worth and maybe he’s just going to do whatever he needs to do. Now. Even that, like you said the next

24 hours, the absolute deadline is the start of the league year because he’s got a fifty eight point three million dollar option, bonus accounts as salary until the option is exercised. It drops his cap number down to Million dollars for this year, as relates, to that option, bonus and his base salary. If he’s traded, that’s what the Jets would do right away. But if he’s in Green Bay, what the hell of a Packers going to do? See, that’s his nuclear option in all this, right? The Packers got a they got to deal with this with

this cap number. They got to exercise the option. Bonus him pay him all this money. I don’t know why the hell, the Packers agreed to put themselves in this predicament this year. if they were thinking last year, It may only be one more year. Yeah. You know the whole context of negotiations last year were let’s make it easy for Aaron to walk away. If he chooses to retire after one year, it was not made easy for the Packers to walk away. Oh well, he had all the power. That’s what that’s well and he’s got it

all. Now that telling his contract and I said this back when he was first in his meanderings about what he’s going to do, he really does how have all the power and he’s using it very passively Now by taking His time. At some point, he may have to pull the pin on the grenade to really send the message that he has opted for chaos for the Green Bay Packers but I don’t know. So I feel like something something is holding him back, whether it’s he wants to have the attention or he really doesn’t want to

change teams. He really doesn’t want to go to a new city, new coaching staff, knew everything. After all these years in Green Bay hey it’s tough. I just I don’t know. No, I don’t know. Either way and we did wake can’t be easy. You could, you could relate as who a guy who doesn’t like to leave West Virginia very often, right? You know, it’s not easy, it’s not easy. It’s and I’m just being funny but you know, I I saw torment my dad when you know, his career was over the Giants and he thought about

going to play for the Cleveland Browns and the Jacksonville Jaguars and know it’s whack. Wow, two men, do I really want to start something new with a new team? And I’ve been Used to this one way of life and living here in this area. So it is a tough decision and I understand it taking some time. And and it’s yeah it’s there’s a lot of things that I think are playing into this. Let alone just the pure simple fact of the matter of like, wait, do I really want to invest myself fully here? You know,

another Gear with the new team or do I want to call it quits? And I think that’s really percolating through his brain which in some ways is a little scary to me too. If I’m the Jetson To trade for him. That’s the other side of this to the pressure on him will be withering to show up for the offseason program. Definitely to be involved because there’s even more reason this year to be all in as you get to know your new teammates and your new coaches. And yes, you’ve got Nathaniel Hackett which helps but still

the New York media is not going to go easy on this guy. If he just decides during the offseason program in a year, when he’s making 60 million dollars to not show up when he needs to get himself properly and sconce. New surroundings so I think that’s part of it too. I think he realizes at some level, he can’t behave the way he has the past few years. That’s a reason to stay in Green Bay or a reason to possibly retire. And it’s got to be hard to walk away from 60 million. I mean, I

don’t care doing one more year of what you’ve done since 2005, 460 million dollars. That’s hard to say no to. Yeah, he’s probably got more money than he can ever spend, right. But still it’s 60 million dollars to do for one more year the thing you’ve already done everything. Every year year after year, since 2005. So I understand why it’s taking time, I understand that it’s not an easy thing for him to do. And we’ll I’m NSA is still and if he retires, if he retires, he’s he’s down at the bottom of the Marquis on

the weekend. Tom, Brady goes into the Hall of Fame. Let’s not forget that, I still don’t rule out the crackpot theory that I came up with a few weeks ago of Rogers retiring now and on retiring later, I don’t I still don’t rule that out and then what putting a squeeze on them more than two, maybe what let time filled, what for, what reason to let time and like maybe another team or to filter in this conversation that they low, they evaluate themselves and go, oh, wait, we really need a quarterback. Oh, damn. We could

really use Aaron Rodgers like that. That kind of move is what you’re talking about that. Basically it’s the, the power play to force the Packers to The more he wants to go. Yeah, I mean that that’s the thing that I am not ruling out as a possibility. There’s a team out there that Rogers wants to play for above all others and there’s something that is keeping it from happening and if that’s something is originating from the Packers and they’re not going to relent. Now, the way to get them to relent is to retire and then

just show up in July, like Brett Favre did and force their hand because unlike with far 15 years ago they’d have a cap mess if Rogers shows up. Well Designers might approach allows him. That’s, that’s the 49ers to be the one team that you’d go, that would fit it. Oh wait, Brock / D is elbow, it’s not looking good. It’s not looking good, he’s not going to be ready till early October, right? We don’t want to start Trail ants, whatever. We’re too good. We’re Super Bowl team that be the team that would fit that mold

of like, oh, maybe I want to make that type of power play, you know? But then again to did. Yeah. There’s a lot of things that go into that, but to your point, I could see that being the team that that could maybe stir that up a little There was one last thing too. If you watch the full interview of Aaron Rodgers by Brandon Marshall, they have a conversation about how long you need to be with a team, to be considered an all-time great because then it was kind of funny because Rogers thinks of Marshall,

is a bear and Marshall referred to himself as an all-time Jets great. He was only there for a handful of years. But Rogers said, can you be an all-time great if you’re only with a team for one year, And that may have been the Freudian slip that it is just one year, if it is just one year, if this is it, if this is one year, aren’t you going to go to the place? Where you think you have the chance to do something that adds to your legacy? I don’t know if it’s just one year,

I don’t know. So it it’s going to be fascinating and as I said, it needs to happen by noon Eastern today, but it wouldn’t be the first time Aaron as and I disagree on something on anything on everything and I could see him milk in this a few more days Chris. Because this is it. He’s in the spotlight, he is the center of the NFL’s Universe right now. We’re all waiting for Aaron Rodgers and I think he’s keenly aware of it. Yeah, I mean, he’s keenly aware for sure, you know, I hope he’s not doing

it for those reasons. I would hope he’s doing it for, you know, for. Hey, it’s a tough decision. But you kind of said it right a few minutes ago to know at some point. Yeah, you got to make a decision to help himself. He wants to go play. The New York Jets head, let them get their their cash, you know, and their checkbook and order here to plan for free agency. And what they want to do with their team here, he’s a big Domino that needs to fall for for both teams to kind of figure

out where they want to go. And he doesn’t want to cut off his nose to spite on despite his own face here in this one. Boom. One one. One last point. One last point. I thought you were. I thought you were going to go. I thought you were going to go. Michael Scott, cut off his nose to spite our face but if the Jets don’t get him. Holy crap. I mean, they’re all in with this and they’ve done nothing to push back on any of the stuff sauce. Gardeners been saying they’re all in with Aaron

Rodgers, if they don’t get Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garoppolo is not going to be an acceptable. Substitute Baker. Mayfield is not going to be an acceptable substitute. They’re either gonna have to make A play for Lamar Jackson or they’re gonna have to do the Matthew Stafford thing we were talking about earlier they’re rare and even then it feels like second choice to Aaron Rodgers. They are all in with trying to get Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, Jimmy Garoppolo. I mean, that’s the other that’s the one I think of if it doesn’t go there they’re going to turn their

attention to him but yeah they’re their options are going to be limited seriously if they don’t land Rogers, that’s for sure. If I’m if I’m graupel I don’t want to go there as the fall back to Aaron Rodgers. I really don’t. I mean it’s just it’s just it’s going to be extra Venom and vitriol. There’s gonna be a lot of pissed-off jets fan. Yeah. If they don’t get Aaron Rodgers and I think that’s part of this as well and the other danger and then we got a break, he’s gonna have a ton of power walking

through the door, they basically yeah. Basically, Kiss the Ring in the butt of Aaron Rodgers. I mean, he takes over that team for as long as he’s there that’s already a

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