Paldean Starter Evolutions Reveal in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

what’s going on everyone Austin John pleaser and it’s Pokemon scarlet and violet time and today we’re gonna be talking about the starters their evolutions my experience with them let’s get into it I have spent 77 hours playing Pokemon scarlet and violet I’m not done with the Pokedex yet because there’s a lot to do in this game and I’m enjoying it but before I start my coverage and everything else like that I think the number one thing everyone wants to know was what do the starters turn into I’m gonna be covering this in sort of segments

that I’m going to be discussing what I’m going to talk about before I get into that part so some people just don’t want to see the final form some people don’t want to see anything and are just gonna click this video because they like me I don’t know but I’m gonna be going over this and I’m gonna explain what I’m talking about before I go over those sections so you are not spoiled by anything first of all with Coco sprigatido and quaxley are the three starters of this generation your fire type your grass type and

your water type first let’s go over some basics for the three starter Pokemon they have similar stats to starter Pokemon they evolve into Pokemon with similar stats to Second forms

of starter Pokemon and the third versions have more varied stats they all have your regular grass fire and water abilities you have some grass starters that are more seed based as I like to say like Bulbasaur who does leech seed and poison powders and stuff like that and then you have some that are more attack oriented sprigatito is definitely more attack oriented and the time between

when you get in level 16 it has the regular stuff it has bite the dark move for coverage hone claws magical leaf and quick attack and then you evolve to the second form when it comes to Fuego he’s the tiny little fire crocodile I think he is the most adorable mostly because of how he just kind of looks up at the trainer all the time with a big open mouth yep just like that he’s like hey I I want to be involved moves wise he has tack Ember round bite and incinerate and then he evolves

at level 16. he is the one that I chose for my first playthrough actually I ended up playing with all three but I wanted to focus on him because I like fire types isn’t that right yeah that’s right third is gonna be quaxley the water duck who has the big Pomodori hair which is kind of neat and everything it has pound growl water gun work up which is kind of neat to have at level seven wing attack a flying type move for coverage AquaJet and then evolves at level 16. now I’m gonna be talking about

the second forms of the starters and I’m gonna be showing them to you if you don’t want to see them probably now’s a great time to click away the second forms of the starters they start to take on less animal-like appearances and start to take on more humanoid personality Appearances first let’s start with sprigatido’s Evolution which is this is florigato as in flower cat I think it’s kind of based off of the design of a thief and it has this little cool yo-yo that it uses to attack with and it does the Naruto run it

does that too he likes to run around in circles he’s a big fan of doing exactly that that he’s doing right now he does it all the time florigato starts to kind of give you an idea on where the Pokemon is going in regard to its base stats that it excels a very well in attack in speed and then it’s HP defense special defense and special attack all kind of fall behind so it’s becoming more specially tailored to physical attack and speed which is what you want for you know a starter Pokemon that can go

through and attack lots of things as far as its level up moves It’s Gonna Learn seed bomb you turn the bug type move that allows you to swap out so it’s a good start to your party worry seed and Slash and then it’s gonna be evolving at level 36. oh he’s taking a nap because he’s a cat it’s a cat nap next episode Coco’s Evolution and somewhat of a weird design choice this is crocolor it’s a purifier type it just kind of looks like a bigger a bigger version and has a big old fire Sombrero

instead of just a little Sprout Alfalfa thing going on that’s a big old fire Sombrero mainly focused on foikoko but he started to show some problems around his second form unlike spigotito’s Evolution it’s starting to have more issues having a specialty and it just kind of became more bulky its speed didn’t increase a lot from 36 to now it’s second form being 49 which is pretty bad even by you know a second form of starter Pokemon standards its special attack is 90 physical attack 55 HP is 81 physical defense is 78 special defense is 58

so it excels in HP and special attack is not fast the moves it learns at this point are going to be incinerary great snarl Roar and flamethrower and then it evolves at level 36. this is when I started to have problems with my Foy Coco line quaxley who I will be honest was the least favorite of mine in far in as far as design not even less favorited this is quacks well he has a big old hair thing going on and he’s a standing upright duck but unlike the other two its stats are much more

balanced that it has a physical attack of 85 and then right below that is going to be 70 for health and then 65 for defense speed special attack and 60 for special defense so it excels a little bit in physical attack but then kind of around the board and everything else 65 is still okay once you’re at that point in the game he’s not going to be slower than a lot of things nowhere near sprigatido 2 and I did he take it he’s taking a knee to take a nap okay that that’s a weird thing

weird thing that he’s doing right there as far as it’s moves that it learns it gets water pulse low sweep Aqua cutter air slash and focus energy and then evolves at level 36. so now’s the point in the video that some people are trying to avoid as far as seeing the third form of the starters first I want to take some time and tell you all about them I want to tell you about my experiences with them how I played through the game with them I did play one playthrough with all three of them and

then after I’m done explaining all that I’m going to then show them to you so if that’s not something you want to see you’re gonna have plenty of time sprigatido evolves into floregato and then at level 36 Florida gato is going to be evolving to meowskarada hope I’m saying that right it has very good stats for being a physical sweeper 123 in speed and 110 in attack I think that Florida got the over here looks awesome okay it evolved and I was like all right I really like this thing like even even look a little

little box art down there he’s standing so prestigiously like like a bandit Thief ready to do work and I love that about its design it kind of loses that in the third version again not revealing it quite yet that’s gonna be at the end of the video it’s very high speed and fairly High attack come in handy because of its typing which is not good it is grass and it is dark the reason grass dark is not a good typing is because it’s weak to fighting flying poison fire ice fairy and quad weak to bug

it actually has the same amount of resistances as it does weaknesses the same amount of quad weaknesses as it does immunities and it’s so polarizing that if you know the type matchups of the Pokemon that you’re going up against you’re going to excel great if you’re familiar with the attacks that they have you’re okay the problem therein lies it’s a new generation with 103 new Pokemon that you don’t know you don’t know their typing and especially on the first encounter you don’t get the little super effective not very effective thing you don’t know what moves

they could have and the terror raid dense there are a variety of different Terror types and that aren’t always matched up with the attacks that a Pokemon could have in addition Terra Pokemon have more than 4 attacks so it becomes very very difficult to know if you’re going to excel at this matchup or if you’re guaranteed to be ko’d as far as move coverage by level up it gets slash energy ball play rough knock off dark tie move grassy terrain and leaf storm escarade’s signature move is flower trick it’s a grass type move that is

a 100 crit chance every single time 80 base power physical 10 PP my biggest problem with meowskarada it just didn’t hold up okay there’s lots of new Pokemon in the game there’s lots of new types of Pokemon in the game while I do like my starters being you know more attacky I prefer my grass type specifically to be more seedy as I mentioned before getting your status afflictions off and things like that and while he can deal some good damage he can’t take a hit after one hit he was always guaranteed to be ko’d because

of how many weaknesses he had I just checked and I actually stopped using mine at level 42. at level 42 there were other Pokemon that I wanted to experiment with bring in use for raids use for gyms it wasn’t really that helpful I’m sorry I wanted to like him but then also the appearance again doing appearances later up next boom oh it’s still the second forms crocolor evolves into skeleturge at level 36. it looks awesome it is by far the coolest looking out of the three there is no argument about that after I show them

to you you’re gonna be like you know what Austin was right definitely the coolest looking skeleturge is unfortunately fire ghost and if you played Pokemon Legends Arceus and you used hisuin Typhlosion you know the exact problem with fire Ghost and the exact problem with fire ghost as a starter remains true now it’s everything has bite everything has bite and after two hits you get coyote in addition to that my skeleturge had a lower speed nature so I was so slow his stats speed is 66 it’s his worst stat he is absolutely horribly slow his special

attack is 110 so it’s not that great it’s not like he’s gonna you know really pounce around defense 100 pretty good good against you know defending against bite and rock moves and things like that special defense is 75. not great for dealing with special dark moves and lots of other things water type moves lots of problems that can come your way randomly attack is 75 because you know it’s supposed to use physical attacks HP is 104. his move pool after evolving at level 36 you’re going to be getting Shadow Ball nice hyper voice willow wisp

hex fire blast overheat oh I forgot his signature move he has a new signature move called torch song torch song is an 80 bass power special type fire move with 10pp that after doing the move you get a special attack boost which sounds phenomenal it is a special fire type power-up punch the problem is because of your really slow speed you’re never actually going to be able to sweep you run into a situation that because you’re not fast enough to deal with the second Pokemon or the third Pokemon I was losing at gyms that I

clearly should have won at so that’s my problem with him however I do want to say I had him with me until the very end I kept him with me on my team he’s honestly one of the ones that I wanted to root for the most and fire ghost while it isn’t the best typing it kind of worked into a niche that I was building in my whole team Synergy but more than anything else that signature move was too much to pass up and this game once you reach one of the gyms in the later

areas you can just buy nature mints in addition you’ll find them all over the place and once I was able to find a nature mint that gave me plus speed minus attack he did much better you could buy protein in the store you don’t need to use BP for it the price has been reduced and being able to just load them up with speed EVS once he was faster he was Unstoppable I was at the point that I could take on 5 Star raid dense with no problem all I have to do is hit the

torch song button and then I win because during the raid ends like it was in sword and shield at random times you’re gonna take away your stat Buffs but you’re still rebuilding them honestly one of my favorite Pokemon to deal with five and six star raids that I’ve encountered so far my crocodile’s final build ended up being torch song Shadow Ball Willow Wisp and yawn so he’s usually at the front of my party so I could get gone out turn one on wild Pokemon and then I swap him out because I can and then whoever

I’m gonna swap in it’s usually bulkier and has false swipe and can do the job well or if I’m doing a raid then you’re gonna see I had gave him Choice specs you could just buy Choice specs it’s in a store I don’t even think you have to be a champion to buy it it’s pretty awesome there’s no BP there’s no BP in this game at all just buy whatever competitive items you want and throw them on your Pokemon our third to talk about is quaxley who evolved into quack swell and Quack swallow level 30

6 evolves into quakaval like quack quackavel quackaval because I want to say Carnival because he’s a carnival dancer I don’t want to say quack so quack of all I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s going to be pronounced ball has objectively the most polarizing the design that you are going to absolutely hate or you’re gonna really like it depending on how much you know about what Carnival dancers look like in fact here’s a picture of a carnival dancer and if you think that’s a cool thing and how they dance you may like how he looks if

you don’t like how that looks you may not like how he looks alright so quackleball it was actually the best starter during my actual playthrough while I’m going through and everything else his mood variety his typing is water fighting so he’s double weak to Flying Grass Electric psychic and fairy the good news is those five types specifically you kind of know if those attacks are coming at you it’s not like oh you know I’m a fire type by the way I have this Thunder Punch you don’t really encounter that much in this game some things

have Zen headbutt which is inconvenient but he sometimes lives those attacks and he sometimes doesn’t stat wise he has an attack of 120 which is fantastic speed is 85 which is pretty bad special attack 85 HP 85 defense is 80 special defense is 75. but his signature move that he gets on evolution is called aqua step 80 base power physical type move and when it’s executed your speed stage goes up one so that horrible speed stat of 85 actually doesn’t really matter anymore if you can live the first hit and you know you’re gonna be

super effective you can rake up that momentum of speed and do a very good job has amazing type coverage I love it when a water type has a flying type move it just makes dealing with grass type so much easier okay move he gets on level up we have mega kick which I didn’t use acrobatics which is phenomenal because you’re rarely holding an item during your playthrough liquidation feather dance close combat wave crash in addition to that he can learn Swords Dance I gave him low kick which is one of the first TMS you get

in the game so him having a fighting type move even before he evolved from a quaxley was fantastic and then on top of that he also gets Baton Pass via TM so if you really wanted to and you’re dealing with the match-up thing you know you’re not gonna win you can use Baton Pass to then swap him out to something else that now has all that speed like I know it’s a very situational thing but then I swapped in uh skelodurge who has horrible speed but has torch song and I I just destroyed everything in

the game my problem with quack of all comes down to once you get into the post game and you’re dealing with raid dens when you’re dealing with raid ends which you’re going to be doing quite a bit for specific things that I don’t want to get into in this video he sort of lacks because you’re going to be using him to deal with Terror types that are you’re probably going to be using aqua step and that just increases your speed and I don’t know if that actually does anything during a raid then it just means

you’re going first in turn order it’s not like you get to attack more times per turn while he did have good move coverage during raids you’re only doing one move and you’re just doing it over and over and over and over again I have a very good grass type who is also a ground type that has not been officially revealed and they are who I am using to deal with ground and rock type raid dens right now unfortunately quack of all while he was fantastic for my entire playthrough I never used him in raid dens

all right probably the uh the moment you guys have been waiting for let’s get these Evolution screens going so again on level 36 quacks wall is going to be evolving yep that’s quack of all quack of all and yeah 80 base power and physical Attack 100 accuracy only 10 PP okay season nor crack oh no it’s time to evolve ladies and gentlemen skeleturge by far the coolest he kind of looks like a giant robot alligator crocodile but with a giant kind of like sugar skull on him and torch song uh fantastic so if you get

your hands on one from a friend fantastic for raids and again for absolutely amazing that florigato looks and how dark and Sinister and everything else that kind of whole look kinda goes away a little bit Mias garadas I think it’s a court jester that’s its whole thing and it has the big Port Jester hat in front of its face and flower trick and signature move that gives you the guaranteed critical hit and honestly you’re not dealing with a lot of Pokemon who are building up their defense and in raid dens you’re dealing with Pokemon who

are building up their attack so with it all said and done here are your starters and also my ride Pokemon let’s put him back so walk of all honestly they they all kind of serve their purpose at one time or another and I want to know what you think are you going with one of these Pokemon because you absolutely love their design do you like their strategies in battle is there base stat total something that you’re definitely relying on I don’t know let me know in the comments section Down Below guys thank you so much

for checking out this video until next time oh wait wait wait hang on hang on there we go perfect time out meow scarada could you get back in frame Jesus running around can you can you get over there please please it’s just okay he’s not a Cooper thank you for being here subscribe for more scarlet and violet till next time Austin Sean out

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