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Whether you’re an America’s Cup fan or not, 
this is an exciting watch. I’ll tell you why.
Some of the coolest things about this watch 
that Panerai has chosen to do is their choice of  
materials. And it doesn’t really look a lot like a 
typical Panerai watch. Part of the reason is that  
we’re used to seeing either the black DLC-coating 
or we’re used to seeing the high polished  
stainless steel. This one they’ve engineered a 
case that is made out of sandblasted titanium.  
And the sandblasted titanium, what you see with it 
is almost like a metal flake finish. It’s really  
interesting. It has sort of a luster and a glow 
to it. This is the Luna Rossa, it is a tribute  
to the Italian-America’s Cup team that was the 
challenger in the 36th America’s Cup in 2021.  
As such, this watch was released at SIHH 2021, 
and it just it’s a little bit under the radar.
It’s a thinner version of the Luminor 
case that we’ve come to know and love.  
It’s the cushion-shaped case, but it’s 
a 42 millimeter. It’s not super thick.  
It’s about 14.3 millimeters so it 
sits great on the rest. I don’t have  
big wrists, but you can see, I mean, it’s really 
at home

on the wrist. Looks fantastic. Love  
the red accents that you see on the dial 
here. That’s from the America’s Cup team and  
kind of keeping with that theme, the dial 
itself, it’s really interesting. It’s called  
Scafotech™, and it is a carbon material that is 
what the racing yacht is made out of. So it’s  
actually a part of the yacht. They’ve only 
made a couple hundred of these watches and  
they had enough of the material to use it for the 
dial so no two are alike. Really great looking.
They’ve combined it with the bezel as the 
Carbotech™ that we’ve talked about before. That’s  
the Panerai exclusive carbon fiber material. 
Again, no two of those look alike, but it has  
sort of a gentle swirling to it. That really is a 
great foil against the sandblasted titanium. And  
then the Scafotech™ on the dial. The movement in 
this one, it’s the Panerai P9010. So we have seen  
this movement on many of their watches. It’s used 
in about 50 different references that last count.  
It’s their in-house developed. It’s a twin barrel 
movement with a 72-hour power reserve and the GMT  
function. That’s what the red third hand here 
is, for the GMT. The caseback is engraved with  
actually a picture of the America’s Cup trophy, 
and the challenger sailing yacht as well.
and it has some text here about what it is, 
and it tells you that the case is titanium.  
It’s a rubber strap on this one, which is probably 
the right pick. It comes with the strap changing  
tools. But for me, just the overall look of 
it, whether you’re an America’s Cup fan or not,  
the watch itself is a great pick. It’s not as bold 
as a lot of the larger Panerai watches that are 44  
millimeters or larger. It’s not as bold as the 
ones that are a high polished stainless steel.  
It’s a little more subtle. And I think 
that anytime that you combine the word  
subtle with Panerai, you know, you’re 
probably looking at something unusual,  
but this one can fly a little bit under the radar. 
And I think it’s a great watch for everyday.  
Definitely a good pick for someone who 
has a few Panerai in their collection or  
someone just looking to dip their toe in the 
water and get that first one. So give us a  
call here at SwissWatchExpo. See if we’ve 
still got it in stock. We’ll be happy to  
go over any other details about it with 
you. Click the bell. Like and subscribe.

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