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Fresh from the Showcase here at SwissWatchExpo.
We have a watch that just arrived to us.
That instantly caught my eye.
If you’ve followed our new arrivals, I’m sure
it at least piqued your interest a little
This is a Panerai Luminor with a Carbotech
This is such a fascinating material they used.
And I really think we might be looking at
the watch case of the future.
So let’s just go ahead and get into it.
It’s the first thing you notice about it and
it’s absolutely beautiful.
It’s got a matted finish, definitely nothing
at all shiny or high polished about it at
And that’s because the Carbotech case is actually
made out of carbon fiber, specifically, hundreds
of layers of carbon fiber.
I believe it has been pressed on top of each
And that process is how you get this beautiful
looking almost woodgrain like finish.
And this is very much like a fingerprint or
a mother of pearl dial or something like that.
And that this is, no two cases are going to
look the same.
So it’s sort of like the opposite of mother
of Pearl.
Where that’s a naturally occurring material
that they’re making these watch

dials out
Whereas this is the entire case that is made
of an incredibly synthetic material, but it’s
produced in such a way that every single one
is unique and that is something that’s beautiful.
This one has sort of a spiral pattern around
the bezel where I’ve seen some pictures online
of ones that have literally vertical and horizontal
lines on them.
So you really could be looking at any number
of cases that look entirely different.
It might have a completely different sort
of style.
I know I’m a fan of more of the curve lines
in this one, and this is not come from polishing
that does not come from refinishing.
There’s literally comes from the way that
this case material is layered to top of each
And I think that’s so beautiful.
It’s very matte finish looks very reminiscent
of wood grain, but it’s incredibly synthetic,
which I think is cool.
You can definitely tell it’s synthetic by
holding it in your hands.
I know I’m the only one here in this video
who can do it.
You can’t do it at home, but this is lighter
than titanium.
This is light as a feather.
It really feels like you’re wearing nothing
at all.
And if you’re used to sort of handling Panerais,
at least here in the store, like I am, it
is a little jarring to have a watch this big
honestly, feel like it could just float away
from your hands.
And that’s incredibly futuristic technique
and material.
And look, all of this looks incredibly modern,
While still sort of maintaining the shape
and sort of maintaining the, the very much
style of the traditional Panerai.
Well, I’m done gushing about the case, at
least for now, it does have a beautiful looking
tan markers and hands.
This is definitely the fauxtina sort of craze
that is swept the Swiss watch game.
And I absolutely love it.
This is a perfect melding of future and modern
and past all at the same time.
And I also love the addition of the blue secondhand
at three o’clock that really does give just
the right pop of color between sort of the
dark black finishes and sort of the age it
look of the, of the hands and markers.
This has a very traditional it’s a Panerai,
910 movement.
So it’s a three-day automatic, which I love.
This is definitely one that you can set and
forget and something that the extra long power
reserves is a great bonus, especially if you’re
going for these big thick cases like Panerai
has this particular one does have a flat bezel.
So not the more domed version definitely makes
it look a little bit more modern.
And of course this one comes on a beautiful
looking Panerai leather strap with this beautiful
looking white stitching.
You can also get this on a rubber strap, which
I think looks great.
And it’ll also make it a lot more utilitarian
and a lot more really practical as far as
the dive watch goes, because that’s, what’s
This material is not just beautiful.
It’s not just difficult to make.
This is something that can stand to the elements.
It’s supposed to be 100% corrosive proof.
So if you were to use this as a dive watch,
this would be a great one that you could literally
use every single day.
You would never have to worry about any sort
of damage, assuming that you serviced it properly.
And of course, didn’t go diving without the,
without the crown closed that still field,
a couple of calls from people who do that
from time to time.
So be careful with your Panerai watch, but
this is one that can do everything you need
it to do and look incredible unique while
you do it.
If this is something that catches your eye,
it’s the first one I’ve seen.
So do not let this one get by you.
I don’t know when I’ll be blessed to hold
another one in my hands again.
And of course, like, and subscribe to our
channel and find out all the new interesting
and fascinating watches we’re getting in every
single day that SwissWatchExpo.

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