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Fresh from the Showcase here 
at SwissWatchExpo. Today,  
we’re doing a Panerai video and a super 
exclusive one at that. So let’s check it out.
This new arrival we just got here at 
SwissWatchExpo is awesome. And it is a  
super rare piece to my understanding too. This 
is a Panerai Luminor Ginza boutique edition,  
and the Ginza boutique actually refers to 
the specific store in Japan that this was  
an exclusive for. And I thought it would be 
interesting to refer to the Ginza district  
in Tokyo where this store is based, because 
there’s actually a pretty interesting story  
and a very interesting part of town for anyone 
who’s ever been there. It is definitely their  
sort of luxury shopping district and there is a 
lot of it there you can definitely compare it to  
Japan’s answer to a Rodeo drive or Madison 
avenue would if you would, pretty much all of  
the high end Western luxury shops can be found 
there just a quick glance, pretty much all the  
names you would expect to see you there, 
your Guccis, your Pradas, your Louboutins,  
Jimmy Choos, et cetera, as well as pretty much 
all of the luxury Swiss watchmakers there.
In fact, I think the Richemont Group actually 
has all

of their individual brands or at least  
most of their boutiques all on a single 
street in this Ginza district. So if you  
are into shopping and into buying luxury goods 
and you were there, that is the place to go,  
and you definitely can’t talk watch making 
in Japan without mentioning it because it is  
also the headquarters of the Seiko corporation, 
which is of course a Japan’s largest watchmaker  
and definitely their most popular one here in the 
States. I don’t know if they were founded there,  
but their headquarters are definitely based 
there now. And it’s one of the more impressive  
buildings in that part of town. If you get a 
chance to take a look at it online. So anyway,  
that is my brief travel guide to 
a city I’ve never been to before.
So let’s talk about the watch. This is an 
incredible looking Panerai and it’s always unique.  
Two things right off the bat. That’s going to 
set it apart from a lot of other Panerais. You’ve  
seen: the blue dial and the bracelet, which is 
very similar to the other Luminor bracelets I’ve  
seen. I’ve seen the inverted links appear to 
be proportionately ever so slightly different,  
but these super rare one-off boutique additions. 
You’re going to see very subtle tweaks to them,  
but they’re definitely not going to reinvent 
the wheel. And that kind of goes for all brands,  
but the blue dial is incredible. It is a sandwich 
dial, which if you’re asking me is the only way to  
go when you go Panerai, but I’m sure I’m going 
to upset a lot of Paner-isties out there who  
might feel otherwise, but it is incredible looking 
contrast. You get in these layers, the sandwich  
dial for people who don’t know, it’s a solid 
luminescent, a layer that is underneath the dial.
And so that does sort of give you this three 
dimensional look. Well, it is a three-dimensional  
look because it is sort of depressed into 
the dial, which is where you’re going to see  
these markers and numbers. And you do have the 
traditional sort of script there that Panerai is  
known for the inverted six and nine character. 
I just absolutely love this. So while this is a  
unique and rare Panerai, it’s certainly not 
going to be that big of a departure from  
some of your favorite Luminors in the past. 
The case is 44 millimeters. I think it’s a  
really great size. It might be a little large 
for some people, but Panerai is a large watch  
ideally built for large people. And this does 
kind of set it apart from a lot of the other  
Japanese exclusives we’ve had, especially 
considering the Japanese exclusive Omega  
Speedmasters have come to mind, beautiful watches, 
some of my favorites, but a very traditional size,  
very old school and classic to my understanding 
the taste of there do run a little bit smaller.
So this is definitely a big would almost say 
‘Ugly American’ watch by by comparison. It’s  
a 44 millimeters. It’s massive. It is by far the 
largest Japanese exclusive watch I have ever seen,  
but I wouldn’t expect anything different 
from Panerai and neither should you,  
the movement that powers, 
this is a P.9010 movement,  
which is a pretty popular one. That’s in a 
lot of their movements is a 31jewel movement,  
which looks beautiful on the other side of this 
exhibition case back and does have a three-day  
power reserve as well. No indicator on the dial, 
they left it relatively clean with just the 6, 9,  
12, and date window. But I also really do love 
the bright blue colored second hand. You’ll see  
this on a lot of different Panerai models, but I 
do think it has done to very great effect here.
Other than that, you do have the butterfly 
style clasp here on this bracelet, which I  
do think is a really rugged and really 
powerful looking bracelet. But again,  
like so many other things about this watch, just 
because it’s unique, just because you probably  
won’t see this for sale elsewhere does not mean 
that this is given up any of the Panerai DNA.  
You certainly would not confuse this for anything 
other than Luminor. And this is why it’s such a  
fantastic watch for any Paner-istie, but it’s 
certainly not so esoteric that you would need to  
be a Paner-istie to appreciate this watch. If you 
are looking to get your first Panerai, and want  
something is going to set you apart for the other 
people that have a Luminor in their collection,  
definitely look at this because wow, it 
is definitely a exclusive and rare watch.
It is not priced that differently from some, 
I would say less rare models of Panerai. So if  
you love this blue dial on a bracelet, don’t 
let the fact that it’s a Japanese exclusive  
scare you off, or think that somehow this 
could be way outside your budget. Chances are,  
it’s probably not that much more than some other 
Panerais you had your eye on in the past as well.  
All in all, it’s a beautiful watch. Even 
if you are not into the history of it,  
you can still appreciate it. And of course, this 
is a very unique Panerai, but we have a ton of  
other more traditional Radiomirs and Luminors. 
And of course, a variety of other brands, if you  
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