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Hey hello it’s really Hi guys welcome to my channel how are you guys I hope you guys are doing well
this time guys It’s been a very long time I haven’t vlog which maybe about two months or a month and
a half since before fasting, guys Yes, it’s been a long time I didn’t vlog and
maybe the reason why I didn’t vlog for a while, I’ll explain to you in the next video so
this time this is one of the videos that makes me feel like I’m getting up, not getting up,
I mean it’s like ganbatte, yes, to make another video
so this is called BlushBerry Beauty and here is the package and there is also an
eyeliner and this is not a normal eyeliner, this is magnetic eyeliner
If you already have the magnetic eyeliner at home maybe you guys want to try another product or another brand for the lashes
You guys just try BlackBerry Beauty, it’s also my first time actually
The ads of this brand appear on Instagram quite often, maybe not in Indonesia Yes, but
specially in France, there are a lot of BlushBerry users, it’s like there are
lots of people reviewing on Instagram with amazing makeup, I really want

it, even though I’m not
vlogger for make -up artist, But if I want to try it, it’s okay, isn’t it?
this can be used as an everyday look.Even if you want to have heavy make-up too, You can have
lashes as your choice, if you want to see it later, I’ll give you the link below
later in the description column about the website Yes BlushBerry beauty, So you can see
the various shapes of these lashes, yes guys, yes magnetically here hem If I’m not mistaken I ordered
at that time, ok so I opened it, slide it like this and I ordered, so it
was offered and I chose the one called Paparazzi and this is how it looks like,
so you can choose based on your taste, for example, if you want something light, you can order the one that is more natural
, they also have a lot of choices, so it’s not just one, just check on their website, there are so many
choices, one of which makes me fall in love, you can see it for yourself, so it
really looks like it’s really natural, it’s not too heavy but it still looks wow, because I dont want it to look
too natural, if it’s too natural, I prefer not to have fake lashes at all
Here there are five magnets, and here, if it’s too long, maybe you can also
cut the ends later. I’ll take a look at the eyeliner too so it look like this, so it’s
from the same brand from BlushBerry, it’s pink! Wow so cute Blushberry and this eyeliner
the color is black , yes, you can see the color of the eyeliner here is black,and also it’s made
from synthetic fiber. Let’s try it if if you are ready! let’s go let’s get ready with me!
because I dont prepare any mirror yes so I’m going to use this mirror from my cupboard
Maybe you will see this double me here, This is my other me (twins) and this is me
hi hi hi hi ok Guys So now you guys see the difference, I was before make up and
after make up so this is the result, I will show you the difference when
I’ve used Blushberry Before and After, Okay? now you can see.. Oh that it smells good
, so it doesn’t smell like regular mascara, So it looks like it has a nice
scent, it smells really good. You can see it’s already like this, so it’s still the same.
It’s like a regular eyeliner, but this contains a magnet, so later the lashes will stick
directly to the magnetic eyeliner, in my opinion, guys, it’s ready to use, it’s really easy, guys, so it’s the
same as the eyeliner we use normally, maybe it’s even better, It’s so easy compare to
normal eyeliner, I usually having difficulties when use ordinary eyeliner,
it’s really difficult to get both perfect shape and here are the Wings, look at this!
The Wings also so prefect. It doesn’t take so much trouble, I swear it is even better that a normal eyeliner
this is really.. Thank you BlushBerry. This is really really good and I also briefly read
about their website, you don’t have to worry because you might be afraid Oh
maybe it’s only available in Europe, or maybe only in France. No, so they’re
also doing shipping world-wide. So if for example you guys want to order, grab it fast!
so this is what I explained earlier There are five magnets on the lashes
I’ll try to put it on. I’ll see which one is in front and which one is the back
So usually the one in front is the shorter one, yes, here it is..let me..
wait! you need to wait until iy is completely dry first. I dont want it to be too much in the corner.. ah it’s really easy !
OMG, I swear this is sooo…I love it!!
see the different in my eyes that were without eyelashes, this is so wow
I swear, so I really like this, the results can be seen from the side too, guys, yeah,
from the side like that, maybe it’s really good, bro, bro, maybe you guys want to buy it,
I have a discount you can use my code, the code is MIFTA20, later
I will also post Story or a video or maybe a photo in my Story Or on the feed Instagram
and I will also give you the details below if you want to buy it. If you want to use my
code promo, it will only valid for two weeks after I post this video,
So hurry up! for you who’ve watched the video, go immediately below and click the link on description box
So you can purchased it with $$$$ OFF
Okay Guys, here is the end of the video this time. hopefully you guys like this “get ready with me” this time don’t forget to
like comment share and also subscribe thank you so much for watching See you next video bye bye

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