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Here’s a stupid attorney talking to a dead
women’s photo.
He tells her all sort of advices, what for?
Is she going to listen?
As it turns out she does,
She is dead but lives a ghost,
Being a ghost, she does exactly what many
ghosts do.
She invites her truthful attorney to join
her soon.
Young and hot, Mia’s at a witch house broken
down without having a penny to pay the rent,
Witch tells her that her fortunes are going
to turn real soon, rubbing her hands like
a lover.
Poor Mia got no money to pay,
At least it’s good that she’s beautiful
and the witch is a lesbo.
She invites her to bed rather than pay.
They start making out, It’s the witches’
turn first, she kissed then goes down and
pleasures Mia,
Mia, being a good girl, returns the favor
without any shortfall.
They both had a great one.
Mia’s back in her apartment receiving a
notice demanding room rent.
Mia tells Red that good fortune is going to
knock on their door,
And it happens too.
She opens to find the Attorney, who informs
her that Mia is to inherit the whole properties
of the

ghost lady, Kim.
Red is confused, and the attorney explains
Mia was the first person to like Kim’s obituary
post in Facebook, and as per Kim’s will
Mia gets them all.
The friends receive some advance money too,
making them shout in happiness.
Mia requests her school professor to permit
her to write her new properties antiques for
the project.
He twists himself more times than he speaks
and finally accepts her request.
Later we find the reason for his twisters
were the student leader who does him a favor
using her mouth from under the table.
Now that Mia has left, they are free to pursue
their passion licking one another and they
have a great banging right on his work desk.
Lucky guy he is.
He tells the student that he needs a book
from Mia’s new property and plans to go
steal it.
Mia goes back to thank the witch, who tells
her that her new property is dangerous and
asks to reach out to her on hard times that
are going to come.
Mia and red goes to the house, Mia touches
Kim’s photo and something gets into her.
She goes to the room with red and started
seducing her like she has been longing to
have it with her.
Red accepts and they have a great Lesbo,
Mia later welcomes the Attorney from behind
and invites him over to finish the paper works,
On their way back, He shows her the place
were Kim, evoking a response from Mia about
who pushed her down the stairs.
The shocked attorney leaves in dismay, and
Mia chases him to asks why he is leaving without
coming in.
She gets back in and wonders who licked her,
as she doesn’t remember her lesbo time with
Meanwhile the student brings a cake to present
to Mia, which has happy whore coming instead
of home coming.
Anyway, they think it’s suitable for Mia,
and goes to her to find the book that the
teacher wants.
The witch received a blank call, making her
wonder Mia could be in danger and she rushes
straight out.
They reach out and Red receives the cake from
orange and they go in, as Mia and the teacher
goes out for a ‘Private talk’.
They didn’t talk much, and Mia wondered
if he likes her perfect boobs, so she showed
it to him and it has started an adventurous
With the teacher pounding her in every possible
As the cake’s wordings changed to Murder,
Orange in the kitchen is joined by the ghost
of Kim,
It took a knife to kill her but distracted
by her big mangoes pinned the cake and laid
with her.
Attorney comes in and orange easily finds
the book that she came for,
As she opens something entered her,
The attorney found the book too and kept it
with him.
And orange passed without answering any of
Red’s question to join the teacher-student
couple in a bed.
They now indulge in a beautiful threesome
watched over by a jealous Red along with the
Attorney in onesie and the ghost on the other.
It’s the ghost that makes them do all these.
The witch enters to find the Bed scene and
immediately turned on and she joins them baring
her clothes.
Red can’t keep up no longer she too took
off her T-shirt to make it a hefty Five-some.
All the five plus the ghost all have forgotten
themselves in the moment of heat.
And the Attorney used it to his purpose and
he opened the book to fetch the ghost with
all it’s copies back into the book, Capturing
it once and for all.
The angry ghost burned the house as it is
captured and the naked people run out to save
And the ‘It has nothing movie’ ends right
Good bye.
Take care.

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