Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Steel Mens Watch 5164A Review | SwissWatchExpo

Patek 5164A — as in Alpha. This is going to be an 
Aquanaut. It’s going to be a travel time. Again,  
it is a Patek Philippe. If you want to check it 
out on our website, the stock number is 36538. So,  
it’s a stainless steel case that comes in 
40.8 millimeters with an emboss black dial.  
Again, this is a travel time. So, it does 
have a couple of extra functions that are  
going to be really helpful as you’re kind of 
moving about the world. Now, for starters,  
it does have a screw down crown that operates 
the same way as most watches — you unscrew it  
by rotating counterclockwise, wind it going 
clockwise, pull it out to adjust the time.  
Now, of course, the date is down here on a sub 
dial and you’ll notice two little viewing windows:  
one on the near three o’clock that says 
home and one near nine that says local.  
That is going to actually be the equivalent 
of like a GMT where you can actually  
change one of the hands to show two different time 
zones. Come check it out at

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