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Fresh from the showcase here at SwissWatchExpo,
probably more ink has been spilled about the
Patek Philippe Calatrava than any other watch.
It’s the longest running watch.
I believe at the Patek, factories, it came
out way back in 1932.
And at that time it was a very modern watch.
It combined these classic lines, designed
by an English watchmaker named David Penney.
And he was very much influenced by the Bauhaus
So the idea of the philosophy behind the watch
is that the form follows the function.
And we see this as just a watch that is the
classic definition of a round wristwatch.
And the problem with it for many years though,
is you’re a watch guy.
You like a mechanical movement, and you want
to buy a nice watch for your girl or you’re
a woman and you like mechanical watches, you
think that they’re fascinating.
And yet most of what’s out there for women
nowadays is quartz.
Even Patek Philippe a full 50% of what they
produce is quartz movements.
And so when you look down the list of what’s
possible for you as a woman with a nice Patek
Philippe wristwatch, you’re going to look
at things like the Nautilus, Aquanaut, the
Twenty-4, the Gondolo, the Golden Ellipse.
Most of these are going to be quartz.
So in 2006, Patek Philippe decided to remedy
They came out with this watch, which is a
33 millimeter at the time.
The first one that came out, was powered by
the two 15 hand power hand wound mechanical
movement is certainly one of the classic movements.
And the Patek Philippe line is just a hair
over two millimeters thick.
And as always, you get the beautiful waves
of Geneva, the beveled edges of the plates,
you get the polished screw heads, all of the
things that have made these movements, coveted
within all of the men’s watch lines.
And yet they weren’t available for women.
So this 33 millimeter case came out in 2006
and in 2009, they added this version.
The one we’re looking at here’s the 4897R,
which is a Rose gold watch with a Brown dial.
Patek Philippe calls it a chocolate Brown.
It’s just delicious looking.
It has a dial that is a guilloched and concentric
circles absolutely beautiful.
And when you see it, that how the light plays
with it really catches the light in a beautiful
You can see the hands there, dauphine hands
that are sandblasted on one side and high
Polish on the other, to increase legibility.
The markers are these beautiful baton markers
that are tapered.
One of the things that’s really striking about
this watch of course, is the diamond bezel.
There are 72 diamonds weighing almost a half
carat, but here’s one of the things that when
people want to know what the difference is
between Patek Philippe and other watch companies.
According to the company, they only use internally
flawless diamonds.
I don’t know any other company that does that.
Even Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, none of
the Chopard or any of the other high end jewelers,
Bulgari, none of them use internally flawless
diamonds, but these are just stunning.
They’re not a real thick diamond bezel.
So it’s not one of these watches that looks
like it’s just dripping with diamonds.
It’s just enough.
I could see a woman wearing this with a business
suit as an everyday watch.
She would definitely look powerful and yet
very classy and refined elegant, I guess,
is the best word that comes to mind for this
One of the things that makes the watch wearable
every day is its thinness that comes from
the movement.
It adds probably an extra millimeter of thickness
that the exhibition case back shows off that
beautiful movement.
Again, we see all of the, you know, sunburst
polished wheels.
They chamfered edges, the polished screws,
the ways of Geneva, the Patek Philippe seal,
all the things that make this watch a stunning
piece of watchmaking, but it’s also a beautiful
piece of jewelry.
And with the Brown strap, the Brown dial the
offset of the whiteness of the diamonds against
the Brown is such a beautiful contrast that
I think it would be a great choice for any
woman who is a fan of the mechanical watch,
but finds their choices limited with other
lines within Patek Philippe, and certainly
other watchmakers that there’s 33 millimeter
hand wound mechanical and was probably going
to be the very best choice what we have here
in stock today at SwissWatchExpo could be
gone by the time you’re seeing this video,
give us a call.
It’s an unworn 2017 model.
Never been worn.
Everything about it is absolutely pristine
comes with the full box, papers, booklets,
all the full set of everything that you would
expect, and it’s available at a huge discount
off of the full retail price.
So, click the like, click the subscribe, get
our updates, see our YouTube channel, but
give us a call and see what we have in stock
for your lady or for yourself.
If you’re shopping for yourself as someone
who’s a fan of the mechanical watch, but would
like a little bit of sparkle and femininity
about your mechanical watch.

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