Patek Philippe Calatrava White Gold Grand Complications Watch 5140G Review | SwissWatchExpo

Hi Angel at SwissWatchExpo. Today, we’re taking a 
look at a very special watch. The Patek Philippe  
Calatrava Grand Complications in white gold. 
So this is going to be a perpetual calendar,  
meaning that you can track pretty much everything 
you’re looking for, except for your heart rate.  
You’re gonna have your days, your date, 
your month, your year, your moonphase,  
and it will even track your leap year. One cool 
thing about this watch is as Patek Phillipe says  
you don’t own a Patek, you just keep it for 
the next generation. Well, this one won’t have  
to be reset until the year 2100. So I think that 
speaks to the quality of the watch. It’s gonna be  
a 240Q movement and the case will be done in white 
gold. Stunning watch to have in your collection.

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