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Not only am gonna be talking about Patek 
Philippe, but in today’s terms, a smaller  
Patek Philippe, but it’s not bad. 
Stick around. I’m gonna talk about it.
Hey guys, welcome back to SwissWatchExpo. 
I’m Jonathan. This is Taking Time and you  
probably know by now my love-hate relationship 
with the likes of Patek Philippe. I love,  
you know, the likes of the Calatrava line and 
their higher-end chronograph movements and stuff  
like that. Don’t really, I’m not really a big fan 
of their sports line and stuff like that. Anyways,  
we’ve got something here that is just oozing 
classic. We just got this in, this is the,  
Excuse me, Patek 3998J. This is in yellow gold. 
This is a 35-millimeter watch. Now, you usually  
see me talking about larger watches. Well, 
on this occasion, I like this because this is  
the gold standard. No pun intended being a 
gold watch of dress watches. Patek really  
started out very, very strong whenever they came 
out with this in 1989 and they ran it for almost  
20 years, which is, you know, in the watch 
industry, unless it’s like a really, really  
popular watch, like the Rolex Submariner or the 
AP Royal Oak like you don’t see that happening.
You’ll see the watch

getting upgraded over time 
and changed models and everything like that.  
But this ran for almost 20 years, almost 
completely untouched, which is just crazy  
to me. And it’s got a workhorse movement, the 
caliber 315SC which is an automatic movement,  
but this is an example in a 35-millimeter case. 
And whenever I say that it’s classic I think the  
trend is going back to smaller watches and this 
being a dress watch. It’s just gonna be like the  
end-all-be-all-like staple in your collection. 
That, I mean, you’re going out for a date night.  
Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, 
this is gonna be like the absolute perfect one  
that is just gonna make the night go total bliss 
anyways. What’s also rare is that we’ve got this  
in with box and papers and I did a little bit of 
research and we’ve got this at a ridiculous price  
for having it with box and papers and the 
condition that it’s in. You know, we’re just, I  
don’t know why we’re posting it at this price, but 
we are. Usually, it’s auctioning for well over.  
But yeah, we’ve got this in stock. Ready 
to go. I’d love to talk to you about it. So  
do what you need to do. Get this on your wrist, 
you know, like, subscribe. Give me a call.

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