oh hello guys here I am getting ready
for bed in all transparency
I am literally wearing my PJs but I
wanted to give you guys on the fly on
the cusp review of the new Patrick Starr
go off makeup removing product so if
you’re interested in hearing what I have
to say about the products do they work
do they not are they worth your money
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last step of skincare is lip care I just
wanted to make sure that I got this up
for you guys right away I also wanted to
make sure that I documented real time
what I was thinking so that I didn’t
forget it may seem like no big deal but
at the end of the day I know that
there’s a lot of hype surrounding this
product so I just wanted to be as
thorough as possible I’m talking about
the new patrick Star launches go off
makeup melting products we have the
juiciest makeup remover wipes are they
really though and then we have the go
off makeup dissolving missed you this is
the first product that Patrick Starr has
launched with his brand we are very very
excited for him everybody wanted to
support him everybody has had great
things to say for one or two products I
ordered it right away for a couple
reasons one because I always want to
support a new and a new influence or
brand I think that a lot of work and
dedication goes into it and I want to
support that another thing is that um I
was also running out of my makeup
melting balms that I have I have my
camellia Itachi oil and then I also have
my Physicians Formula makeup removing
balm so I thought this would be a really
good idea to test it I went ahead and I
tested it I did put like off full-on
like head turban and an additional band
around my head it just felt a little
weird when I was thinking about this
spray because I just felt like it would
go everywhere and my experience with
makeup removing or dissolving products
is that they tend to be a little bit of
an oily consistency and so I just wanted
to like not do that because like we try
to just wash the hair once or twice a
week honey so I didn’t I made sure to
protect my hair um I went ahead and I
started with half of my face I wanted to
really test the claims of him saying
that these are the juiciest makeup wipes
ever what I
is that there was actually and not a lot
of juice on the wipes they were a really
good size so it was a big enough size to
really encompass the whole face but they
really weren’t that you know saturated
with makeup dissolving product at all
I found that may just be my package but
that was my experience I used it for
half my face and because it wasn’t the
juiciest I was very careful like at one
point I’m even dabbing over my eye
because I just don’t want to sit there
and tug at my face that’s really
damaging to your face I didn’t feel like
the claims that they were making really
applied to my experience but that was
just me then I went in and I used the
spray and I sprayed it all over my face
or actually I sprayed it on this half of
my face first and then I went in with
the wipe because it really wasn’t that
full of makeup yet what I found is that
you know yeah some makeup was coming off
there wasn’t a lot that was actually
left on the wipe I think at one point I
even read the instructions on the bottle
and it says spray your face then you
know work it in and dissolve the makeup
with your fingertips and then wipe off
so I didn’t really follow the
instructions I thought as you know it
instructed on the bottle so that could
have been into however it just felt to
me like I had a full face of makeup on
but yet I wasn’t really getting a lot of
product off on the wipe and so I just
kind of kept going I sprayed the whole
face after that and then I went in with
a wipe again then I noticed at one point
that the eyeliner wasn’t really coming
off and again the eye is such a
sensitive area that I didn’t want to be
there like tugging at it and so I
sprayed it one more time just across the
eyes and then I went in very gently with
my nail and the wipe to try to get it
off in all transparency magnetic
liner which goes with my Lily lashes
magnetic lashes sometimes it’s a little
difficult to get off so I will say that
when I ended the whole wiping down
routine I actually ran to go get one of
my shoe state-o cotton squares and I
also used my Bioderma my solar water
because I wanted to give it like a pass
over my face to see if I was actually
getting all of the makeup off I fully
expected to have not only use that
square and be full of makeup but several
squares because that has happened with
other makeup removing products but what
I found is that there was hardly any
makeup left on my face when I went in
with the micellar water um so I was
actually pretty shocked because it
didn’t feel like I was getting
everything off I didn’t have a deep deep
cleansing feeling um I don’t mean the
stripping feeling but just where you
feel that everything’s coming off and
dissolving and melting so that was
actually really really impressive I’ve
tried a lot of makeup removing balms
makeup removing oils all of it and I
have my favorites I have some that are
not as good what I will tell you that
after I passed that square with my
Bioderma my solar water I was actually
not only impressed but shocked at how
much makeup had gone it had gotten off
my face and so because of that reason
along with the fact that I didn’t really
sit there and work it into my face I’m
actually going to tell you that this
product really works
I actually really really love it I feel
that I still will go in with my little
hair towel or hair turban to make sure
that it doesn’t get on my actual hair
because I did feel it before I washed it
off and it did have somewhat of an oily
consistency which I don’t really want to
get on my hair I don’t wash my hair
every day so I’ll definitely be careful
when using it but it actually is
extremely effective even when I didn’t
even follow the instructions correctly
so a hundred percent on this one I will
be repurchasing I can already tell you
when I like it I like it the weights
I think they’re cool I don’t think that
I’m going to repurchase I think they’re
expensive for what they are they were
definitely not the juiciest at least not
my pouch I will definitely keep them for
travel I think that the biggest thing
that attracted me to the wipes was the
fact that they were saying it’s the
juiciest of all wipes you know and so
that really drew me in because in
general when I did use wipes I would
actually wet them I would add extra
water so that I could very easily glide
over my face and remove the makeup balm
so I didn’t really find that these were
worth the money necessarily I think
there are like 15 or 20 bucks this on
the other hand I feel that I will
absolutely love I think that it’s worth
it I think it’s extremely effective I’m
excited to go in tomorrow and actually
wiggle my fingers and really just rub
the product in to dissolve the makeup
but like I said even when I didn’t it
still worked extremely well so that’s it
guys I just wanted to give you guys my
my on-the-fly live update / review /
first impressions and opinions about
this product congratulations to Patrick
Starr I’m so happy to see just
influencers succeeding and thinking
innovatively and outside of the box out
of the YouTube box I think that that’s
so wonderful and anytime you see
somebody really break away from YouTube
and then transition into a successful
brand like that’s always a good thing
we’re here to uplift everybody and love
everybody and encourage them and so yeah
that’s my review on the patrick star go
off makeup removing products I hope you
guys enjoyed it if you found this review
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