PayPal Mastercard – PayPal Cashback Mastercard Review & Citi Double Cash Comparison

today i will be talking about the paypal
the paypal cashback mastercard to be
more specific
i have a viewer to thank for that who
gave me the suggestion to do this video
because i’ve never talked about the
paypal mastercard
and i will compare it with
the city double cash card
because they are almost the same
they both offer two percent cash back
i specifically want to compare the two
because some of you may be
undecided on which of these two cards to
so i am mainly going to review the
cashback mastercard today and then i’m
going to talk about the similarities
and the differences between
the city double cash card and
the paypal cashback mastercard
at the end of this video after reviewing
the paypal cashback
card i’m going to tell you what i think
of it
and whether i wish i had actually got
this card
over the city double cash and whether
i’m or not
i’m thinking about getting this card in
the future
the first thing before we get started i
want to tell you
how it works you need to have a paypal
first before you apply for the paypal
cashback mastercard
because as soon as you hit that apply
now button
you are going to be prompted to log into
your paypal account so this paypal
credit card is not that hard to get
approved for
it is easier than a lot of other
cashback credit cards you’re going to
need somewhere around the high
600s but for some people they might have
some luck if they’re around the 650
it all depends on what your credit
looks like and what their criteria is
but basically if you’re somewhere high
people have been able to get an approval
for this card
the paypal mastercard is issued by
synchrony bank
and the really nice thing is there is no
annual fee for having this card so this
is a card you will want to keep long
term so this card is really good
for when you’re making purchases that
don’t fall into certain categories that
you have
with other reward credit cards so you
will be getting
two percent cash back rather than one
percent or 1.5 percent cash back
so like i said you do need to have a
paypal account
and when you’re ready to redeem your
you can redeem them into that paypal
account or into
a bank account one way that the
paypal cashback mastercard is different
city double cash is that you’re earning
two percent cash back
right away with the paypal cashback card
and with citi you first earn one percent
when you make the charge and then when
you pay your balance off you get the
other one
percent so that’s how that is different
also how they are different with the
paypal cashback mastercard
you can redeem any amount you want
it could be one dollar and 23 cents you
can redeem that
if you want to however with the city
double cash card
you need to redeem your cash back
rewards in
increments of 25 or
if you’re going to use your atm card to
get your cash back
you have to take your cash back out in
increments of
20 so this is how these two
cards are different now
typically when people do a review of
either the city double cash card
or the paypal cashback mastercard
they will tell you that these cards
don’t come with signup bonuses
and that’s not exactly true so the one
tip that i’m going to give you
that might be very important to you is
wait and look out for a sign up bonus
with these two percent cash back
cards because they do exist
so do you have the paypal cashback
mastercard what do you think about it
let us know in the comments section or
do you have the city double cash card
what do you think of that one do you
have both tell us what you think is
so i have reviewed this credit card as a
two percent cash back credit card on all
your purchases
but paypal will sometimes allow you to
earn even more cashback rewards
and they call this the bonus cash
rewards and with that they will give you
notifications of different opportunities
where you can earn
more cash back and if you follow the
terms and conditions
of these offers you can earn more than
two percent cash back
so a lot of people don’t know about
bonus cash rewards and that’s what i
like to do i like to
tell you guys all about extra ways you
can earn
more rewards on purchases if i’ve helped
you today with this video
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and if this video can help somebody you
please share it one positive
thing this card has going for it over
city double cash is with the paypal
cashback mastercard they do not charge
you foreign transaction fees
so this is a good credit card to take
when you’re traveling overseas
you’re going to get two percent cash
back on all your purchases
whereas with the city double cash
they’re going to
ask you to pay a foreign transaction fee
so even if you’re earning two percent
cash back
you’ll be paying a three percent foreign
transaction fee
so essentially it’s going to end up
costing you
one percent for every transaction you
i know there’s not a lot of perks and
benefits with this
card other than earning two percent cash
but one benefit worth mentioning is that
do offer free credit monitoring service
so most synchrony bank credit cards
allow you to request a credit line
without a hard credit inquiry most of
the time they are
soft credit pulls so if you’ve had this
card for a few months
and you want to increase your credit
line especially if your credit line is
on the lower side you can go ahead and
request a credit line
increase and that shouldn’t impact your
credit score
okay so adam jesco from proud money
said that if he could do it over again
he currently has the city double cash
he said if he could do it again he would
get the paypal cash back mastercard
but what do i think i myself also have
the citi double cash
do i regret my decision for applying for
it and getting approved for it
no i do not i am perfectly happy with
the city double cash card
and i do not have a strong interest in
this paypal cash back mastercard because
they essentially do the same thing i
myself have a paypal account so it would
be very easy for me to apply for this
credit card offer
um maybe in the future i could be
persuaded especially
if they give me a sign up bonus like
they do offer those from time to time
but other than that i’m happy with the
city double cash
card i think whether or not you
i have either the citi double cash
or the paypal cashback mastercard
i think you only really need one two
percent cashback
credit card i hope with my review today
i made and you have an understanding of
the clear differences between these two
two percent cash back cards and you have
a better idea
on which one is going to work out better
for you
and i really hope that you gained value
from this video today and if you did
please hit the like button consider
and check out these other videos here if
you want to learn
more about different credit card offers
thank you so much
and i’ll see you next time

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