pembasmi semut/ obat anti semut ampuh gun killer || unboxing & review

Ant-killing poison, mm, let’s talk about this
,Hello friends, my brothers and sisters how are you, I hope you are doing well, let’s talk a little bit lately, don’t you think
it’s been a long time, I have a lot of ants in my house Oyako’s eyes in your house right
now, the ants don’t know or know where they are, they get swarmed, sometimes just
a little spill, wo smooth, that’s a lot, especially if we have food,
it feels like we’re just being surrounded by ants whatever it is
Hi everywhere there must be ants so I’m curious about this ant poison for this ant
poison it’s in the form of a liquid A Ito asteroid spray now before we
unboxing I think we read the description first, yes in the description It explains what is
important, Yes, brasmut poison spray ants Wow races shoot the most effective way to get rid of ants
can be used in the home office or anywhere where there is a nest of ant repellents and
ant exterminators dead to the nest 100% effective Wow Well, it guarantees 100% effective that’s why I bought
this product wow I believe it’s okay eh, how to use it, shake it first before
it. Guys,

we’re unboxing for 10, let’s unboxing,
we’ll open it from here, let’s just start with the packing, this is according to absorption, it’s wrapped in Babel rap
and definitely some, more accurately, flashed Babel rap and wrapped again in cardboard.
Hahaha, that’s how it is, let’s put the induction first OK, here it is, God
, now, let’s try to open it, it’s still sealed, oh
The Ritz
Hi game killer super effective ant exterminator wadaw eradicate ants completely dry to death,
ant poison is the most practical and effective exterminator to eradicate ants and other similar pests
, how to use spray on targets as much as possible spray right on the target
target will roll out the heat and wait a while for the target it will be smooth and die the
new 250 millimetres. Watch out for toxic materials, keep them out of the reach of children. So actually,
according to the description for this liquid, it is very safe for humans and animals, as if you have a
pet cat or something else, it’s safe, which means keep it out of reach of children. children or not
, children playing, just spray, stupid. Now that’s dangerous. Ok
guys, now we’re looking for a smooth Anjay spot. An ant spot, anyway, where the ants nest,
make sure there are holes in the nest or whatever, if the ants
get together okay what we just tested to eradicate ants Hi, now we test for the ant poison
here I have got three sports, yes, this is for the first Spot
. Spot again where the ant nests are. Now before we spray, we
shake it first, if it has been shaken, there is a kind of lock or the key So you slide it first if for
example it hasn’t been shifted it doesn’t come out Hey so you guys slide it you’re a pervert and sempr ot
Ok Google hai hai Hai www
Hai quite Ice Gitu yes pretty straight sport or a gathering place ant anthill that both
Hi ya anthill second we try here so we spray
Hai models segitu first wrote Asung sport a third or a third-kevlar credits say
Hi, this is the third part on the sidelines of the long stone door to the top
Hi, so let’s just take the
nest here and go straight to the server.
, we’ll wait for five minutes, we’ll see the results. Now it’s been more than
five minutes, it arrived 10 minutes. So for the first part
, he died, the ants came straight from the nest. These came all of a sudden
. Barus, who just came, wanted to go to the nest but he couldn’t.
Hey, let me come back out again. I can’t enter. For the first place,
Hi, this is the place. the second assumption Hai 4 other ants nest could not get into the
solid O Hai so drunk you beyond all at diem he could still lodged on kagak
Hai nests letiga smooth else tuh
that had been in it when dead and others
pingin want to enter the nest kg could be on the puter behind
Well now we are trying to direct calls to you right we semprotin it was in its nest nest
we try semutnya shake before Hai our nation is spraying hi hi hi hi
hi hi
hi hi HP still
hi hi
hi hi hi nah hi so it only takes a few seconds the ants die right away
okay guys that’s it for now Unboxing and review bro, we’ve finished the ant exterminator we’ve already tried Dit Saranghae
on three place and results. After waiting for almost 10 minutes, I stayed
behind when the ant attacked was dead, yes, but yes. For the other ants who were
outside, he wanted to go to the nest, he didn’t dare to come in, then we also tried oh
hey, spray directly on the ants, it only counts for a few seconds, it immediately dies. So
if you say later the ants will come again or not, I don’t know either because
here the ant exterminator actually kills the ants, if for example later it comes again, maybe that’s what it is,
what’s the difference, that’s the story. Where’s your channel from, see you in the next video

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