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in today’s video we’re going to take a look at pencil which is an incredible app that allows you to create tons of different ad copies to test split test and improve your overall marketing game by using an ai technology i’m also going to show you an amazing website you can go to to find special offers on apps just like this as well without further ado let’s jump into today’s video so guys jumping over to the website which as always is linked down below in the description so if you want to go and check it out

make sure you do so after this video pencil the easiest way to create winning ad creatives now if you’ve been in dropshipping or any other type of business where you need to run different ads then you’ll understand that in order to become successful in online marketing that you must run split tests so ultimately starting to run different types of ad creators because you never know exactly how those ads are going to perform until you run the content and it can be quite time consuming especially as well as difficult to create interesting and engaging content on

a consistent basis and what’s really cool about this tool you can see down below it creates all different types of ads here you can see leica which is

a pet food or dog food brand and these are all the different things that are being created by the ai that can be then tested as creatives you can use the ai to generate unlimited winning ad creatives for less the secret weapon is used by over a thousand e-commerce brands just like her above other big companies like l’oreal sephora and many others which are already using this fantastic

program and something that has got me very excited to someone who has been involved in e-commerce for a little bit of time now the fastest-growing e-commerce brands don’t just have good products but then ultimately always consistently testing different content because something that works one week may not work the other week and it can be a bit of an exact science unless you’re willing to invest some time and effort into creating more different ad copies and doing lots of different split tests you can see the 78 of pencil users have found that return on ad spend

winners ultimately making them profitable you can see that more than 79 of pencil roas versus baseline and you can see that 10 ads usually are taken to find a return on ad spend winner so if you’re just going to go alone and create creatives on your own then it’s going to take you a little bit of time until you are finding anything that’s that successful and ultimately you don’t even know whether their product will be successful so you need to just be consistent and keep trying until you find something that’s going to work for you

you can see down below how it generates a i add creatives this is another brand which is called farm focus so or different kind of meats etc and you can see the different ads and things that it’s creating it’s cool because it generates lots of different ad ideas by scanning the internet and looking at other ads that are working successfully it also has a way that you can create your brand and it will create images and things around your brand using your personal branding so it’s not going to stray away too much from that and

it’s going to keep the integrity of your business intact you can utilize existing assets to the absolute maximum import and organize all the products and assets then let pencil help you test every single one and learn which assets are working and which are being burned and it’s cool you’re never even going to have to do revisions and amendments it’s also going to do all that hard work for you which is really great so it’s consistently identifying what’s working and what isn’t it’s going to do all the boring and uninteresting work that you probably like me

don’t enjoy doing and it’s going to make your life a lot easier you can make running ads a simple and scalable process so once you’re finding winning ads it’s going to help you to scale it’s going to create different ads around that ad set as well that are going to start to perform strongly as well you can see down below guys a lot of reputable people in the game talking about their reviews of the pencil app and how they’ve been enjoying using it you can connect it all through shopify google drive etc and straight away

put it to work in order to give you some fantastic results it’s going to generate ads for all sorts of different platforms not just facebook but youtube tik tok instagram and many others you can see it’s been mentioned on things like forbes and fortune magazine as well as entrepreneur and a lot of other very reputable brands before we go and take a look at an amazing website where you can go and find fantastic deals on platforms like pencil you can see that prices start at zero dollars per month that’s only going to get you three

ad sets but obviously that’s quite limited ultimately the whole point of having this is you’re gonna be running lots more it’s just giving you the opportunity to get started for three you can connect it to your shopify store and then try it out to see whether it’s something you would be interested in the next one up you then got unlimited which is a hundred dollars bill monthly and that gives you a seven day free trial you can see down below it gives you a lot of things but not huge amount in terms of assistance uh

as well as other bits that are missing and then once you go up into the kind of larger then getting up into the more serious packages for more established businesses et cetera you’ve got to do it for me at 500 a month and then onto the enterprise thousand dollars a month which might sound expensive but as mentioned guys if you want to establish yourself in e-commerce or other things like that you need to be split testing and having a platform that’s going to do it for you it’s basically essential for helping you succeed in the

business that you’ve chosen to go into so guys jumping across to app sumo again link down below in the description you can see that they have pencil on this website right now it’s not actually available as a deal on pencil but by clicking in here you can add your email address and they’re going to update you as soon as they have a fantastic deal available for pencil ultimately these deals usually come at something like 50 to 70 percent discount they’re one-off payments with a 60-day money-back guarantee which means you’re not going to be paying expensive

100 500 a month but instead having a one-time fee which is significantly lower than you would expect giving you ultimately some absolutely massive discounts for these products scrolling down below guys it gives you loads of different info about what’s available with the package and you can see what’s included in the different plans and features the different licenses that will be available once they launch again on this platform it’s not going to be around forever so when it does pop up make sure you’ve left your email address there they’re gonna send you the info you can

go across the website you can purchase it for a one-time fee and that’s gonna really help you out saving loads of money but ultimately having massive improvements in your advertising game for your e-commerce brands etc down below there’s even more reviews on faqs if you’ve got anything else you want to know about it the ceos are very helpful in getting back to people with all of their questions and we’ll definitely answer any questions you want to know more about so in summary guys pencil is a fantastic platform that’s going to help you to create tons

of new creatives for your business it’s going to analyze the markets can see what’s working for you and it’s going to do a load of the boring grunt work that you probably don’t really want to be doing and in turn not only saving you time and money but ultimately making you lots more money by creating more successful ads than just doing it manually all of the things i’ve talked about today are available in the links down in the description make sure you head across appsumo if you’re interested in this leave your email address so that

they can get hold of you as soon as they have a special promotion available for pencil there’s also tons of other interesting apps and things that you can get on there with a fantastic discount guys hope you enjoyed that video if you did make sure you smash the thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm thanks very much for doing that and if you’re new to the channel you want to learn more about fantastic products about making money online and much much more then make sure you subscribe to be kept today with all of the latest

happening thanks for watching guys see you soon with another video bye

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