it matters where you buy bundles hacksify hello everyone welcome to another episode at whackarash gaming hope all my dear mammals are excited for another video from your favorite gorilla if you’ve watched my previous video as i predicted you’ll be aware of the flurry of new features being thrown at you these features were pushed rapidly into the life server an announcement was made on the 24th of august to inform us that the latest hero appointment feature goes life in state 1 to 841. the 25th of august arrived with the kick off of a new performance review

event alongside a refreshed duty call event so this gorilla set out to find ways how you could maximize the rewards so you can squeeze out the mostest now before we continue do make sure you have smacked that subscribe button leave a comment and turn on your notification bell for more amazing videos free to play players and low spenders the duty call event is weekly and runs over three days my biggest recommendation is try to hit 20 spins weekly and stop across the three days you will get three free spins and you can choose to spend

twenty five thousand five hundred bio caps for a further 17 tries or get the three pounds and 69 pence bundle however if you are a mid to

high spender i would recommend the most efficient build is for you to stop at 40 spins weekly as there are better places to spend your dollars than here this will bag you the most scarce currency two service badges weekly and guaranteed more than sixty tactical guides by the way did you know that you can purchase these service badges for free from your alliance store did you know the cost

to purchase these service badge has been reduced so make sure you are grabbing these on a weekly basis next a performance review event is a new event giving survivors some little goodies there are three tabs with each tab expecting you to attain different goals in turn earning survivors some yummy however i beg you to wait until sunday to use your command manual your tactical guides and your service badges to triple your rewards for states that are 62 weeks and older on sunday there is the rapid growth event enabling you to accomplish both the performance review

event task and the rapid growth event task thus maximizing the use of your materials those precious coins you obtain from the rapid growth task can be used to redeem some amazing materials of your choosing then by playing gorilla style you will not only be able to claim the rewards in the slots tab but also the positions tab separately did you know you can also use the hero appointment exchange store to reach your goals in the performance review event whilst i appreciate that not everyone may have excess command manuals but if you do then the most

efficient use of the exchange store would be for my fellow mammals to exchange them to service badges then upgrade your hero appointment positions using the service badges where possible this will further allow my fellow mammals to maximize the coins you can obtain through the rapid growth event so please heed my advice wait until sunday and be patient like this gorilla finally i want to share with you a trick to enable you to bag all the rewards in the key results tab of the performance review event however before we start i do want to share with

you a gem of a secret i’ve been using paxify for some time now and it has helped me to grow stronger whilst saving a buckets load of monies trusted by many top players in state of survival it has also received hundreds of amazing feedback if you are struggling to hammer your opponent down but don’t want to sell your liver to grow stronger than you might want to look into paxify paxify will help you grow stronger and you will even be spending less monies than before paxify will offer survivors the best possible discounts out there depending

on your country you can see savings between 10 to 25 percent if you like the sound of this then check out their link in the description below if you are worried about the safety of your account details then bind your account to fun plus and you will never lose access to your account because it can never be unbinded it is impossible to lose access to your account with the fun plus bind so what are you waiting for check out their link in the description below and start growing stronger with paxify whilst saving yourself a buckets

loads of monies like me now coming back to the key results tab did you know you can make one troop infected fiends rallies and claim yourself these easy rewards so what are you waiting for whether it’s your main account or your farm account this is an amazingly easy task to accomplish for some pretty decent rewards well that’s all folks i hope you find this useful and i will prepare a full guide for the hero appointment 2.0 in the near future thanks for watching if you found this useful hit the like button smack the subscribe button

and turn on the notification bell for more amazing videos you

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