Pergear CFexpress (Type-B) card & Card Reader six month Review

i use the purger 512 gigabyte cf express
card in my canon c300 mark iii the card
comes in this lovely wooden box
i originally bought the card because of
good reviews and fantastic value but
value is ultimately tied to reliability
when it comes to recording media the
reliability of the card is essential you
need to be able to rely on it 100
and so far this has been the case with
my purger card
i’ve used it on several jobs now and
it’s been fantastic but bear in mind
it’s still a budget sea of express card
coming in currently around 260 270 euro
or 280 with the reader half the price of
premium cards
i bought the card with the per gear
cfxpress reader which i found to be
super fast when capturing footage to my
laptop or computer max read speed is 1
600 megabits per second max write speed
1200 megabits per second now these are
the max speeds and i haven’t got close
to these speeds and the tests i’ve run
achieving about 550 megabits per second
write speed and just shy of 800 megabits
per second read speed but still perfect

for what i needed for and speed tests
are always a bit hit and miss now i
rarely shoot raw mostly i shoot in xf
abc in all i and sometimes in long gub
but any tests i’ve done with the per
gear shooting raw have worked out
i may well get a second card for the
backup slot on the c300 i always like to
have backups when i’m shooting purger
didn’t send me the card and they don’t
sponsor this video so this is my own
personal opinion after using the card
for six months

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