Piers Morgan INSISTS Tottenham Fans Should Feel 'ASHAMED' For Backing Team's Loss To Man City! 😠❌

Sean is now for moris a very disappointed Arsenal fan and TV broadcaster Pi Morgan Pi good morning what say what can I say PE well I tell you what I can say which is Mr O’Hara and all the other Spurs fans who were actually celebrating their team losing

are possibly the most disgraceful bunch of tiny Club mentality idiots I think world football has ever seen honestly honestly they were actually dancing with celebration as City scored against them Ohara is wearing City shirts and jumping around because that’s the nearest thing they’re ever going to get to

winning anything in their God forsaken Little Lives it was the most embarrassing humiliating self Haring Act of treachery I’ve ever watched and I I really feel sorry I never thought I’d say this because obviously I’ve woken up this morning knowing what it feels like to have been a

Spurs fan for a day it is horrible right I’ve woken up I’ve woken up with a massive headache I got hardly any sleep right I drank too much I and I felt I felt a sense of self-loathing which only disappeared when I remembered I’m an Arsenal fan right

and just to just to remind everyone I think Ohara was on the Arsenal Academy before we got rid of him sent to the

to because this is the mentality of the guy we’re talking about but I feel sorry for for an poog because there’s a guy who’s in

Australian right they don’t ever understand what it means to want to lose something in sport right right it’s just alien to them and POS has literally had to turn around at one stage in the game in the middle of a massive game where Tottenham could potentially have qualified

for the Champions League with all that would have meant for him as a manager getting better players and so on but no there was a guy a Tottenham fan behind him the entire game tanting at him to throw the match and eventually POA because he’s a winner turned

around and just had a go at him what a moment for Tottenham fans I mean seriously how could any Tottenham fan live with themselves watching that seen go down last night they had a chance to try and potentially make top four Villa have to go away to Palace

on Sunday they may they may not win there Tottenham play won last night and they should have won last night but 70% of the game there was at least as good a team as City if son hadn’t missed an absolute sitter arsal would now be heading for the

premier league on Sunday take take a breath take a breath I’m annoyed I’m annoyed but I’m also ashamed even more than usual of toland fans H can West Ham do your favor football is a strange game mentioned Ella they’ got the players to sneak a goal they have

and I actually randomly bumped into David Moyes uh who was heading into talk sport the other day because I think he’s part of your Euros AC and I bumped into him in a bar opposite the the building and made a lovely chat and um I just got a

sense that he wants to go out quite rightly from West Ham uh with a bank and what better Bank could he possibly go out than actually dismantling City in their own backyard and letting Arsen with the Le and by the way for all West Ham fans what better

way for you to say thank you not just to David Moyes but to Dean rice the man who brought you European Glory the man who stood there week after week basically holding you up as a team carrying you on his shoulders what better way than to go to

City and win it for Moise and win it for Dean peers what about you you’ve mentioned your disappointment in the tooram fans I get that I’m guessing though the one thing you can’t be disappointed in was the Tottenham players and the manager and the way about it because

on another night they could have easily got a point yeah no question and they should have got a point and that’s what disappoints me I think if they’d had the folsome support of the fans um which is what normal fans would have done in that situation if they’re

supposedly a club that genuinely wants to be one of the bigger clubs then I think they would have got a point but the the atmosphere was so Dreadful weird and then and then if you the players and they were trying hard I thought Tottenham were really competitive for

a large part of the game but if you’re one of those players and you you got a manager willing you to do absolutely everything you can and you look at your own fans literally silent for large sways of the match and then only erupting into chanting and singing

and Jubilation when City score what kind of message is that sending to players what must have they been thinking I think honestly I don’t know about you guys but have you guys ever ever experienced anything quite like that no I me I just thought I thought it was

extraordinary so I’m not just disappointed in Tottenham fans I I they should feel a sense of collective shame they won’t but they should feel a a sense of collective shame peers what about um where where where do you think Arsenal if they have lost it and City go

on to win the final game was at that Villa game when Villa Arsenal had chances to put Villa away and didn’t and Villa ended up winning the game we double period as well we lost a home in West Ham and lost a weight to F if I’m correct

I think that was I think that was a bit really Ali I mean look in the end we’ve won more Premier League games this season already than we’ve ever won before right in a season that is an amazing achievement albe it I think the only achievement that matters

is winning but to actually have won more Premier League games I it’s 27 now uh than we’ve ever done before even in the Invincible season is is incredible so qos to Etta qos to the players we’re up against the best team possibly this country has seen after the

invincibles obviously if they go and win the title for the fourth consecutive year you got to give great credit to guard and and C they are a formidable team we have pushed them right to the wire it’s not over yet anything can happen on that final day thought

city looked a little bit jittery yesterday a little bit nervous and that’s not going to go away on I mean imagine if West Ham scor quite early right on Sunday I think all bets are off then so I think I hope West Ham attack them I hope they

try and Nick a goal I hope they put pressure on them I hope we do our bit but I think that Arsenal definitely improved immeasurably if you look at artetta first two seasons he lost 13 league games both seasons I was one of the people at the end

of that two-year period thinking maybe it’s to come too early for him he’s not ready you maybe we shouldn’t have got ready of Emory by the way um who’s obviously excelled a villa but the next two seasons Etta has been phenomenal and we should have won the league

last season and we choked it we definitely haven’t choked it this year but you know yeah we we should have done better against Villa at home definitely but that’s the only game we’ve lost in the league this this year and I think it was that little wobble around

Christmas time that really did Us in you shouldn’t be losing to teams like West Ham and Fulham if you want to win the Premier League against an opponent as formidable as Man City so I think that we’ve learned from that I hope what we do is go in

the transfer market and do what we did with Dean rice make a statement buy now for a proper Center forward because although he scored a barrel load of goals I do think against Villa had a lot of chances against Bayern Munich and both legs particularly the home legue

a lot of chances which a top Striker I think would have taken and when you look at Harland you know for all the criticism he gets for not backtracking and so on his job is to score goals and that guy scores goals and I think we we we

we lack that one thing in our Armory which is a proper killer Striker and I think there no denigration of habits who’s done a great job up front and I definitely wouldn’t want to get rid of him but if you look at someone like Gabrielle Jesus for example

he scored whatever it is four or five League goals this season that’s not enough for a number nine at Arsenal and it’s never been enough for a number nine at Arsenal so I hope that artetta gets in that market and buys a top top Striker and then I

think we’re going to be incredibly competitive P great to talk thanks P not over yet let’s see what happens thank you win the league I believe I believe in West Ham do it for Mo do it for Dean West Ham come on Pi Morgan or is it tears

Morgan I’ll tell you what Arsenal got a tough game in the weekend yeah ever ever ever have picked up defensively sound I mean you’d fancy Arsenal but you’d also well what what Arsenal have got to do is they’ve got to put you know the disappointment of last night’s

game behind them and go and smash every and just J just got go do their job big thanks to PE there coming up we got a sidekick in to get a a mystical prediction for the final day of the Season Clinton Baptist from Phoenix nights he joins us

next talks for breakfast with Alan Brazil Thursday and Friday morning 6: till 10 on am on da via the talk sport app and on your smart speaker talk sport

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