PITAKA MagEZ Case 3 Review for iPhone 14 – Carbon fiber style, MagSafe


– PITAKA sent me a couple of their MagSafe compatible cases. So, I didn’t pay for these, they were sent for a product review, and I’ve been using this one for a few days. I was expecting a rigid, unappealing shell-type of case that would be a nightmare to remove. My experience was a lot different. There’s a reassuring 1mm thickness to the front facia of the MagEZ Case, and 0.5mm thickness to the sides of the case, which curve round to form a thin lip of protection over the front of the phone. Now, the best part is the

feel of the product. It’s much nicer to hold than a leather or silicone case. It has a very grippy, almost rubber-like and textured feel. It makes me want to pick it up and hold it, even when I don’t need my phone. And, it looks fantastic. Cut-outs expose leading edges of your phone. You’ll be grateful of that if you’ve ever owned a carbon-style case before. This design makes the case much much easier to remove without risking damage to your phone or the case. These soft cushioned sticky pads go in each corner of the case to ensure

it fits snuggly with no rattles. Notice there is a generous lip to the camera protector. I’m using a stick-on camera lens protector, and I still have over 1 millimeter of lip protrusion.

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