what is going on there citizens of the reject Nation look who’s in town Sally lamanako is here with us today I still get my name wrong Sally’s visiting I was like well why hang out we should shoot a movie reaction together I gotta participate in her uh Spider-Man Mary Jane short film we shot something for it keep a lookout for that it’ll be out in six to eight years I’m really excited for it I believe in you thank you six to eight years is a good amount of time to get your 10 minute short film

done it’s gonna be like 30 minutes guys that’s a long short film I know you should make it 10 minutes well then I’ll have to cut you out though you should make it 30 minutes hey leave a like cause Sally’s in town right yeah yeah just please leave a like if I get to 500 likes I’ll move back to L.A so ambitious no why are you crossing your arms are you uncomfortable no I’m itching my arm all right okay my arms making sure I can’t read your body language copy of Roger Pitch Perfect that’s why

we said yeah I didn’t even mention that we’ve never seen it just so happened to be wearing a shirt that is a great song

there you go so patreon we have for our super sexy rejects where you stick up with your own copy of Pitch Perfect we could watch the whole thing with us we also got exclusive content as well oh yeah uh Sally’s uh she’s not doing the Marvel reactions here anymore let’s roll that intro I’m getting chewed out for and my DMs are like well you couldn’t even commit to doing this yeah what’s

your problem I’m like listen I was shooting them all really fast and I was on it correct the one that’s like let’s hold this there’s a hole Yeah you deserve it I have to lead this Channel and it’s important that the leader never takes blame right and only points to everyone else right that is what you learned from 21 irrefutable laws of leadership let’s roll that intro from me is that an acapella yeah I have no clue what this movie’s about it’s just about singing I have zero idea I assume it’s called pitch perfect please

don’t stop them please don’t stop though please don’t stop the music I love acapella now this is exactly the type of performance you would expect to see at the International Championship I didn’t know she was in this nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy look at you you’re a mess you’re unfocused you dumb my dad always says if you’re not here to win get the hell out of Kuwait has your dad ever told you to shut up yeah I’m on her side team Selena please don’t

stop the music boy that hurts sexy man split his pain is our game Gail is this movie about acapella yes it’s acapella groups oh no way yeah it’s a horrible song oh this is cool I love this I’m turning a snoozeville yeah and we park in a lot where they do not validate that was nasty we know exactly where it is yeah this movie has Style I love Anna Kendrick this guy looks so familiar there he is oh there’s been plaid I love Ben wow looking at it now I can see that it’s a bit

much I could take it down no it’s Michael Tessler just uh it’s your old man making a funny Chris Rock everybody that DJing is not a profession it’s a hobby I want to produce music I want to make music you’re going to get a college education first for free I would not have this conversation like in front of someone yeah so drop that you’re getting a free college education Dane Cook yes I was gonna say he looks like a young version of Dane Cook troublemakers of acapella how’s your voice oh nice it’s an awkward thing

I am confident that we will find eight super hot girls with bikini ready bodies who can harmonize in a perfect pitch okay oh this is gonna be a great movie this is try me call yourself Fat Amy yes so twig let you know behind my back diff juice that’s not a real word but keep trying you will get there laughs there’s four groups on campus the Bellas that’s us the bu harmonics they sing a lot of Madonna the high notes they’re not particularly motivated I get it are we sing all over the world and we

compete in National Championships on purpose we played the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center you oh wow and bumper huge fan the smell of your weird is actually affecting my vocal cord so I’m gonna need you to what a dick it’s like acapella gangs yeah it’s like West Side Story yeah Annie has an accent my God yes I know I’m Luke station manager you must be Becky the intern um it’s uh hey man what’s up I’m Jesse I’m Luke you’re late I know you no you don’t no you don’t now you guys will be spending a

lot of down time together so please just no sex on the desk I’ve been burned before what a shitty rule one of those girls is all dark and mysterious and she takes off her glasses and that amazingly scary ear Spike and you realize that you know she was beautiful the whole time no more glasses then you’re halfway there oh oh dick out of here jokes aren’t even funny it was a compliment he was saying you’re hot no you were saying you were half hot get a little let me mansplain this to you I just always

get mad at me I got a job at the radio station oh great that place yeah it’s dark and dirty and has like what those three weirdos who work there well four now how do you know that he had sex on that table the toast you can sing you have to audition for the fellas you were seeing titanium right you know David Guetta have I been living under a rock everyone knows that song yeah I’m leaving here until you sing so this is problematic so weird cancel Pitch Perfect so I’m tired and then they fall

in love Yeah start making out that’s why everyone loves this movie they’re making strong eye contact no they have really good chemistry yeah lovely voice thanks see you at audition what in bars of Kelly Clarkson Since You’ve Been Gone if a group likes you Christopher mint plazas in this WOW Nick Lovin here’s some things it was cool but it was all pretend and yeah yeah it’s like theater kid 100 I’m sorry what was that fish say s dude the editing in this is great yeah it is oh he was the guy in that musical movie

that people didn’t like but he also won like Tony’s for that so I’m aware he’s got great like solo music that I love I didn’t know we had to prepare that song oh that’s okay sing anything you want uh man oh yeah the cup thing what cup thing have you seen this no but like it’s a trend got my ticket for the long way round ah that is cool when I’m gone dude prettiest I was falling in love with her I know you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone damn that caught me nipple chill Colt

that Amy Denise Ashley and Becca wow it’s like a cult that’s what I just said I don’t listen to you classic pun I know Benji he’s with the Enemy promise to never have sexual relations with the Troublemaker or did I get you a drink sounds great I’m gonna get you a drink go for it I think you need to get on this level do you want to have your vocal cords ripped out by Wolves I think she does I mean she was in Twilight so she’s kind of familiar with the Wolves so one of this

is probably a lesbian my money is on Black Beauty so when I drink too much tonight can I count on you to hold my hair back if I puke hahaha poor Ben I don’t know his real name in this movie he wasn’t accepted he’s gotta probably some Asian he’s gonna be the villain watch he’s gonna like start his own or something the dark side yes this is his origin story and he likes Star Wars so you know it’s like the parallels Stacy The Trebles don’t respect us and if we let them penetrate us we are

giving them our power not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate so anything to confess it was an accident I turn in your scarf and go lady you vomited on stage you’re being way too harsh and it is my job to make sure that my soldiers are prepped at go time with three Kick-Ass songs and there are only four months until regionals so if you have a problem with the way that I run the Bellas then you should just you know this is a list of all of the songs that we have ever

performed we only do songs made famous by women there’s nothing from the century on here because we don’t stray from tradition time to mix it up if you want to win the competition also wouldn’t having sex with the other team actually get in their heads and be used as a weapon perhaps ships one okay we will work on that first thing next time she’s so tight for Jesse a musical boner I saw it at Hood night it’s distracting you’re not the blossoming you took an oath that oath cost you two girls already today I’m pretty

sure you need me more than I need you me to my boss well done I think we’re gonna be akka awesome why do they look like flight attendants I don’t know not paying for this let’s go well I hope you all remember the way you feel so you will never gonna feel this way again God your voice didn’t sound aguilarian at all I have nodes what oh my God I just have to pull back Chloe this is horrible well at least it’s not herpes or do you have that as well do you want me to

get you lunch probably lay off the burgers not gonna be 22 forever you know I think I’m good I love that guy’s body I want to be him I want to score movies bring people to tears you know blow their minds I feel like only music can do that you must really sweep your girlfriend off her feet oh I don’t have a girlfriend you have juice pouches and Rocky you just happen to guess the biggest cinematic reveal in history Vader in German means father his name is literally Darth father oh what is that real I

didn’t know that are you guys getting ready for the Riff Off what the hell is a riff-off exactly what it sounds like this is West Side Story ladies of the 80s this is like so cool especially like actually it was real life this does not happen in college if it did though college would have been way cooler um nice the negative side effects of medical marijuana folks wow I thought that was good Sean’s about sex all of them Like a Virgin I’ve had goosebumps this whole time I had to put the girl that got cut

out oh that brings out the man in me nicely done get in the ref off yeah feels the very first time oh here we go now put it down never slow the original rump shakers what is she saying I don’t know sorry get down lost strictly busy don’t play around much ground got game by the pounds what is Spooby doing in my body look at that what happens when you break tradition I look how comfortable she is they got the audience in with the dude they’re just jealous enjoy watching us win the iccas on the

TV on a regional cable affiliate I want to watch you watch the end of this movie such a good movie you’ve seen it right it’s a little overrated yes princess and a criminal does that answer your question sincerely yours a little lucky game yeah I thought he was being watched you’re missing me sorry oh I knew it oh yeah no one could predict it that is that is so me though when I get too nervous and I’m like I mean let’s watch another one I think Becca should take my solo yeah Becca would be excellent

they might be shy and not when I come forward and say they wanted a solo I would be happy to do it if I got to pick a new song and do an arrangement well that’s not how we run things here you can sing Turn the Beat Around and that’s the last I want to hear of this you are so annoying that Amy you’ll solo he was like weirdly okay with getting insulted like that I would have been like this you want to dress like a flight attendant go for it that’s what I would have

said she doesn’t care enough man maybe it’s that she works too hard so she gets jealous of her for not working or she’s secretly a great singer and is jealous acapella is once again proven that it doesn’t get better for everyone After High School geez they’re so mean oh my God the Bellows are gonna have like a Mean Girls moment that might provide some let’s go see the Bellas mixing it up it’s a refreshing yet displeasing to the eye and Bella is for saying song and all eyes will be on senior Aubrey Posen she could

toss some cookies at any moment throw up again she makes it through folks no cookie toss for them I got like leg chills there we go laughs awesome I love that now right around God damn they’re good oh that’s right John I’ll have to excuse me jeez e damn they’re so good and then they obviously won who else would win they’re way better the winner of tonight’s Regional competition defending oh he’s still a loyalist to them yeah even after he was mistreated that way I wonder what he’s gonna do he’s gonna do something you know

they’re all from a television show dude really I love him so much she’s looking excited what have you done it looked pretty serious that doesn’t mean you call my dad who else was I going to call okay why are you yelling at me I’m the only one here I didn’t ask you to be it’s like a tournament if you think I’m paying for you to go to La after a stunt like this I’m not get in the car you’re not even gonna hear what I have to say about this No not tonight just get in

why don’t you speak up man literally there was like 50 people fighting there’s so many people getting it she got friends I want you to take the night shift play your music the DJ at the garage does a brilliant version of this but yours it’s better just gonna get pulled away from the occupant no no dick B2 bomb I have the semi-finals tonight I did not have you pegged as an acapella girl it’s because you don’t know Becky like I do see you tonight I don’t think there’s been enough screwing time dedicated to this whole

like rivalry yeah maybe there were deleted scenes or something triangle seems more just like a line it just keeps like increasing every time we check in and I’m like rarely here Donald Slow Down slow down that is cruel that’s so mean I’m sitting up laughs we’re all singing Greg I’m sorry yeah I was more like why are my nipples so hard just chills this whole every time they break into a song I don’t know why we must love musicals Greg it can’t be you just feel the Phantom of the Opera’s next yeah I did yeah

it’s right right Next Step because I got hit by flying Mexican food oh she didn’t put the gas in the someone should have checked but you guys are gonna get pitch slapped so hard your man boobs are going to concave pretty good I set fires to feel Joy oh good times I wonder if these guys are like a real acapella group I’m sure one of them is I hate their outfits so much like please change for at least one performance here we go again looks like they’re sticking with what they know God damn it’s so

boring when you do this she can feel it just break tradition oh oh she’s getting a mischievous let’s go she’s gonna do remixes that everyone yeah that like made me nervous though steak can haunt you for the rest of your life and affect your children facts screw us up are you serious your grade a pain in my ass and I know you’re hooking up with Jesse if this is what I get for trying Bella that was so loud in my ear Craig oh my God that’s the benefit of now being here instead of filming remotely

from New York come on Ben Platt go after her and sing a song okay High School the Bellas do not advance and Senior Aubrey Posen loses her chance to redeem herself from last year’s puke All Is Lost can’t you walk slow man she had it started off a loner and started to gain friends but now she’s going backwards to being a loner yeah relatable oh my God she’s finally getting what she wanted but maybe is this what she really wanted that’s what she needs Greg I don’t I don’t think so character Arc she’s reminded me

to reach out through music oh yes that’s true I didn’t even think that for some reason that but all the obviousness princess does that answer your question The Breakfast Club Fun Factory the whole take they made her watch the entire movie just to really get in the camera yeah we need a very realistic take yeah yeah we are from the Collegiate acapella Association it has come to our attention that you are not in college oh they’ll get another chance now we’re breaking into act three people let’s go oh she looks good there holy yes thank

you sir why because she’s winded Greg she was yeah I prefer women exhausted she was in True Blood season two I remember her now I love that bird sorry we will win without her you don’t look hot anymore oh my god do you think there’s gonna be a woman in the room with him gargled a little bit because I probably couldn’t do it again oh he was watching a movie by himself so now they can watch one together you push away anyone who could possibly care about you why is that I don’t know he’s like

get therapy yeah yeah Jesse Breaking Bad that’s what it is yeah I am the one who knocks she said surgery and Jessica and Ashley it is like you haven’t been here all year long have we really we’ve literally been here the whole time Chloe could you please get your head out of your ass it’s not a hat why don’t they just kick her out dad oh I like it was listening uh this is about the Bellas getting into the finals we already know what are they watching the weather all right dust lamps I leave for

Los Angeles in a few hours so let’s get going but bumper what about the iccas there this weekend I won that like 100 times so I’m out of here he’s leaving and then it’s gonna be him there’s gonna be the leader I know you know he writes his own he knows someone in a magical box if you they will definitely not let you just come on I’m doing this group so I could hang out with a bunch of really cool chicks and also because I was really sick of all my boyfriends and I need to

get away from that I’m sure to listen to Becca oh so it’s my fault Aubry you’re too controlling and it’s gonna ruin all of us this time I’m not get down here it’s like the Exorcist oh my God let it out they’re gonna slip in it and it’s gonna they’re gonna like oh do it I wanted to say that I’m sorry and I definitely shouldn’t have left I let you guys down and I’m really sorry continuity issues I didn’t see it when she first stood up okay I know that I’ve been hard on you but

I am my father’s daughter and he always said if at first you don’t succeed pack your bags I guess we don’t really know that much about each other I have a lot of sex yeah we nice I see only because I just told you for the last two years I’ve had a serious gambling problem one it started when I broke up with my girlfriend well hey my twin in the womb they gave her the best luck what do we do it’s so well done oh her eyes her eyes make the stars look like they’re not

shining her hair ah this is so much better um best move we’ve ever seen in a long time this is cool they gotta have like a CD huh oh yeah a CD guy still called him on Spotify though yeah one two what was that I don’t know I’ve never made that sound before is that you no it was the movie I thought it was you no I have something that can help us out excuse me you don’t need to shout she could sing baritone I swear to God I thought that was you oh yeah what

the hell yeah welcome to the finals of the 2000s here we go here we go here we go ready for it shut your eyes and get rid of all the aqua Politics the Lincoln Center here in the Big Apple and singing on this storied stage is the dream of every I hope those are all real acapella groups they got to you know be in the movie yeah I get a chance to shine count down I bet Pentatonix was in this movie and we just didn’t even notice it yep good luck thanks you too troublemakers have

no idea what you’re going for but now they have been plot so sometimes oh she loves him yeah tonight here we go here we go I’ve got the magic in me oh look at them respect oh I hope they win yeah how about you with the eyes come on down to the front and sit right here and don’t be shy so come on come on God damn this is done so well I got the magic in me I wonder if Ben Platt did more like behind the scenes and stuff for this movie I don’t know

you know yeah okay let’s just smash this okay I don’t know how they’re gonna beat it do you how are they gonna beat that I don’t have a white board to lay it out for you but Don are those Bella uniforms and this is a whole new look for them and it is hot hot junk these girls could turn me oh this is great good the hell are you doing in that audience yes let’s go that’s such a boss move will you call my name oh this is fantastic so they’re gonna pierce my shirts see

her hair wasn’t down and the other one and now it’s down and then it’s not down they just accept it okay oh my God you ladies oh all right I see it yeah my eyes are watery yeah it’s so awesome you need tissues here I know I do this is amazing I don’t even know why I’m so moved to this whole movie are you oh my God I love it Sally I love it yeah that’s what I’m talking about I launched this year’s auditions email a recent icca National Champion winners get to pick the audition

song oh hell yeah I know that was amazing you gotta come back out here Sally I know it’s just not to say when we are zooming in together I think she directed the second one okay I need to see that that was incredible that was so good I figured literally it was so like I’m just so happy yeah that was amazing you should do a musical series because I feel like it removed my music you know what they had the man that Kristoff packed some like music and everything I watched these days um the I

think the uh they had that line that he was that what’s the freaking guy’s name the love interest I don’t know I don’t know I just can’t I just I don’t remember his name yeah it’s called discount Dane Cook the whole time um God he looks so familiar just making sure there’s no post credits and you never know right yeah I wouldn’t I would know how that feels they had that he was explaining that whole thing about you know um you know music and everything just booing your emotions and moving you to tears and all

that stuff right and sure yeah I can experience picking up his name so we can be proper with this and not get turned out for non-wing character names hold on but I and I think this one Chloe don’t worry it’s just God punishing you because you’re a ginger oh they did like little ad-libs yeah the um the I think yeah she is his name Jesse who’s the actor look him up we would have waited I just went up here right there which would have waited one second it would have appeared um Jesse Yeah I think

the movie was just so because yeah like I mean sure it’s predictable and stuff and the movie’s telling you it was predictable like I thought that was the whole point of that scene when they when they have the DVDs and she’s saying how movie’s going you’re like yeah you know it’s predictable so of course it’s gonna follow the structures and everything it’s gonna go the route you expect it to go but they still made it unique in a lot of the jokes that they did it was way edgier than I expected yeah um what was

the point of the DJ now that now that we’ve seen the whole thing I’m like he didn’t come back at the end there was nothing you remember the whole like love triangle thing that was like kind of weird like oh yeah well I think that was just the path of I mean I think for her character Becca it was just showing how she would she thought she wanted a specific path that this was the real path that she a real calling no no but I meant the character specifically who cares he was hot and had

abs and was great I was I thought that would come back at the end for something so did I but it did not but everything else came back at the end like The Breakfast Club references that was well done that was really well done that was a great moment yeah it was and and a great way for uh her to show how much she’s changed I don’t know it’s just like sweet and cheesy this is the kind of that I’m out there crying on camera because something is is just so that’s what usually makes me

cry it’s like the heartbreaking uh like that’s not heartbreaking but just the real touching stuff that people do you know that’s real touching that’s some touching ass right there I love it I love that movie it was so fun you know this was one of those movies that like everyone hyped up so much because everyone loved this movie that that’s why I like put off watching it does that ever happen to you when it people like hype it up so much that you like don’t want to watch you see the list of movies I have

that I gotta react to yeah definitely lived up to it just because of how different the dialogue was it was fun to watch like there were moments around like the puke moment where that thing fell you know that you’re just like God that was hilarious you know I I did not know it was an acapella movie I I knew I knew it was something to do with music because it’s called pitch perfect yeah and people have always said like Anna Kendrick’s a great singer so I was like all right I’m assuming that yeah there’s some

type of musical I I thought they were I I had no idea what it what it was about I had never seen like a trailer or images or something like that I saw a trailer for Pitch Perfect three but I don’t think that communicated to me that they deal with acapella so um and that was I saw like one time years ago so yeah when this movie started like oh does it knock up and I love acapella like who doesn’t love good good because if you didn’t what’s your favorite acapella song Greg uh I don’t

know any original acapella no no I meant like what’s your favorite rendition of a song of an object my God I have one you have a specific one what Pentatonix did Kanye West’s coldest winter is it pronounced Pentatonix yeah I’m just no Pentatonix yes I don’t know why I enunciated just now pentatonic that’s how it’s spelled Pentatonix but I just say Pentatonix Pentatonix is Pentatonix yes I don’t know why I just was like Pentatonix yeah you should listen to their uh Kanye West uh version like yeah coldest winter on their Christmas album I think it’s

gonna promote Kanye West on this channel dope he’s the he’s the personality I’m striving to be and I think it was interesting watching this because I don’t mind Rebel Wilson um I’ve seen a bunch of Rebel Wilson after this movie which is the movie that made her like really I know this is the one that made her like really famous and then I kind of started seeing Rebel Wilson when she went through that phase that everyone goes through where it’s like suddenly people really are annoyed by Rebel Wilson all the time just because she pops

up and kind of does the same kind of shtick all the time and then people started going back to liking her again yeah because she also like came out about how she she was annoyed herself that she kept getting like the fat funny character roles you know yeah she was like uh what is she British Australian whatever foreign not American version of Melissa McCarthy herself like later was trying to like break out of that type which Hollywood yeah kept putting her in but she has a specific kind of humor um I could see why this

movie made her real like way more on the map like because it’s cool that she gets to not only done atmosphere a comedy but also demonstrate her like singing capability she sold this show and a lot of one-liners in this movie and there were other characters like the silent Asian girl that was like so funny I just like what this movie was so much funnier than I said yeah me too I thought it would just be uh just a movie proven for female audiences I really I just also really like it because like there’s not

many movies that there’s all girls that has this amount like this great humor in it you know mean girls that’s why it’s also cool that McLovin was in this movie because like yeah it’s kind of like uh it’s cool just to see an all girls movie it’s really funny um like we got our super bad moment I guess we did get our super bad moment yeah it was it was funny and it was and and the the directing and editing of the musical numbers was so well done yeah it was like watching a Pentatonix music

video besides but the way they would do especially in the in the training sequences and stuff like that that was and I was just an admiration of knowing like being aware of some of these people who I only know as actors and not musical performers and then seeing just how much work they put into like I’m watching this going I’m like it’s a time did it take to choreograph this choreography all the sinking it’s a lot of lip syncing it’s a lot of meshing of different songs like remixes too and then imagine too the legalities

behind that like having to get every song cleared and like I wonder how much true paid for all the copyright stuff that’s crazy well I wonder because it’s a universal movie so they probably own a lot of it yeah they probably had a lot of umg music which is the best company on YouTube We love you umg they always they’re always like yeah the five two seconds plays in a trailer you can keep it they’re never just we own your whole video now even though you muted it yeah they’re great um yeah I thought Anna

Kendrick was awesome too is this the movie that made her like a lead performer yeah I’m assuming yeah like a lead in general she’s I mean anytime she pops up in anything it’s weird she’s in so much but like as a celebrity she’s not really like there’s she’s so such an unproblematic Queen you know just you never really see her in the tabloids oh and the reoccurring motif of the uh the the the commentators was his name John something oh man look his name I want to make sure I’m getting this right attempt to Anna

Kendrick and not they Pitch Perfect um Elizabeth Banks and uh what is what is John Michael John what is his name what is it do you know it I know who you’re talking about but he’s John Michael Higgins that’s his name yeah John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks they’re great oh my God they were hysterical I think Elizabeth Banks is such a still to this day I mean she’s been becoming more of a director uh and she still does stuff in front of the camera but I think she’s like an underrated comedic Talent uh and

then this this movie just shows that off so much okay we gotta look up where it is Skyler Aston guys from because damn I just kept looking at his face going I’ve seen this dude in something else oh it’s facial hair maybe we would know because I just saw a picture of him a facial hair and he looks let’s see oh crazy ex-girlfriend God damn it he was the he was Greg and crazy Have You Seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend you guys have not seen crazy X you oh my God it’s brilliant have you seen any of

it I know what it is you haven’t even seen him like one Emmys right you haven’t even seen like the musical numbers I’ve seen a few um I have seen a few uh because I I had an ex that watched it crazy ex-boyfriend actually hey it’s just a movie I mean a show so you would love that show I know it is so inventive and and I was hoping the first and it’s like deep too but hilarious how many seasons there’s only three but every every episode there’s not a lot of episodes there’s like a

difference kind of music for every episode like yeah yeah they’re very creative and they mix up the genres um and yeah I’ve heard it’s incredible I definitely need to watch it because I love anything with music and he plays a character uh in one of the later Seasons like he replaces a character um character yeah he’s a character character and that was that’s where I’ve seen him from that’s right that makes sense because he sings and in there yeah it looks like he’s doing all he does trolls as well he’s also in trolls yes the

new one or tro the show and then uh yeah he was good he was really nice he was really nice yeah in that show he plays like nice likable guy yeah yeah he’s good at that he’s good at playing Knights like a boca Adam DeVine have you seen that movie where like he tries to get with this the girl like he goes back in time to constantly try to get with his friend no he’s in that movie he’s a lead in it he’s really good the butterfly Factor no that movie is so fun but yeah

guys this was a great great cast of characters yes some of some of the the only bit that I thought was weird was the thing with the room shower the shower I thought that I didn’t quite understand the choices for that bit I thought that like she was gonna be a singer and then like join them or something like she was like jealous of her or something like you’re that never came back at the end either like it was the point of that I didn’t understand a lot of the the I didn’t quite find Detroit

it’s not I didn’t understand it was like there must have been so many deleted scenes the choice for it didn’t feel strong to me and it it just rang as a little weird and then it didn’t uh and it just says have a good spring break I’m like I guess they get along now or something I kind of shipped Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow together you know I thought they were yeah I thought they would have been excellent but yeah all the other everyone in the in the team of the Bellows were so were wonderful

they were all they did a perfect podcasting yeah yes this was diverse and a lot of ways um yeah musical numbers are amazing everything about this movie I thought was great yeah I I really enjoyed this movie a lot I had so much fun it was like a surprisingly fun yeah it was a fun movie to watch yeah because sometimes when we when I when we film here especially when I got people who are filming like a Sally knows the situation today I was like yeah just come over uh and then we’ll let’s just look

what do I got so and then yeah I like to make it a little spontaneous sometime and to find the spontaneous decision that was about embracing spontaneity this was the perfect choice Perfect Choice pitch perfect perfect choice not a perfect movie but um but for what it sets out to do it’s like near perfect the pitch was perfect ah well done yeah well done and everyone on Rotten Tomatoes likes it too except one person who probably hates music and hates themselves and you know and what’s refreshing about watching this movie to me as well see

why they got her for trolls too because for sure because they kind of do like a similar thing with their songs and um that’s a great trip I didn’t expect to love that either and I was like this is a really fun movie um the the a lot of times like people might complain about the use of familiar songs and that plays on Nostalgia and this movie manages of course to hit that note however Beyond just hitting a familiar note they’ve they find ways of making of like Reinventing and making it really creative and super

engaging well they added in a lot of this the popular songs when this movie came out at the time and mixing that with the nostalgic 80s deal like there were a lot of 80s songs in this movie God this movie’s 11 years old I love 80s music I feel like this movie just came out like a couple years 11 years old I’m old you are old and you’re a woman so I’m kind of times up by two I started out you put our lighting Greg you can see my wrinkles you look great Sally people are

gonna love the way you look right okay yes comment about Sally’s looks in this video and not about her personality yeah guys okay someone needs to comment and it needs to get a lot of likes and I need Greg to do The Cup Song from this movie like we should do the cup song challenge it’s like a challenge that was like a popular thing yes it still is like people still do it yeah I’ve never seen it yeah really well they’re banning tick tock the government good thing we have YouTube yeah I’ll do the cup

thing here do the cup challenge whatever the cup challenge this thing we should both do it and see who does it perfectly pitch perfectly oh I can’t wait to watch the second one yeah you gotta come back out here you gotta pay money fly out here literally my mom I like FaceTime her today she’s like you can just fly out there whenever you know like you just go to LAX and uh and I won’t pay you anything that’s fine that was amazing I was so surprised Sally I’m glad we chose this one me too this

is probably it’s probably out of all the ones we’ve covered of the movies we’ve covered together this is probably the most the most fun one I would say I would say we’ve had odd choices we’ve had really weird ones that are like this is fun but it kind of tips some of them dip in and out yeah Spaceballs was hard for us grown-ups like we did grown as time like we were fun but this was like oh man I love this is the first one by surprise many times and I don’t think we had seen

a movie yet that had done that for us I also cried so or I laughed so hard I cried in the beginning and that was awful because I just did my makeup and I was like I can’t there’s no tissues that that was a great spontaneous moment uh I think this is the first time we watched together but we loved it yeah yeah like genuinely loved it yeah oh what a blast what a blasting blast of a situation well thanks for watching guys thanks for being here follow Sally she’s a gem Cherry Bomb I know

Cherry Bomb you get do you get Ever ashy knees no I get ashy knees it’s no problem I actually have a scar there and I keep forgetting like I can see it on camera but I don’t know if it actually I ate as a kid off a bike like you ate bad food while on a bike no I like had a bike accident and like a third person oh like second grade uh it was pretty gnarly um yeah so that’s from that it was like it was like all this and then all I literally see

nothing really this right here it was like a big chunk just taken out of my skin so you can see like a circle there that’s white that is so not noticeable yeah I mean it’s obviously like gone down over the years they’re there I’m right here and I can tell you there’s like nothing there it’s a contrast on your TV it’s like you can like see it right there it’ll be clearer on the camera camera yeah the camera that shoots us yeah the shooting of the camera poison specifically designed to kill Cusco oh I missed

you Craig I miss you too Sally anyway guys follow Sally keep a lookout for a Spider-Man short film she’s gonna also try to like show me that would look so good she’s gonna drop all her Marvel movie reactions at once you know what we should do we should we should have you film all hours just hours I’m so down and then I’ll tell my boss that my flight’s canceled and I’ll just do all the movies here I’ll only show your reactions to the like the last five minutes of each one of them yeah Sally choice

I’m mine blamer all right guys thank you for being here you check us on patreon leave a like

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