Pixel 8a Review – The ULTIMATE budget phone 😲 (with Sound Test)

now let’s be real although much of its Hardware is not going to measure up to the flagship pixel such as its camera its Ram its screen and its lack of fast charging whether it be wired or Wireless the typical user or Creator is still going to enjoy using

the pixel 8A I know I did because the biggest strength of a pixel phone is really it’s software and all the useful ways AI is integrated into the camera and with Gemini there’s even more you can do with it as an AI assistant all powered by the same

tza G3 processor as the pixel 8 Pro and in many ways it is a big jump over its predecessor the pixel 78 20 HZ screen refresh is actually a thing now on the pixel 8A while the 7A had only up to 90 HZ screen refresh and it build

quality now feels more like a flagship device with a nice he to do it Google has also committed to 7 years 7 years of security updates for software and the occasional feature drop now I’m going to get into more detail about the pros and cons of using this

device on a daily basis and also about the audio aspects of this phone such as its speakers and the Bluetooth audio codex it supports now I’m probably

the only guy on YouTube who talks about that so if you want to see more reviews views from this channel get

subscribed and tap the Bell button to stay notified but first let’s talk about its camera the first thing that really sets pixel phones apart from the competition is super R zoom and it works just as well on the pixel 8 a as the flagship pixel 8 Pro but

since it doesn’t have a telephoto lens it can only do up to two times optical zoom or up to eight times digital crop five times if you’re shooting video whereas with the 8 Pros 48 megapixel telephoto lens you can do up to 30 times digital Zoom apart from

that it’s got just about every other pixel AI camera feature like magic eraser photo umblr best take and audio eraser which is really useful for cleaning up noise to make voices sound clearer in videos without having to use a PC editor yes Dr water yes yes Dr water

yes yes drop the water yes the pixel 8A has a 64 megapixel wide and 13 megapixel Ultra wide rear camera and it can also shoot in raw but unlike the 8 Pro which allows you to shoot up to 50 megap raw images the 8A only allows shooting at

16 .1 megapixels so it’s not going to offer a huge Advantage shooting and raw over the jpeg in terms of resolution and you cannot crop in as much but compared to the regular jpack its raw images will still retain more info like color data and dynamic range so

that you can color grade in Lightroom Photoshop or dark table without losing detail that is why it’s raw file size is still about three times bigger but if you’re not going to color grade or anything like that sort it makes more sense to just shoot in jpack you

know it saves space right but is its camera actually good I went to Singapore’s Gardens by the bay to test it shoting pictures with a rear camera it was able to reproduce softer lines good contrast and very natural looking colors of skin Greenery and flowers now after I

take a photo what’s being shown on screen is very similar to what I’m seeing in real life so it doesn’t lean too warm or too cool shooting with a 13 megapixel Ultra wide lens it also maintains the scenes color accuracy very well with a good level of detail

it’s only when zooming in digitally when you start to see some small variations and color accuracy like in this shot it leans a little bluish compared to the actual green tones also since it’s cropping off the main sensor you do lose resolution when zooming into far off objects

even with Super S Zoom but just using the cameras without digital Zoom it’s pretty awesome to say the least the same applies in low light conditions the AI processing just cleans up the pictures real good so they you look smooth and sharp in every shot but shooting videos

in low light since there won’t be any AI processing after you’ll still see noise and fuzziness when cropping into dark areas other than that it does very well at shooting videos the great thing about pixel phones has always been stabilization shooting a walking shot at different Zoom lengths

it was almost like I’m using a stabilizer one time zoom and two times zoom camera looks very stable nice that being said you can shoot videos in portrait mode with blurry background and you can shoot macro videos things which can be done on the pixel 8 Pro in

terms of audio the pixel 8A supports most of the popular low compression codex like ldac apx HD and it also supports the next gen lc3 codec so possibly Oro cast in future if you don’t know what Oro cast is watch this video link in the description however it

doesn’t have any decent way to customize its sound except for the sound amplifier which only works with external audio devices like earbuds and headphones and doesn’t actually make sound quality better no matter what I did either it makes sound more thin and weak or more bright and Tiny

Yu the speakers are loud yes crisp and clean in the midst too I have this strangest feeling to know what to believe cuz every time you touch me I can’t control my body baby you are on my mind all I think about and I don’t want to stop

I don’t want to stop what a Sony WF xm5 for $35 us well guys it’s clearly fake if you see something like this on some online store even if the seller says this is an oem product it came from the same Factory as the retail model but it

was rejected there is a stereo setup but it’s a very simple one with very little spaciousness in the stereo so much of the sound seems focused in the middle of the screen so when I’m playing games like C mobile I get killed a lot because I can’t really

get a sense of where the other players are coming from eliminated as for gaming performance it’s a lot better than I expected now you can’t do both ultra high frame rates and very high graphic quality settings on cot mobile but I set it to ultra frame rates with

forced 120 HZ screen refresh at medium graphic settings and it ran buty smooth and very responsive same goes for very high graphic quality settings at Max frame rates after just one match though I could already feel the phone heating up but the heat distribution feels pretty even across

the device and not just concentrated around the camera bar which is great now let’s talk about screen brightness it’s advertised as being 1,400 nits bright showing HDR content and up to 2,000 nits Peak brightness but in my daily usage this is one area which the pixel 8A falls

short it’s bright enough indoor even under bright artificial lighting but under the sun it can be a little hard to see the screen even with adaptive brightness turned off and the brightness turned up all the way in terms of thermos it does get a little hot when using

the camera it’s never too hot to hold though but you want to watch that temperature when shooting under the hot sun the pixel 88 does give you a full day of battery from a full charge with always on screen it got to 39% after 19 hours with 3

hours and 48 minutes of screen time it’s decent enough and with all the battery saving features it could last a little longer than that okay at the 35th hour mark the battery died for a total of 35 hours of battery from Full to empty total screen time 4

hours and 10 minutes and it took about an hour and 40 minutes to charge it back to full actually not that bad considering it doesn’t have f charging and I was charging it with a 25 W charger this charges at 18 W so 18 WS 1 hour and

48 minutes from empty to full overall the main reason why I dig the pixel 8 a is that with all the AI features surrounding the camera Gemini Ai and its premium build quality it doesn’t actually feel like a budget device in fact if you’re coming from another budget

device this would feel like can upgrade and like other pixel phones it’s going to be among the first Android phones to receive security updates 7 years of security updates so it’s a very strong value proposition indeed now I can understand why some people are not really digging the

pixel 8A because it’s powered by the tza G3 processor which is the same chip that some people are saying is not as fast or as power efficient as even the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which came out 3 years ago to put this into context the exos S so’s

from Samsung were regarded as inferior to Snapdragon and tenser is regarded in a similar fashion but personally it’s fast enough for my use cuz I don’t really game that much it’s more for productivity tasks which this is more than capable of and if I do game it handles

that well enough as we saw now if there are concerns about the tensor’s exos antenna I’ve tested it making some phone calls over cellular including one to my mom Happy Mother’s Day by the way and from the phone calls I can tell you that there are no signal

dropouts as far as I can tell which is awesome perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that I live in Singapore the UI is smooth and snappy apps open almost instantly plus the whole focus of tza G3 is about computational photography and Ai and the pixel 8A

is as far as I know the best budget device in these areas that really speaks to me as a content creator it’s a budget friendly yet powerful content creation tool that is going to get supported by Google long after all the other devices from other brands that’s all

I have to say if you want me to compare the pixel 8 a to another product from another brand let me know in the comments and get subscribed so you don’t miss future videos from this channel peace

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