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a self care planner by Million Dollar Habits
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Without further a due, let’s go with the video!
This is the cover page, I actually like it very much
because it looks realistic, and that
that catches my attention in a digital planner
Here we have the index. This planner has
the same color chart in all its sections
they are like “ground” colors and I think
it is a lovely color combination and that
fits really well with a planner of this style. All these sections
have hyperlinks so when we touch them we are
directed to the corresponding section, I’ll show you this

And here it has a phrase, that is the definition of self
care and it says
“doing the things that make you feel more like
your self”. So this is the first spreads of the planner. And now, I’ll
show you how each section is
so you can see all that it is included in this planner
We’re going to start with the first sections that is Gratitude
and when we touch here, it take us to this page
that is like a pre cover page, and here
you can put some pictures of
important moments
that you’re grateful for, in case you want to use these pages
that are also decorated with this
elements that I think are pretty beautiful
Then it has a Daily Gratitude section
This planner is full of starting points or
prompts that are classics in journaling
like this, where you can write a quote that motivates you
in here, in this box
and then you can write 3 things you are thankful for
This helps to change our focus
toward the positive things that happens to us instead of
of focusing on the negative points
And is an exercise that helps you to look around
in a more positive way and
helps you to feel happier. Then, in here
you can write 3 things you are proud of
and in the next page we have a box
for today’s focus
in here you can write the date. And then
a section for the priorities
for today and for tomorrow
it has a space to write 3 priorities, that are
the things you want to do this day
and that are the most important, and the ones
you need to put your focus on, and also it has
a space here to write the things that went well
during the day and some thoughts
Here it has a mood tracker
where you can say this one is the less happy and
this is the happier and mark how you felt that day
This planner is design so you can think about your day
in the morning, and start the day with a different aproach
in this section in here, and then, during the evening
you can reflect about how the day went, which is very
close to journaling. If I touch this diamond here
we go back to the index. The next section
is Rituals, and we have 2. It is divided
in 2 sections: morning and evening
Here we have the morning rituals.
There is a box in here to
write an affirmation to start the day. Affirmations are
things that you say to your self
such as “If you want you can”
or “don’t stop until you feel proud of yourself”
those are some phrases that I can remember right now
that you can use them as affirmations. I can be any
phrase that makes sense to you, and that motivates
you to start the day and to achieve the things you have in mind
This exercise, that is typical in journaling,
helps you
to start the day with other energy. Following with this page,
there is a section in here to write and
reflect, what things, could make the day that is about to start, perfect
Something like thinking in your ideal day. Then
we have a small section to write 3 things
that you’ll do for yourself today. It could be
watch a tv show, prepare something to eat
read a good book, etc. And have
that time for yourself inside all day’s craziness
I think is very important
and having that write in here, and think about it in the morning
is a good exercise, because It can help you
to consciously leave those moments for you
because in the morning you already thought in some things you could do
when you have some free time during the day
This page have space to write some morning beauty rituals
so you can write in here some ideas or things
that you enjoy doing in the morning. The next section
is Evening rituals
And here we have a box to write your
favorite thing that happen during the day. This is
similar to the daily gratitude exercise, but
but it has to do with moments that made you happy
during the day and write it here. Here we have a more
extensive space to reflect about your day
if it went good, what things were good, if it went
bad what things were wrong. In the bottom you have
another box to write how you can improve the things that
went bad and analyze how to improve for the next day
This type of exercise are also very
common in the journaling practice. Here we also have some
spaces to write calming or
relaxing rituals before bed
So you can write in here or put some stickers
that has some relation with this rituals, or pictures, anything you want
In here you can use your imagination
whatever you want. The next section in this
planner is about Wellness
This section is divided in 2 sub sections
one for the body
and one for the mind. We are going to start with the body section
This is a weekly wellness section.
In here you can annotate the week number or the dates
of that week. Again we have a section to
write your weekly focus
in what you will be focusing during the week
related with your wellness. It could be
exercise, don’t eat a type of food, etc
He have here the top 3 priorities for the week.
that you want to achieve in relation with
your weekly focus I guess,
In here it has another section, where you
can plan your weekly workouts. It has
space for 6. And finally it has a mood tracer
for your weekly mood. In the next page it has
a meal planner section for the week
and here it has a section
where you can write self care activities that
you could do during the week. I think this section
is pretty good, because having some ideas written in here
It could make it easier for you to take the time to do them
you could also write next
the idea and next write how
much time you would take in doing that activity. Such as a tub bath
it takes a pretty long time
but, for instance
a facial treatment could need less amount of time
So, you can write your self care activity
that you would like to do
and the time that it would take to do it, and write some ideas
so when you have some free time during the day, you can come in here
and search which one of these activities you could do in that
free time moment. You can also use this section
to write the things that you do this week to take care of you
which can be simple things like go early
to bed and rest a little longer. Finally it has a section
again to reflect about
how the week went in terms of
if you could complete
your workouts, if you could
accomplish your goals about eating healthy, etc
How it was your ween in relation with your health care
or about your body wellness. Finally it has
a box where you can write your thoughts
regarding this topic. Then we have the
mind wellness section which is also weekly
And here we have a weekly mantra
that is similar to the daily affirmations
but in a weekly level. You can write a motivational quote,
or paste some
pictures that motivate you, just as a vision
board or a weekly mood board
We have a section for 3 weekly
affirmations. A gratitud section
to write some things that made you feel grateful during the week
and a wellness tracker in the bottom
or a mood tracker. In this other page it has
a section, that I find it pretty good
and is about things to let go. Because
sometimes we got stuck in pass events
such as a fight with someone
and you keep stuck with that, and keep figthing
alone for the rest of the week, thinking that
you should have said something, or done something
Or if we made a mistake we got stuck thinking
how you could have done it better, or the things you did wrong
what would you do if that happens to you again, etc
And here you could reflect, and write those things
that you want to let go, and that are using space
in your brain, but not doing anything productive in there, and they are
just an annoying noise in there. So you can relfect
about those things and write them in here
and say I want to let go my fight with that person
I want to let go the mistake I made
In this other section of thoughts, you can write what happen
what you learned, and ok this is over
So I think is a very useful section. In here
you can list 3 people that you appreciate
and in here 3 compliments or good things you could do for them
This is an exercise that that allows to realize
that makes someone you love happy
or saying something nice to others, that
is going to generate a good feeling in them. In the long (or short) term is
going to have a positive effect in how you feel, and in your
relationship with others. So I think this
section is a very good to start working in your relationships
The next sections
of this self care journal is
this trackers section over here, which is divided
in 4 sections, and the first is
the Habits. Here it has
a monthly habit planning spread
so you can write the month name in here
It has 6 boxes to annotate
6 habits that you want to acquire
or improve. And this other sections, that I think
is super important, that says reasons why I want to improve this
I thing that if you write, and have a clear
idea your why, why you want to have these habits
why you want to improve or acquire them
If your have your why clearly defined, it would be so much
easier to go ahead with them. If you don’t know why
you want to do them, or why they are important to you
is going to be very hard that you can be constant with them
In here it has another thoughts box
where you can write the most
difficult things, or the problems
that you have when trying to accomplish this habits.
This other page it has an habit tracker for the 4 weeks of the
month. So in here you write your habits
and in here you can go checking or using some stickers
to mark the days when you could accomplished those habits
The next section is a monthly mood tracker
and in here you can classified different moods
and you can put numbers in this forms
and then use stickers or colors that represents each mood
and then fill in each box how you feel that day.
Then comes this section, that is one of my favorites
inside this planner, that is a self care tracker
It has several things you can track
such as call a friend, take a bath
read a book, eat healthy, listen to music,
move and more. A lot of things
you can track, and also you can annotate 4
of your interest and that are not in here
This is a weekly tracker that
let you know how much of these self care related things
you did. In my instagram I upload a picture of
this section filled and
I use stickers for the
tracing of the things I did, and I found it so
funny to do it this way. Because,
if you know me for a while you’ll probably know
that I have a thing with stickers, I love them so much. So I’ll
let my instagram over here in case you want to see how
this section looks when filled. Then it has a reading tracker
and it has this pretty draw
that you can color when
you finish a book
In this table you can add more info
such as the date when you finish it, its name
how much it took you to finish it and
your ranking
The last section of this planner is the journal
And it is like this, with lined pages
It’s at the end of the planner so is easy to add
more pages when needed
And this section is
to write whatever you want, since is a section without
pre defined topics as in the previous sections.
So you can write about your day,
you can do a mood board
or vision board, or add pictures of things
that happen during the day and that you want to remember
So it is a section where yuo can write anything you want
It has this space for the date
and that’s all.
I really like this planner
and I’ve enjoy using it. I have the same problem that
I have with the one
that I reviewed in my previous video. It will be here so
you can check it out. And is that the color
chart that uses, in some way don’t let you
can use a lot of colors to decorate it
This is obviously a personal opinion, and
if you have seen others videos in my channel, you
would probably know that I love stickers.
And that I have this tiny problem of over decorating my planners
so having this planner with a non neutral color
limits me a little in the number of color I can use to
decorate it. However,
this is super personal, and
I also think that the colors that this planner has are
very lovely, and combine very well together, and are very pleasant to see.
But personally I would prefer
a more neutral color chart so I can decorate it
using all the colors of the rainbow! I think
this planner is very original,
and I haven’t see any other planner with a focus
in self care. The other
thing I like a lot about this planner is, as I mentioned in the video
it includes several prompts
or journaling starting points, so I think it
is a planner that is perfect for people who want to start
doing journaling, but that they don’t know how to start.
Because it has a lot of exercises or prompts
that are going to help you in the hobby or in the
journaling art. As a general conclusion, I think this
planner is very pretty, it is well done
I think it is a good option
specially to those that want to start in
the journaling as I was sayin. And for those
that want to start taking more care of their self
because in this planner, as you could see,
you can have or write things related
with several topics about the self care
of your body, and your mind
with healthy habit trackers, and so on
I hope you enjoyed this video and that it was helpful for you
If it was remember to give it a thumbs up. Remember to subscribed
if you haven’t. Big hugs for you guys
I hope you are doing very well, taking care of yourselves
I’ll see you next week with another video, and I say goodby now!

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