Playing April Fools' Day pranks with Adam the Great

La, la, la, la, la la singing along, Adam sing the sunrise. Uh It is a Monday morning here in the sunrise show. Also April the first, also known as April Fool’s Day. So in honor of that, we brought into the studio, a man who has fooled many a

man and a woman and a child over the course of his magic career. He is local magician, Adam, the great uh you can check him out all summer long at local fairs and festivals. You can also hire him for your corporate events. It’s Adam the All right,

got the business out of the way. Let’s get to the magic. So we bring in Christopher mcguinness. Please take your spots here and welcome. Thank you. Take it over the six. OK. All right. Well, here we got a little bit of card magic here. I’m gonna shuffle these

really quick and then I would like you to pick one. So I’m gonna do a regular shuffle and uh this next shuffle that’s a regular shuffle. And this one here is, this is called a Russian shuffle. Chris. Do you know why they call it that? Because they’re rushing

after each other. That’s why. OK? All right here. We gotta be sure that. All right, China uh here grab any card you like there and just don’t show it to

me. OK? And then if you would like before you show the camera, I want you to uh look

at Drew. OK? Now look at me. Perfect. Don’t move. I’m gonna borrow this right here. Thank you very much. That did not look normal Chris. OK? Now I’m gonna hand this to you. Don’t poke yourself when you take this because this is a sharpie. I don’t want to

hurt yourself. Ok? Um Now uh in China, if you would, I’m gonna turn my back, write your first name across the card, ok? And then the last nine digits of your social right under that. Ok? And if you’re not comfortable with that part, I’ll look it up on

Google, just go with your name, ok? The name on this card, on the card, you’re right, I’ll write a card. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. OK. Using the back of a in the great to write her name. Strong back here we are you good. J OK. So we got that

done. I’ll take the pen and uh just for the beer at the beers of home. I’m gonna do a recap. OK, perfect. And then uh oh leave that. OK. Here we go, China uh show them your card, show the camera so they can see your name. I’m not

looking, I’m not looking and uh, hand it to me face down China. Oh, sorry. Viewers at home play along, please. There it is. That is the card, that is the card? Ok. Hand, face down on my hand and then, uh, Chris, I want you to watch close. Ok.

Uh, we’ll go right about here. And what I want you to do is point for the viewers. How far down do you estimate China’s card belt there? Ok. Now I’m gonna show you exactly where it is and then I’ll do it again. The card is still on the

top. That’s your card. Yes, China. Excellent. OK. I’ll do it again. Chris check it out this time. I’m gonna bend your card, China that will make it more visible. So if you blink, focus on the bent. OK. Now, can you see the bend right here? OK. Don’t blink

32 and one boom. Flip that over. Verify. Is that your card, China? Oh my goodness, me, we’re, we’re not done yet. OK. So I’m gonna take that back. I’m gonna take the mark out right that little bend right there. We’re gonna scoop these back up. Give him a

little bit of a shuffle and we’ll let Chris pick one. OK? But Chris do not write on it like China because that ruins the whole pack. Take one out today. All right. Now, I want you to look at it and verify that’s China’s name. Hand it to China.

Hand it to China. OK. No, China, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do something for you. That is a kind of a, have you ever heard of the flash? The superhero, the guy was super speed. I want you to, I’m gonna emulate what it would look like if

I had that ability. Ok. So take that card that has your name on it, right? OK. Drop it. So you’re right about there. Excellent. Now I’m going to cut them to the table. Just 123. I’m going to give him a quick shuffle and then I’m gonna ask you

a question. Just answer it out loud, out loud. Say a number between one and three. Fire away. Two. Excellent. OK. Very good at this game. So the trick is done. What happened? The moment that China answered the question, I removed your card from the pack. Ok. It’s diving

in here anymore. What I did with it once I took it out of the pack, China, I folded your card in half two times. I then placed it inside of a glass box and then I covered it with a red handkerchief and I’m talking about that one right

there. There’s no way. Yeah. Check this out. I’m gonna take this off. OK. Nothing. Here, nothing. Here. This comes off. As you can see there is a card inside the glass box. I’m gonna take the lid off. I’m gonna hand this to you. I want you to unfold

that card. Verify it’s yours if it is, show the camera if it’s not, is it? Yeah, you just mind being blow on my hand. That is, that is crazy. All right. You wanna know how he does it? We don’t tell you that part. We don’t tell you that

part. We say check him out. Adam the I have one more trick I can show you, Adam, you see this one, I can turn our Sunrise studio into the dolls like that. Who that? The magic I learned something from? You. You, you coming along.

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