Playing TikTok Easter Games

Welcome to Good Mythical More. We’re gonna play some Easter games from TikTok, and boy, this is my idea of a fun afternoon. Well, let’s get some sugar out of our blood. Sugar, sugar. Get it going. Okay, I started to pod a little bit. It really helps when you

got a bunch of sugar in your blood like that. And you do some brisk exercise. Yeah. It moves the glucose from your blood into your muscles that want it. Alright, that’s, you should have been a P. E. teacher. Gather around, kids. You need to move that glucose from

lunch into your, into your muscles. I can see some props out the corner of my eye. These are Easter themed stuffs. Stevie, what type of platform could teach us how to do this? One with short form content that you scroll on mindlessly until the wee hours of the

night. Oh, I hate it. You scroll right past that screen time reminder, you say to yourself, just three more, just ten more. Just all of them. Stevie has a problem. And then you fall asleep with your phone. How many Reneé Rapp clips are there you ask yourself? Hundreds!

Hundreds of Reneé Rapp clips. Thousands. You’re talking about TikTok. Let’s see the first one. Oh, so. Okay. This is a blindfolded gathering of the eggs into the basket. She’s not doing great. Yeah, cause you

can’t feel. You can’t feel. That’s what’s so hilarious about this one. Oh gosh,

this looks so hilarious. And it’s with a spatula. I thought she had a ladle. – She did. – You’ve given us spatulas. She did a spatula. She had a spatula, Lucas says. I trust you. I also trust you. Isn’t that obvious? Okay. So, is there a time limit

on this? Or is it until we lose all the eggs? We’re gonna determine that as we go. Where are the eggs gonna be? Well, put your hands off the, give us some surface here. You want eggs here? Let us lay the eggs. We’re gonna lay the eggs all

around you. Okay. You don’t want to knock all the eggs off. What if I do this? Make a wall, Rhett, with your arms. Like this. Okay, okay, okay. Got it, got it, got it. Okay, ready? Yeah. On your marks, get set, go! Woo! Yeah! Oh, you got one!

You got one! So many! That’s cheating! I don’t. I’m not feeling that there’s any. Look how many are in there. Hey! You’re, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! You’re cheating! Stevie’s yelling without using the mic. I’m not feeling any, oh! Okay, here we go. I’m gonna get this one in.

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Happy Easter! Happy Easter! How many did you get? I got, I put a bunch of grass in there. You had one and then you dumped it out at one point. Oh, you had one? I cheated a little bit I

think. What did you, you actually got, I didn’t see you get any. I got three. Oh my goodness. I got a, I got a, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but that wasn’t even like. Fun. Easter baby shower material. Oooh. Like. Oooh. Like. No I think

it was. I think it was exactly that. It wasn’t, it wasn’t even that. I appreciated the enthusiasm from y’all. Thank you. Thank y’all for doing that. For giving little, is the next one better than that? Oh, the next one is great. I, let me, let’s see it. This

is game three, Easter Bunny Ring Toss. Well, this is such a good idea, I’m gonna have to follow them for more Easter ideas. Okay, Link. At PartyDelightSuk. Let’s do this back and forth. At PartyDelightSuk. They even say it sucks. Party Delights UK. Oh. That’s different. Look at this.

Okay, I get ears, you get ears. Here you go. Ears go on the front. Alright. And I’m gonna tie this in a bow. This is how they have fun in the UK Party Delights UK Okay, so grab your rings. Look at us. Whose baby shower are we at?

The Easter bunnies. Yeah. – Yeah. – What’s that? This got some toxic stuff going on. It’s got some mothballish. Really? That’s bad. Boy, this is bad. This is bad for you. Let me throw it at your face. Are you trying to make it easy? Try again. Now, did

you get Easter Bunny baskets when you were a kid? Rhett? Easter bunny baskets? Yeah, did you get a basket from the Easter bunny at Easter time? I got, I got a Easter, I got a chocolate Easter bunny. It wasn’t in a basket? No, it was in a package.

Yeah, but that sits in a basket, and that’s what makes it festive, dude. I didn’t get any basket. I was thinking that the McLaughlins really didn’t celebrate Easter bunny. What do you mean? You didn’t, like, really go hard with Easter Bunny. Did the Easter Bunny came to your

house and left you a basket with stuff in it? That’s not how the Easter Bunny works, bro. You go. Yes, it is. In my house, we did Easter egg hunt. You might be given a basket for your Easter eggs. You wake up in the morning and the Easter

Bunny has visited your house and left you a basket of Easter stuff. He skipped my house. That’s how, that’s how like, pagan Easter works. Well. It’s like Santa Claus, but at Easter time. I woke up. I remember this, that he never really celebrated. I got a chocolate Easter

bunny, and we did an Easter egg hunt. Did you, did you do an Easter, did you do an Easter egg hunt? Occasionally. On, like, a community level sometimes, yeah. Here, try to hit me with one. But you wouldn’t wake, I am right, right? That was like a typical

American way to wake up, was that the Easter Bunny had left a basket at your house full of stuff. Oh, man, that was three in a row. Oh, teeter totter time! For the Easter dummy. I guess that’s me. The Easter dummy. Whoops. Well, I kind of feel like

maybe I need to go back and talk to my mom about this. That one was fun. My mom was really good at inviting the Easter bunny to the house. So what’s in an Easter basket besides an Easter bunny? Chocolate. Sometimes there might be like a little, a little

plushie. A plushie? Like edible eggs. All the stuff that you could get at Revco or Rite Aid. Such as candy? Well, yeah, and maybe a coloring book. A coloring book? Maybe a story book, yeah. Like, all types of cool jazz. Who else got that? Not me. I’m gonna

have to text my mom and tell her she, she. Did you get Valentine’s gifts from your parents? That’s what you get for not inviting the Easter Bunny into your house. It’s fun. Hit me. Guys! He is mad. Come on. He never got an Easter Bunny visit. This would

be a good spanking tool. Let’s spank. Come on. I’m gonna make you even, cause you got all the Easter baskets as a kid, and I didn’t, so we gotta make it even. That’s sound logic. I mean, really, I can get some speed on this thing. You ready? One

cheek. Hold on, let’s get where everybody can see. Guys, it is Celibacy Week. Hey, he ain’t gonna get pregnant! You want more? You want me to go harder? Not harder. Yeah, go harder! My microphone just went down my pants. Don’t, don’t, now it’s going down my leg. Okay.

– It’s all. – Happy Easter, kids! It’s all in the wrist. Hold on, I gotta grab a mic. Oh. Let’s see, we have a third, we have a third game, let’s see it. Oh! Oh! So, you put a shower cap on, and then you smush, whipped cream? Is

this in the UK? And then you throw, this is Kirstie Kay’s house. Fun Easter game. So, what do you do? I think you put whipped cream on a shower cap and then you throw Peeps. You throw Peeps? Yeah. Can I have a shower cap? Give him a shower

cap. And then we’ll cream each other and then we’ll Peep each other. Okay. Let’s do it at the same time. Okay, ready? It’s really. How’s that Kirstie? I feel like it’s really going all over the place. Alright, so then, you go back here. Oh, my seat went down.

My seat should go down. Yeah, put your seat down. How are you going to give it to the Peeps? How are we gonna get to the Peeps? We’re gonna reach out and grab the Peeps. Underhand? Good try. Hey, don’t do that. That one has chocolate. What if it

goes in my face? What are you afraid of? Okay. This is gonna work. Don’t lean over. Oh! Kirstie, this is hard. Oh! Hey! Let me get you. Ah! Look at them! Ah! Now you get me. Hey. It’s Easter time at Kirstie’s house. Oh, that was a failure. Hey!

Hey! Boo! Hey! I’m gonna go real high. I’m gonna go real high. Okay? Oh, hit the microphone. Kirstie! Oh! Okay. Hey, you spanked me already! Oh, no. Hold on! You just threw that in my face. Hold on, hold on! You got glasses on! Hold on, just close your

eyes. I’ll get back. I’ll get back. But I’m gonna, I’m gonna sidearm it, okay? I’m gonna sidearm it. No, dude. I didn’t throw it that hard. Okay, it won’t be that hard. You’ve already spanked me. It won’t be that hard. It’s not gonna be that hard. You’ve already

spanked me. Look at me. Look at me. Hands down. Oh, look. Hands down! I hate Easter! Okay. You get back here! You started it, man! Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. I’m gonna put a, I’m gonna cushion you with a Peep. I’m gonna put it in

your pocket. Okay. This ain’t gonna hurt at all, because it’s just I’m just gonna hit the Peep, okay? You ready? You ready? Oh! Kirstie, I got a little bit on my wrist. Okay. Is this what you came for, Kirstie? That hurt, it does hurt. Okay, alright. It does

hurt. Well, we’ve made a mess. We have made a mess. You’ve made such a mess. It’s your last chance to join Third Degree Quarterly or Annual by March 31st to get the third issue of our comic book,

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