POCO F6 Pro (Global Variant): What's Happening???

This is the global variant of the POCO F6 Pro a phone that will make you wonder… What’s happening? Starting with the unboxing the box comes in POCO’s signature black and yellow box Then, the box includes a SIM ejector pin the paperwork a really nice black TPU soft case

a USB-A to USB-C cable and a massive 120W HyperCharge adapter Again, kudos to POCO for including a charger when many other brands are excluding it these days So, the phone’s design was new for the F series but familiar from a POCO brand point of view The arrangement at

the back reminded me of how the M series was with the POCO branding at the back Now, this is fine but I am not a huge fan because I still stand firm on preferring the type of camera arrays that the POCO F3 had but if I had to

choose between this camera arrays and how it looks compared to the previous POCO F5 Pro I would go with this only because it doesn’t wobble when you are typing on a surface It has a matte finish at the back, so there are no fingerprints and it feels nice

to the touch with an almost marble-like texture reminding me of HUAWEI’s Rococo Pearl on the P60 Pro but this looks a bit more low-profile, which I prefer this too Speaking of the

finishes, yes because it is in white so you can bet that I absolutely love this white

color finish especially with its overall look of the phone too where I felt that not only is it better than the previous smartphones from POCO and for me, it’s even nicer than the POCO F3 in white too Then the sides are high-grade aluminum with all of the button

placements on the right where the dual SIM card slot is at the bottom and the IR blaster is on top Even before looking at the phone’s display I knew that it would look good, just like the previous F series The phone has a 6.67-inch Flow AMOLED DotDisplay with

a resolution of 3200 x 1440 pixels and up to 120Hz refresh rate So this not only gives you an amazing viewing experience when it comes to video consumption but also makes it amazing for daily use because of its high 2160Hz touch sampling rate and of course, for gaming

as well But what’s new is the phone’s screen brightness because it has jumped from 1400 nits of peak brightness on the POCO F5 Pro to freaking 4000 nits of brightness! And yes, during my first impressions, when I tested the phone there were no issues at all when I

was taking photos or just using the phone in a very harsh and bright daylight Even right here in the studio where we have a total of one, two, three, four lights it is still not at the maximum brightness levels As for the phone’s cameras, the phone comes with

a 50MP f/1.6 aperture camera with OIS So, this is a reduction compared to the previous 64MP camera on the POCO F5 Pro but it has a high dynamic range Light Fusion 800 image sensor which apparently gives superior details and richer colors when taking photos Then, completing this triple

camera setup is an 8MP ultra-wide camera with an aperture value of f/2.2 and a 2MP macro camera And yes, you all know how I feel about a dedicted macro lens, right? I was never a fan before and I’m still not a fan again But this dedicated lens, when

it comes to the photos the results were better compared to the Macro modes on the recently reviewed OnePlus 12R And by the way, the POCO F6 has no macro cameras Yeap, gone! Two cameras instead of three What’s happening? So, during my first impressions of taking photos on the

phone the pictures during the day looked amazing even on a cloudy day, no thanks to Malaysia’s rainy season But while we all know that smartphones these days always perform very well during the day I really wanted to see how these lenses perform at night And here are some

quick shots taken, and I have to say that finally POCO has nailed their nighttime photos and videos This could be because of its new sensor and POCO’s Ultra Night Algorithm where even the front 16MP camera looked great at night And speaking of this front camera the regular POCO

F6 has a higher 20MP front camera instead What’s happening? As for video, there’s no 4K recording for the front camera on this but like the previous F5 Pro, it can record up to 8K but only at 24 frames per second with HDR turned off So yes, as usual,

stay tuned and subscribe to the channel if you guys haven’t done so for my in-depth camera review coming really soon And if you guys are enjoying this video so far a nice big thumbs up would be very much appreciated Thank you very much in advance Oh, and one

thing to note which made me a little annoyed was the watermark feature But firstly, I loved how the watermark option had a film frame which looked good But there were two annoyances First, the film frame watermark is only for the main photo mode so if you switch to

the portrait mode, you won’t get that exact watermark look And the second thing that really annoyed me was that each section in the camera app had a toggle for the watermark function I mean, why don’t you have a universal way to toggle everything? But then again, I would

like to know what you think Do you actually use watermarks on your smartphones especially on the POCO series? Let me know in the comment section below Next, let’s talk about the internals It comes with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset And yes, while that is last year’s generation

SOC but based on my test on other devices on that chip and even on this phone, it did perform very well even with games like COD Mobile and even Genshin Impact and more on my gaming test results when I use the phone more so stay tuned for my

conclusion on that especially with this new LiquidCool Technology 4.0 that will apparently give peak performance for extended gaming sessions and also heavy demanding tasks, so let’s see about that Then the POCO F6 Pro has no official IP rating compared to the POCO F6 which comes with IP64 splashproof,

so… What’s happening? And the regular POCO F6 has Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and no mention about the type of protection or the glass protection that the POCO F6 Pro has, so… What’s happening? Then for you spec nerd out there it comes with 16GB of RAM and a massive

1TB storage option the first for a POCO series As for the battery, not sure what is happening but it has reduced its capacity to 5000mAh instead of a 5160mAh battery compared to the previous generation POCO F5 Pro but this could be due to its higher charging capabilities of

120W But what’s even weirder is that this POCO F6 and the POCO F6 Pro, this one, has no wireless charging compared to last year’s generation POCO F5 Pro, so… What’s happening? And stay tuned for my usual screen-on time test when I use the phone daily Then, running the

software side of things it is using Xiaomi’s HyperOS out of the box which is at version so you can expect things to run faster and smoother compared to MIUI this time around Speaking of speed, POCO says that it has an upgraded WildBoost Optimisation 3.0 which takes things

a step further Now, this is interesting because it is the first time that I’m hearing such optimization which is already apparently at version 3.0 so did you guys hear about this particular optimization? Let me know in the comment section yeah? This is because apparently, this is the technology

that helps with the overall wait time for loading apps and games and the overall performance of this phone Now, connectivity-wise, the phone comes in Bluetooth 5.3 compared to version 5.4 on the non-Pro, so… What’s happening? But there is Wi-Fi 7, which is great for future-proofing the phone It

also supports NFC, which means you won’t have any issues with using Google Pay or any other NFC-enabled features with this phone Now, if you are lost with everything mentioned in this video and would love a recap, there is a whole written version of this whole video at our

website at www.adamlobo.tv so check it out, links will be down below Then let’s talk about price, the POCO F6 Pro starts with the price of only RM2,299 which is about USD490 for the 12GB + 256GB variant There is also a 512GB variant and also a 1TB storage option

too which is what I’m using right now which I’ll give you the exact breakdown on the prices and the exact variant in the pinned comment below And do let me know what you would like to specifically know about this POCO F6 Pro, the global variant in the comments

section below and I will answer your questions in my full review video of this phone

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