POCO X3 Gamepad Ipega PG-9023s Unboxing and Review

are you a mobile gamer?
do you want to turn 
your poco x3 or any android or even ios phone into a mean gaming machine?
well join 
me as i unbox and give an honest review of an affordable gamepad that i 
recently bought online
let’s go!
epic fail guys  
this is not the model that I ordered
what the F
hi guys welcome back to another video by the 
way i’m Rich and welcome to my channel  
for today’s video, join me as i unbox my 
new gamepad for my poco x3 but unfortunately  
there was an unexpected twist so before 
anything else, please watch the unboxing
hi guys! i’m quite excited because this is going to be the first unboxing for this year
and i bought the ipega pg-9087s.
I specifically bought that model 
because um it looks portable
and back in the days, one of my favorite
gaming console is the 
playstation portable or the psp  
so when i saw this model i thought 
of turning my poco x3 into a psp
so i can play one of my all-time favorite game which is the God of War
so without further ado let’s open this
huh?! Why does it look like a different model at the box?

/> let’s check if it’s the 9087s model inside and it was just the wrong box
epic fail guys
this is not the model I ordered
spoiled brat? Bad attitude?! Lol
obviously, they sent me a wrong model guys
and it’s disappointing because prior to 
sending, I messaged them to send the 9087s model
because their ad said 9087 or 9087s
and of course the 9087s is latest version
so you won’t need to do the key mapping anymore
it’ll be automatic for games like pubg, call of duty, ml etc
but as you can see, this is a different model.
this is the 9023s so it’s an older version
and it’s bulky so what i’ll do is i’ll file for a refund
let me calm myself down or I might throw this! Lol
i’ll see you in a bit
there guys as you saw it was an epic fail
this was supposed to be an Ipega pg-9087s review
but unfortunately they sent me the 9023s
and i filed for a refund uh this was going for
well the 9087s was going for 899 but i only paid 817 because of some shopee coins and vouchers  
and i was supposed to get a 
ten percent coins cash back  
but the problem is, if you’re going 
to file for a return or a refund, you won’t be able to receive that coins cashback
the 9023s is cheaper than 
the 9087s. i think the 9023s  
only goes for 800 so since i’m not greedy i asked for a refund of 300 pesos only
so i won’t have to return it because i have no time to return this because when it comes to return you  
have to go to the ml logistics or courier where 
they will ship it back to the shopee warehouse  
the ml branch that accepts shopee return is a bit far from our house
fortunately, after 24 hours, the seller refunded the 300 pesos
that is the reason why i got 
this ipega pg-9023s for only 517 pesos  
Quite a story no?
anyway we better get started with 
the review and let’s test this baby out
the ipega 9023s comes with two analog sticks
on the right side you can see the x y a b buttons
the play and pause
the forward or the return and the 
volume up and the volume down buttons  
on top is the r1 and r2 buttons  
on the left side is the up, down, left, right button, the home, start, select and the l1, l2 buttons
at the front bottom side is the security 
latch so your gadget won’t fall down
and on the back side you can 
see that it is stretchable  
and it can easily fit a 10 inches tablet 
you can also see the security lock
and on the other side is the spring extension
so there, the ipega 9023s
as you can see all the necessary buttons 
for gaming are here
from the action buttons, to the d-pad even the analog sticks 
and it even comes with the multimedia buttons
oh by the way you can charge it by micro usb here
the charging time is about three hours and according to the manual, you can use it 
continuously for gaming about 15 hours allegedly
it comes in a matte finish so 
it’s not a fingerprint magnet  
and it’s also ergonomically designed 
but for me this part is a bit thick
so my hand feels tired when I play for quite awhile
but this is quite flexible in 
the sense that you can use it  
with your cell phone or your tablet standing and 
not attached at the gamepad like a regular controller  
and even though it’s bulky, it’s lightweight but of course once you put your phone or tablet then it gets heavy
so it’s better to use it on a table so your arms won’t get tired as much
the build quality is also good. it feels like it won’t get broken easily
but please remember that not all 
games are compatible with this  
gamepad but you can always use keymapping apps like shooting plus  
it also works for both android and ios system
so will i recommend this gamepad to you guys?
well my answer is no
i think a few weeks 
ago the srp of this is around 800 only
or even a few months ago i think the srp was around 700.
but today i checked in shopee and the cheapest is at 885 pesos
is it just me or the items in shopee really had a price increase lately?
maybe shopee increased the commission too. lol
so yeah, for that price, i won’t suggest this
because Ipega got a lot more models
i think one of the better models now from ipega is the ipega pg-9167
wherein you can even charge the phone while using the gamepad
but let me remind 
you that because of the unfortunate incident
i was able to get this for only 517 pesos
so for that price, that’s okay for me already to use for gaming
and even though it’s not portable as i hope it would be for a gamepad
because, you know, initially the model i wanted was the one that resembles a psp
it works well with the games that i’m 
going to use it for so i’m happy with that  
anyway i hope you enjoyed this 
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thank you guys for watching
once again it’s 
your boy Rich and i’ll see you on the next video

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