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like we’re yeah marching into the revolution right now the lad company my favorite Hollywood producers the most recognizable production company to this day on March 4th of this year newly elected mayor Mary announced that she was changing the oh hiring practic police force no longer would height waight

sex education or physical strength be used to keep new recruits out of the Metropolitan Police Academy John pass to the m hundreds of people who never dreamed of becoming police officers sign up immediately naturally the police completely freaked I bet they did I wonder Police Academy I I

wonder how this will have aged oh Lord damn Steve Gutenberg oh my God he was like the man back in the day Bubba Smith ain’t enough Bubba out there bring Bubba back bring back Bubba oh hello tackleberry tackleberry y right there tackleberry police academy is getting themselves Real

Fine recruits whoa may I go now a froud of Sir 104 this guy reminds me of of R Julia and somebody else and I can’t put my finger on it before we saw Winslow I know that name I know the name Michael Winslow something’s happen in the back

there you see that there’s evil a foot evil I guess that makes me Barnacle Boy I’ll take it sounds like the Batman theme a little bit a little bit right ooh get your own cut to Black for your title C hard wow oh my God you guys you

guys Lots full Mister hey there’s my man find a spot wow where’s the manager a walking talking is capable of human thought hold everything that’s a wig isn’t it pot calling the kettle black here RG W ouch this rude little punk won’t park my car H Park this

car do it now or you fired sveni drives a hard bargain this guy sucks but I do like his suit jacket and red tieo 75 cents for two hours or an hour and a half or a half hour oh my God oh my God holy Jesus what are

you doing in val wow wow oh no how does one even do that I thought there were no more spaces I an idiot or what what do you do with parking cars go be a Stunt Driver man great hi fellas what what Mad Max nightmare did y’all drive

out of and this guy’s a character actor too Kodak hey hey oh my God not the film damn the giant camera that’s so cool I want this is my new favorite movie if you couldn’t tell guys I don’t think I’m supposed to get the photo I think it

oh my God no part of me is like do they shoot this on Fuji you’re going to pay for this mark my words and you want to know why oh my God I’ll let you know why it’s no secret everybody knows I’m joining the police force I was

about to say man make a joke of you anymore hey Serge it’s him again I’ll call Captain sit over there m they know his name oh okay yeah yeah yeah what are you in for ready to go in I’ll show you oh my God he’s the mouth sounds

guy Jones Lille Jones larel Jones M senior hey good oh my God where’s this guy we needed him most last week disturbing the peace week before that destroying private property Steve hary wishes it could be this guy I know that’s stash I only do it because of your

father he was a good friend and he had good ADR want you to go to the police academy even if you never graduate the training will be good for you wait a minute readed list you seen the commercials on TV damn they advertise on TV I heard CIA

advertisements on krock once but seriously yeah they were like join the CIA you can’t quit you quit and you’re back in jail and that’s the deal police academy or jail can I bring a friend on senior larel Jones he’s my personal physician yeah yeah yes you decide get

him please get LEL Jones please more larel Jones worry about you you’re so accident prone and the police academy is such a dangerous place hone Jesus Christ damn oh no honey I’m late you pull out of that driveway and I’ll have your head on a pole this guy’s

a whole mess wow man how did you get out house in the in the suburbs living this way oh don’t tell she going to get hit by the car wa oh damn totally not that same woman never taken a shortcut before you move this car an in and

you’re finished Mister you H me she should join the force Jesus Christ Ser she’s clearly qualified oh my God Kim Katra is like 10 years old police woman mother OH police woman mother it’ll give me a chance to me interesting and usual people oh my God I want

to wait for that scene to Trail off seen so many like military training camps and movies but I’ve never seen a police training camp no yeah this is the first for me hey look it’s the chief really hey mention my name can I Kyle blanks reporting for Duty

sir get away from me you wow yes sir yes sir he called me an can you believe it oh my God he acknowledged me oh oh no one okay here we are I got the go now I was going to say we should have a bingo card going

of types of characters is it going to be relax again is relax like the shipping up to Boston of this movie Carrie Mahoney I’m George Martin okay hey you Cadet I am until can get myself run out of here nah yeah you’re a pretty interesting guy yourself you’re

a pretty interesting guy yourself when I went through this Academy every Cadet was the right weight the right height the right color and they all had Johnson’s lassard every single one of them whoa damn no policemen back in the old days there were Johnson’s as far as the

eye could see a redwood Forest of Johnson have you seen what our new lady mayor has brought us do you know that she is attempting to dismantle one of this country’s great institutions of Law and Order is she defunding the police what do you say to that lzard

the it’s great delivery on him we’ve got to take this flatsome but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to put them on the force what is this man’s role to hold that stick they must be encouraged to quit on their own do you understand I think I I

understand sir he’s the official Yes Man of the office wow Chief oh poor guy I feel very bad for the chief I want to be a police officer what I can’t hear you going to kill it oh don’t worry you got this it’s okay what’s your name Cadet

Thompson sir you live around here no sir what’s your telephone number Thompson come on eyes front telephone number 5552 467 sir oh goodness oh Jesus better have a good memory come on come on I haven’t got all day the thighs yes abuse that system sir what in the

hell are you doing meeting women sir I’m just practicing for management sir oh God your name name bone sir sir can I have a second with you um listen I’m not right for this place get back in line we have stop fingering the man’s knob man we have

our reluctant leader character yeah we have our Bill Murray what an interesting choice welcome to the new police force your training time here will last oh 12 weeks some of you will be police officers and some of you will not oh you will be here at the oh

yes excellent Let’s Get that dog a joke classic oh my God red rocket that’s red rocket that dog got into character you know where we go to get our clothes yeah you got to go right over there ug just go right in and tell him that myON sent

you got it be out of here by three bag I’m first for important guys like you I’ll wait damn playing it cool take it all off you got it this going to make him bald I mean yeah probably give him that tight Buzz uhoh this is going to

work out well for him is seem like the C wife’s house or something it’s got to be should be crying man every head shaving scene in a movie is like traumatic oh yeah yeah we’re reconsidering oh no all right man finally comes a little off the S side

please no you can do that sure this ain’t the Army you know and tackleberry tackleberry that’s right thank you sir always wanted to live with a nut my pleasure you married huh yeah that’s beautiful to me marriage is a sacred institution is it you and the wife do

it sty or what you know to start oh wow so from the Army to Security Police good haircuts men I’ve got a little problem here seems I’ve got a squad full of scum buckets oh no whole big bunch of losers and I was kind of hoping that that

you two fine young cadetes we have losers we have the biggest losers the best losers you’re going to be so tired of losing might help me to just get rid of a few of them yes sir sir I’m Copeland sir Chad Copeland good for you such a such

a Chad hi I’m Douglas backler I always wanted to be a wow no my mens yes yes a more movies need a sound effects guy hey Thompson how do I look that wasn’t very funny this morning I wasn’t trying to be funny I’d give anything to see your

thighs Jesus very Supple well-rounded and luxuriant the touch yes cupet man this is Sergeant Callahan we are the meanest instructors here we’ve got you because you are the worst people here you two have big Theater Camp energy though that’s a fun one you should watch Theater Camp is

good is it all right all right you people are going to hate my guts for the rest of your Liv no not the shades anything but the shades I am going to make you sorry that you ever came yeah I’m sure at the Academy for each Squad to

have two student Squad leaders I have chosen cadetes blanks and dopeland step out men excellent blanks and dopeland if these two cadetes give you an order obey it yesh I thought it would be nice if we were to close out our first afternoon together with a nice little

stroll around the campus I like that information yes it’s so beautiful and green get up Barb get up get up you got this man come on buddy I want more give me give me more lights out in 10 minutes lights out in 10 minutes it’s like a fairy

godmother over here keep expecting to like cast a spell with that just give each of them little sweet dreams he just watching people sleep and chuckling to himself is what you are here here four see internet slang does save time traffic bio ation high speed driving this is

taking me right back I remember chalkboards chalkboard days boy you an extremely rigorous physical training program do you know what that means hooks oh we will learn to use our voices with authority won’t we hook oh she going to develop like a scream at the end of this

yeah come on girl get that voice have any of you had any military training course tackleberry I serve with US Army Airborne 209th Special Forces Unit have had prior military training Mahoney well yes but not in this life sir will learn a and high by get going on

the double move it move it move it get little Zoom man Hy no one’s allowed in here it’s an empty Fishbowl there’s a fish oh I didn’t see a fish in there swimming right off the side what do you want I want out of here out of this

office out of the academy you can just quit I can’t quit many many wonderful people have quit many you know Captain Reed oh yes you’re Mahoney oh goodness you’re a special case you can’t quit I know that on the other hand I can’t throw you out I promised

I’d keep you here the full 24 weeks you what cuz you’re white and you have a Johnson I’m trapped here we all are God that guy who plays the common dant he’s in he’s in so many movies I’m trying to place it I know they had his name

up at the top this looks lovely though wherever this landscape is they get to train in oh how often are you ziplining as a police officer all the time what you want St oh oh no owie oh no oh no poor guy clumsy guy whoa damn dude sheesh

come on girl you got this come on hooks is her name hooks supposed to be a bell hooks reference I don’t know or is it just sorry but I seem to have ripped my pants I need a oh my Tor cuz I ripped my pants don’t try me

punk fool who ripped his pads to the supply room and you get a new pair yes sir I’ll be back later in the day sure be back in 5 minutes jeez I’m death I’m death oh my man yeah who is this guy we’re going we don’t need roads

we need walls I’ve got civan who’s it for 10 Harris oh no look sir new pants what are you doing with that give me that does anybody even understand what he’s saying yeah so far nobody’s quit it’s a great go but they will that style needs to come

back I told you not to try me boy stand up he going to beat you down now they’re like playing Taps right now I want you two Squad leaders to take Mr Mahoney here and run him until he throws up and then just after he throws up run

him some more yes sir these twoo you are going to learn Mahoney that nobody screws with me oh ever come on hey this is great two no waiting come on what oh yes oh is this we are in the What 80s is this to do with the girlfriends

or is yeah yeah oh my goodness uhoh uhoh uhoh oh leave put that guy far away from any gun this actually is a great moment how how every different person picks their gun up the timing on these shots is not great bang who what what caliber are you

using son where did you get this gun my mom gave it to me I brought it from home can I borrow it for a little while sure no there are many others like it but this one is mine you will learn to defend yourselves without stick or firearm

oh no CQC come at me with an imaginary knife do I have to yes you do I’m not joking no no whoa yeah wow dang whoa a lot more volunteers now yeah I was say this is a fantasy for so many people minutes to complete the test try

to answer as many questions as possible start wish I could do my hair like that we gotw yes yes man oh my muscle Mommy that’s right she’s like straight out of one of those like werewolf women of the SS type movies oh my my dude my dude this

is like sort of like police Animal House another one I haven’t seen oh look out you got to get it oh oh it did say sexual content you know it’s the 80s we got to do a little voyerism booty shot a little bit more than booty I was

going to say are we going to get a character peeping or are we just peep there we go there it is there it is I going to say is just the camera crew peeping now I was going to say where’d you get the beer yeah this seems like

a questionable structural decision having the showers right by these massive Windows right well he’s just going to sit and watch my man you get my man no yeah you know rep report immedately spend the next month breaking you into little pieces but I won’t because you’re bad you’re

bad for morale Mahoney you’re bad to the bone you’re ruining my chances is training some men who might make pretty good cops I agree sir I’ve been saying that all along we need an exorcist you make me sick I make everybody sick call your buddy Captain Reed and

you talk him out of this terrible mistake terrific I’ll do my part sir giving him what he wants yes this is the academy I’d like to speak to a captain Reed oh du oh they warming up to her or she’s at least warming up to him Baby D

say that time I was people on the girls in the shower harrisr out of the police academy oh no you want go go not going to want to leave can I get out of here no okay I tried I tried you’ll never be a cop as long as

I live get your butt off my desk and get out of here it’s foreshadowing he’s going to die nobody screws with me well maybe you’ll meet the right girl and all that’ll change yeah waiting for that wait for oh that blender bus loaded haris said you had to

do 100 come on man here’s a pair of my old sweat socks I wear them all day e that should help you to get out I feel the pain now going to get on the sock wow is he in Space Balls is he that guy maybe he is

I think he’s probably that guy how many I can’t even feel my arms anymore wow yeah me yeah come here what come on right here be nice to Barbara want you to hit me Give Me Your Best Shot hit you go on hit me yeah Hit Me With

Your Best Shot I I can’t because when I do it give me your whoa is that okay yeah you like that you like that dumbass that’s good that’s what a great response wow what was Happ oh my God I need to know so many questions about him four

of you have already quit and that’s just the beginning oh no only people we haven’t actually seen quit they’ll get together for a party you go with them whenever they get out of line give me a ring snitching where’s the party going to be this weekend I don’t

know anything about a party I’m going to go home for the weekend and visit my mom and dad Leslie so wholesome I don’t think we’ve got his full attention why don’t you take his books and throw him out the window oh no not his books that’s not going

to get him hard though how many takes did that require one is there a party this weekend yeah there of course there is do you want to come no I just need to know where it is oh that’s some people want to know it’s real sus bro Blue

Oyster Bar it’s on Howell hey yeah of course it is what is this like a biker gang bar yeah was a biker bar or is it like a leather daddy biker bar ah oh yep I was thinking it was going to be a gay bar yeah let’s go

where are you fellas going oh no nice what are you doing at the Academy I got bored with my chosen profession yeah I was a florist hey that flowers and and he’s the guy who helps Bobby Hill grow the Roses oh my God please hey unlock a hidden

Part of Yourself hey what I love about this is that all these dudes look like they could like beat somebody down oh but it is also a gay bar like I believe it’s fully a biker bar as well as fully a gay bar and dang forgot they had

bathing suits like that in the 1980s oh no tackleberry keep your tackle berries in order no I didn’t think you’d show up for the world let’s go it’s the witch now let’s just do some kind of crazy back andalia that guy’s face that was another staple I feel

like of 80s comedies just like oh people getting naked now Police Academy yeah yeah yeah hey man cops have wild sides too okay hey Thompson oh why do you want to be a cop I like to dress like a man oh let’s go Edwood me too me too

interesting that was the quickest development of a romance yeah right no no Strife or anything they’re about that initial meeting yeah yeah they’re about it from the bat oh my God he’s so scared for a second I thought he was into it I think the other guy’s probably

into it yeah the Cuffs a look at him asleep look at him boy oh little boy little baby a a rocked to to sleep that’s hilarious oh damn she got her hair all the way down is the big dude like one of those guys who was like a

linebacker and then started acting I probably or maybe this is like a oneand done just for this franchise kind of thing or yeah like a stunt man who got put into like a roll roll there was a party when wasn’t there well what went on mostly dancing and

a lot of handcuffs and and leather jackets dancing dancing what is this dancing dancing you speak of all Tower you’re first let’s go high tower damn dog whoa It’s like Men in Black the throat oh just a guy in sunglasses and a hat no you come on T

Berry in the back I like it I like it yeah this is my boom stick oh this guy’s thirsty for it he’s thirsty for violence all movie yeah man he’s been one to pop shots since the prologue hey wa wow got him from behind oh my God shot

him in the ass out now holy like no come back here get back here yep uhoh little quidd pro quo about to happen yes sir yes ma’am you’ve been sneaking in here every night what no what no wait oh my God little chest pillows yes ma’am wowe my

that’s great oh yeah good for you good for you worked you out good here is the house here is the window and I I am coming out oh hey there and you are the arresting officer what do you say hooks don’t move this is a sck up open

your eyes girl I mean a that would catch me off guard if I was a burglar like oh was sticking up on the stickups oh how many stickups steep are we counter stick yeah stereo in my hand notop that stereo before I blow your goddamn nuts off yes

that’s one way to do it yep you really need to talk that’s in the handbook I’m scared of that guy a buber had a woman just throw you down and screw your goddamn brain celf s s baby it happened to me last night I’m in love yeah how

many girls really just one you made love to just one girl it’s disgusting hey she’s a whole lot of woman man you should have been there every now and then uh you seem to lose your Spanish accent what oh no can you keep a secret I’m not really

George Martin I’m just plain old George Martin fourth generation Merkin I just use the accent to get the girls damn dog does it work hey God my man’s just unlocked a whole new part of his lifestyle these ain’t track shoes you know yeah I know just hurry up

okay I’m as anxious to get through this as you are I’m not exactly comfortable in these surroundings you guys yeah what what she looks like Cindy Lopper when do I get the second half of my money when the job’s over with for crying out loud say they get

oh Christ bye honey hi yeah wowe got a light I don’t smoke I have a friend who smokes I’ll go get him oh Mahoney major problem major pain major problem well my goodness get that graduate shot going I just I just like to do places that’s all okay

how the hell didn’t you say so you’ll find this academy one of the most comprehensive in the country I could point out many I’ll be right back where are you going well I’m not really the customer the real customer will be here any second now okay okay Jesus

Christ how normal of a day is this for you my dear uhoh I think you’ll find there plenty of room for everybody thank you well if you get caught it’s no skin off your back man you want to get out of there anyway first of all I’d like

to say how sorry I am that everybody could not oh no let’s let’s go oh no go as well as very very stimulating very stimulating oh no this is wild in slide two we see another view oh my God oh my God another day at the police academy

this movie is is like more weirdly sexual and kinky than I was expecting oh same speaks for itself what what did they have him do like what was the direction his face no so many so many emotions he’s distressed he’s in Bliss he’s confused he’s satisfied I hope

this was as much fun for you as it was for me is glowing oh yeah oh my god dude you’re not even going to look you’re not even going to just walk away just walk away you don’t even know what’s in there never even thought to question it

until just now oh oh no oh no oh no oh no interesting interesting play very anarchic play she’s still in there yeah it’s weird I I like this that must have rocked his world man oh yeah it’s interesting that Gutenberg like isn’t trying to really like save any

kind of I feel like a character like that would be quick to be like oh it wasn’t me who did it but like he’s just like whatever what do you intend to do about Mahoney what’s he done oh no oh my God he’s changed my life very very

bad thing very very well are you all right sir not really no may I go you’re in charge his whole life has been turned upside down my man’s flabbergasted yeah if he only knew the truth wowe yeah you did that yeah man you’re learning getting better let’s go

hooks hooks yay woo woo woo woo oh Callahan’s one of the good ones she’s got her Squad back an actual sad with actual police officers in actual situations we go right along he Mahoney why don’t you ride with me oh that’ll be good hopefully Mahoney hit a prostitute

under the driver’s side as well I want to be a never punk you get out there and you follow me you stay right behind me punk what I can’t he get over the tree oh no he’s going to shoot it down wa d did he just killed the

cat he did that’s a kill the cat moment he’s a cat killer damn you had one job to do according to screenplay structure according to Basics I know I know save the cat is not the only way to write a script I get it I get it girl

how does this even come on hooks hooks unlock that voice why is this guy on the dirt bike stuck he could do whatever you want man you literally get on the sidewalk brand new worry I’m not going to hurt you wow wow yeah I was going to say

do you know how to work that thing uhoh please don’t tell me that ass get that ass they’ just be showing animal bits like damn if this was today we’d have seen it oh 100% what’s that movie where he he puts somebody’s head up the other guy’s ass

in like a prison fight what and they actually show that I’ve never seen that movie yeah oh wow I forget what it was now I’m sure we’re going to get a lot of people to tell us what it is in the comments you told no one I told

everyone oh oh no oh no great great eye sheing guy yeah oh yeah she’s laughing yeah Hook is laughing keep it together man keep it together no no no my man sneaking out again hell yeah he going to get that Callahan that’s what I’m talking about oh but

someone sneaking home home girl in his place someone’s oh it’s not who I was expecting need to talk aw let’s talk come on sit down Bud the driving courses tomorrow you don’t know how to drive do you I haven’t driven a car since I was 12 damn oh

I have questions let’s go a sleeping for okay s with the gun yeah of course he does that chair must move back comfy no all right Co just move the seat back a little second thought let’s just rip the front seats out sit in the back I like

that wasn’t just a joke I like that they really commit to that actually I was kidding about the front seat comfort’s important yeah you got to have at least some kind of articulation of your limbs to drive yeah I know from experience yeah you’re doing beautifully you feel

it you feel what’s going on there’s another car he looks scared oh no oh no oh no come on breaks breaks breaks my man breaks breaks oh you didn’t hit the brakes you didn’t tell me to yeah dude you bastard uhoh dumb uhoh oh jeez Jesus Christ why

don’t you pull over let me DY for a while no not now this is oh he likes it uhoh uhoh I’m getting out of here I’m getting out of here yeah yeah buddy oh my God it’s kind of counterproductive what you’re trying to do buddy but all right

yeah yeah hey I mean those other two dudes brought a prostitute onto the Police Academy campus like following the law doesn’t seem to be a requirement you got real good real fast are they going to do some kind of Dukes of Hazard jump oh yeah yeah damn what

the whoa oh gotcha okay boy killing the game now toss him the keys and have him park it Miss hooks come on hooks come on you got this Miss hooks telling you why law enforcement is coming to town they see you when you’re sleeping and they know when

you’re awake she’s having fun ow ow why didn’t you move what is it she ran over my feet I I’m sorry I really am sorry you dumb wow who dude get him get him yeah get him Tower take e no no go throw that car yes yes yes

yeah flip it oh my God flip that c flip that c my God had it coming you messed up big Mister now you get your stuff and you get out of here right now nope oh dude damn was like a real moment for a second along with the

crazy physical stunt but one down Fray ah I hate this no use the horse thing to make him recant I hope Hearn I hope they get together yeah comeing her defense was messed up out of all the people I thought would make it high tower was the one

I mean if all the cops look like him there’d be no crime at all it’s an interesting Theory how you doing oh did you come up with that all by yourself you wrecked my car no high tower did why you go see him that’ be a match up

because we want you cuz we know we can push you around let’s go you throw the first punch Cadet could get thrown out WR another Cadet oh really well I thought you wanted to get thrown out here’s your chance I’m going to rub this right in your face

get set yeah you pass out you pass out y y oh it’s okay clearly they started it who threw the first punch that’s all I want to know Barbara did Barbara then he’s out of here him and his queer dog oh my bar didn’t throw the first punch

he did so I threw the first punch oh my honey you’re out of your mind Lieutenant flanks who would you rather have out of here is that true blanks ug did Mahoney start it oh yes sir money started and Mahoney my little piss him oh you are out

of the academy forever to bad so sad bye-bye his performance I’m really enjoying the character sucks but like he’s doing a great job with it yeah here I brought you an apple a why not a hot dog turn the Apple off the window oh my god oh no

oh no uhoh okay what an unfortunate time to carry a bag full of apples whoa who not the pinball machine oh damn no the pinball damn everybody going on quick quick everybody start looting let’s go oh my God all for one apple crazy that is true clumsiness you

two hear the news on the radio no a Riot’s broken out downtown how come who knows how these things get started all Cadets report immediately to the dormatory parking lot in full riot gear this is not you no man yeah was how many times people asking him that

damn dude they putting the cadets on the riot wow this is it this is the big one it’s time this cop met the public wow oh Jesus let’s not let’s not have you meet the public I like tackleberry but I don’t know if he’s good for society or

not the oaki put him in put him in a war zone or something we are being sent to a peripheral safe area fight some aliens to divert traffic away from the trouble Zone and to protect public property that makes more sense you will have live ammunition but there

will be no call to use it whoa you understand num nuts yes sir oh I don’t know about that live ammunition on these guys take his guns away yeah he doesn’t need him these guys look like the Warriors another movie I’ve not seen your bus is to deploy

on 16th Street between 4th and 8th Avenue 16th Street are you sure sir of course I’m sure uh there’s nobody around I guess they’re hiding I want to know what her real voice sounds like right we got a Bus full of police I’ve never seen that before yeah

all right let’s go dirt B unloaded let’s move in on delay dirt bags you one block over one block up you one block down one oh quiet around here huh nope is that the bird is that him that is him oh totally I’m just going to go on

a limb and say it’s him what the hell are you doing here we’re from the academy you’re supposed to be Bo away from here the damn rids right back down the street we’re pulling out we’re pulling out I’m me backrub kind of Japanese stuff my car sto this

is son I got a good friend his father was how many cheeses are on this block oh my God mad cheese so many cheeses it’s the cheese District cheese District they heat it up before they Sur oh holy like mold I got to go now whoa just gave

her the TV no no oh Christ it’s about to become the first scene in city of God where’s the chicken where’s that chicken yeah oh my God no oh my God it really is that’s funny yeah Freeze Frame you were probably wonder hello men I thought I’d come

by for a personal inspection hey give me a fix on the entire situation not that good sir yep oh oh my god there very bad crank window not to panic wowow what are you guys hoping to achieve it’s like a Dawn of the Dead if you do not

disperse immediately my men and I will have to arrest you you have 5 Seconds to move away five 4 3 yeah where are you going to put us you got enough handcuffs yeah smart smart new nuts we’re in the D’s District in the D District de nuts be

in a Florest yay Tommy weo just walked fcked out oh no you should Park cars for a living sir you would know die for this you want this you’re not so tough now are you take a pun H how about you you want this what’s the matter want

what’s the matter real effective guys yeah uhoh uhoh who’s this I’m going to like bend them together tie tie the barrels together I like his Vibe who’s that guy is he some kind of Cameo I don’t know felt like somebody yeah felt like one of those random like

oh we got some kind of like sports star somebody notable to show up yeah the blue oyst we’re back you got your buddies on your side now this is Les Barbara lesle Bar oh Barbara is his last name Barbara just just tell me where you are passing you

now sir holy whoa ooh uh-oh uh-oh is he the guy damn it he’s not the guy who’s in like the Adam Sandler movies later as cameo is he is he like a wrestler I don’t know oh tesy uh-oh pesy tesy okay hold it right there guys Bo if

it isn’t lesie Barbara the police officer yeah ouch come on Les you’re not going to shoot us you wouldn’t shoot old friends would you old friends no he’s going to beat him down with the Baton get lost we’re busy he’s got moves he’s got secret martial arts oh

that’s my purse I don’t know you show them much you got yeah yeah now get the furniture back up there and get out of the area but it’s our furniture we’re moving why did you beat him you should have that why did you go him like that y’all

dudes should have led with that if that’s your furniture yeah man’s feeling the power had his moment where the hell is Harris I I don’t know just trying to make a point whoa oh oh oh damn dude why don’t you shoot back is my Hony Gonna Save him

why don’t you shoot back oh my shoot back shoot back guys got a Death Wish see see let’s to go out the blaze of glory oh no n H’s going to come in clutch damn dude get that Tom Cruz run Steve Gutenberg you run to that jazz yeah

it’s the Gutenberg run wonder what city this was shot in yeah Vancouver oh no oh oh damn whoa is he wearing a Vasser sweatshirt God the music is going hard too right oh oh oh oh don’t move you bastard run Thompson nice the gun down second you put

your gun down oh boy St Harris any last minute tips or suggestions nothing really comes to mind what’s going to be thr your gun over the got do little pig with it he is wearing a faster sweatshirt what the hell yeah my man let’s go I want to

watch you off these pigs whoa he’s a gap too I realize that yeah he said sure he’s got an iconic Gap like SpongeBob or Michael stran that’s right which one we do first hit him in the head yeah just right I believe I’d shoot this one yeah one

damn back to college with you looks like could that Revol to me I know those guys damn man don’t move bag let’s go no City in particular the City of Townsville oh next time tackleberry next time damn it oh oh didn’t get to kill anybody he’s really banging

that head on there there was gun play sir and he missed it the way his hat moved when his expression changed left right left right left lieuten Harris oh Lieutenant mustache Lieutenant stash I also want to thank you for looking out to my boy Mahone oh it was

an honor and a pleasure sir thank you sir thank you sir you men stop that oh oh oh well that’s more like it m jeez Jesus Christ keep up the good work thank you sir what what is okay there’s a whole other plot line happening in in lazard’s

head about that right we’re not going to unpack that NOP so many unusual events have happened to this graduating class and to me also I have a presentation to make no Academy Cadet has ever received the highest award this police department has to make today there are two

Moses high tower hell yeah good name car M wow Moses high tower and Carri Mahoney good job guys well done team that guy’s face jeez man oh my God I wonder how many takes it took it if he like broke during that at all you’re both expected to

make a few short remarks officer hi oh thanks enough said to the point officer Mone thank you Mahoney Momie thank you com lard yes madame mayor Mr President and Colonel mustach uh oh oh oh my getting them back he set it up he set it up is it

the same lady or was it a different okay okay so we did find out okay that’s great okay oh we get credits with the imagery get to see the graduating class not bad he hey hey oh my goodness this this cast list alone like has to be kind

of a who’s who of character actors of the time oh yeah this is like late 70s right is it 70s early 80s I was going to say this feels like an ‘ 80s movie but it could be like the tail end of the 70s where you’re getting like

the transition look at that the first time I wonder how they make a decision like this to be like you know what this final scene we’re just going to put the credits on top of it you they passed everyone we care about prevailed in the end they did

it like we need to we need to show them the rest of the movie we all need to get out of here yeah we gotta get these people out of the theater uh how far we have come wow look at our police graduating class yeah graduating class now

I wonder if this is one of those franchises that recycles the cast each one or would you follow these characters because they’re the ones that started the police academy I have to imagine that I got I I feel like this is probably one where they try and keep

as many of The Ensemble as they can but I bet it because they made like six or seven of these like I I bet it changes a bit yeah also you said um OJ wasn’t in the first one I think he’s a Naked Gun yeah he’s in the

Naked Gun movies yeah he’s in naked at least the first Naked Gun all right we’re on a still frame now so I’m just going to decide that that the review can begin I suppose before we do that though uh I would like to just extend a little bit

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if it does help you please go ahead draw me a message I’d love to hear if there’s some way by just conveying this message it has helped you out to thank you reject Nation all right AR Cadet Cadet Alexander hi how do you feel how do what did

you think of the police academy the police academy was fun I had a good time with it uh it’s definitely of its time for sure in spite of that fact you know it still has a lot of humor to offer even though some of the humor is a

little outdated but careful can’t acknowledge those things too too heavily they came outad at me might eclipse the entire video godor no no I know I know um funny it’s funny to go back to a movie that that certainly also if you’re listening to this on Apple and

Spotify please if you would give us a rating five stars is my suggestion but you know it’s up to you uh but yeah like going back to uh copyright 1984 so yeah we’re in the 80s I believe and uh and yeah to go back to a movie where

where obviously part of it is like it is a different time like this doesn’t uh I I think push the bound of that quite as hard as like you know certain other movies of the time but there’s certainly a lot of this that is very much like oh

yeah this is very much of its time yeah definitely very 8s but continue yeah I know it was definitely very 80s uh I liked the our leads you know like our cast of characters I wish we got to spend a little bit more time with some of the

other ones because like his love interest was very much just kind of surface level even though it’s is not like a deep explorative movie you know I would have liked to have spent some more time kind of spread a little thin on some aspect of things but again

the humor was great uh the our our lead guy Mahoney was was really funny funny enough I haven’t actually seen him in anything prior to this but he definitely has that that leading man quality I can I can easily see like had he been that age today he

would definitely be part of some like major franchises yeah and like he has that because the Amazon is suggesting Stripes which is a movie uh I grew up with and and this reminded me of that and he reminds me of a Bill Murray type but actually with Steve

Gutenberg I can kind of see him working in a slightly more varied spectrum of like either more comedic or a little more straight man like whereas Bill Murray I feel like it’s kind of always Bill Murray uh but he is very much kind of like the Bill Murray

type character of this movie where like he’s the Rascal he’s like kind of cool and and disaffected by a lot of stuff but he’s forced to gain some discipline and rise to some kind of occasion yeah but this does yeah this feels kind of like it’s in the

middle ground between being like a narrative comedy movie and being like a an amalgam of sketches based on this concept yeah of like stuff to do yeah can we have a suggestion of a place please a police academy Police Academy thank you all right here’s a bunch of

scenes you know yeah yeah like there’s kind of a loose plot but like each one of the things you got to see for the most part was like was was extremely funny uh yeah and just like the the the different gags and and bits we got to go

through and the the characters we got to know like the the one dude who made the sound effects was really funny Michael Winslow Michael Winslow woo great uh even though the the main guy who was giving Mahoney Scruff or or Strife or whatever giving him trouble he Guff

yeah there we go I like that word he was also really good in the movie he was funny in his his stiffness and he walked that that line of being a character who who is very serious about what he’s doing but that’s what what adds to the humor

of it he’s a character that really believes in what he’s doing and because of that he is the joke yeah totally and he’s like in the middle he’s like in between because you meet him with the commant who’s clearly like you know kind of a he seems like

a good-natured fellow and it seems clearly uncomfortable with like what the head dude is all like where is all the Johnson’s and why are there all these non-white people here and then you have him in the middle as like silent at first so you’re like what is this

guy’s role and then to have him be sort of like the drill sergeant who we have to be up against the whole movie you know kind of puts him in a in a fun position because he basically just has to be Sour Puss he he has to be

the straight man and I think that can be a thankless role it’s like everybody wants to be Steve Gutenberg or wants to be one of the one of the characters we’re laughing more with however like big respect to that actor uh because to play a role like that

I thought it was really funny uh and you have to commit to that and I thought he did a really great job with the role that yeah again could be thankless or could be more bland or something like that you know um no yeah like yeah it’s like

what can you say like it it is I thought this largely you know in terms of Aging because that’s another thing especially when you’re going back to 80s comedy I don’t know like it’s funny watching crocodile dundy I feel like certain people got more upset than we did

about about certain of the things that had aged and I feel like part of the fun of any you know viewing experience going back de decades is to note like oh how has time and Sensibility changed and we live in a moment now where like our awareness of

the police and their role in society and what happens behind closed doors you know on their side of the line like you know policing is sort of a a hotly debated issue nowadays and certainly like you even watch Brooklyn 99 and like they they have to kind of

get serious once in a while and be like oh hey systemic issues so like a movie like this could age very poorly um but for the most part again it’s like you have certain things that and and it’s funny because you know and I don’t want to make

this all about another video but yeah like when you look back on stuff you know like a movie like a crocodile dundy you’re like yeah this is a product of its time and some of these things are like you can’t use any of these words because like people

lose their minds but you know like stuff that hasn’t aged as well most of that you can just go yeah it’s a product of its time and we get it and you know blah blah and I feel like those elements exist here it’s like oh yeah we’re doing

the classic we’re peering into the girls dormatory you know showers and whatnot or we’re like oh we’re sending these dudes into a gay bar so it’s like yeah like these things could be handled worsely in the movie A and B you know like those are products of the

time where I’m like yeah you know we get it we get that these jokes will be shaped differently nowadays but yeah this this rarely I don’t think ever crossed out of you know the kind of light tone to make yeah like nothing ever crossed the line into being

like actually offensive here even though you do have like I don’t know it’s weird like a movie like this I feel like ages up in an interesting way because I feel like back in the 80s we probably had a more squeaky that’s not true because there have always

been movies about crooked cop I feel like the the public view of policing probably might be a bit more sanitized in the 80s and so then to have watched it now and to see like oh yeah you know like the cadetes like they’re H like part of it’s

just comedy hij Jinks I get that but also you know you look at the context of they’re hiring a prostitute to play a prank and they’re you know doing other you know sort of illegal activities and like things like that do make you go like well yeah I

mean to some degree these things probably do happen among the people who are supposed to enforce the law I wonder how runchy this is like compared to other 80s comedy was like was this the movie that’s really pushing the envelope to like the nth degree and people were

like oh don’t show your kids this or like oh they just corrupting the youth by showing them Police Academy you know this is like what the half of the ‘ 80s and you know some of the stuff obviously is dated that’s kind of John was talking about but

other stuff would have definitely gone further had have been made in a later time period like how we’re talking about the horse gag and they would have definitely shown that we just seen all of that now oh yeah yeah yeah we seen especially like in the early 2000s

if this is had come out around then we definitely seen all of that hundo and some some of the other jokes as well and yeah I thought I thought it was fun it was a lot of fun uh and like I said the the acting they everybody played

their role within this sort of tone you know everybody fit very well for the kind of thing that they were going for nobody felt out of place yeah and I like seeing uh I don’t know the the the really big black dude’s name but he was he was

good for like the role that he was in you can tell that he’s not traditionally an actor but for the context in which they allowed him to be present in this movie I thought he did a really good job yeah I like that a lot if we do

get the chance to watch these other ones I look forward to seeing his character back and what they do with him yeah cuz that’s that’s one of those things too where where like there aren’t as many again like solidly tended plot threat like there are times when you’re

a little taken it back because early on you’re like oh okay so we’re going to be following you know this guy a little bit more and this guy a little bit more and then you know as the movie goes it is like an ensemble piece certainly definit um

which I do appreciate um and you know so you have like when he meets Michael Winslow in the station and they have that first encounter and then they get sort of sent off and he’s like oh can I bring him with me to the academy like you know

you expect like oh Michael Winslow we’re going to get to know him really well and and you know like he’s among many characters who like after a while it becomes clear like ah yeah like we’re kind of just going to see these people as they appear as comedic

bits sort of uh oh that was Bubba Smith there you go yeah uh as comedic bits you know arise we’re just kind of figure out which character fit in those situations and we’re going to work from there national football leagues Baltimore Colts defensive tackle back in the day

Oakland Raiders there you go yeah and defin football player yeah and uh yeah I mean he’s I feel like he’s definitely been in other stuff too but but yeah it’s it’s one of those where you know you’re not oh my God there’s six of these I guess so

that’s wild bro looking out um so yeah and like you pointed out like the romance doesn’t like gradually develop so much they basically go from a few scenes it does have a transition but yeah it’s like they start off with him like lowkey harassing her a little bit

and uh then and and opening up a moment where you’re like oh God like you know is the is the upper brass going to support this or are they going to intervene on this um but yeah like their relationship you know I still bought enough you know for

what it was uh I liked their chemistry a lot of this just rides on the appealing nature of the cast in general and uh Ed yeah you know you got the Suave guy with all the ladies who then you know meets this incredibly domineering confident like drill sergeant

lady and then is a whole new guy like yeah there’s just like a lot of really fun bits and stuff like that and then having them have to all go out into the streets at the end and and sort of by error being put right into a riot

Zone you know it’s like things like that are are funny because this mostly manages to skate by in innocuousness and not you know dip too far into like oh we just got real and not too far into like oh we’re just mocking the struggles of society like it

is weird because like it does in lowkey ways bother to to be again they start off that whole thing about like ah it used to just be Johnson’s and and white boys for all as far as the IE can see and now we’ve got all these other people

here and like it doesn’t make a huge deal out of that post that but it is kind of interesting that yeah you do have like this broad range of people who are all coming in to do this like you don’t even really get a reason as to why

they want to do it yeah there sort of like we’re all here I don’t even know if lard Jones wanted to be a police officer he was just there just thrown into it we’re just yes anding the situation but you know again it’s not like a movie like

this needs to have some kind of deeply ingrained you know logic to it and for what this is for the time that it came out uh yeah I had a a great time watching this and yeah like it is mostly it’s only offensive in the way yeah like’

80s movies can be a bit dated you know this reminded me of kind of the crash between you know it’s like police stripes or it’s like Animal House plus cops and and in thinking about those movies I almost feel like this is probably on the more innocuous side

cuz when we saw at the beginning as rated R I was like really and even throughout I was like yeah they swear a little bit and there is like some incidental nudity but I feel like you could also easily remove most of that uh you know maybe not

the podium bit and even those things like I don’t know that was the thing where like I was expecting when Gutenberg pokes out of the podium and for that moment it’s like it’s as if he did it and I was like in a different movie I feel like

you know your cool m character wouldn’t be just like yep it was me I feel like there would be more of a gay Panic about that of like no no no you know and even the biker bar scene like could have gotten weirder could have gotten more like

icky in some way and like again the way it’s shown here is like just the right amount to where it never seems to dip out of the spirit of its own comedy I guess yeah yeah some something else I’ll say is that I thought it was interesting that

the third Act was literally like I don’t know kind of remind me of like a superhero movie in a sense that we’re like okay we’re going to have this them on the academy doing all these stuff like doing all these gags and high Janks and then the third

finale it’s a whole Riot and all of our characters have to go to this location to try to stop the riot everyone’s in it now everybody has a part to play this is their chance to be heroes and yeah seeing all the characters that were on the positive

side that weren’t that weren’t dicks got to have their Arc or their moment to really shine which I thought was really cool yeah except for uh tackleberry man he didn’t get to pop any shots off I feel bad for him k a single person that’s a guy too

like that’s and that’s when an absurd movie like this is kind of doing its job where I’m like I love watching this character in reality this man should not be on the streets but in Police Academy I really like watching him like yeah uh and you know hooks

finally you know freeze dirt bag or whatever she says to him like hell yeah you know and yeah every character gets their little bit or something like that and yeah I thought a lot of the tie rounds were cute and uh and yeah for like the status this

movie holds this was quite fun this was one of those movies that like in some ways was exactly what I was expecting it to be and in other little ways and flourishes isn’t exactly what I expected it to be and it’s funny because I always thought of this

as like a PG comedy like a mad cap like a Naked Gun um which I don’t even know exactly what the rating on that is that might be a PG but you know this being an R I feel like this is like the pgst tone of an R-rated

movie if that Mak sense you know that makes perfect sense yeah I feel the exact same way yeah so like while again especially dealing with policing and and watching this you know 20 odd years or 30 odd years later uh more than that actually what 40 years later

this was made in 84 it’s 24 I can math watching this so many years later yeah it’s funny this this manages not to feel too too dated but it also gains a little bit from the current time I don’t know it’s it’s an interesting one to go back

forth a 40-year-old movie right yeah yeah 40y old yeah look at that so yeah this was a lot of fun this was a lot of fun and like yes product of its time but I feel like there it didn’t force me to be like well you have to

understand you know as many times as certain other movies certainly can do um so yeah Police Academy we made it through we’re on the force now any any other stray thoughts before we get out of here uh no no stray bullets no no stray thoughts we uh we

did it we watched watch the police academy and hopefully you guys like this and we get to watch all six plus of them that’s right man A+ guys thank you for joining us do you want us to check out the rest of the police academy movies are you

a police academy fan what’s the best one leave it in the comments and before we get out of here let’s do a quickie Pat Andrew Hayes my friend look if there’s anybody who I feel like could be fit right into the Ensemble of this movie it would be

you because you could be the perfect Police Academy character all right I know we talk about the fact that you’re not the tallest dude on Earth but that is perfect for a comedy Ensemble and I know that you know a little bit about comedy you could be the

guy who everyone underestimates but then it turns out that you have just like this hulking anger inside of you and you’re just like the toughest dude on the force you don’t even need a gun just the sheer power of your intensity will get people in line get people

following the rule the letter of the law and we appre appreciate you enforcing the code of the reject Nation so Andrew stay frosty stay law biting and uh we’ll catch you next time much love buddy pieces

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