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Mission Societies. The Holy Father made his remarks during the group’s annual General Assembly in Rome . Pope Francis encouraged the missionaries to follow the example of martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for their faith , and he also gave them three main themes on which to focus .

Joining us now from Rome is Father Karl Wallner , head of the Austrian section of the Pontifical Mission Society . Father, thank you for your time today. We appreciate it. Can you tell us more about this audience with the Pope and what he had to say to you?

>> We are global network to help the Pope to promote the mission, and every year we have the General Assembly. And this year it started with the audience, with the Holy Father. And it was rather programmatic , because Pope Francis gave us three themes that are very important

for the future of the Pontifical Mission Societies. He wanted us to build up a global network. Communio. He wanted us to have creative be. This, for me was very interesting because in Austria we had a lot of new ideas and they are working. We have to promote the

missions at the level of the 21st century with the medias of nowadays and so on. And the second point I had to look what means the word

tenacity. Yeah, it was not. I’m an Austrian. I’m not used to this English word tenacity is to be stubborn. Yeah. So

not not to be afraid to just to continue. Because we have a lot of obstacles. So he said we have to build up a communion worldwide. We have to be creative and find new, new means also for fundraising. And the third thing was do not be this discouraged.

Have courage , try again. Try hard because nothing is lost with the help of the grace. >> Yeah, and father curious what topics were discussed during this General Assembly? >> The general Assembly is, for me always very touching. We are together for eight days and we are 120

national directors. So in every country where the church is free to work, there is a national director. He is nominated by the Holy See, and we are the Pontifical Mission Societies , not the Episcopal Mission societies. So we work on behalf of the Holy Father, Pontifical for the

bishops, because they are responsible for the mission. But of course, a single bishop or a diocese , they are very focused on their own problems. So we are to help the diocese, to help the bishops , to keep the heart open for the worldwide church , for the

mission. >> And father, before I let you go, are there any special projects that you’re currently working on? >> Well , in Austria we are a small country. Look, we have 9 million inhabitants and 4.7 million of them are still Catholic. That number is going down and we

try to promote the importance of mission in our parishes. And we are doing projects because bishops, missionaries are congregations of religious sisters who work in the poorest countries of the world. They ask us to support them for instance, Madagascar. There will be a focus on Madagascar . I

personally have been there. I have been touched by this poverty, but also by the courage and by the love of the Salesian Sisters who take the children out of the street, take them out of the of this waste. I do not know the English word a big, big,

big rubbish. Places everywhere and people are living there. Little children are living there and they take them out. They give them education, they bring them into school and we support this. >> Well, father Wallner, thank you so much for speaking with us today. Thank you for all that

you do. We appreciate your time. God bless you . >> God bless you too. Thank you for your work. Thank you very much. >> Pope Francis reminds

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