Port-A-Guard Expandable Barrier – SafetyQuip Review

This product is the Port-a-guard expanding barrier.
It’s a simple and effective way to restrict pedestrian access.
It’s very compact and easy to move around.
There’s a latch on the top that you release and then simply
expand the barrier out.
This is a 3 metre version.
There’s also a 6-metre version as well.
The barrier is available in two colours.
This is black and yellow.
There’s also a red and white.
There’s optional wheels for the unit.
So, particularly the 6 metre one, you can move
around quite easily.
There’s also a wall-mount bracket. Say if you wanted to
use it across maybe a roller-door in a warehouse.
You might want to mount that on the wall on one end.
It would be held in place while you move the free end.
You might even want to put wheels on this end.
There’s also a mounting bracket for the top of the post
for a sign. So you can have a sign that might say no entry
or whatever message you want to say.
The Port-a-guard expanding barrier.
Contact your local SafetyQuip branch for further information.

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