Power Book 2 Season 3 Episode 9 | Review 2 | Will Effie Throw Cane And The Family Under The Bus?

oh boy a part of me was saying Jenny this is what your ass get and a part of me fell a part of me felt bad for Jenny because Cooper sacks in the end he was trying to do the right thing as to absolve himself of all the wrong he’s done but more importantly he really cared about Jenny and I loved how when Jenny went in there they played the sad Adele music that score for that moment was excellent it was heart pounding to Jenny her ass was sad now this is a character who has

shown range in her acting she’s going from being a deviant to being sad to being dismissive and let’s let’s not forget this Behavior the last man that’s been in them panty draws is Cooper sacks and now he’s basically dead because he went on a a self mission to try to help your ass out so she had to be feeling something about that and I was glad she was able to portray that sadness that feeling and not only did she portray it there when she saw the body but when they went back to talking about sex

in the in the room they’re trying to put the case together yes this is true and this

is true and uh ghost is uh it has multiple meanings because we get the first little scene of this right here where where sax is speaking from the dead he is sending letters oh everybody Lamont yeah my goodness gracious I mean this guy here is is conniving you know what you think about that right there I like that Monet is not father for it she’s like no this is some this is lives talking about Tariq is is uh

working for the feds and we saw later on that that really did affect Diana and sweet’s relationship because she wouldn’t charge them up while uh Tariq was in the uh in the room trying to take that call from SJ man and so sax here is uh he’s doing one yeah here it is right here I know that’s not it yeah no that’s not it all I got my images messed up but anyway you know what I’m talking about yeah uh what you think about that though sex uh writing letters to everybody and whatnot well the

title of this episode was last gifts or gifts or something to that effect that’s what sex was handing out he was handing out last gifts and in particular he had a letter for Jenny in which he said my last gift to you is to tell you to get out the game he had a he had a gift from Monet you know and the thing about him is he has this disdain for Tariq Tariq has caused him a lot of angst over his career and while he’s dead he had him some insurance in place to make

sure that that white whale Tariq get his ass taken down right and so he had letters for a whole lot of people some of them we haven’t even mentioned yet that we’ll get there in a little bit but I thought this was an excellent last gift for sex for me this confirms that he is permanently dead and the way he went out was just like a real G I enjoyed it good man uh I I enjoyed it too uh he gave uh he gave a letter to my name yeah I’m trying to think uh my

goodness Grace it just slipped my mind who I said to give uh who wants to give a letter to Jenny got a letter Jenny got a letter Monet got a letter okay we went over to genuine yeah and you know Blanca you know she was crying and you know confessed to love here it is right here she was so happy uh to receive that letter you know um I you know I don’t know Jenny Jenny is is gotten on my nerve for the longest uh but I was feeling her yeah uh and and this scene

right here and Blanca finds out I was like Blanca read fast as hell you know what I’m saying uh but yeah man uh so she gets one of Jenny she gives one to Monet now who’s that next person um is that it or I forgot two bit got a letter man he did get a letter bro do you want to talk about that now you want to wait whenever you want to I’m here for what I’m here for what ladies and gentlemen if we I was going to let my man order his steps but we

did have a two-bit sighting in this episode and he got a letter from Cooper sacks too it was a last gift yeah he did he did he did but before before we get there man I do want to talk about this yeah I like what they’re doing with this character because of this positive scheme that we’re going to be talking about in just a second being exposed Tariq has to diversify all them funds and everything is being tightened up right now so they’re not gonna make the payment and we get your boy Obi over here

like some 007 villain pulling that teeth with pliers and I’m like damn my goodness gracious what is going on this dude right here is ruthless man he don’t give a craps about nothing but I like it man I like uh you know that they’re making him just seem more dangerous that he’s just not some little puppet on strings from um from uh what is her name I forgot Noma Noma I’m gonna say Monet but that’s major block Noma so yeah man what you think about Obi man and his torturing system in this this dungeon he

got down here oftentimes when people behave in such things they got personal trauma going on and Tariq was able to here’s another one of those curveballs that’s going 100 miles an hour with it ain’t supposed to he was able to convince this man that he’s so resourceful whatever you need I got you right as this man is pulling the teeth of the white man okay and I saw them teach behavior that was yellow as hell like dude they never brushed his teeth in three months that yellow teeth and Obi said to him what can you

do for me and it goes back to one thing that every human being on the planet can relate to and that’s family his family in Nigeria needs a green card apparently Noma is holding that over his head Tariq said I got you you helped me out you push Norma to the back burner and I’ll get you and all of wakanda Forever in America and tari went and made a plan to get them green cards and I think that this is going to lead to more behind the scenes back door dealings with Obi or it could

lead to Obi getting killed if it’s ever made I was just about to say that that Tariq went behind his back went behind her back and done this I don’t ever I don’t want over to get killed man um I don’t if I had to be honest you know I like him for some reason I do he gets on my nerve but in a good way if that makes sense yeah um I don’t know I don’t know but somebody to answer gets on my nerve man it’s tape I’m gonna tell you man how you feel

about him you know and like it’s just ah the thing of the thing I’m struggling with is I don’t like them I did but I give him credit because he is honest and upfront and you know he he’s not gonna lie to you nope he’s gonna be like this is what it is this is a transaction and I’m trying to get mine what can you do for me but I just still don’t like I mean and when I say I don’t like them it’s not like I thought like you know like this thing like sex

or something like that but it’s just something about him man it’s just like I want to trust him but you can’t you know what I’m saying where you went on this you know he makes a compelling character because he’s a macrocosm of what we see in politicians all politicians ain’t nothing but glorified used car salesmen and they get to run around as if they’re Filthy Rich and they get to run around and use the powers that they have to get things done for whomever they want them done and that tends to aggravate people about politicians

and for me I love this portrayal he’s doing he’s one of my favorite care characters on the show but I’m frustrated with him messing around with Professor wakanda forever because I do feel like he’s going to drag her down somehow some way and I love her I love her when everything she’s played in she’s a phenomenal actress and he just Curry favorite with her by brokering a damn backdoor crooked deal as politicians do that sometimes have you know one step of corruption but two steps of good for all the people that’s what he just did

by taking down Weston Holdings with this reporter yeah man um you think he’s gonna end up dead you think somebody gonna find out about him because we saw a letter wrong uh rsj you know when he hit him sorry he was mad as hell when where you’re going to tell me that Tate’s leaked to the SEC because that means that his money gone too like and when they say all of the money like all like hey rsj is a billionaire yeah so how much money do you think he lost I I mean you know I’m

not a billionaire I’m not a multi-millionaire I don’t think I don’t think it’s comments I mean it’s common sense not to put all of your money in in one place but how much money do you think rsj lost I’m in this in this Ponzi scheme action I’m assuming if The Westerns was running your typical hedge fund hedge funds tend to make rich people put up a large sum of money up front just for having the privilege to be in a hedge fund I’ve seen them as low as five million dollars entry and as high as

20 million dollars entry depending upon the hedge fund you get into so I think it’s safe to say somewhere between five and twenty million dollars it’s not going to hurt them but if there’s anything I know about rich people especially us rich black folks we don’t like to lose no money period and he’s going to want that money back for some reason um that he might want to do some other business with and they could be going down that road be Avery of seeing rsj becoming very very very very dangerous I was just about to

ask you that my brother I was gonna say how do you think they’re going to turn or rsj around you think he’s going to be a more prominent player in this game and this web of of lies because they kind of did that with Kiki yeah I said last episode I kind of thought she was gonna be like oh my God Brayden I really liked you and you’re a drug dealer right she ended up being part of the pinesis game you know what I’m saying so um yeah man I think you’re right that they could

you know make him go to the dark side or just kind of not even the dark side but just kind of pull out a side of him that we did not anticipate you know uh but I’m is that is that something that you would want to see or or you don’t want it to go in that direction well it’s too late he already done going in that direction by not coming clean to the SEC when he found out what was really going on so did he get his money back really yeah I think so yeah

that’s that’s going the dark side I mean if if you if we are going by the books of what the law would want you to do even if you lost your money the law would want you to report him and they would tell you this bull job right here we will ensure that when we start recuperating money yours will be the first that we get back because you snitched on this so technically he didn’t he’s already done turnt bad he’s already done turnt criminal it’s just lot technically technically technically not not ethically yeah that’s ethics

that’s ethics that’s ethics that’s ethics so so you you were snitch you wouldn’t get your so if you was rsj would you do what he did which is like nope I’m gonna lose my money and go report this to the SEC bro you and everybody that’s listening to the sound of my boys know that Lamont don’t run from the Dark Side okay Lamont is not opposed to being in the corner you know okay or throwing throwing bubble gum in the Street Lamont put all that out on Front Street okay I’m getting my damn coins you

understand I don’t give a damn if I would have to be Avery because he’s a billionaire he only lost a couple of million um maybe he wasn’t pressed enough that he felt like he needed to come in with the big guns literally but depending upon how much money someone give them they really giving you like their life savings I can easily see somebody running up in there with a gun demanding their money back and um you know what can you do but yeah I can see rsj you’ve got his money you got the political power

of Tate and I can see them to co-mingling with each other to do some dirty things okay okay okay y’all let us know what you think um let us know I got I’m gonna throw a lot at you right now okay let’s do it though I’m gonna throw a lot at you right now so we just talked about Tate and and rsj but uh you got your boy Davis right here trying to console if uh yeah not iffy yeah but Effie yeah is she not trying to hear it but then bro we got the FBI

coming in to raid Westing Holdings and Robert the CEO don’t know what’s going on and you have this right here with Kiki now I must say Kiki is very attractive yes yes in there uh Brayden is winning right there with that one and uh what’s this trace the brother of Braden thinks that Kiki knows about it thinking that she she’s smashing yeah uh Uncle Lucas and all of that man I want to know if you feel bad for the father I really do but we can skip that we just talked about that but also after

Davis leaves Effie in the jail cell he is confronted by Blanca and by Jenny and they accuse him like Hey bro I know that we don’t got no audio but we got a video and you are praying setting booby traps with coffee spill it on fruit so you can slip Diana notes and stuff like that with getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar bro what do you think about all of that right there we also got Braden and Tariq going about it true was getting on my nerve uh in this scene right here

but yeah man so the FBI is raiding the the Westing holding Jenny and Blanca are rating uh Davis and Braden and Tariq are not getting along either they’re they’re kind of bouncing back and forth so how you how you think all that’s gonna play out and do you have a favorite part or not

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