Power Book 2 Season 3 Episode 9 | Review 3 | Tommy's Back But What Deal Will Tariq Make To Get Tasha

um it’s it’s tough to kind of Envision how it’s going to all play out because there’s a bunch of quagmires going on here so first and you know if you could use quagmar if you want to go talk radio you can use if you want to go militaries a bunch of all that stuff going on but B first of all let’s talk about the let’s talk about Ginny and Davis I love the camera angles being behind Davis’s head kind of looking down on the both of the women as they are just giving it to his

drunk ass don’t forget he drunk as a skunk just coming out of there talking to Effie she could smell a desk that’s the angle look at them look at them well if looks could kill these chicks would be Uzis and the hair on the back of his head is standing up because he know they got him by the balls right but at the end of the day be Avery he knows exactly what was going on between Jenny and Cooper and when he told Jenny the reason he’s dead you might want to go look in the

mirror that hurt that that hurt her yeah that hurt her she didn’t have no comeback for

that she had nothing else to say Davis walked off I’m assuming he’s trying to make a intricate plot to get out of this now I’ll go to you and Western Holdings the daddy Robert he don’t know what’s going on he really don’t to this moment he does not know what’s going on and I love the way Braden saved Kiki but if you following this story be Avery all the men are being seduced by panty draws and and doing things

uh that they’re augmenting their behavior for the sake of Penny draw so here we had Braden changing the game to save Kiki because Kiki was scared as hell she was about to she was about to burn her passport go to friends go so she was about to disappear and he made her look kosher to Daddy and Trace and Trace was calling her a hoe because Trace probably wanted to hit it and was never able to hit it even though he got a little racist bone in his ass you still want to have sex with with

the sisters so that’s why he up there talking that bull job and then they go home to talk about the situation and we learned that the damn mama had a crush on the brother what color right right in the world kind of uh uh um poly poly NYC stuff we got going on here she gonna try to blame it on alcohol too yeah yeah blame it on the goose got you feeling loose right and um then the daddy goes out Clark Kent giving these soliloquies about how you do the right thing and blah blah blah

when he really don’t know what’s going on so I you know I think somebody’s gonna put the squeeze on him because Tate mentioned the reason why Weston holding had never been investigated was because the guy he’s running against to win the seat Sweeney has been sweetened in the pot and be Avery you can cool believe that that’s gotta come out in episode 10 and that’s probably how they’re gonna save what’s left of Westing Holdings tying Sweeney up ensuring that Tate gonna get that seat and then and then that’s going to put Tariq and Brayden and

Kiki all in the clear kick in together uh-huh uh-huh I um I mean I still want to see that spin-up show bro uh between Tate or no not between tape but about Tate you know in the political side of power yeah you know him running I don’t know why that was canceled right yeah man unfortunately it was cash I don’t know why that I don’t know why they cancel that but that’s unfortunate I do uh I do want to see that um we’re gonna see what happens in episode 10 uh but one thing I wanted

to ask you one or two things is first of all how realistic do you think that this guy is the head boss of it all and don’t know what’s going on I mean yes of course you give other responsibilities to other people but I was like really you know I mean you already don’t everybody don’t like your brother and knows that he’s this and knows that he’s dead I mean he we’re gonna talk about brother Uncle Lucas and how this horrible he is yeah but this is your brother you you the brothers know each other

more than anybody on the planet so you should know your number below so you to be completely in the dark I don’t know if I’m I’m with that 100 and my am I tripping or how you feeling about that um I can see that be Avery because oftentimes politicians and people that have high levels of power they don’t want to know things so they can have you’ve heard white people say this plausible deniability right right right however had that been a plausible denialability don’t work it works in white privileged World they’ll let you say oh

I didn’t know what he was doing he manages the whole thing I was away from the business I’ll let you get away with that but if you Lamont Tyson running the Tyson hedge firm and I’m in France for real and I don’t know what’s going on they still gonna drag me down and try to tell me that I should have known what the hell was going on in my firm so I see the Daddy getting away with this it is very realistic in my opinion because I’ve seen this happen in trials and court cases for

real um and don’t worry they’re going to get this thing all pinned on Lucas one way or the other one well it would make for interesting TV if they didn’t but I think they’re going to get it all pinned on Lucas and say it was all his fault he was running a rogue piece of the Business Without anyone’s permission without anyone knowing Braden has already gotten Kiki in the clear the only one who stands to be in trouble at this moment would be Braden this is true this is true this is true Kiki is in

the clear and uh we’re gonna see if they end up being together or not I don’t know but she didn’t want us you know the bills the bills the beans to be spilled to her parents no you know not completely understand that she was like what am I gonna do go hide in Canada and work at a McDonald’s and I was like no you don’t want to do that it kind of broke my heart a little bit when she was just saying but you know Uncle Lucas and she didn’t call him Uncle Lucas but this

white man he trusted me he believed in me he made me feel special and you know he could seduce me and got me to help him with the Positive scheme and Brady’s like you’re a good person you know I don’t know man um you think they’re gonna end up together do you want that how you feel about them real quick before I move on to the juiciest part of the episode I’m cool I’m cool with them ending up together considering that Braden did what he did basically for her I mean Braden got his first body

basically for Kiki and so I would like to see that get paid off with at least them dealing with each other for a whole season right on right on right on you said the magic word right there we got Lucas being a b-i-t-c-h-s ass responsible for it all ducking off in some high-rise luxury apartment is crazy he’s calling the he’s calling the DEA he’s just saying hey I don’t want I need protection I need immunity and I just want to throw up Tariq in them under the bus but man the the lack of a monster

they had I don’t know what was worse Lucas or Monet Monet and Lucas they both were evil oh that’s the wrong images they were both evil and did not give a crap about nobody but themselves and like you said it man you said it right here uh they you know Tariq paid off so and so and I and and uh got the location of um of Lucas brayden’s already up there you know trying to convince him like Hey Lucas please sign this waiver and you can go escape in another country he got millions of dollars

put away and his arrogant ass gonna say what if I get bored you don’t care about your own family I’m I mean I understand tariki gonna throw them under your bus but your own family what if I get bored and guess what Brandon got a body bread and got her body bread and got her body hey hey hey hey I did not expect that man he was he was done and pushed his ass over it do you think it was on you think it was an accident on purpose because he was shook bro I did

not see this coming Lamont I did not see his comment he finally got a body and it ended up being his uncle bro and we got the hell out of there but man talk about it Lamont talk about it talk about it what you know he was happy too like oh yes you know because he wanted that Tariq was grilling him earlier about taking uh um Lucas out I know I don’t talk to billion words but man yeah how are you feeling about it man break it down break it down I saw it coming just

because just because of how much interest Braden showed in Kiki and in order to save Kiki this obstacle named Lucas has got to be taken out and you also learned that Brayden does not want to be like to read they got into that little fight when he said you need to take your uncle out and this plan was for Tariq to do it but when he when Lucas got up there running his damn mouth he done told the DEA I’m I want a rattle Monet and reek they’re running a little um organization called crash coin

and if you protect me and the white collar crime that I did I’ma look out for you and unfortunately be Avery that’s how it tends to work in America they have labeled certain crimes Street crimes to be worse than white collar crime but when you have white collar crime that takes people’s whole life savings and these got to go work in Walmart being greeters I don’t understand how that causes quality that that loss of quality of life is any worse than what these people’s doing in the street so he was right about that part and

he was right about you know I’m just going to make off in the woods and do what I want to do it made me feel good that Braden it was almost like Street Justice you really think you’re about to do this you don’t move all this money in the Cayman Islands my family’s assets is froze you up here living good chilling by yourself you know crossing your legs and sipping on wine you think I’m about to let you do this no and I’m with you when Tariq seen the Body Hit the car my man was

like Bugs Bunny yeah all right all right worked out in a way I didn’t think and got the F out of there man got the F out of there Brayden Braden chose Tariq over his uncle yeah he did man everybody taking pictures and yeah Uncle Lucas is dead man Uncle Lucas is dead he’s dead he’s dead he’s dead he’s dead yeah but two things I want to talk about real quick man your boy can God is suited to booted man on her hair trying to holler at Espy or whatever and he walked out like f

you you know what I’m saying I was laughing how cold she was like it’s all you’re not happy to see me it’s like why because we once I was like damn she cold you know what I’m saying but uh what you think about that man you think it was just a one-time thing between them or you think they’re gonna hook up again eventually B we talked about this last week I told you Effie is a cold calculated she’s about herself we we talked about this last week I told you specifically when push come to shove

she ain’t worried about Kane and this was going to be that heartbreak moment for him he’s supposed to be the big bad tough Street dude and every man is susceptible to the right panty draws to some degree and the dude came in there looking like he was on the cover of GQ jet whatever Esquire L magazine whatever magazine you read where people dress up nice and he looked like that all right and she wasn’t having it and not only that but she said get your ass out of here so that my real lawyer can come

in here what I gave you is just a run-of-the-mill it was nothing for me it was a moment for me I’m sorry you took something else extra out of it bye and I said to myself that’s what your ass get because you try to upset Tariq by mentioning Effie Tariq knew what the deal was Tariq almost basically warned this ass about Effie being selfish he wasn’t trying to hear it he was all up the Lauren bandwagon we need to kill her and I enjoyed every moment of him getting his little heart broke already y’all let

us know what you think I find that to be hilarious it was funny um I’m gonna need your help on this though bro like we said earlier man uh Saks uh also sent a letter to two-bit of course I remember him from before but I forgot I forgot the beef that he had with Tariq and like I just don’t remember do you can you help me out with that like I wasn’t gonna go back and re-watch yeah the whole season or whatever but you know he took his car I told him about he won 100

Bands on top of our Woody I’m like damn but yeah help me out with that man I don’t I don’t remember what two bed was uh arguing about you remember in first season when they was in high school and he saved Tariq ass from the dude that was dressed up by the pool he Tariq owes him for that you know he saved Tariq ass because Tariq was about to die and he got saved by two bit and then two-bit just kind of disappeared the way him and Courtney broke up but now he’s back and he’s

back and he came to pay the favor because Cooper sat sent that ass a letter telling where the mama is at and lo and behold that’s not the only person that was told about the location yeah we at the end of the episode I gotta be honest with you so he get he gives him a letter they switch cars yeah he calls uh he calls Tamika hey my mom’s location is out and Grandma my little sister and all that um I gotta be honest bro um I didn’t like any of this you didn’t no really

kind of just thought it was random what uh a bit sloppy what it just kind of hit me out of nowhere bro I mean first of all time like okay how did you get this message to your sister you forgot he gave the sister a secret phone okay cool thank you for that yeah next okay these are supposed to be some type of uh skill agents Tommy is just supposed to Tommy just able to pull up and get the drop on them like this when they got the higher ground they don’t come on man you’re

not gonna have your gun hand on your hip bro ready like okay who is this we got a bogey front yard blue car white male you know what I’m saying they just hey how you doing neighbor oh like come on bro I agree with you on that part B Avery hold on hold on and so I was just I just wasn’t expecting none of this bro we get the whole reunion of power in the past 15 minutes it would be different if this was kind of stretched over the whole episode but all this is kind

of saying like it was just thrown in you know what I’m saying top they want to have a conversation I know I know why Tommy mad because she killed Keisha you know what I’m saying and three coming and save them today and all this and Tommy could have died right there but bro this whole thing was sloppy tari get knocked out he wake up in the hospital Tamika telling him that his mama is kidnapped but man I was like I I don’t know bro that was just they clam too much in there that was just

slapping to me but you may disagree how did you feel about it no I enjoyed it I I thought everything was well done except the part about Tommy rolling up on the police and actually getting out the car I hate I hate to bring this up be Avery had that been a black person before the car could even stop they would have shot his damn tires not only do they let him stop they let him get out the car and didn’t say Sir hold it whatever nothing nothing now that was sloppy that was unless be

Avery that was white privilege man maybe but still you know with what you your job duties are that was horrible I was just like oh my gosh he drove up in the front yard I would see if he parked down the block and and snuck around the house or just you know he got a muscle car bro yeah look I don’t know man I didn’t but what you think about the shootout and then um you know what happened you know between them and all that you know like how did how did she feel about the

conclusion I didn’t have a problem with it because when he revealed that it was Monet that dropped the dime on the location that really sealed it all up because I would have been wanting to know how did he find out and all that but it it let us know that at this point Monet is completely done with Tariq she’s blaming Tariq for all the problems in her life and she dimed him out and if Tommy really wanted to come there for Revenge he could have been killed him but in true fashion when it’s someone that

you really don’t want to kill you talk it out you hash it out and then the question comes to this who hit Tariq in the back of the head if I had to guess I’m gonna 100 say two bit hit him in the back of the damn head knocked him out and Tommy took off with the mama and um two-bit and maybe this could be the the displaying or the showing that we’re gonna wind up finally Crossing power universes and have Tariq and Braden working with Tommy in Chicago somehow someway because I do believe that

they’re going to have to make up they’re gonna have to make up well I will tell you what Lamar I will tell you what you said they have to make up and you think that it was two-bit that knocked out to read yeah I’m just gonna say I know who knocked out two bit I mean I know who I mean I know who knocked out uh Tariq because I did see the season finale oh and while I did not like the end of episode nine as I just let everybody know I did like the end

of the season finale oh wait oh again season four it’s just my little tidbit right there yeah it’s wild yeah majority of this episode except for the past 10 to 15 minutes what I just said but the 10th or final episode man I’m just like damn I can’t wait for season four you know what I’m saying what oh man I’m I’m excited I I am excited about it um and so yeah we might have to hook up and do a live stream be Avery after we do after we do our Standalone video we might have

to do a weekend live or something let me know I’m down for whatever man I’m down for whatever but guys that is the end of the episode for power of book two season three episode nine titled A last gift let me you know not let me know let us know what you thought about the episode what you thought about our commentary whether you liked it you didn’t like it you’re somewhere in between our commentary and the episode all of that spoil it down in the comment section we are dying to know we are dying to

know Lamont I know well scratch that I’m sorry let the people know what you got going on in your Channel right now so they can have something to look forward to folks more power videos I will be dropping a video for um fast 10 tomorrow I’m going to check that out tomorrow and let you know how I feel about that and then just trying to get this this power season wrapped up then I’ll be moving on to some other stuff we’re going to be covering on the channel hanging out would be Avery over the next

couple of months y’all might even see me sitting beside the brother all you got to do is stay tuned to both of our channels

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