Power Book 3 Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 2 Review – Who Will Pay For Sal's Death?

I’m up early for the dealers come out everybody is outside till the killers come out you ain’t eating you just act full I’m impactful doesn’t funerals in a month I got that pole I will give it to in all rap forms ATI is out right now on all platforms we are talking power book three raising Kanan season three episode two titled flip mode guys if you did not know already me and my boy Lamont Tyson we are going to spoil this episode up down left right in and out as if you’ve already seen it that

is your warning the episode just premiered on stars and thank you so much for coming through hopefully you got your snacks hopefully you got your Libations and you are chilling ready to get all of this spoilery goodness that we are going to deliver to you like I said Lamont thank you for being here man I really do appreciate I have so much fun engaging with you about this show episode one was very very exciting I’m I’m so excited to talk about episode two with you but how you doing today man let the people out there

know how you how you feeling people I am good and glad my brother decided to let me ride with him and

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social media or any other platforms our handles on the screen Lamont’s information is in the description box of this video and like always bam there’s his channel right there Justice Lamont Tyson Let’s help this man reach that next Milestone of 150,000 subscribers Lamont I can’t wait to talk to you about this like I said man first of all I want to know did any of your predictions come true with this episode and if so if not let us hear it man I’m passing to you first also yeah just let us know how you felt overall

about this episode sir oh really enjoy the episode overall I gave this episode of 8.5 and they stepped it up more with supporting the foundation that we got in episode one and then they added a whole lot more Intrigue and then our character who wants to get out the game the writers just threw more barriers in top of her situation which I love I thought that based on the way this thing began I said to myself damn a Netflix and chill turned into a two weeks of a log cabin type vacation type situation it did

it did I mean be Avery arms is healed we eating peanut Peter buan ice cream and all kinds of whatnot and um you know it seemed like it was going to be all chill and then you saw what happened yeah man yeah I gotta be honest with you man uh I was not I was not expecting to uh to see this at all you know I I kind of thought it would just like a a in the- moment type thing wham bam thank you ma’am in the last season thank you for saving my life you

came through and bless God so I’m gonna you know let you get in here at least once or twice but now man they in the PJs you know what I’m saying they feeding each other hugging each other and all that I wasn’t I like it though I wasn’t I wasn’t expecting it but I I like it where you at audience do y’all remember how bab dug in me last at the last review about how Rock didn’t really want to be with this man he wasn’t a longterm play it was just the wham bam thank you

ma’am wham bam thank you ma’ams don’t turn into two weeks of Netflix and chill Log Cabin type love that’s what happened and then one prediction that I did make B Avery in my season trailer breakdown was the fact that the people that kidnapped Rock and unique I said it was Stefano and guess what we know who it turned out to be yeah we we we definitely know who it turns out to be um and I got a lot of laughs out of him as well um I I I did with this episode and we of

course we’re going to get into it the way he was kind of teasing unique about his name calling him everything except for Unique Ubbi withous on usual you know um disrespect black people he disrespected black people calling us mollies like yeah come on Stefano you and I love how unique went back at him and call him Linguini eating MF and type thing so it you know just goes the show they’re portray sometimes art imitates life and we’ve heard plenty of stories about how racist the Italians are with they holy rly asses in the name of

Jesus right right right right you’re right and uh guys I do apologize I’m having a hard time getting through these photos there’s something going on with my mouse and so I’mma do the best that I can uh so just bear with me uh do appreciate your your patience uh but let me ask you this man um we got another well no no no we we gonna wait to the end there uh but one of the things that I was thinking about at the end of first episode is okay Detective Howard he blew he blew um

he blew Burks uh Headway you know made it look like a suicide so I was saying to myself okay damn I wasn’t expecting that how is this going to play out and where is the next episode going to pick up is it going to pick up moments after where episode one left off is it going to be the next day but no it was two weeks two weeks have passed by or at least a week is because I’m I’m saying two weeks because unique said that they him and rock been kicking it for two weeks

but we don’t know exactly how much time passed from them smashing uh to Howard blowing Burke’s head off it could have been the next day the same night or a week later uh but I wasn’t expecting that was that uh I mean how did you feel about the funeral um I I we we also saw that um what is it oh Juke showed up uh and I wasn’t expecting that as well she would just kind of outside posted up just like oh man because they had somewhat somewhat of a connection um I didn’t I was

kind of surprised by that but uh Detective Howard you know he said a lot of uh wonderful things you know at the funeral and touched on a lot of people and it was just quite disgusting to me to be honest with you now again I did not like Burke uh I’m glad that she’s gone and like I said in our first recap and the one that we hosted on that you hosted on your channel I kind of wanted to see her go through the ring a little bit but how would I mean he was expected

to say something it would have looked horrible if he did didn’t uh that wouldn’t have that that would have been horrible uh if he didn’t say anything but I would just saying to myself my goodness gracious man all of these people out here are mourning and you’re the you’re the culprit you know um and it just kind of put a uncomfortable feeling in my stomach uh am I tripping or do you feel the same way or how did you feel about all that um thank thankfully for me I get that this is a story and

I get where I kind of feel like I get where the writers are going with um Detective Howard um Story by the way shout out to Omar elps who is killing this Ro I mean literally killing the Roe and for him to stand up there and make it seem like she was a little sister chasing around a big brother yeah that was like as disgusting as you making a deal with Satan it was literally you know good and damn well you the person that killed this woman you know good and damn well her situation where

it seems like everything was falling apart in her life and you got up on that stage didn’t shed a tear you didn’t Buckle or slur your speech you really sat up there and made it seem like this chick was a hero and a thorn in your side like y’all had some kind of brother sister relationship and when they was panting the crowd be Avery they showed Medina they showed the dad they even show cop that want to get a little revenge on Detective Howard and it all made me think that those are going to be

our Avengers of detective bir that is going to eventually take down Howard and there was a little smoke that came up from Medina that I’m sure me and you going to talk about as we get through this um review but yeah you you’re in your right place to say that it was disgusting the way he portrayed their relationship and I co-sign with you but at the same time whenever whenever someone does something evil they always conjo some reason in their minds why their situation is more important than somebody else’s situation so in his mind it’s

not evil for him to do what he did because she’s about to ruin his family yeah yeah just disregarding that this woman has a family so yeah he’s playing the hell out that role yeah yeah he is man and um the thing about it is I want to I want to ask you this you may not agree uh but I’m very very curious the the the captain the black guy that was you know that was talking crap about Burke’s mom uh at the end of last episode and he’s you know putting Howard on game talking

about how the FBI and internal investigations and IAD is doing this and doing that to me does he seem crooked to you as well because it just it I’m I’m I didn’t think so at first but the way that he is being so dismissive of Medina and just trying to keep this case closed is just really peculiar to me I I mean I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if some I don’t know episode six or seven or whenever you know something is revealed that you know he has some nefarious things up his sleeve I

just it just doesn’t make because later on when Medina was trying to talk to him he was like hey hey hey be quiet now let’s put this behind us let Burke rest in peace I don’t understand why he is so adamant about just keeping things swept under the rug am I reaching too far or do you think that there’s something else brewing with his character as well let me know because I’m very very curious well to to you and everybody in the universe that has been against me and Bert you can’t take the stance you

just took me Avery because he’s doing nothing different with his stats on Bert being dead that he did when she was alive basically she had all this barrage of information she wanted to get to him to say how it was crooked and she was telling him stand down solders we not focusing on Howard I didn’t believe he was crooked then and I don’t believe he’s crooked now and someone with your perspective can’t all of a sudden say that it was okay for him to shut Bert down but not shut down any more investigation to what’s

going on with Bert because the two to me are one and the same I feel like I feel like Captain I don’t think anything’s dirty with him not involving Burke and cover I feel like nothing is dirty with him I feel like he came in to write the ship of this police force because you remember they got rid of the other person because the was going it was going to hell in the handbasket he came in to be the cleanup hitter and now that he’s the cleanup hitter he’s got you heard him have that one-on-one

with um Detective Howard about how the other cop been stuff up messing stuff up so he’s got to put that fire out he don’t want to have any more fires dealing with Detective Burke and he said IAD is going to take 18 months to finish their investigation which is going to be another problem so no I think he’s on the up and up and if he’s not whatever he’s not on the up and up wheel deals with wherever he came from I gota okay okay y’all let us know what y’all think uh in the comment

section uh I love the honesty or whatever you just saying hey man uh that don’t make no sense I don’t agree with you you got to keep your your argument consistent be I’m not mad at it at all I love it I love it I love it uh but what what did you think about Stefano man uh you know he he’s he’s flexing right now you know he’s breaking into the crib um you know kidnapping them in in the middle of the night and they don’t know what to do uh I loved it and he’s

just showing his strength again like I said earlier I was laughing at the way that um he was treating them not not treating them but treating uh unique uh you know mispronouncing his name on purpose and knew exactly who he was we know that s works for um um God I just forgot his Stefano we know the S works for Stefano unique didn’t know who that was like who the f is this guy right here you know but he said s said that you have you know a potty mouth on you and you know he

was still teasing him and so yeah he’s on his radar um is Stefano living up to the threat that we possibly thought he was in season two when he was first introduced and you know we also have this uh they wouldn’t have shown this right here this furnace said that it gets up to 3,000 degrees and it just all he got to do is put a human in there it’ll turn him into dust in a few moments he said it gets rid of a lot of his problems and he he puts it to rock this

is crazy it’s like look your boy sound is getting on a nerve he’s causing a mess he’s causing a ruckus he’s drawing too much attention to our organization but we got these politics over here man we cannot kill another boss so either you kill him or I’m a team up with him to kill you besides that I love the fact that rock called him out because you know we the black people we get all these negative stereotypes over here saying that how uh Reckless and and dangerous and just horrible we are and our community and

we don’t we do this and we don’t do that but she was like no y’all stabbing each other in the back is um 10 times more violent than any negro she saids something else of course but I like that she caught him on that man like you know you saying that we bad you killing your own people all of it I loved it but how did you feel about that whole conversation that they had right there and the ultimatum that uh he put around I enjoyed the whole exchange because it was truly an epiphany of

what goes on in America number one when he snatched them and he was having to interchange with unique he was being racist as hell call him my man a Molly a Gula and every everything that you can think of under the Earth’s sun that is black and dly and I like how unique didn’t shut up and talk jump back to him even took a swift punch to the face blooded him up and then when he got into the conversation with rock the racism and the exploration of that conversation kept going with rock saying look y’all

ACC like you said y’all accuse us of being these dastardly human beings when this is the y’all doing B it’s called projection right white people been projecting this for years so that we don’t put them under the microscope and that’s just what she did to them and you know getting downn well somebody is gonna roast in his incinerator oh yeah because at at that degree of Kelvin you burn bones yeah you literally you literally are dust you are dust that you go blow on the side of the oan and it would be very fitting if

the dust that gets blown it’s Stefanos because look dying in yeah man look B Avery these families that claim to have this you know this this family business first of all it don’t make no sense it’s hypocrisy how you over here making your money by killing people with drugs and all that but all sudden when it comes to your families you got this tightnit moral ethical bull job okay it don’t make no sense that’s why you you see these families have these situ where they have like recitals they have bar mitzvas they have you know

they have all this stuff and you wonder why people keep rolling up on these things killing y’all because there is there is no honor among Thieves no matter how much y’all want to make it sound that way you Crooks people people know to take advantage of you in these situations where you claim it’s supposed to be so sacred and I love how this episode portrayed all those stereotypes and let them play out in the way that we know they really happen this is true man I love it well said you couldn’t have you know you

couldn’t said it I couldn’t have said it any better myself and I just go to say uh black people and I I’ve talked about this before on my channel a number of times we do not have to be perfect to receive Justice it is not okay I mean yeah we want to be as good as we possibly can but we don’t have to be perfect okay nobody else is perfect every there is dirt there is Grime there is lunacy in every Community whether you’re black you’re white you’re red you’re brown or you’re yellow okay you

know with the same amount like oh what about black on black crime what about white on white crime what about Asian on Asian crime what about Brown on Brown crime everybody does dirt okay and I get annoyed sometime when I see on on my Instagram Fe just a small handful of knuckle has to do something and they try to plast it over the whole race you don’t see these other people doing this no everybody does it even though this is a fictional show uh it’s just a prime example of how everybody does dirt and other

people do dirt just as bad if not more and so let that sck into your brain to be a point um you know our imitates life like you said I mean you know these writers are pulling this stuff you know from probably some experiences that they have had to deal with in real life so yeah I mean yes this is fictional but art often times imitates life so like B said y’all don’t don’t have those machinations in your head and on some real talk if you do it by the sheer numbers the manglos do more

crimes than we do if you go by the sheer numbers the sheer Mass numbers black people only make up 13.8% of the pop but for some strange reason some strange reason over 60% of what’s in jail is us and that’s not because we doing all the damn crimes so you just take that and put it where you want to learn it at yeah yeah yeah you know we’re we’re we’re targeted now what what did you think about uh rock is serious bro uh we asked the question like oh she saying that she at the game

she don’t want to shoot herself out of situations no more and she’s going around with the big white flag like hey I give up now you know I don’t want to do it no more that’s what she tell Stefano that’s what she tell the Colombians a little bit later it seems like she’s really really sticking to her guns do you believe her or are you convinced yet well how you feeling about that I believe her right now but something is going to tie her back into the game it is um think about how hard it

is to stop doing something you’ve been doing for so long there there’s a reason why they say it’s very hard to teach a old dog new tricks and as fine as she may be and you know I like my wine dark and fine but it’s hard to take a old dog new trick what is rock gonna do open up a hair salon um you know start a clothing boutique no something is going to force her hand and throw her back into the game she’s not done which is why I enjoy that exchange between her and

Juliana and her dropping Spanish on the cousin love BR bro bro I love that too and my thing is this man where did uh where did Juliana get all of this Confidence from like it just kind of came out of nowhere she she was working in a department not a department store I’m tripping in a department store like this is JC police the Boda the bodega what uh but no a corner store man uh you know but now she operating like a boss and I’m not mad at it talking crap and like we can find

out if you have a new supplier talking about you out the game um I’m it’s really interesting to me man like rock had to save the day a few times threaten her boyfriend you know she babysitting money with rats everywhere bruised up eyes but look at her now man it’s a completely different character uh I like you said I like the fact that rock threw some Spanish at her and all of that it just it’s just kind of weird to me but I gotta say man I did not not expect the the Colombians here to

uh react the same the way they did like oh you’re out okay well we wish you the best and if you still need us eventually we’re g to be here like I was like oh okay I thought they was gonna be talking sh oh yeah you think you’re out you’re out when we say you’re out okay now re up right now and go sell these drugs and make us money but that’s not that’s not how it went down um old boy respected her wishes and let her leave gracefully very surprised by that how did you

feel about that exit I’m with you man I was totally surprised by that if anything Juliana over there is overplaying her hand as if she’s the ball you know maybe she thinks that because she’s the woman and a woman is addressing the table that she gets to be in control of the negotiations or what may have but she got to learn chick during that time it’s a man’s world and your hair is just a little too big looking like a damn bird’s nest to actually think you controlling any damn thing with your leopard print on

sipping your wine and stuff like you the boss and I love how her cousin checked her just like look you stretching it over there Juliana your usefulness is about done we can stick your ass back in that Bodega yeah I was I was surprised that they let her out yeah and I can only think of a few reasons why they let her out number one the they’ve got another supplier that they’re eyeing that can move that kind of way rck was a good customer to them and when you in that game and you’re a good

customer they don’t let you out it ain’t no love loss I don’t care how much they resp respect so in order for them to let her out something else must be at play that he wants to move on to and you even heard him say we be happy to have you back almost be Avery as if he doesn’t believe she’s out the game and maybe that’s what he’s banking on true I’m G tell you Juliana gonna die who Juliana is gonna die a painful death she might be in that damn incinerator man man I don’t

know about the incinerator but uh she’s she’s definitely going to die I can’t wait to see who’s who’s going to die in that or or more than one um maybe it will be Stefano I don’t know but I definitely um they’re definitely going to play it out and I can’t wait to see who’s gonna perish in there that’s going to be um a sight to see you know um but let’s let’s transition to your boy unique real quick uh Mr Joy badass um love his character uh very very entertaining very very talented actor Entertainer uh

but you know he got kidnapped in the beginning like you said he got a punch in the face from one of Stefan’s men giving them nicknames calling him Mr lingen and stuff I really did not expect for him to pull up at the at the fish shop like this bro that was a pretty bold you know um I like it he was he was bold he was direct he was like Hey I want to uh have a conversation I’m a conversationalist just like you and let’s make this money together I can do nothing but respected

uh Lamont but I gotta say for as for as far up the food chain as stano is um it seemed a little bit just too easy uh to walk in up on them out of nowhere uh I mean because if unique and anybody else wanted to they probably would have lost a man or two at most but they could have went in here and sprayed up the whole fish shop or whatever and took stfo out because all they had right there at the door was this man with a a six shooter or a magnum I

don’t know exactly what kind of gun it was but but it did look powerful that was his only bodyguard maybe Stefano was just on this hot horse and like you know I ain’t nobody going to come and kick my door in but you know unique did it in a very very polite way and I love the way that Stefano called him out like given our earlier me uh meeting with the tone and tenure I wouldn’t expecting you to come in here and um you know unique was chilling he was like I’m look I’m not on

my hall horse I’m just trying to have a conversation Stef was like I respect the man that can let bygones be bygones I was very surprised by this conversation right here uh and the way they they bounced off of each other how did you feel about it yeah it was interesting man and from the minute unique opened the door and was talking to The Bodyguard saying that he punched like a potato cake or whatever he said I was thinking to myself yeah when we going to see them go ahead and have that one- on-one because

unique want to get in on that and no matter what unique say he might punch like a potato cake but he went and made your ass bleed and that count for something so you can say it didn’t hurt all you want to you was bleeding on them gold caps right I enjoyed the little conversation they had about how the little fish get on the Rock and they do a mating dance and how in the Fish World whoever’s the alpha male you’re going to get the women and how basically they went racist again he Stefano basically

said unique you black basically you black folks would be getting all the women in the fish world and then unique threw it back to him and he was like you know but you got that talk game which is worth something which it is in the real World The Talk game is worth something and that was kind of the the the conversation of who got the biggest meat and then they settled it off into let’s talk business yeah and um it some people might say that what he’s doing is disrespectful to rock when it’s not because

he didn’t he didn’t say no lie about rock he didn’t say nothing bad about rock he actually told Stefano I really and truly think in her mind she believes she’s out the game right and Stefano wanted to know and that’s what unique believe and pretty much because of how loyal and how much weight that he sold for Saul it looks like he’s going to be able to get into the family with the get into the situation with the families thanks to Stefano it’s not etched in stone yet but he said he’s got to approve it

but B you know that there’s going to be some controversy with them five families considering one of these five families took a hit in this episode so that’s probably going to be a problem for this link up between unique and Stefano yeah yeah we’re going to have to see man it’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out um I yeah I don’t think it’s disrespectful at all because unique knows that um she wants to be out the game she said that to him she said that in front of unique in front

of Stefano as well and um yeah I I I think this is very very important now unique doesn’t know I don’t think at this point that Stefano wants s dead but that’s even more of a reason for him to come and approach him the way he did and um I love it because we we we know that Stefano knows that his actual name is unique but he playing with him like oh yes Mr unusual is Mr you know ubiquitous and all of that but when they was sitting down you know at first Saul not Saul

but um Stefano was leaning in but then he sat back in his chair and then crossed his legs so that was an open invitation okay I’m I’m here to talk I’m here to converse I’m here to see what you have to say and I have a little bit respect for you even before they went outside in the back he said that he had some respect for him and um you know he leaned in again like okay whatever you’re saying right now is making sense and then unique did the same thing like you know hey let’s

just you know put our past behind us let’s work together and make this money and I I I like that it was it was a great scene and he called him you unusual and ubiquitous at the very beginning but at the very end of the conversation she actually called him unique and so I I don’t know I kind of like that right there so I got to give it to uh unique’s character uh that was that was very very well played that was that was well played and so uh I I do yeah I do

appreciate that um passing it back to you though I’m G give you the mic for a second give you the driver’s seat the steering wheel what uh what what that we haven’t talked about and don’t talk about the last thing yet but what other what other events in this episode that stood out to you that you can’t wait to get off your chest well something else that I said in my trailer breakdown for this episode I mentioned that Juke looked like she was somewhere posted up looking out outside the ceremony for um detective Burkin and

she was which goes to prove my point even further that they had more of a relationship than what people led on because I can recall even you called me I was like my detective Burke and the underage girl and I remember saying to you and somebody Larry I think yeah why not R Kelly did it what makes you think that she ain’t going to do it and furthermore Detective Howard did it so if it’s been done on the same damn show why we can’t have a female do it but I digress but y’all seen the

y’all seen the remnant of that she showed up um Lulu man he’s filing out of control and I was wondering what was going to be the thing to pull him back in like what was going to be or was he just going to spir to the point of death and suicide because he’s at the club he’s tripping he’s drunk he’s knocking over cups and blaming it on people and Marvin is just laidback chilling watching these guys that look like federales looking at them and come to find out these are just some white dudes that want

Drugs That’s it they just want drugs but I was more concerned about where was we going with Lulu and then we seen something at the very end that might be the thing to resurrect his life to pull him back into control of his life and I like the way power wrote that again to the writers on this season I’m looking y’all straight in y’all face y’all have done a magnificent job so far and I can’t wait to see where we go with those story lines and by the way that’s one of B A’s favorite story

Lin Lulu and Marvin two of his favorite story line Marvin is your F Marvin Marvin yeah Marvin and okay Marvin Marvin Jew but but yeah man I hear you man um at first I was like damn I don’t want to see uh Lulu go down this destructive path right here you know even though he’s not my favorite character you know I still want him to win and come out on top and I understand all of his frustrations with the game his lifestyle his sister uh that is just so destructive and just just so evil in

in my opinion uh but there was some light at the end of the tunnel for his story arc because you know know he has reason and motivation to keep going you know he’s he’s into music and he has his niece Juke that could be uh a great benefit and so hopefully that uh that you know pops off um into fruition the way that we wanted to now if something does happen to Lulu that could be another launching point to send him no to send her um you know turn her into the character that we don’t

like from the original show um I hope not but I’m with you man excuse me I’m sorry I’m with you man I like the fact that uh you know he he was he was doing bad at the very beginning of the episode but towards the end uh you know it’s showing um some light at the end of the tunnel so we’re just going to have to see how all that plays out right there sir how all that plays out now uh another character that just keep kind of keeps popping up or that’s in immediate relation

to her is Nicole or her dad um we have this scene um right here where he shows up at the Jukes in Marvin’s crib and they’re just having a nice conversation and you know he was like oh my God there’s a blow your socks off Marvin is being sarcastic like oh my god I’ve never had my socks blown off before I can’t wait or I wonder how that feels you know I got a I Gotta Laugh out of that uh I think I have an image here I was laughing because um he was you know

he was I don’t I don’t think I have it but he Marvin tried to give him a high five and he put his hand up there and and he missed it or whatever I got to TI a lot of that man but what do you what do you think about Nicole’s dad popping up man um and you know trying to get um you know Juke to start this music career off man how how’d you feel about that that surprising to me I didn’t think we was gonna see him anymore well from the first time we

met her dad and the situation that the dad was going through with Nicole’s mom we quickly realized that the dad was the more understanding of the two parents when it’s usually the other way around when it comes comes to the sexuality of your child and if they decide to go off the reservation and be um gay lesbian whatever usually the dad is the one who’s tripping and the mom is the one who’s kind of like it’s still our child let’s love him anyway it was the dad in this situation and I love how they went

down they went through all the white privileges that white people tend to get that they always Overlook because maybe they haven’t made it yet or maybe they feel like they still ain’t Rich yet but the guy said that he got a connection for JE to go to an audition through a friend at the damn Country Club it ain’t like me and the boys in the hood gonna go to the blocks basketball court and get a connection that’s going to get us to the damn um audition and you know we ain’t G that’s not that’s not

how it works but the fact that he’s going to help Juke get this position just continues to show that he really cared for his daughter he didn’t mind his daughter dealing with Juke and I hope this works out for Juke I do too because because at some point in time you can still use this daddy again for all his connections and who he knows to push her career further as they go so I hope it works out for juk and you know I’m sure she going to get up there and be singing thinking about white

knit yeah yeah man uh y’all let us know what y’all think about that as well um the father popping up juking her music career and you know hopefully the I mean we know it eventually doesn’t you know she ends up being a cop but you know I’m really curious to see how far it’s going to go in this show uh because eventually she’s goingon to have to reach her breaking point and it’s very very sad I know it’s going to be probably gonna end up crying man you probably gonna have to pull out the the

shades with the tissues on them or whatever you know what I’m saying so we talked about we we talked about you didn’t cosign but I said the thing that could could make her go over the edge would be the death of her daddy yeah that could do it that could do it because now he has a second chance in her life you know cuz for her to see him getting along with this white guy that’s not normal for Marvin you know that’s that that wouldn’t be normal behavior so it seems like Marvin has tempered his

behavior to reconcile the issues he’s going through with his daughter and trying to build on that relationship and so even though Juke is still a little resistant because you seen her pop off at the mouth I don’t know that much about my daddy even in this meeting she said something like that yeah I think Marvin has made up in his mind he’s going to work hard to keep building the relationship and right when J think her and her daddy is in a good place ppow bang bang open the door ATF he’s done and that is

going to be the the straw that broke the camel’s back I’d be so sad if that happens man I I really am do you think and I know um we we talked about this before or um yeah it was um on your stream Saturday night uh with your lovely lovely lovely lovely crew I can’t remember if it was Lex or muchi um that was just saying that Marvin will stay in the game she he is his sister’s lap dog I mean this right here kind of towards the beginning of the episode she’s telling him like

Hey man we got to take our s or you know s and Stefan are gonna uh take us out and he doesn’t has any questions she just like hey we can’t miss Marvin you can’t fail you have to get this done and he’s like okay and you know towards the end of the episode you know when he steals the the uh the mail truck uh you know he just he just has no problems he’s just always doing what rock says do you think at some point in time he’s uh gonna turn away from her kind

of like Lulu is right now just like I don’t want to do this anymore I don’t want to follow your lead uh I have a great relationship with my well not great relationship but my relationship with my daughter your niece is getting better stop telling me what to do do you see that happening at all or or or no how how you feeling about that I want to talk about this right here I am really eager to see uh how this is going to play out with Kanan and this new job or somebody that he’s

trying to hire real quick uh I think this Budd Buddy Guy right here his name is Paul I did not know what the hell was going on when we first started seeing this right here um I was like okay yeah this is very very busy you know in and out out in the public where everybody can see I don’t get it they can’t be moving weight this far out in the open in front of everybody so I was really curious to see what this was I didn’t know at first but uh apparently they’re just a

carrier and um I like the fact that he was able to uh check them as well like hey bro I’m not going to be asking you know answering 20 Questions okay you know do y’all want the work or not but Kanan he’s sick of his m he don’t want to go back to the crib um he he is uh he’s trying to get this money and I I can’t do anything but respect it you know so what do y’all think about that let me know in the comment section what did you think about this right

here man this uh this Paul character uh with these Runners with the carriers and the messenger BS and you know uh how how how do you feel about all this right here uh one of the things that P my interest is old dude was like heyy man you talking about this street over here this crosssection they racing we can’t even go drink out of the water fountains over here man but how how you feeling about this man you think you think this going to be a good or bad thing for famous and and um and

Kanan to be able to pay their rent so he don’t gotta go back to his mama house rock I don’t I don’t trust the Great Value looking Adrien Brody with a mustache no I don’t trust him I I think at some point in time that guy is going to be a problem but I think that whatever his issue is going to be I do feel like uh kanan’s gonna be able to overcome it but for right now I don’t trust him I like the way Kanan set up that organization and that business that was smart

but I do think um Great Value Adrien Brody is gonna be a problem I don’t trust him okay yeah I don’t trust him I don’t trust him yeah yeah um do you think it’ll go it’s probably blatantly obvious let’s play uh prediction I think that it’s going to uh I think that it’s going to work out at first they’re going to be making money but I think eventually uh Kanan he’s going to try to take advantage of Kanan and and famous like man I’m not F to be letting these high school guys run me I’m

gonna do this I’m gonna do that and start skimming some money off the top or drugs off the top or just kind of taking advantage of them in some way shape or form and probably blackmail them and now that I think about it I think Kanan May uh peep game and actually kill him eventually like oh you thought you can take advantage of this little high schooler no and you know bang bang powpow like you said earlier uh is that something that you can see or or how how do you how do you think that’s

going to play out well 100% Kanan gonna have to get rid of him because how does it look you got a white guy living in the projects basically being the leader of all these black guys I mean just on just on the sheer look value it looks horrible and I do think that he is taking advantage of his couriers right now as we speak anyway and Kanan is going to figure it out he’s going to Rally them troops and there’s going to be a mutiny against old Adrien Brody Great Value and that’s when he might

decide he want to become a snitch and they’re gonna have to Off With His Head yeah yeah um I I wouldn’t be surprised man if it plays out exactly like that um you know don’t take advantage of people man you know um what goes around comes around I do believe in karma myself you know like even if I’m not whatever do in the dark will always come to to the light you know what I’m saying and um it’s a lesson that everybody should learn at some point in life you know uh my mom instill that

in me uh you know when I was young uh but yeah he’s gonna he’s going to try to double cross him some way and pen is gonna have to take care of that ass somehow and it’s going to be bad it’s going to be bad but you know if you’re doing people wrong all you’re G to do is um you know get what you deserve so y’all let us know what y’all think about that uh but it it’s it’s a shame and you know we making assumptions right now you know they could be best friends

for life you know what I’m saying you know who knows Paul could still been around behind uh you know behind the door uh behind scenes in the original Power show or whatever we just never knew now I’m kind of being silly when I said it but we we’ll see but y’all definitely know uh let us know what y’all think about that um but how do you feel about rock buying him a Caro you know she’s like hey you want to come back home and she she does look good and that’s a nice but yeah how

how you feel about this man she you know she trying to buy her son back and it’s just not working you know uh you think that relationship will ever rekindle or you think it’s over with um it’s gonna take a huge dramatic situation for them to get back on one Accord and you know I felt some kind of way about that Mustang behav because I actually had a 89 Mustang similar to that I just didn’t have the GT drop top with the gold rims and all that the her sitting on the was two things of

beauty all in one clean shot and you know often times when you hurt somebody bad enough be you can’t buy them back with gifts and items they don’t want that they want love they want the role you supposed to play in their life that’s what they want and sometimes that can’t be bought back and right now she has just crossed the the bridge of no return with him to the point where he was like you know what I don’t want this car and you think that they supposed to believe that this cop committed suicide nobody’s

buying that so I’m with him on this I wouldn’t have took the car either nope you wouldn’t NOP and I just told y’all one of the first cars I I won a 89 Mustang in college playing Madden I won it won a 89 Mustang playing mad and I wouldn’t even have took this one this is this looks like to be a 90 probably like a 1992 5.0 Mustang with a drop top and the gold rim and probably burrow wood inside and all that n NOP when you when you do something that crooked lie to me

and have me kill the man that’s really my father that I don’t have a relationship with and you know this nah I don’t want your peace offerings your peace offerings need to be you coming clean about everything and then trying to rebuild that doesn’t deal with money I ain’t mad at it man I’m not mad at it I’m not mad at but you know who is mad though um that is the daddy of Burke um damn the way that he dismissed Medina like this is uh kind of funny to me um I I’m I’m on

the fence though I wanted him to listen to her but at the same time this is not the this this is not the best opportunity this is not mean it said his daughter’s funeral um can you can you can you relate to what he’s going through is it was he wrong is he tripping um how how do you feel about this right here cuz uh this was a standout to me um me personally I would I mean I’m say this now but I don’t have a daughter and I don’t have a daughter that just got

her head blown off by herself or somebody else so who knows how I’m going to react um and respond but how do you feel about the way he did was it Justified or no let me let me couch this by saying he’s coming from the same mindset as the captain that bertke was focusing on the wrong things regardless of what she had to say he’s coming from that same mindset now me because I was on the mindset with Bert I’m saying he’s wrong he should listened to Medina but at the same time when Bert went

to Medina she shut her down too because she had a situation going on with her mom but now because Med had more information than Dad or Captain Medina is starting to think in her head okay I know this woman I’ve been between her legs I know she’s not the type that’s going to kill herself so maybe the stuff she was saying about Howard is true and so Medina is the first Peg to really start trying to put these pieces together and going to the dad because she might not have another opportunity to see the dad

so I don’t got no problem with her going to the dad at the funeral because she may never see him again the thing about it is instead of trying to get their attention and all this small talk just dive into what the hell the subject matter is what Medina was saying about Howard is true and I can prove it the dad would have listened to that if if if Bert would have said to the captain what information I have on how is true and I can prove it that the captain would have listened to that

if she would have said that to Daddy the information I have on Howard is true and I can prove it that Dad would listened to that but no everybody wants small talk their way through the game and that’s why no one is getting the attention but we see who is the First Avenger of detective Burke’s death it is Medina but I fear for her life because that Harold was somewhere around the corner looking like BR man about to go in Mar go in Martin’s window and get a damn sandwich looking around and he saw what

Medina was doing with the daddy be Avery and that puts me very fearful for detective Medina’s life I got you I really don’t even care for her like that um don’t different don’t you know if she if she dies whatever uh I’m just like okay you know we’ll move on to the next I’m just being honest with you uh well she’s the only person she’s the only person left that can help corroborate Burke’s story if if she dies that’s it unless the IED has evidence but if Medina dies there’s no one else that can put

these pieces together that’ll be it end of the story so I think that the chase is GNA be on her but I don’t think she’s dying anytime soon okay y’all let us know what y’all think about that right there um I don’t know what to get out of this um well no not that’s not what I meant to bring up but we can talk about it um Juke wants to hell out of there man she don’t want to be um she don’t want to be in Queens no more she’s um she’s trying to sign and

you know with the armed forces the military and get out of there um I wonder how far that’s going to go because we know what happens to her eventually um you know she ends up being a comp I I doubt that she’s going to enlist and then come back so I I was kind of you know I mean how how far do you think that’s going to go if if anywhere at all it’s not okay nowhere got nowhere like they was just showing us these things showing the Perils of how the character really wants to

get out of her current situation and she’s willing to do it almost by any means necessary so that they’re not going anywhere with juk is about to win this contest she’s gonna get in and she’s gonna have probably a th thriving music career and then her daddy gonna die probably in a manner that should have real Justice and doesn’t get Justice and then she’s going to be crooked right on right on right on um this is what I was trying to bring up right here Detective Howard is back at the station and we got the

FBI and everybody else uh coming in to set up shop at the crib at the crib at the department got this guy right here Howard looks fishy suspicious as hell man with his head on the swivel swinging around trying to figure out what’s going on am I under investigation is this some type of uh sting operation are they trying to pin something on me he looks guilty as hell man uh you think he going get away with it man or you think it’s goingon to come back and bite him in the ass oh they G

they is they is about to get coach Mike Tomlin and the way he was looking around them blinds he was looking like Mike Tomlin last week when the Steelers got that ass beat yeah he know he’s on B time bro like he’s when you creeping and looking around and how do you sleep at night there’s so many fires he’s got to put out and now that the feds is in town and you don’t know what they investigating how far it goes you even heard him ask about that IAD investigation he needs to know everything of

anyone who’s investigating anything that has something to do with Detective Berke because a lot of that stuff could point the finger at him and so yeah his head is on swivel man like he might be losing his coaching job and be fired from the Pittsburgh Steelers coaching so yeah if y’all love Omar Epson this um version of power be on the lookout he might be in jail or he might end up dead yeah might be in jail may end up dead we’re gonna see man I don’t want him to be I don’t want him to

go to the dark side either uh go to the good side stay neutral yeah make it any worse don’t make it any worse okay we we’ll see we’ll see we’ll see how’s your favorite character man um unique’s brother man Ronnie this dude here is scary as hell it’s like what’s funny to me is he knows that he’s making the baby mama so uncomfortable and he don’t give a damn like bro can you I mean I mean I know we’re not spending 247 with him in the show but it’s just like man read the room bro

like I understand this is your brother but and I don’t want to go as far as saying that he’s being disrespectful um he’s just really haunting you know like as soon as she comes in she’s like we need to talk or what your brother is tripping boy try to go downstairs and get some water and he down there staring at the TV but the TV wasn’t on you know that’s creepy as hell man I would I would feel some type of way about that as well is the baby mama justified in in her feelings or

is she being a bit too sensitive and needs to lighten up because he just got out of jail and needs to place to rest his head bro no Vanessa is in complete the complete right first of all it’s creepy enough that you watching TV and the T off it’s also even further more creepy that you ironing and the iron ain’t on if y’all ain’t catch that that iron was not on he wasn’t no the iron wasn’t on then you down there you eating people’s cereal creepy as hell and then to make the situation worse be

Avery we don’t know if unique been home or he just been camping out at rock house for two weeks I’m assuming I forgot I’m assuming that he been staying there he’ll go home because you remember he said you won’t let me get in closer and she was like the only person that’s going to get in closer in here is Kanan so maybe he’s been going home back and forth in the two weeks and not been camped out over there completely either either way you spending a lot of time away from home and you got the

son of the Poltergeist in your house with your son yeah yeah get no no no Vanessa’s in if I was Vanessa and he spending that much time away from home he would come home and the only thing that would be in the house one day would be a pitch black room and he open the door he don’t know nobody’s in the room to be his brother there sitting butt naked and that be the only thing in the house CU me and my son would be gone so yeah Vanessa’s in Vanessa has her complete right to

be like this ain’t right 100% And and guys I do agree with L man I do feel that Vanessa is 100% right I was just kind of posing the question to Lamont to see how he felt but I do agree unique is way out of pocket for this and when I was watching the episode I was wanting to talk about that like bro two weeks you’ve been over here and like you got and you you got your baby mama and your not just your baby mama but your child as well at the crib just by

themselves I mean even though that is your brother and you can trust him they don’t have that same relationship and you want to make sure that they feel comfortable and safe even it may be 100% safe but you want to make them feel that way you don’t want to make them uncomfortable it’s not like his baby mama is ugly or something she cutie too you know what I’m saying like he got something to smile at when he opened the door like yes my fine baby mama Vanessa so yeah you need you tripping uh but yeah

man oh go ahead go ahead go ahead go ahead even worse than that be Avery you don’t know what kind of mental deprogramming he’s had in prison yeah he’s he’s not the same guy that he was when he went in prison that he is now you don’t know what he been through in prison and often times cats that’s been in prison you know they probably ain’t been getting none right and I often times hear that when they go to prison if they was formerly with a woman they go to prison mess around with a man

and then try to swear when they get out of prison that you know they’re they’re not they don’t swing that way I would be really worried about him influencing or doing something to the child and for the longest time in in history of humankind family has been the veil that has allowed molestations child issues to happen forever oh that’s your family he ain’t gonna do nothing to you the minute an adult ain’t in the room they feeling on you and so yeah no uhuh if it was me be Aver I would have been going the

second night boom man I’m not manag I want to hear from everybody especially the ladies I want to hear from you got any baby M and well yeah we we want to hear from everybody you know how how would you feeling situation can you relate can you not relate Outside Inside experience no experience I’m just curious let us know in that comment section but then they also go to the club man and um he he wanted to break the the bounce his neck for not letting him in with some jeans you know U he didn’t

have to talk to him that way uh but this is interesting right here man I don’t know if well I can’t say you know if I’m locked out if I’m locked up for a number of years and uh have they disclosed how many how long he’ been locked up didn’t say haven’t se say they didn’t say okay yeah man but he he seemed like he want to pop his eyeballs out his head right here and that’s a bit much Ronnie is going to have a death in this season right here and it’s gonna scare everybody

that’s gonna be the that’s gonna be the Talk of the Town but yeah man uh unique trying to put him on game and get him hey you know go over there and holl at my brother make him feel good and uh the acting you know just from this one little part where he like get off me I was like goodness gracious I’m glad he didn’t elbow one of them in the face on that that would have been horrible but yeah how did you feel about this man um you know and where you at do you

think he would you want to go to the club when you fresh out the box or you want to chill and keep to yourself and watch the TV that’s not on well you put it like that I definitely don’t want to watch the TV that’s not on that um shout out to Grandam who is playing the brother and he’s playing the hell out this road and not he hadn’t had too much dialogue right and he and a great actor don’t need dialogue to do great acting this brother has been knocking it out the park like

he has been like one of the most anticipated new intros to the series that I’ve seen in a long time um and in the club the thing is when you fresh out of jail you want a piece of oh excuse me you want a piece of panty drawers waiting for you the minute you get out the club out the jail not two three weeks later this is three weeks later and unique should have been done this for the brother and what I don’t understand is they’re not letting us know what do the brother want what

does Ronnie want what what does like why is Ronnie’s Behavior so muted so cold so distant what does he want because if you don’t want anything you should have just stayed your ass in jail whether they had a TV outbreak or not you got to want something something makes you tick and that they we just need to know what it is obviously it’s not women it’s not the club it ain’t clothes it ain’t TV it ain’t clothes that’s iron properly because none of that stuff was working so what is it that he want that’s what

we need to know that is what we need to know that’s what we need to know and uh there’s nothing wrong with it too man I remember um you know when I first got to college my freshman sophomore year there was people and I was one of them they party party party every night that’s what you want to do it was some people that just wanted to party every once in a while and at all it just you know people got different things different you know Different Strokes for different folks and there’s been times me

individually where I was just like yeah party party party I want to have a good time but then uh you know jumping on everything but then there’s been times where I’m just chilling posted up you know just like I’m good I’m chilling why you so quiet you cute I’m just chilling I just you know and I I get it I understand uh so it just you know we all have those different stages of our life to where we want this we want that uh and everything in between you know um so yeah y’all let us

know what y’all think about that but we gotta get to this right here and that is s he’s at the crib and the FED show up and like hey we got some Intel man that your people want you dead it’s going to happen if we work with us we can make sure that you protected and that everything is going to be okay my first question to you Lam man is what do you do you think that they were bluffing and most likely not because when we get to the end what they said came true but

where where do you think they got their information that um that somebody wanted him dead because we only got that from um from Stefano the stfo have a leak in his organization or is is his establishment bugged because he did mention that at the very beginning of or in episode one like the fishes are listening you know when s went over there so what do you think the F got that inform if anywhere at all that you know some people once s dead the writers want us to think that there’s something Saul has a mole

excuse me not Saul Stefano has a mole in his organization because that’s the only way you would get that type of information there is a mole among Stefano and his crew or maybe his little fish joint is bug but he didn’t talk about this hit on Saul’s life from The Fish Joint they was out outside in the damn Warehouse which would mean somebody that heard is in it but then again when he had that conversation with rock he sent everybody out so unless he talked this over with some of the other bosses the only person

you could say that is The Insider would be Rock because no one else had that information but Rock and Marvin that’s it MH M that’s it unless Stefano has told someone else who’s in his organization what his plans are so the information came from that Circle it’s just a matter of where and the information was legit based on what happened at the end now let me ask you this they they started to Telegraph it and project it because s is at the crib you know he’s in the middle of the stairway stairwell right here sitting

down Reminiscing on the past you know his son Marco that uh is grown now that just had a baby and they’re talk you know him and the wife he talking about how you know they didn’t approve of the wife and how he has to come to the christening and she’s asking him what’s wrong and what did the FBI say was it obvious to you that sa was gonna die at the end of this episode when they was going through these scenes right here was this enough evidence to be like wait a minute they doing this

type of drama right here s’s out of there he’s gonna die uh I didn’t expect it I thought sa was a big enough player to where he wouldn’t be taken out but at this point in time was it was it obvious to you you know when they’re talking about hey I we you know our son learned how to brought a bike and swim in the same day it was a nice Kodak moment but what was you feeling in this moment right here because I I still didn’t see it coming foreshadowing moment for me shout out

to muchi and Miss K they do a a segment called the foreshadowing moment this was 100% foreshadowing I knew death was imminent for him he’s up here reflecting on his life he didn’t tell Teresa 100% about what was going on even though she wanted to know he’s up here telling her you know he got lucky to have such a beautiful woman from north New York or wherever the hell she came from and he was just reminiscing over his life and then we knew he was going to one of those big social events that you’re not

supposed to go and do anything corrupt that because it’s our families I knew it and I knew it was going to happen at the christening knew just it was just a matter of how what drama was going to play out for it to happen I gotta I gotta I got you uh right here you know um that’s when Lulu was uh kicking kicking Marvin to the curb and you know hey I need your help but is is it a rock and you know he didn’t want to do that that’s kind of a pointless scene to

me so we won’t spend too much time there uh but yeah now we have Marvin and you know he’s still in this truck where I was like bro like you don’t want to take your jacket off like you spences and stuff you know but we didn’t know we didn’t know exactly um what was going to happen right here or at least I didn’t and we’re coming up to the end and I really do like this right here between uh Juke and uh Lulu we kind of we kind of touched on this earlier um but yeah

man we’re we’re coming up towards the end you know we got all the music and the Montage going on and then Marvin pulls up in the US maale truck I and you know and and L not Lulu but um rock is going to her nail or hair appointment get her nails feet manicure pedicure hair washed all of that and um yeah I was like oh gosh I hope they don’t shoot the baby please don’t shoot the baby and when I first saw this scene at first glance I thought this was Ronnie going to go uh

kill the bouncer but I was like oh no that’s Marvin is somebody else but we got the baby and the christening and I gotta say Lamont this is the sorest security detail in the world man in my opinion 100% bro like 100% what he we they already said that sa has been locked up in his castle and his mansion and his house for the duration because he knows that he got a hit out on him right now I gotta give it to him that they do have everybody posted up in the um you know in

the right uh location you know they they on each side of the steps going up and down they open the door letting them down they have their head on the swivel with one hand on the pistol I’m like this is cool but you just gonna let some maale man walk up and just post up right there and like not I mean if he were just walking by and kept going that’s one thing but Marvin stood there you know what I’m saying when he saw the baby you know and I Gotta Give it to Marvin I

like that he was determined because they could have aborted Mission 13 times but he was like no we’re going to see it through and they come down man does what he has to do shoots him in the back of the head I don’t know how he got away they have they have horrible shots uh but Marvin should have died right here if I gotta be honest with you um I’m not mad at the way the scene was set up but the execution could have been a bit better uh yeah but Marvin got out of there

barely off the skin of his teeth and uh rock is over here smiling like yeah we we I’m out the game now I don’t got to deal with no no more I I in a way I kind of felt bad uh for Teresa here uh but yeah man we got Burke head blown off at the end of episode one and we have s’s head blown off at the end of episode two how was that conclusion for you sir did did was it satisfying or how did you feel about it well that was like you said

there were a bunch of loopholes that was a bunch of loopholes in Marvin getting up to the to the mailbox on the church it was a bunch of loopholes in that like for one your security detail is piss poor where did you get that’s the great value of Italian security detail okay you didn’t have anybody in the back of the church you need detail back there watching that too because if you’re a bad guy the first place you want to go is where people are expecting you to be seen which would be the back of

the church so there’s no detail back there Marvin literally Walks from the back of the church scoots across the porch and you mean to tell me nobody thought we better check this mailman considering the business you’re you guys are in and considering you just went and shot up a black family yeah you don’t think they want retaliation right and you just gonna let the black post you could have easily said hey look man this is a family thing post man your ass need to come back lateer something like that no no which which would almost

make you believe that somebody working on his security detail is in on the hit now I’m not saying that’s true I’m just saying that’s what it will make you think and then be Aver you hit the nail on the head we have to we have to disend our belief when Marvin Got Away going up those stairs me and you lift weights we know how hard it is to get a run and start up some stairs and then you you get up the stairs and you in the church and still got away gangsters that are security

men do not shoot that horri and then you able to escape out the back door which security details should have been back there with your friend that’s in a wheelchair driving the Escape UPS truck you got away unscathed yeah it’s uh yeah it was I mean I would have liked him if Marvin was gonna get away I wish he would have still got shot like shot in the foot shot in the shoulder you know shot somewhere a little bit he can’t survive another shot Behavior I mean he already been Swiss cheesed up enough like when

he got over the fence trying to get the postal truck he h reinjured himself he can’t take no more swiss cheese right yeah man Marvin has been through the ringer man um I mean you know it’s not a big complaint but I I was watching like what the hell that was kind of easy and convenient you know like they need to be fired but they can’t be fired now the boss is dead you know and what I cannot wait to see episode three and where they pick up where you know where this left off and

you know what’s going to happen next who’s going to be blamed you know who’s how they going to retaliate um but I’m very very eager I’m very very excited uh but we’re gonna have to wait man and I I can’t wait I want to see it now you know what I’m saying so what are your final thoughts sir and what is there anything else that we haven’t talked about that you want to get off your chest um well I hope that this merger between Lulu because I feel like Lulu making amends with um jukebox and

the things he done wrong with taking her music I think this is the thing that gives his life hope again trying to help her get back into music I think that’s what’s going to give him hope um I hope it does because I was tired of seeing Lulu basically sobbing around getting sloppy drunk his house looked like it stank horribly smell like feet and chips in his damn house so I really hope that Juke and this music thing is able to resurrect his career and get him going and I want to see what is detective

how goingon to do with Medina because he got his eyes on her and I’m want to see where that’s going to go other than that man love the episode it gets a 8.5 out of 10 for me and um hey follow me and be a as we gonna keep dropping the hits yes yes and uh if you’re gonna be doing it again man I’m G try my best to be there for the next Saturday show with your crew because uh we had a lot of fun doing that so yeah yeah y everybody ganged up on

M that’s what happened like they just gang up on M and when it it’s always fun when it’s a gang bang always that’s what they did to me y’all they did to me no gang bangs guys thank you so much for tuning in we really do we really do appreciate it but that is going to wrap it up today

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