Power Book 3 Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 2 Trailer Review – Marvin Takes Revenge On Sal's Men

saying that cop killed her something you think that’s really what happened I ain’t shoo my way out of problems no more I’m out the game box done you believe it I think the question is whether she believe herself guys want to make some money always hiring we need the money D I ain’t trying to go back to my mother everybody got their hustle F just got F dogs what is going on power fans on YouTube Tik Tock and the podcast before we jump into episode two trailer breakdown let me just say some things I enjoyed

about the first episode shout out to Brandon Avery at just my opinions subscribe to his Channel people he’s putting out content with me we make this thing happen but first and foremost can we give Detective Howard his flowers for breaking the power of curse and not finishing off your damn business he took out detective Burke much to my dismay because I like like the character and I wanted to see her become the next new female Cooper saxs but how it put the kabash on that quick shout out to Rael being a woman of Truth in

this episode she showed you that if a woman want to give up them panty draws and them draws is thumping

it don’t matter if her ass is a damn them draws is giving up and she gave up them draws she was in there scram eggs and and I knew that was a metaphor for she wanted some meat didn’t even take a bite of the damn eggs unique put that meat right in or right there bit over over the eggs I said damn and then last but not least Juke is about to take a real serious

turn people cuz I do think Juke had a little bit of feelings for detective bird even though we they didn’t play it out they did let you know with the the IAD investigation that Bert was having some um how should we say this questionable behaviors with young people and juk was one of them so folks sit back relax let’s get ready to break down the trailer for episode two season 3 power book 4 we getting it in now out you ain’t eating you just act full I’m impactful dozen funerals in a month I got that

this episode people is titled flip mode somebody about to flip and let’s get it in first thing we see Kanan talking to his mama about bro you really want us to believe a cop killed herself you think that’s really what happened well we know damn well Rock know the truth the people that get her hair makeup in wardrobe got her looking like the finest chocolate to walk the planet Earth yes but that’s about where all the good compliments go with rock her ass know Detective Howard did it Detective Howard did it because he’s motivated by

the same thing unique was motivated by he want to walk up in there while she’s scrambling eggs her arm broke and put his penis in there but I’m sorry Howard no matter what you do you won’t be tasting this chocolate no more and Kanan is right and I’m surprised Kanan is even driving his car with his mama but we’ll see post your comments on what you think is going to happen you know this relationship with Kanan and his mom is about to be destroyed then we get rock talking to Stefano stfo for my Italian folks

out there I’m sorry I ain’t trying to butcher his name but you guys can post the comments what how you would pronounce his name and rock saying I ain’t shooting my way out of problems no more and then after she says that we know she’s lying ladies and gentlemen that’s not how it’s going to go down she will be shooting her way out of more problems and she’s probably going to have a problem with Howard but we’ll see that happen soon very next thing we see unique is talking to Stefano unique telling him look man

Rock’s done Stefano says you believe her unique say the problem is she believes it well you know folks once you put your mind to something usually you you make it happen just like when you on a diet you put your mind to it you ain’t eating ice cream at night you ain’t eating cookies you ain’t eating potato chips you sticking to your calories and macronutrients and while all that’s happening ladies and gentlemen my mind has changed on this break-in scene because you see all of a sudden Joy badass spending the night and over at Rock

House I mean he’s got something in his hand look like some whipped cream they done they done done Netflix and chill and all of a sudden somebody break in to shoot them now take a good look at this picture magically Rock arm ain’t broke no more I guess unique stick was so good he healed up her damn arm cuz that is not in no sling he’s up there licking white creams and stuff and her hair is flowing in the wind somebody is busting in and I do not believe that this has anything to do with

Stefano the way I did in my um preseason trailer I believe this is Mr atalian who’s supposed to be taking his ass to New Jersey and he’s not Mr Saul I think that’s who this is and he wants to have a talk and I love this little iconic backto back with Rock and unique looking all scared and all that oh yeah I love it I love it then we get to fame and Kanan they out on the street everybody know Kanan trying to get this business hustle going and then some questionable white guy looking like

Adrien Brody with a a damn mustache he says you guys want to make some money and standing next to him like n who done put some dreads in his head and he’s holding up a piece of paper now folks the look of this white dude tells me he’s a cop or a Fed just I mean like no Street dude white guy on our side of town is going to come dressed like that this is not going to happen look at this dude he is a cop he’s somebody don’t trust his ass I don’t care how

they portray the character I don’t trust him and then we get Kanan talking to fame back at the apartment saying you know we need the money Fame everybody got their hustle we got to find ours well he’s damn right they do got their hustle and then we get a picture of rock step steing out of this truck now ladies and gentlemen cat cat print was hot back in back in the day during this show you know back in the boomerang marus days you know women on the prow and and shout out to wardrobe makeup because

they got her looking right and the shades is right too but then we see unique almost looking like he’s either laughing or he’s in damn tears look like some blood on his pants and I didn’t know he was a Chicago Bulls fan look at the damn Chicago Bulls on his pants ladies and gentlemen somebody is dragging his ass away okay wherever they took them apparently they put masks on them because you see one of these henchmen have has a mask in his hand that he probably took off his head but he’s dragging Joy badass away

and joy badass I don’t know if that’s a laugh or they punched him in the damn belly one thing I know he need to do is go do some damn squats cuz them legs look like pencils dude get your weight we up brother get your weight up and then Juke is not looking thrilled I’m about wondering if she’s they having a funeral for um detective Burke and she’s somewhere on the corner looking and is distraught by it and wants to know what happened she might want Justice or something I feel like this is the season

Juke is about really turn around folks she’s about to be the Juke we know from the original Power and she’s going to go amping we get Detective Howard look like he might be dressed up to go to this Funeral For the Fallen cop but he’s looking real sneaky and I mean this is the look of a who about to go steal something from somebody or he about to go rob a McDonald’s and when he get the money he might take a hamburger or two cuz he’s hungry as hell but what is he scheming on post

your comments I would love to know then we got Uncle Marvin who is the master of fake damn outfits y’all remember he was a plumber then he was an electrician now he worked for the United States Postal Service ladies and gentlemen well he’s definitely not delivering mail in this situation this is delivering a bullet to somebody question is who is it and is he working for himself because remember Rock’s supposed to be out the game so is this a bullet for whomever came and took rock is this some thing situation he had on his own

what is this bullet for ladies and gentlemen then he’s got the silencer on the gun post your comments who is this and what is it for and then they end on Kanan walking past fake ass Adrien Brody with the mustache smoking a cigarette that I’m telling y’all is a fed or a cop looking at Kanan like bro you need to get this money and I hope Kanan said no I think that’s what he said because it looks like he’s just going to keep it moving so ladies and gentlemen that is the trailer post me all

your comments let me know what you think be sure to come check out my crew Saturday night at 9900 p.m. Eastern as we will be talking nothing but Power book three raising Canan and everything that went down in episode one we going to talk about how gimpy ass Rock gave up the draw we going to talk about Marvin how he’s feeling learning the truth about Kanan we’re going to talk about Lulu being damn depressed we’re going to also talk about Detective Howard taking out Bert so quickly in the first episode so be sure to come

through if you got comments you’re burning you want to leave me just drop them at stream elements.com Lemont Tyson link is in the description and until that next sex this Hell video My People I’ll see you Saturday just act full I’m impactful dozen funerals in a month I got that I will give it to in all rap forms ous out right now on all platforms

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