Power Book 3 Season 3 Episode 1 Review – (Part 2) Marvin's Death Will Push Juke Over The Edge

how did you like the way the story between Uncle Marv and Juke went down so much so to the point he found a box that they left that had all these memorabilia for J that was going to be a ceremony for the mom he was going to go made Juke cry Juke said the hell with the ceremony I don’t need to be at some church where these people practice poke stuff in my holes to say I need a like penis she said no I ain’t going to that stayed home and he went to the ceremony

mooch tell me about this story line I thought we seeing more mature a lot in this episode he was stepping up so much I feel like he’s the second MVP of this episode because he put Kanan in his place and he also became a nurturing father and did still went the second step saying even though me and your mother didn’t see eye to eye I know she loved you and and it was just good it was just good and so mature the way he handled it even with rock he was just like how you keep

this secret so long so he was just all out to me like excellent this episode love it yeah yeah

I I 100% agree which which also makes me scary for could happen too y makes makes me very very nervous um since B Aver’s gone for just a brief minute will swing to you Miss K talk to me about Marvin and juke’s storyline in particular Marvin and how you felt about what they’re doing with his character yeah I love his character Arc like you know we kind of saw like a goofball and you know the first

we always know that that he’s always about the the family right but they never gave him any kind of like responsibility cuz supposed to be this goofball blah blah blah but like um just the fact that he’s coming around and he’s even Having the courage to do like you know touch in unfamiliar territory like you saw how uncomfortable he was with trying to hug his daughter because that’s not what they do you know but he said I’m going to just do it because this is what my heart is telling me to do and I’m just

going to go on and do it and his daughter just went you know you see how she’s just like like she felt comfortable like this is what we do all the time you know what I’m saying like it just looks so natural and it’s a sad moment but I also like the fact that he went he offered his daughter like I’ll go with you to support you but at the same time when she didn’t go he went anyway because at the end of the day you know he L that girl Kenya you know what I’m

saying um I know that they didn’t see eye to eye anymore they broke up this and that but that’s still the mother of his only child they had something you know they fell out because she done went her way and did did him dirty word on the street you know screwed the whole Nicks crew and everything and there you had that but I was enjoying it and and I just want to say one more thing I am afraid for him in this whole thing I love him and Juke getting together like this but also I

just don’t think that Marvin will ever like change you see how what’s her name what is her name y’all rock you see how she’s saying oh it’s not worth it I want to be out the game I don’t think Marvin’s ever gonna go that route I think he’s as as especially as long as his sister’s in the game I feel like he’s there because remember he’s the older brother and he’s still no matter what even though he’s like the second in line if he is that um he’s always going to be on protective mode and

as far as somebody trying to rock trying to put out a hit on little brother I don’t think Marvin’s going for that yeah I don’t either and be a will swing back to you what were your thoughts on the the Breakthrough of Marvin’s character and Juke and are you feeling like we feeling that this could mean that he’s going to die this season and my prediction is he will die at the hands of unique brother and that will activate jukebox to becoming the box that we seen in the regular power what do you think uh

well before I before I address that I just want to say Miss k um I do agree with you uh as far as I don’t think Marvin will ever be at the game um I think he’s he’s better to stay um but besides that this storyline is the best in the show it is my favorite my absolute favorite I mean my goodness gracious what a a turnaround a 180 cuz he was a horrible in season one I mean destroyed our sentimental values choked around called all types of names just was crap now he was better

than Kenya because she she just left but he was crap but um I love Haley Kilgore I know I said this with you lont I want to tell y’all man her acting in that scene where he was you know going through the box like you know hey uh they having this thing at this church and if you want to go I’ll go with you she was looking down and then she looked up at like looked up at him it was just like perfect timing and um she really felt loved and cared about in that moment

a true Kodak moment this one too here that you have on the on the screen but yeah man it was this is the best storyline um and the show to me is my favorite uh so far um it started becoming that I think in season two when they was in the car and you know he was trying to be a better father but like kept tripping over himself you know foot in them mouth type thing um so yeah I I love this relationship that they’re developing right here um as far as unique’s brother Ronnie killing

Marvin damn I did not think about that I don’t want to think about it because now that you put put it up there put it in my mind I can see that happening and that definitely will be you know a launching point for Juke to go off the deep end you know into the person nobody really liked and the show I hope that doesn’t happen man we I want Marvin to um I don’t know I don’t want him to die I like him I like him too now we’ll to we’ll toss it to Lex Lex

you’ve heard everything that they’ve had to say about Marvin and the questions I have the only thing I want to add to this is if he dies could this also be a launching point for Lulu to say f you rock and really legitimately be from underneath her mental control um honestly on losing I’m not sure I’m not gonna lie I’m not sure if um I don’t know how that’s gonna happen first off but we love Marvin Marvin is a fan favorite so therefore he they gonna rip him from us it’s gonna happen just like you

know EMP power Tasha gonna have to go it somebody has to go to turn that person into a Savage you know what I’m saying her mother already done got shot up I don’t know I think it’s going to be past Marvin dying I think it’s going to be the mannerism however Marvin go out I honestly think it’s going to be bad and it’s gonna be traumatic and it’s gonna be better not do us like that like I honestly think that they are I’m talking about like Ricky type heartbreak like however like I could honestly on

some rock I’m not doing this no more like will he finally step away from her and then let’s just say he step outside and then it’s a shootout and he get hit right after something tragic is going to happen to Marvin if it is not this season it is going to be very very early next season I can see it happening that would be dumb see Lulu I could see Lulu crashing out and just keep getting more depressed and more depressed and more depressed you know what I’m saying c i i remember Rock told us

last season that Marvin you know was on drugs and he was talking like when the cops came because he was so belligerent and out of it and on that stuff but I’m assuming all I start going downhill after Kenya left and stuff like that so what’s the correlation like you know we don’t know what’s gonna happen but I can see Lulu thinking but Marvin is not gonna make it and it’s gonna upset me but I see it I don’t mean to I didn’t mean to say that while you been talking I’m just thinking about him

going so soon I just feel like that would just be a stupid move like no disrespect to the writers they’re doing an awesome job but I just feel like that would be a dumb move to do this season or next season like it’s just too soon I if you think about the power but if you think about the the like the power Universe right like let’s talk about not the power Universe let’s talk about the first one when you think about like the main characters they made it to the last season if not the season

before that you know what I’m saying like you have your main characters got to have kind of like a longer run than most of these folks you know what I’m saying so I just feel like it’s kind of crazy to to say everybody keeps with these death predictions for for Marvin it’s just kind of like really you y’all think that it’s going to go that quick if it does I’m be shocked but anyway go ahead I do feel like he’s gonna get an infection though yeah somebody said that I think he’s gonna get a bad

infection I I said that on my um recap I think he’s gonna get a bad infection because he has not seen a doctor he can’t go in there right now with a pow pow wound because you know it’s not gonna get they gonna call a popo and he gonna have to some explaining to do and they already know things is kind of hot so you know he don’t want to be in connection with basley so you know it is what it is he gonna have to um he’s gonna have to um keep his he’s gonna

have to keep his composure with this and we know he gonna stand T toes down with it but I do feel like he’s gonna be questioning things like that so I hope they don’t kep catch him slipping like if he get an infection and have to go to the hospital but I I don’t see I don’t want him to go this soon it’s too soon yeah that’s a fact you muted bro well you mute muted Lar here’s another since y’all don’t want Marvin to go here’s another death prediction I gave Fame might die oh yeah

and and fame dying could be the Catalyst for what eventually is going to be Kanan son who becomes Shawn so if would you guys consider famous the immediate cast or he’s just a side being in the cast how do you feel wa wait wait wait how does famous dying L Sean’s son being mean kanan’s son Sean being born the name the name sha kanan’s fous name famous famous real name is Shawn and kanan’s son’s name was Shawn Sean okay you remember sea that looked like Dwayne Wade in the original Power right right yeah I don’t

I see Kanan I mean I see famous as one of the next to go to be honest not in this season per se but like you know definitely like down the line even next season I would say like I just I don’t see him on the right path I don’t think he’s gonna die I don’t he is gonna die I think they’re just gonna go separate ways by the end of I think they’re just gonna go separate ways I don’t not not like they’re beefing it he just he’s just gonna live and continue to do

his thing over here and and Kanan or juk they’re going to do their thing over here I just feel like he’s make it like I could be wrong but I just don’t see him dying what if he get caught and come out of jail and never like he never see him again and always think about him because and that’s why he named his son him or something or he help him go on the lamb because he know famous not like that because remember they was like it’s not about this life and maybe he feel guilty

for trying to like pressure him like maybe like he’s the one person that ever snitched or maybe not snitch got into a situation because like how much Kanan loved him he let it slide always think about him and feel I don’t know but maybe he won’t I can see him dying like I got eight out of 10 eggs on him dying but they going to get separated some sort of way but I think it’s still gonna be love there or like what if Canan the one I got to take him out oh I’mma go I’m

go from this from this episode there was a c a a key word to me and they was calling him a fiend a fiend y look he going to be a fiend he should have been a Microphone Fiend but he GNA be a crack fiend all right and I think he gonna be it’s it’s going to go it’s going to go left because they already talking about he’s a fiend he don’t trust him with product and I I already see that he might be dipping in the dipping in the um you know the I Fel

I said that last night that I think that was a foreshadow be dipping in the you gonna get that that’s what they getting it in hit that pipe too hard well smaller chance than him dying that’s just me though a minute didn’t he I may be tripping didn’t he kill somebody last season yes I just remember that I’m tripping okay he sure did he sure did and that’s that’s when he was like I ain’t about this life he ain’t about that life so we got two more things we got to cover and this one right

here is one muchi been chopping at the bits and one I’ve been waiting because we have someone out there Mo’Nique Nicole who’s watching this show she tends to fight with Lexa targaryan over unique Joey Badass she was she was on the show the other day with me and she was like I would love to just fight Lex for him however the one thing I do not want to see I do not want to see a love scene with Rock and unique he’s not she is not getting the draws is what Monique Nicole said I said

Monique Nicole my young surprises he’s going to get the draws so ladies and gentlemen we got to start with muchi on this one first let’s take a look at the way he saw her scrambling some meat and then decid to give her his meat scrambling some meat it’s a metaphor ladies and gentlemen you see a woman scrambling meat with a broke arm a she don’t really want the meat she cooking she want what you can pack in her here we go I’mma miss you out here right you’ll be all right yeah I’ll be all right

you you see you the best part of the game lont give her a terot destroyer real quick The Who terot Destroyer who’s that some bot that’s up in here going crazy oh yeah he got the go okay got the go got the go got the go let me let me handle let me handle this business real quick with the goodbye ter eating by cannibals is crazy yeah that’s ridiculous okay got rid of I got a question I gotta ask all y’all too I can’t wait but keep going much I’mma ask you this first muchi what

you gonna ask me well I I have so much want to say about this as I give you the question so number one ladies and gentlemen Rock just proved that if a woman is throbbing hard enough oh my God if it’sing hard enough okay you said the what you said the if that woman’s is throbbing hard enough it don’t matter what the hell kind of condition she’s in she gonna give up them pan ra this chick this is a her arm is hurting and he got he grabbed her arm pull the pants down and then

shoved it in her with no condom for all we know Kanan might have a little brother floor is yours muchi look don’t leten don’t want to have no sex with one sling in the arm she done turned it around and tooted it tooted it she done to get the skin much she on disability and still get still in SL that that’s working down there what she had to do was turn it around and Toot It Up and that’s turn it around and Toot It Up okay okay so your arm can be broke but you still

got them other things that work I mean if your arm was broken I mean come on y’all if y’all freaking leg was broken my guys y’all know y’all still be up in there like limping in it look the third leg yeah limp limping with one look the third leg still work I can just tell you this right now I can lose feeling to my whole damn body but if that one part can still exactly you’ll be like girl get up on this thing well is is your PL oh man b a jump on in this

before I get in trouble yeah man your uh intro commentary was more graphic than the scene itself you know I mean good he broke it down um but I I am happy that this first of all unique is a cheater okay you got the baby M oh my God you know she all scared you you you he leaving her at the crib with the brother that’s super scary eating the the cereal and he over here smashing cheeks With the Enemy dang near you know what I’m saying like right he he even kissed her and said

I got a plan was right that’s like no I I don’t I don’t understand why he grabbed the arm like that like out of all the places you wonna grab the arm but I mean apparently she liked it um J told us that Beav pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain I wouldn’t know but I hear you though I hear you what Jay-Z said pain is pressure and pressure but bust pipes oh look like I like and you look like the I like it rough tight my bad too we all knew this was gonna happen

I honestly didn’t expect happen so soon um but I’m glad it it did now when me and Lamar was chopping it up about this we had a difference in opinion on Miss Rock and I’m I’m so eager I was like I cannot wait for Saturday so I can get y’all’s opinion on this okay how do y’all feel or how does Rock actually feel about unique you know other than you know her you know just you know wan to have some good sex does does she just want to get it in or does she actually like

him but the bigger question is you have unique and you have Symphony who do y’all feel that rock would want to be with long term I chose Symphony Lamont thinks is unique because they live a similar lifestyle um where y’all at on that I’m start with you good question B Avery she look she thought about taking him out last season so I don’t know he’s like a liability he’s not in the game and look she’s been protected by unique he came he’s a night and shine and armor let her he let Rock know look they

coming I’m not I’m not that type where I told where I would tell him where he was that’s not me but he surely came back to protect her so I think she already like she’s in she’s being lustful right now for him because of that night and shine and armor thing that’s why she was able to turn it around and Toot It Up with it with her arm in a sling so I’m just saying okay Miss K what you think oh you goar me no no no Miss I was GNA say Miss K and I

know Lex is over there chopping at the bits I think that um for a long term I mean it’s hard to say but I would think that she would want to be with Symphony because she really had feelings for him and I think what when it came to Symphony is that rock was afraid of him because he was a good man and she wasn’t used to seeing that and I think she tried to self sabotage the situation because she was afraid of that but I think um when it comes to Unique she just has a

mutual respect for him and but at the end of the day if I need to take you out for for personal gain I will do that and I don’t think she would ever trust unique at the end of the day like when he came through for her that was for the southide that wasn’t for her that was against a m you know a mutual enemy and he always be flirting with rock don’t get me you know don’t get it wrong but they was Waring out there at one point yeah they so I just think that

if she had to choose for a long-term relationship it would definitely be um Symphony especially if Symphony just accepted her life and I think he did try to accept her life like you know okay well well said and Le Lex I remember last time we was here last season you actually I think was the first one to call us out you was like Hey I’m a woman you know she got that twinkle in her eye some unque yeah where you at on this when the K speaks y’all better realize it’s straight from mland I’ll be

knowing I saw it I saw it that little giggle when he was like rock what’s up that’s badass you gonna smile at that man that is bad ass like yeah Ro get it for all of us I was so geek when it happened I’m like like what let me let me tell you something the imagery like this is this Le speaking like Hood the part of this this woman had you got to realize camera angles it was a Glock and scrambled eggs being panned in on while sis was getting drilled in the kitchen I’m like

come on Ghetto what the writing is genius it’s genius Chris in the house cause cause she ain’t get I don’t she didn’t get it in with um with with uh Symphony in there they was about to but they just looked upstairs and stuff and kissed in her dang this is what I’m saying but even if you go back that’s why she was eyeing Pressa in the grocery store like that CU you not supposed to like Nick but you do that’s why I was like pessa kind of looking like oh God and she looking like yeah

I’m that girl and your do want me and I like he pulled out from the crib you left your your girl and your kid and your crazy brother at home to go slide on Rock It Ain’t Enough planet in the horrible this going to be dangerous all season and I’m herei where you going I’m here it like this is a mess this is pro that rock is just messy qu is horrible you know rock and his baby mama don’t get along and on top of that she let that get in there raw dog let me

tell you something a nothing G happen let me tell you something listen she on birth slid all up in there ra do I was just like he he ain’t know she was on a period of nothing just slide over in that let know it was a go she let him know it was a go when she turned around and toed it up first of all she knew what it was when that man grabbed her by the shoulder and she just I’m like oh yeah she a demon rocking there about to snatch that man Soul yeah

this was beautiful it’s a mess it’s really a horrible decision and I’m here for all of it I love it wow okay what about what about part two though uh longterm no Symphony or um unique who would she pick in her Perfect World Symphony is her kin okay but realistically NAC lines more symphony is a vision that she touched and pushed away if she wanted Symphony she really could beat with symph she would have kept him yeah she aled it because she don’t want it’s not that she don’t want nothing good you g sometime you

get afraid and you gonna go back to normality ni is literally her mirror they done tried to kill other you know what I’m saying so definitely wanted Sy she would have been with him but she can’t get a game up she can’t love Symphony and the game it’s too complicated that ask ladies cin who will we choose yes oh you know I want that ass I’m I’m G keep it a stack okay I know who would pick I already know ask you picking Symphony I would only only pick Symphony because he’s a better man I’m

more attracted to Unique y’all meant the people and not the actors we gotta stop right there no the act the character the characters oh I would then I thought you okay Miss K if you’re more attracted to Unique does that not does that mean that your attraction to Symphony is good enough to keep you from wanting to eyeball and peel out of your clothes for another the man I wouldn’t do that regardless I’ll just break up with a with a dude but like no if especially if I decide to Mar if I’m marrying you but

that’s it I’m yours until you screw up or till death but I’m not gonna be screwing no other man like that’s just not happening but symphony is a better man and I feel like symphony is handsome and it’s and and all the other stuff that he’s been doing and the way he is and how smart he is and how you know loving and however he was towards Rock doing all those things would just probably make him look it would just magnify his looks Jo um I don’t even say Joey sorry I’m I’m leaving him out

of it I’m leaving a real person out of it um what is his name unique is that that’s the type of that’s what I’m attracted to like the chocolate like he’s he’s unique he’s God sexy yes God and me back in the day that’s the dude that I would have went for that’s right but as a grown woman now who wants better for my life and who wants to be happy I’m choosing and that doesn’t mean I’m settling that means I’m showing my own worth I’m choosing Symphony I need who would you choose I’m I’m

joking them light what’ you say be Avery I’m sorry being silly I’m being silly oh oh oh oh oh my bad sorry real for a second my fault muchi who you choosing we want to know symphony is the better choice but if I wanted to walk on the wild side that’s 3x’s Tic Tac to bad ass win get that I Sy I chose Symphony my days are my days my heart was telling you Symphony but your body was screaming bad ass get that you see what I was saying be Avery they they prove my point

for me be don’t sleep on the skinny boys they be having some big ones I mean it’s got to be big as skinny as here I mean did you see the legs they look like pencils get in there Joey bad ass and hit some weight bro I saw your legs snapping to that slim gym listen slim jim was Jimmy in that shim Rock was enjoying it y’all making in a little circle slow Circle let me just say this real quick like you said be Avery the sex te thank God they didn’t show it right but

shadon made the dag on thing come to life with all of this all this nonsense exactly supposed to do like y’all we here talking about the man’s schy schlong and how she done tooted it up and this and that and like he didn’t to it I want think first of all to toot sound like somebody farted so let’s stop talking about that while we talking about sex like well some people get you know some people Miss K some people get turned on by that and some people like when things come out the butthole and fall

on top of you Miss K know all of that associ number two with that too much where I was not even Associated want to go there you know no don’t talk about who want to go where because I was totally fine with the sex scene because they didn’t show it y y don’t one that keep on giving visuals and saying all these things so cut it out and every timei mui keeps saying and I’ve been trying not to say nothing but T making me think hey Mama Avery hey Mama ay if I’m G say F

I’mma say F and F no no no that’s not the point I said I said you keep making me think of farts I didn’t say phenomenal you kept on making me think of it so now I fin was it Dropping It Low phenomenal son oh my God don’t let Miss K fool y’all don’t let her fool y don’t let her y let’s get on to the last subject that won’t have anything to do withi for the wi Toot It Up yeah fart it up right on his schy schlong I like I said Miss K there

are Negroes out there make it smell like eggs since she cooking eggs might as well make his penut oh she didn’t even take a bite of the egg not a single bite and them eggs look delicious too us folks hitting the gym you just wasted a whole lot of protein was like Dam she got filled with protein she all right okay my good point good point good point got with the protein all right Lexa targaryan I’m starting with you on this one the last subject we’re gonna cover is obviously the Howard shooting scene take a

look at this and let’s talk about it let’s just say a few things in the ball park it still don’t add up to B maybe not but what about all the you did to cover it up Malcolm you had Sam killed I know it was you it had to be if you did that who knows what else you could have done who knows wow he shot her so bad he got the ringing of the clap back in his ear whoa TCH the Howard and got back on him it go to you first Lex is he

gonna be incriminated CU he’s got her blood all over him he probably got it on his fingernails he had it on his Pat leather coat he got it on his bald head is there going to be any evidence even the pay phone phone call is anything going to trace back to Detective Howard um I think they gonna start kind of building a case but he going to be able to maneuver around it however I think this is about the season of him becoming a dirty cop I think that’s the whole purpose of this season like

him being able to get out of stuff and doing stuff that he normally wouldn’t a to protect the secret because ultimately that’s protecting his son because yeah Howard was doing stuff kind of like yoking people up and stuff like that but he was still on the law side like he’s straddling the fence because he has to at this point you know what I’m saying he realized he a father and honestly like he doing dirty stuff but I respect it the moment he put two and two together he ain’t took his eye off Kanan yet you

know what I’m saying but I feel like especially with everything going on like it’s just gonna be a story of him you know turning towards the bads side and whatever the case may be but on another note I just PE what she said she’s super dumb and she deserved to get shot he didn’t even have Sam killed that was moth so she he exactly he sitting there chatting and pity patting and and just she don’t even get a rest in peace good for dumb ass I’m happy I’m not but any bye bye go ahead Miss

K you you ought be sh you know what you’re not invited to my Saturday night showdowns no more you not invited I ain’t gonna give you no link I gotta way I was just about to tell you I gotta way to get the link I’m show up and if somebody give you that link I’m going to forbid them to damn it I’m going to send Godzilla to their house and and I know who would give you the link too first of all look at first of all why are you picking on me what in the

world did I do that you gonna take me out the dag on somebody said Bishop would be so proud I’m tired of the check that’s why I don’t y That’s what I was gonna say that’s what I was going to say like he was giving me Q Vibes like I don’t know if y’all he even sound sounds like Q I was like why is he that’s why last night I said I was like yo are y’all not so excited that Omar EPS is in this show yes love it he gave me I give you he

gave me the the um undercover Vibe when he that when he was J J when he was J re That’s The Vibes he gave me he didn’t give me KQ he give me that he give me J down and dir with all of it he gave me he gave me Q because of his the sound of his voice like he’s an older man and he still was able to sound youthful again like when he was saying like I forgot the last thing you showed and he was like basically saying like let’s just say that’s what

it is you know whatever he said right and I was just like why do I hear him from being C so anyway but I just love just the whole point is oh my EPS like he’s just amazing I I’m just so excited that 50 Cent got all of these brilliant actors on here okay so by Burke let me get back to the point goodbye Burke now I wasn’t excited to see her get blown away like that I’m not going to lie um but it I’m not mad yeah I’m not mad but I was just like

oh like that was kind of bit brutal especially up close and personal and things like that um but point blank is what they call it Miss K point I know I know I know I know but I I think when you say up close and personal it sounds more you know it just sounds worse it look like I said I don’t think there’s not anybody that was watching that was wasn’t surprised she died in the first episode but like you said Miss K when he came to get in the car what the like I’m thinking

to myself this was when I did have to kind of say Burke what the hell you thinking yeah what do you think like they showed her with her little toy gun her little 380 and I’m thinking myself Burke why are you hiding it to the what what good is that GNA do I would have let a ninja know like had right let’s not try nothing CU I got it right I got it on me we would have met 71 she should she should have had it right there in a little console between her and that

seat like bro don’t come in here she wouldn’t have been able to get to it she should have had I said she had had it go where it was where she could be like but he was too quick with it a he was so smooth because she never coming she never if she if she would have had it in her hand the trigger the trigger finger over the trigger letting him know like bro don’t try nothing because I already don’t trust you I’m here don’t try nothing I got it and that’s that cuz I already

got mine drawn first so here we go I think she felt that confident that he was not going to do something like that to her she thought he she really had him where you know what we G to smooth this out and he’s going to turn himself in and I’m going to be the heo no in traditional Caren thinking of course yes veteran cop negro you was never pulling up on one that’s crazy what you got on this Behavior now let me ask you this B I got to give you a little bit more little

oomph you and muchi do you see a situation where her carpet munching girlfriend Adena and the dad going to get together and kind of be like the white Avengers of Burke or something to you know solve this case of course um all the way even though they was severely frustrated with her and I was laughing the way her dad yelled at her get this to your thick effing skull you’re not the one under investigation or whatever no you’re the one not Howard so yeah uh the white Avengers or the daddy sibling girlfriend Avengers uh they’re

going to come through and you know ruffle some feathers shake some cages um but even going back to the scene man like damn Burke you like really asking for it like I I mean textbook definition of poking the bear I mean that was just idiotic you’re just gonna meet somebody in a random street alley middle of the night I know all your deep dark secrets and I’m going to expose you all right see you at the office tomorrow like what did you expect I mean that was U that that was pretty crazy um I forgot

who said it maybe it was you Lex I don’t know if Howard is going to go down to the dark side and just turn dirty um it’s possible I just I didn’t I I didn’t see that you saying that or whoever said I can’t remember that’s the first thing that’s the first time that um that crossed my mind um I hope that doesn’t happen because I still kind of like Howard I mean and you know he did Kill Burke um I didn’t want even though I I despise her I didn’t necessarily want to see her

go out that way either um thank I kind of a little petty and wanted her to suffer a little bit more um to get her head blown off that’s just like damn and then in episode one as well you know I was enjoying seeing her get you know thrown through the ringer and now that’s over um but yeah she she’s an idiot she’s I enjoyed that too I’m sorry like getting it her dad yelling her don’t yell at me dad her freaking she play herself Captain chocolate was like no I don’t I don’t want to

hear another thing shut up well none of your nonsense just zip it I loved it all right I didn’t feel sorry for her um Lamar I’m sorry I don’t feel sorry for her either I feel like she was doing too much she was she was doing too much and then she wanted to act like she had it all together and you don’t even have all the pieces really connected you had most of them connected but not all of them cuz you was already off with Sam you was already off with Sam so everybody’s like you

know you messed up because everybody trying to look out for Kanan and you basically you messed with the golden child he was you was already one the first season that’s the gold that’s the that’s the the prince so she wasn’t even supposed to mess with him everybody was telling her she’s she’s doing all of that I wonder if it’s going to come back that she was looking through them fils cuz remember she was looking through those fils and stuff like that and keep in mind her father is a decorated police officer I was looking for

the the picture that I had with all the plaques on the wall so he already got the call that she was doing too much he sure did all right y’all

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