Preparing for Pride Month amid security warnings from FBI

rejoining the workforce . Pride Month starts tomorrow and events are being held across the country to kick off the celebration. But as the celebration begins, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have issued a warning It’s tied to potential violence at LGBTQ Plus events from foreign terrorist groups.

Joining us now is Troy Kennedy ,a current board member for LGBT Detroit. Thanks for being here with us. Thank you. So when we’re hearing about these these potential threats or just at least a warning that is very concerning for a lot of people, what is your response? Well,

my response to it is first of all, June 12th is the anniversary the eighth anniversary of the Pulse massacre which was devastating for the LGBT community. But we have to realize that a lot of those of those terrorist acts are homegrown. These are these are people from from

America. This is domestic terrorism. And so we have to understand that we have to look in our backyard as well. I can understand the FBI and in Homeland Security making that warning but we still have to be very vigilant because of what happens here on our own shores

. So there’s already been a threat domestically But then to hear the FBI say that foreign terror organizations could potentially be targeting celebrations here and we should say specifically there

are not specific threats against metro Detroit events. Do you think people are more fearful? Are you hearing from

anyone in the community about that? Well, the community remains vigilant at all times in the climate that we’re in today. We’re in a situation where some of our political leaders are pushing you know, anti-trans bills, anti-gay bills or there’s something like 579 bills currently in 2024 that have

been pushed out with 38 of them being passed. Fortunately, four of them have been vetoed by governors. levels of hate and division in this country that are pushing this this agenda. And we have to remain vigilant on all sides and we have to stay united against any type

of hate for any groups. We talked with the Ferndale police chief earlier this week and he says that there are no immediate threats to the Detroit metro area, no known threats. to be securing these events as if there were. How do you feel about the security that’s in

place and just the effort to make sure that everyone is safe? Well, Ferndale and even Detroit ,they do a really, really great job for their pride of this. You know, there’s enough police there’s enough other security personnel available and the people within the community are always vigilant because

we need we need to protect each other. What does that vigilance look like or feel like? Just keeping your eyes open, understanding that not interests at heart. That’s that’s that’s something that’s very, very hard to swallow. But something that you have to realize You have to realize that

there are threats out there and that we have to as a community have to stay together . Do you think the potential of a threat will scare some people off from celebrations this year? No, I don’t I don’t believe I believe that we can again remaining unified. Remaining

vigilant is going to really, really help that. What does Pride Month mean I mean even with the threats and that need to stay vigilant it’s still a celebratory time. It’s a very joyous time. Well, it’s a time to celebrate everybody’s individuality. You know, whatever pride that you have,

you know, it doesn’t matter who you love or how you love. You just need to love is it disappointing to you that celebration is now being overshadowed by this potential threat and this the scare of that? Well, those threats are for everything The Grand Prix for for the

NFL draft. So those those threats exist for all of those things. So it’s just remaining vigilant and understanding the climate that we live in today. What are you looking forward to most this month, The month to be over because I own a security company and so so we

do a lot of events during the month and I just want to rest. So security why are you guys doing anything differently And in light of all of this again having having a person or two more because all of those events are going to be more packed. There’s

going to be more people there just just having more people and more eyes and staying in great communication. Sure. Any message for the people who will be going have fun and just show it I love. Yeah, A lot going on. Well, Troy Kennedy, thank you so much for

being here today. We appreciate your time.

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