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Hello everybody, welcome to my channel. Today I am going to recap and explain a recently released action horror film called prey. But first, if you have not subscribed to my channel then please do it. It really helps. This is the seventh film in the predator franchise including alien vs predator. It’s a sequel to all predator films. It starts in the year 1719 in the native American land of the Comanche tribe. We see a teenage girl Naru who aspires to be a hunter. The patriarchal norms here prohibited her but she was adamant. She had raised and

trained a dog by the name of Sarii who was very loyal to her. One morning while practicing with her ax, Naru saw a deer. she decides to hunt it. As soon as she took up a position, a loud thunderous noise from the sky caused the deer to run. Naru and the dog chased after it but it was fast. Dog’s leg got trapped in a bear trap hence it started screaming. Naru released the dog and applied some herbal medicine to its tail which greatly reduced the dog’s pain. She wondered how the trap got here in the

first place, who placed it. Here she again heard loud thunderous noise from the sky and followed it to the edge of

a cliff. There we see a predator ship arriving. Predators are species who loved to hunt, earth was their favorite planet. From time to time they decent here, hunt the species on top of the food chains and collected their skull as a trophy. For many young predators earth was their test field to prove their worth. Naru saw this cloud bursting as a sign from a thunderbird. Thunderbird is a legend in many cultures, it is believed

to create thunder and lighting while flapping its wings. Naru confused predator ship for this legend and thought she is ready. Next, she met his brother Taabe who was a warrior and like all males in this tribe, his primary job was to hunt, and provide food. Naru insisted on joining men for her first big hunt as she thought she was ready. Taabe was not sure, he genuinely believed women are not good at it. He says to Naru that you want to hunt something that wants to hunt you. It’s a dangerous thing. Later Naru helps her mother

in preparing medicine for one injured man. She was also sharpening her ax to which her mom says to quit it. She too believed it was not the job of the women to hunt. Here a woman was not supporting another woman as historical patriarchy was so embedded in the culture that slight deviation from it seemed an impossible thing to do. Taabe here brings some food, he encourages her for hunting even though he believed otherwise. Next a predator jumps from the ship with its invisible tech. While picking an herb Naru saw all men leaving for Forrest as

a lion just grabbed a man named Puri into the jungle. Naru here follows these men. Predator on the other hand saw a snake swallowing a rabbit. He attacked the snake and killed it. Taabe and others quickly found Naru following them, they wanted her to head back but Taabe insisted on her joining them. Naru was needed to treat Puri if they found him alive. These guys found him after some time, she was still alive, Naru feeds him some herbs after which he started shivering. Taabe asked a few men to carry Puri back to the village and

he insisted Naru join them. He with the remaining others went ahead to hunt that lion. While heading back dog Sarri found the skinned snake, Naru saw a large footprint of the predator. She was confused as she has never seen such footprints in these woods. She assumed it to be a big bear, hence decides to warn Taabe. She heads back to the lion’s den where her brother was laying an ambush. She explains to him what she saw, she believed something scared the lion hence it is attacking in panic.Taabe dismissed her as being a predator of the

woods nothing can scare a lion. Strangely here he too saw a few dead animals killed in a rather odd manner. Naru suggests using them as bait while she and the other guy waiting up on a tree. Taabee agreed, Naru with the other guy climbed a tree. The lion saw these two from a distance and charged at them. The other guy was not convinced about this idea as he believed Naru should have stayed in the village. As he started arguing with her. the lion attacked him from behind and killed him. Soon it started chasing Naru. These

two were on a tree trunk, it started shaking as Naru moved to the edge. Here she heard and saw the Predator with lighting in the woods and quickly fell from the tree. Next, we see Naru in her house, she was alive. Her mom wakes her up and gives an update. Taabe killed the lion and brought her back here. Naru’s mom congrats her on saving Puri’s life and scolds her for going on a reckless hunt like this. Later Taabe brings Lion’s carcass, everyone rejoices. However, in private he appreciated Naru’s help. Naru sticks to her theory of

something hunting the animals, she wanted to go out again. But Taabe dismisses it again, he says you are not fit to hunt. You can’t hunt. Like all angry teenagers, Naru doesn’t give a damm. The next morning she with her dogs started tracking Predator’s footprints. She makes a rope from wood skins, ties to it her ax, and practices it as a boomerang. The predator saw a wolf hunting a rabbit, it stands between the two and attacked the wolf. He severed its head, took it to a nearby cave, and dissolved it in acid. He collected its skull

as a souvenir. Naru kills many rabbits with her new technique, she and her dog enjoyed a great lunch. As she reached the boundary line she saw many buffalo carcass without skin. Someone or something had brutally killed them. Naru here prays for their death as buffalo were scared in her tribe. They were the symbols of honor and generosity. She finds a cigar here. Next Naru slips into a swamp which starts to absorb her. Predator also arrives at the buffalo site, he too saw a cigar. Naru threw her ax with force to a nearby bush, hooked it,

and came up somehow. Clearly, this scene is a throwback to the original Arnold Schwarzenegger scene in the first predator film. Later she heads to a nearby river to clean herself. After some time a bear arrives there with its catch. As it was eating it, it smells Naru’s dog and starts chasing it. Naru quickly tried to hunt it down but her bow broke. Bear sees this, it charges and finally pins her down in a small bush. But for its bad luck, the invisible predator was seeing all this, he attacks the bear from behind and we some

awesome fight between these two as both were equally powerful. Naru runs away from here like anything, she saw the predator killing the bear with bare hands. She learned one or two lessons on hunting as clearly she was not fully ready. Men from the village were searching for Naru on Taabe’s order. Upon finding her Naru tried explaining what she saw but they dismissed it. Obviously believing in an invisible beast is a tough ask. A fight broke here as Naru was in no mood to go back. Predator was seeing all this, it assumed these men as the

apex predators as their primitive weapons red flagged it. Men captured Naru, tied her hand and as they started heading back they heard the predator’s roaring voice. Men took up the position, one went ahead to check but nothing was visible. Naru begged him not to go but he didn’t listen. We see three laser-guided pointers on his body, the predator quickly shreds him to pieces with metal arrows. The remaining men randomly released their arrows in the open field one of which hit the predator. Finally, everyone saw this creature, they attacked it but obviously it was too much

for them. Naru smartly cut herself loose and started running away from here. After killing all those men predator starts chasing Naru. Soon Naru’s leg gets trapped in a bear trap, she tries escaping but fails. The predator comes very close to her, saw her trapped, and walks away. He was here for the thrill of hunting, not for random killings. Naru was unarmed and trapped hence she was not worthy of his prey. We see a bunch of french frontier men with their guns screaming at Naru as they were the ones who were laying traps all across the

woods. They took Naru to their camp, where she saw one guy smoking a cigar. She understood these guys killed their scared buffalos as it was a common tactic back in the day to deprive indigenous people of their livelihood. One translator tells Naru to describe her encounter with the predator, his weakness, and strengths. He had killed many of their men as well, they wanted to hunt it down. Naru tells him nothing. These men have captured Taabe, they make him bleed and tied him with Naru as bait to hunt that predator. Naru knew Predator won’t hunt the

bait hence she was relaxed. As obvious the predator attacked these french men from behind and brutally killed most of them. He used all his modern techniques including drones. He was also injured in all this. On the other hand, Naru and Taabe escaped. They reached the campsite where Naru killed all remaining french men, she released her dog. Then she saw the translator who begged for his life. He was ready to teach her the usage of a gun in exchange for medicine. Naru agreed, she took his gun and learned how to use it. she fed him the

medicine which lowered his body temperature. When the predator arrived here this french man was completely invisible to him on his thermal radar as the temperature was down. Naru sensed another weakness of this creature here. But for french men’s bad luck predator stepped on his leg, he screamed and got slaughtered in return. Naru’s dog started barking here, the predator pointed his laser at it. Taabe suddenly attacked the predator from behind and threw away his helmet. The lasers were now pointing at a tree when the predator released the arrows thinking it will hit the dog instead it

hit the pointers on the tree. This means these metal arrows followed the pointers, not the subject. somehow this predator didn’t know this flaw. Naru observed this second weakness. Taabe asked Naru to run away as it was impossible for both to survive. He bought some time by fighting hand and hand here, he greatly injured this creature but ultimately sacrificed himself. Heartbroken Naru escaped with her dog to someplace safe. She was not done yet, she decides to go all in. After nightfall, she captured another french man and severed his leg. She wanted to use him as bait,

instead of tieing him she severed his leg so that he can’t run. She also took her own medicine which lowered her body temperature. The predator walked right past her without sensing her. Naru shot clearly at the predator’s neck causing a grave injury. She quickly stole his helmet and ran like hell. She placed it near the quick mud spot in such a way that once the predator occupies that spot it comes clearly in the line of sight of lasers. After killing the french man the predator chased Naru, we see some brutal action scenes here. Naru smartly

severed his hand from his own weapon. Later she jumped on him from a tree, attacked randomly, and dragged him to the ambush site. As a last resort, he opened his metal arrows and pointed them at Narus. Naru sensed her plan working, she jumped out and pointers pointed at the predator himself. The metal arrows boomeranged and killed the predator in one shot. The hunter got hunted. Naru took his head back to her village where everyone was happy but sad as well. They had lost many of their men in one night. They accept Naru as a hunter

and gave her the position of the war chief. She then hands the pistol to the elder of the tribe. It had an engraving that reads: “Raphael Adolini 1715.” This is a callback to Predator 2 movie. At the end of that movie, which is set in 1997 Los Angeles, Danny Glover’s LAPD Lieutenant Harrigan character is gifted that exact pistol from a Predator. The film doesn’t have the end credit scene but the credit itself serves as one. Initially, we see an animation of what happed till now but at the end, we see three predator ships arriving at

the village. My guess is they will congratulate Naru for winning the game of hunt with nothing. She may give up her pistol to them which will end up in 1998. Clearly, this is one solid predator film unlike the previous ones with lots of room for sequels. Overall it’s an enjoyable one. please subscribe to my channel. Give it a like. Thanks for watching. Take Care.

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