PREY MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching New Predator Movie! | Breakdown & Review | Predator 5

what is going on there reject nation greg here 
today i’m about to check out the movie prey a film  
i’m very much excited for i’m a big fan of the 
predator franchise i like the movie 10 cloverfield  
lane which is the same director couple of things 
i got to acknowledge yeah i am shooting this a  
little bit early because i have an interview 
to do with the director and a couple members  
of the cast for this film so that interview 
should already be up on the channel before  
this one is another quick disclaimer i’ve seen 
those comments come in people assuming there’s  
this automatic bias of recommendation just because 
we’ve talked to some of the filmmakers or talent  
involved with the movie let me refer you to our 
eternal’s reaction our mortal kombat reaction  
our hawkeye reaction you’ll see we were very 
very much not shy to be harsh on our criticism  
for those properties while we still interview 
the talent so if i end up not liking this i’ll  
be honest with you guys i just won’t tell them 
that i’ll just focus on what i liked about it  
when talking with them and yes i am shooting 
this by myself right now because

john a few  
days ago he tested positive for the diesel as i 
called it i myself tested positive for it i still  
have it right now but i i just talked to john 
i’m definitely feeling much better than him i’m  
healing i’m a superhuman like i said i’m a massive 
fan of the predator franchise really looking  
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would not be in the position we are today if it 
wasn’t for all you let’s get into action people
a long time ago it is said a monster came here
beautiful opening shot
beautiful music so far
that dog better not die
badass i hope you guys watch this movie with  
headphones because there’s some 
incredible sound design already
yeah who is this chick she is 
badass no oh what a bunch of [ __ ]
i swear the dog better not die
gonna has to use that that trap on the predator
this morning in the sky i saw a sign the 
thunderbird it’s time i’m ready for my katamiya  
you really think you’re ready you want 
to hunt something that’s hunting you  
you’re gonna get exactly what you want
this is such a great shot is that for warchief’s 
bad knee hmm he’s getting worse you didn’t put on  
who taught you about orange tortilla 
you you’ll have to use orange tootsia  
when you’re fighting against the 
predator go get us some orange tutsia
such a good buildup oh
i’m really enjoying this movie’s 
grip on the atmosphere so much
don’t worry you’re gonna get to 
prove yourself with the ultimate prey  
hina a lion he took buoy you gotta find him
this movie’s already way better 
than that shane black one
what the [ __ ]
who invited you she tracks well  
and if we find fuji alive she knows 
medicine that dude’s got a cool voice
i hate snakes that’s a great shot though
kill that snake
what a cool perspective shot i don’t like animal 
deaths but some reason snakes so the one the main  
thing that i can handle you see that crushed bone 
that’s lying scared the cat that made it was big
if it bleeds we can kill it
god i love how like immediate and 
pulsating this is he’s breathing that’s her
so much could kill him it won’t 
kill him just cool his blood  
cool his blood that will come in handy why is puji 
alive there’s something that scared the cat away  
from its den i’ve got this we don’t have time to 
waste talking we need to get him home my number
she’s the only one being smart or 
at least asking the smart questions
she’s great there’s a lot of life behind her eyes 
look it could be bear tracks but that’s a big bear  
and why was it on its hind legs and what skin 
to snake like that we need to keep moving  
no i have to warn my brother aren’t 
you guys the slightest bit curious
i love the use of the tribal drums like captures 
that like a heartbeat in a way i found tracks  
and they were huge i’m not frightened by a bear 
i don’t know what it was i’ve never seen anything  
like it or whatever it was we’re in the cat’s 
den now we have to deal with the first you guys  
are too cool when the lion comes you tell that 
thing this is as far as you go no more this is it
i’m really loving the main 
girl’s performance a lot  
it’s there’s so much nuance 
happening with her expressions  
this interest curiosity fear courage is all 
like layered into one sense of body language
when your brother comes back he and i 
will find the lion and kill him oh my god
your brother carried you home what about the lion 
oh they went after it sorry i have to find him  
no you need to rest oh man they’re 
all gonna be dead by the morning
this is cool how it’s capturing the 
like the primal themes of predator
there’s a lot of dead animals
so he returned her then went back out there  
killed the lion and came back with a lion 
this guy is just as cool as me we didn’t do it  
you’re right we didn’t do it i did you 
tried it you couldn’t bring it home
don’t you worry you’re gonna have the 
greatest opportunity to prove yourself
i don’t know why i get almost like 
a sort of like survival video game  
vibe it’s not exactly that but you 
kind of get the impression of it
guys i’m telling you i found green blood 
it doesn’t mean anything shut up woman
don’t mess around with these animals  
oh come on man i’m hating this predator 
because of all the animal kills
oh don’t do a wolfie
oh man
there are so many animal deaths 
to think i almost had my friend  
andrew gordon watch this movie with me he 
can’t he really can’t add all animal baths
nice yo-yo axe i wonder if 
she was really doing that
please don’t kill the dog
holy balls
oh man you better [ __ ] this 
predator up i swear to god
there’s something incredible 
sound design in this film
wow what a hell of a shot
come on oh good thing you’re covered 
in all that mud i feel like they’re  
just planting so many seeds for the final battle
that bear’s dead
no puppy
i’m hoping the predator gets to 
it before the gets to the dog
holy [ __ ] mom you’re not 
gonna believe what i just saw
[ __ ] terrifying damn
oh it’s got him it’s got the bear
there’s some blood in its mouth 
bears lee’s putting up a fight
see how pissed of the
oh my god it’s like drenched in blood yikes
it’s like the invisible man on steroids
holy crap
there’s such great use of setting 
in this film like with the  
all the man versus nature qualities to it and 
things you can get trapped in and just your  
environments it’s so well utilized i’m really 
digging this movie a lot this is really good  
it’s a really good [ __ ] what are you doing 
here looking for you your brother sent us to  
bring you home i’m ready for them to not believe a 
single thing she says i saw what left those tracks  
it fought and killed a bear with its 
hands easily how come it didn’t kill you
nice good for you good for you
damn this guy can’t get one hit
you want to leave
oh my god
oh [ __ ]
just sick
just don’t put a weapon in her hands 
yet you need a leash for your weapon
don’t talk all she’s [ __ ] tough 
man he’s got your ass kicked
he did it guys what do you 
think drove the possums our way
here you’re about to about to suck some dick man
whoa that’s different
that would be a good time
i’d just be shouting i told you so
oh my goodness oh my goodness
oh god here it is
i don’t believe you
again this [ __ ] music man
the trailer moment let’s get some 
serious nipple chills right now
we have him
no he has us
that was a terrifying shot
oh my god
oh great
oh here we go
if the predator hasn’t used a gun yet 
will they get a gun from these guys
oh good there’s a whole whole settlement 
here to slaughter for the predator
you killed the buffalo ah what 
did you see you are come on cheers
they’re kind of hunt for red 
october ringing it right yeah okay  
if you were smart you’d help us tell 
us something like the last sacred point
oh no
are you hurt
oh they tried he’s got a billy’s car
although i did that all stealthily it’s coming
something almost demonic about it you 
want to know how i killed that lion  
your plan you had it naru 
you can see what i missed
i don’t know that this thing can be killed 
if it bleeds we can kill it we can kill it
trap on his guy said that was cool
i don’t know how you’re 
gonna defeat this thing man
it’s like wonder woman on no man’s land losing his 
leg to be free wait not what are you doing nader  
nada stop i’m smarter than a beaver you 
really set it up like you’re gonna cut a  
limb off all right just go back to your 
tribe and throw away all your weapons
let’s put your face right up and 
then spit your face right up in it
wow he didn’t even want to 
waste his time with them
nice work
oh damn
queen that’s a gritty ass one take shot man 
sure there was like one hidden cut in there
i think there’s like just enough of like early 
stage predator you know what i mean the the  
technology stuff but he also seems to have like 
kind of a larger quantity of weapons too much
you put in the gunner three four times it’s okay
he just shoots her and the movie
what easy
his blood is cold
you really get that feel of like this 
ferocious man slash beast in that predator suit
you done [ __ ] up man i can’t see it cold blood
i thought he was gonna step 
like on his heart or something
no that hell no
oh my god thank god
wow gross
sometimes it feels like video game levels i 
love it there you go hey oh pooh good shot
not too much not too little
nice man
oh cowardly predator this is as far as i go
oh i really like that guy it bumps me up 
i think the way they’ve they’ve captured  
the predator here feels like uh some type 
of ferocious hybrid of man and beast that  
arose from nature as opposed to like 
an alien from an alien from space
what’s she gonna do with him
oh my goodness
you bled my brother so now you bleed 
you can’t see but i’m killing you
and it won’t either
man you become a cold-hearted badass 
that’s what happens when your brother dies
the predator is legit scary in this
nice work
nice oh we hit a predator finale
oh [ __ ] is this like snowing 
or is it just flowers falling
cool i love it i love the look of it 
yes and the cold breath ah i love it
nice nice
damn this player just got some parkour skills man
oh my god oh my god
i love the aesthetics here
he’s got the axe in this
oh [ __ ] it came back yes
that’s [ __ ] terrifying it’s like a 
goddamn lord of the rings orc in this movie
come on come on come on come on do it 
dude now this is as far as you go no more
this is such a cool movie
oh you feel like a cathartic release right there 
i don’t think i’ve ever rooted for a character  
this much in a predator franchise like not not 
one character i’ve ever like come on do i kill
i’m a hunter
we need to move to easier protected 
ground is that the predator 2 gun  
i thought that was a different gun over 
my right half is it the predator too good
my god historical fiction at its finest
i’m alive
[ __ ] yeah we got a great ass predator 
movie not since the first one we finally  
got a great predator movie holy crap that was 
great that was really great holy god i just  
this franchise been so up and down and we finally 
got a great ass predator film i was so happy with  
that man that was amazing like how they’re 
doing the end credits designs a lot making  
its way in history this is how the story will be 
told the cast was so good too oh god i can’t wait  
to talk about this like with others and stuff i 
can’t wait to share the enthusiasm for this film
is that a setup for live more coming the 
comanche nation booyah such great music too ah  
ah it’s pumped it feels so good to 
truly have a great predator film again  
and so like obviously it pays pays like clear 
tribute to things in the first movie but i love  
how it feels like so different in many many many 
ways other than the predictable like oh we’re  
gonna go to the finale arc uh showdown which is 
one-on-one setting up the trappings i really love  
the immediacy of it that was uh that was great it 
was great great art direction too all right let’s  
talk about it people all right as much as i said 
that thing at the beginning about like you know  
hey just because i’m going to interview talent 
involved with the film doesn’t mean i’m gonna  
you know be shy of criticizing 
a movie if i don’t like it  
give examples at the beginning of this video 
to show like i’m willing to do it but now i’m  
gotta be honest with you guys i i’m i’m just 
excited to do the interviews now because  
that was amazing who am i oh [ __ ] 
i’m interviewing the main people that  
made them two main characters i didn’t 
realize that they never give us the leads  
hell yeah oh sweet okay um wow where to begin that 
was just like solid it was solid it’s like crisp  
it’s tight it’s tense it’s exciting it’s 
atmospheric it’s dreadful but it’s got this great  
rhythm to it throughout it’s like pulsating you 
know like the the use of the drums uh throughout  
with the with like the kind of like tribal 
music i thought just really played on the  
heart so well and added to the intensity 
of the film throughout and this character
am i trying too hard am i trying too hard 
the actress’s name amber mid thunder wow  
what a cool name holy christ um damn amber 
mid thunder what a name like that wow anywho  
just redefining what the name amber means but um 
yeah the uh her character i was so invested in  
from the very beginning of this story because it’s 
it’s so multi-layered with her performance of how  
she’s someone who obviously has like a lot of 
fear there’s already a lot of compounding weight  
placed against her from just the 
conditions of what she’s grown up with  
of the the with a societal point of view within 
her her tribe her family of telling her who she  
really can be and what she’s trying to be she just 
plain and simple shouldn’t so you do have that  
investment in her of you want to watch her rise 
and become the ultimate hunter warrior and that  
was kind of the the whole mood and vibe of this 
entire film was like that primal feeling of  
hunter warrior it made it feel more visceral 
because this this film is so immediate and  
and while being so tense and taught it it was 
one of those like character driven performances  
not through like getting a bunch of exposition or 
monologuing or something like that or just having  
like a butt like it was just enough scenes to 
establish it but really you’re watching the growth  
of this person arc into you know utilizing their 
strengths by to the end of the film and i like  
how like the the death of her brother is the 
catapult into her getting to the like i don’t  
give a [ __ ] point and like it creates kind of 
this this hardness within her and that’s like  
the final step in her growth to be able to take 
on the ultimate enemy which is his predator and  
i thought the way the predator was used felt 
so cool you know like the predator at times  
you know like don’t get me wrong like i i actually 
have a soft spot for uh most of the predator films  
uh even like the first alien versus predator 
film i have a soft spot for i like predator  
too i i really grew up watching both predator 1 
and predator 2 constantly it was just a constant  
in my household a film that maybe a little kid 
shouldn’t be watching but i was obsessed with them  
i really loved them and i even liked the robert 
rodriguez film predators but this easily easily
like i don’t i wouldn’t want to declare it 
as the best predator film out of the whole  
franchise there are things about it right away 
mood wise that just draw to my sensibilities and  
my my personal tastes so much stronger than even 
the first original john mctiernan predator film  
but i can’t like confidently sit here and 
as easily establish like this is the best  
predator movie but i can definitely 
say this is the best predator movie  
since the original and you know it’s kind of 
this conflicting feeling because because of  
the fact that it’s going to hulu i gotta 
watch a screener and you know i get a  
chance to share my reaction with you guys so yeah 
there’s that benefit but this is like how many how  
many films that have disappointed fans uh in the 
predator move franchise have gone to the theaters  
and and this one is not getting that which which 
is such a bummer because there’s so many great  
things from just a filmmaking technical standpoint 
like the cinematography doesn’t feel quite  
necessarily to the same like the level of the 
revenant which was all like natural lighting  
we just use natural lighting but it really 
does capture the reflective lighting of the  
environment really using the surfaces it has 
really using the weather using those conditions  
and the cinematography which was excellent like 
the color palette was great it was really visually  
striking throughout and this the set designs and 
the costumes like the overall art production was  
was amazing uh really brought it to life and like 
i’m i’m i’m a dummy who doesn’t know enough about  
like comanche history i don’t know anything 
about it all right i don’t know jack about it  
and and so and like my american history is already 
like a little bit muddied uh enough as it is so  
i i don’t really i’m not a historian in here to 
to talk with you guys however i do get the sense  
that they at least like uh aiming to honor you 
know uh the native american tribe that i i get  
that sense to say the least and because you get 
the you really get the vibe in the culture sense  
bottom line is like there was a cultural sense 
throughout this whole film that was constantly  
permeating uh for beginning to end with each one 
of these characters that felt very lived in in  
that regard and that’s a big part of why i thought 
it was so effective and emotionally effective  
because while it’s like the only characters i 
really care about are the two main characters  
the brother and the sister um that was just 
enough for a film that is as as tight as this  
where it’s like it’s it’s weird because you’re 
like you have the you have the the forest you  
have the wilderness you have the nature you got 
the waterfalls you got everything at the river  
yet it still felt very contained i love the 
immediacy and the buildup of it throughout and  
regarding the predator the predator i know some 
of this i said like during my reaction so excuse  
me if i repeat myself from time to time there 
were parts of this predator that i did find more  
ferocious uh it it kind of had the sense of like a 
hard r rated version of whatever that main orc was  
in the fellowship of the ring but this this you 
know creature definitely a lot smarter more more  
clever more coy and more tactile obviously not 
just some rampaging beasts but you kind of get  
the qualities of both you get the qualities of the 
skillful hunter but something that does feel more  
beast-like and more ruthless uh throughout and 
i like i like the performance of whoever played  
the predator because you do feel like part that’s 
part of what makes the predator even more eerie  
is despite how foreign it is and you know like 
it’s such a creature such a sci-fi creature yet  
because of its humanoid qualities that’s a big 
part of what makes the creature so unsettling  
and i thought that was really brought back 
here and that’s something that’s kind of been  
missing you know like i think a lot of the time 
with these predator films they try like while  
you have your your little line homages and and 
some structural things and and certain moments  
that are clearly harkening back to the original 
predator film it it was really doing its own thing  
and embodying the time period and the environment 
that this this encapsulated because this also did  
have that backdrop and mood of films kind of like 
the edge and revenant which uh have that you know  
man versus nature quality and i like that that 
was very much utilized throughout this film as  
well because because the the the feel of the 
game of the hunt you know and and establishing  
the groundwork like when she gets trapped in the 
is that quicksand whatever that mud is that she’s  
slowly slowly fall into and you know some things 
become a little bit predictable like when they say  
the blood is gonna make you make your blood cold 
like okay she’s gonna be able to use that um you  
know and certain certain things that they would 
clearly let’s focus on this because we’re gonna  
definitely be using this later on in the movie pay 
close attention to that uh i thought was cool and  
i like it’s like video game qualities at times it 
does feel like a level at times with the the pov  
of fighting in the wilderness uh it does feel like 
a survival horror game and that’s another theme  
that it really captures strongly of that or or 
the the mood the the feel such a survival horror  
movie as well and uh and even like the girl the 
nauru’s character this dog whatever the dog’s name  
is it did kind of feel like that dog helper friend 
in a video game and it always made me afraid that  
they were gonna kill that dog uh man i gotta warn 
some people because i know a lot of people who  
can’t watch movies if there’s if there’s like a 
really if there’s like one harsh animal death but  
there’s like this many like there’s no way they 
can handle this and uh yeah because like i was  
andrew gordon watch this with me and uh he’s he’s 
like this out of all my friends he’s usually the  
biggest predator fan but because of the fact 
that i got the vid right now i was like you  
you shouldn’t be next to me and uh i’m glad he 
wasn’t here because this was this is brutal in  
that and i liked seeing those early stages of 
the predator like coming to earth and being  
like what’s the ultimate warrior here and you know 
you have back then the humans as hunters uh they  
this was their prey this is who they this is 
what they hunted these these types of animals  
these threats and so when you have the predator 
plop down here and the predator is now hunting  
what the humans hunt and it’s just a walk in the 
park for the predator it’s like nothing so easy um  
except for the bear i like that and i like the 
perspective captures that uh dan trachtenberg  
was able to to do with certain moments of 
like you you could just get that kind of
exciteful filmmaker sense of of like man if i 
did a predator movie this is kind of the cool  
things i’d want to do like with the bleeding 
bear encompassing the camouflage stealth mode  
version of the predator and that’s the thing 
that starts to illuminate you know outline  
what the predator is but it’s all like scuzzy 
and messed up and i loved it i loved it i love  
uh that this was like a hard r that it took 
itself very serious uh the brother too uh dakota  
beavers top tabby tabby you know you watch a whole 
movie you still can’t remember a character’s name  
i i liked uh how authentic and sincere and uh 
sympathetic the the portrayal of the ultimate  
warrior in the tribe uh was you know and as being 
this force that helps motivate two you know and  
he also was multi-layered because obviously he 
loves his sister and he wants to protect her  
and he wants to be there for her and support her 
and show this you know show love you know be the  
ultimate brother but clearly he he has his doubts 
as well and he he fights against it and i like  
that you got the sense of again three-dimensional 
characters and and even giving some path it’s not  
something that pathos but yeah some some weight to 
to the mom uh as well you know like while she can  
be you know selling a little bit harsh at times 
too that’s our main lead uh you know there there’s  
there’s such emotion behind her portrayal 
as well like i thought the cast was great  
the the violence and the action was really 
well choreographed and really cool i loved  
a lot of the tracking shots i liked that you could 
see what the hell was going on even at times when  
i was like okay we’re going into dark environment 
territory is this where we try to mask some [ __ ]  
that they couldn’t quite do but no it it would 
always provide a better like a more definitive  
mood depending on whatever the sequence was and i 
and i thought the action was like packed a punch  
it was gory it was cool to look at there was 
some awesome stylish choreography throughout  
some worthwhile kills um yeah this was the [ __ ] 
i thought this film was awesome then the original  
score was great i i did i don’t really i guess 
if i had like one quan but but it really subsided  
uh pretty early on for me like other than the fact 
that like some things are a little bit predictable  
but as a fan of the predator franchise those are 
just kind of tropes and motifs that i’d expect  
when you got a story like this you know i’m not 
expecting it to completely redefine cinema here  
i’m not expecting it to like do some type of 
like elevated meditative like thought process  
of a film but it does kind of you know capture 
a little bit more of that stimuli more than  
most of these predator films man and uh uh i 
totally lost my train of thought here oh yes the  
the were they were they french they seem like 
french clonius or settlers right they they they  
see they seem french um i don’t know about the 
history i don’t i don’t i was like spanish or  
french i don’t speak either language seem french 
um regardless with those characters who showed up  
i i i guess i i would have liked a little 
bit if there was anything more to like add  
a you know a little bit more run time to the movie 
for it would have been to kind of settle in with  
them and not not that i was like i want to get to 
know them and really care about them that wasn’t  
the case you know in some ways it did feel like 
they were set up here so that way they could be  
uh you know extra body counts but it and the 
reason i’m saying that is because you know by  
the time you meet them you barely spend any time 
and then the next you know a lot of them are  
getting you know you know uh getting killed off 
uh and and to me i was like ah maybe there should  
have been something that kind of and maybe there 
was a line of dialogue that i that i missed i’m  
gonna give the movie the benefit the downer you 
guys clarify for me if there was something there  
that i missed that established that you know other 
than the first shadowing of the buffalo bean skin  
where we thought it was the predator that was 
doing it um other than that it i thought there  
that could might have been used a little bit 
of like foreshadowing that she would encounter  
uh these people if they were aware of these people 
who were out there um some little extra focus on  
that because it did kind of come in so late and 
the next thing you know a lot of them are getting  
killed off however this film is captured so 
much solely from the perspective of nauru i  
think that’s always her name whatever i’m going 
with that of nauru that well yeah in this person’s  
perspective in this situation it’s not like 
they’re getting foreshadowing in their life  
they would just kind of stumble into the 
situation i’m like okay so there’s actually  
a realistic touch to that that 
i then began to appreciate  
and you know the the fun fanboy in me just goes 
well [ __ ] you know like i thought they at least  
packed a presence in the sense of like ruthless 
[ __ ] who shouldn’t be here and are here doing  
harmful [ __ ] uh i i thought they packed that 
presence and it just was rewarding to watch them  
get killed off and yeah it leads to her getting 
the gun and whatever i thought it was still very  
rewarding and would i have liked there’s a 
little bit more screen time with them maybe  
but as it stands i still thought it 
was effective when they were there  
i i really i really enjoyed that prize so yeah 
like to me i think that’s about the only thing  
i might have a qualm with i don’t personally 
don’t like that much animal death in some of that  
so cruel but if it works it really sets you up for 
like oh my god this predator i want to see this  
predator die and that’s another thing you know 
like a lot of times with these predator movies  
it’s been a long time since i was like i want to 
see this predator die and i really felt that like  
i was so rooting for the main character that i’m 
like yes kill the [ __ ] predator and i’m just  
glad that this to finally in this franchise 
again get back to feeling that way because  
that’s what you want man the predator is 
the bad guy like you gotta feel that way  
and it’s been a long time since i felt that 
way and i i thought they brought back to a  
real menacing scary imposing point again uh yeah 
i i thought this was an excellent film um like  
i would give it like a solid a at least and i 
don’t do great but here i am give it like a solid  
a to say the least um as a fanboy the predator 
franchise like it’s an a plus for sure this was  
excellent excellent stuff and yeah i’m actually 
kind of like nervous to i gotta think of some  
good questions because this was this was awesome 
this was really really awesome i i really loved it  
yeah i love this one i’m i’m excited to talk 
with people about it because this was really  
cool and i hope you guys enjoyed it too uh but 
guys leave your thoughts down below subscribe  
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get accepted no no no i say now subscribe  
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much love people thank you for being here

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