Product Review Assessment: on Beautyra's Lip Dessert ( Strawberry cheesecake & Salted Caramel)

Hai everyone welcome to my channel so today
I am going to make a review about this wonderful
product by Beautyra which is Lip Dessert and
it comes in a very beautiful packaging so
guys here is my strawberry cheesecake hmm
look at the color okay so here is the salted
caramel so before i put those color on my
lip I am gonna put some on my hand to show
you guys how the colors looks like tadaaaa
okay as you guys can see the package is so
beautiful and pretty and I think to those
who like food like me you guys will definitely
love the package i mean just look at this
wonderful *object*and the smell like food
I think I am gonna eat them instead using
it on my lip enough already with the packaging
and the smell and everything so next Im gonna
do is to wear them on my lip so I hope you
guys enjoy, watch this video xoxo

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